Chapter 879: Reversal of the Situation!

Chapter 879: Reversal of the Situation!

Two moons hung high up in the sky of Boluo Realm shining cold moonlight onto the frosty ground below.

The end of the night was nigh.

When the two moons disappeared, after a short period of darkness, the three suns would appear at the same time.

At that time, the Dark Shadow Race would have a hard time adjusting to the scorching sunlight.

Usually, when there was one moon left in the sky, the Dark Shadow Race that had left the caves and were active around the village would return to their caves.

It would not be so easy to defeat the Dark Shadow Race when they returned to those caves.

The people from Sun Palace chose to come when the second moon was still present, and before the Dark Shadow Race members planned to return to the caves. They grasped the best opportunity.

However, Sun Palace was astounded by Dark Shadow Race's counterattack...

"Why is it like this? !"

Jun Hongxuan sat on a high-level chariot inscribed with the insignia of the sun. He floated in the dim sky and looked down on the Dark Shadow Race village with an unpleasant expression.

He had taken along more than three hundred Sun Palace martial practitioners, six of them in the Imperishable Realm, almost fifty in the Nirvana Realm, and the remainder in the Fulfillment and Fragmentation Realms.

If this force was in the Land of Chaos, it would be a headache even for Terminator Sect.

Factions like the three families and Illusory Demon Sect would be instantly defeated.

Even in Boluo Realm, this force was not to be dismissed.

Jun Hongxuan had enough confidence to kill all the people of this Dark Shadow Race branch.

Because he had information that while this branch had many Imperishable Realm and Nirvana Realm martial practitioners, they had no nether demonic energy to cultivate. Therefore they were extremely weakened.

The last time he’d come, he probed them with a secret spirit artifact and confirmed that Eddie, Yuria, and other Dark Shadow Race elders were not at even thirty percent of their peak strength.

He had expected his attack to be safe.

Contrary to his expectations, when he finally came with three hundred Sun Palace experts three days early, at a perfect time, the events that unfolded later were completely different.

Eddie, Yuria, and the older members of Dark Shadow Race had recovered half of their peak strength.

All of them!

He felt that the Dark Shadow Race who hadn't had any ability to fight back suddenly became troublesome. At least thirty Sun Palace martial practitioners had died.

"They've just allied with the Yuan Family three days ago! Three days, even if the Yuan Family had provided an ocean of spirit stones, they would not have been able to convert them all. They wouldn’t have enough time!" Jun Hongxuan shouted inside.

They had feared that the Dark Shadow Race would receive spirit stones from the Yuan Family after forming an alliance and would quickly recover their power so they had moved in advance.

That would leave the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race with no time to react.

Jun Hongxuan's original plan was to exterminate the Dark Shadow Race before the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race managed to arrive.

That way, when the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race arrived, they would find the Dark Shadow Race already dead.

At that time, he would apologize to the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race, give them a batch of spirit materials as compensation, and let Yuan Family use the secret realm entrance for free for some time. He thought that the Yuan Family would not pursue it any further.

The Dark Shadow Race would have been already killed, and it’s not like Yuan Family could revive them and have any use for their strength.

He thought the plan was good.

However, the present strength of the Dark Shadow Race greatly surpassed his expectations, and a great flaw appeared in his originally perfect plan.

He knew that the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race should be rushing over. Looking at the situation now, Sun Palace would not be able to massacre the Dark Shadow Race before the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race arrived.

Jun Hongxuan's eyes were like ice as he calculated which method he could use to exterminate the Dark Shadow Race in the shortest amount of time.

At this time, a figure wrapped in gray and yellow energy suddenly fell out of the sky.

"Isn’t this the person the Serene Moon Race has been searching for?" Jun Hongxuan was puzzled.

"It's him! He's appeared!"

On the other side, You Qianlan's eyes lit up as she called out from an exquisite crescent-shaped spirit artifact.

The Serene Moon clansmen behind her became alert as well.

"Don't rush. Let's watch for a while. The Dark Shadow Race and the Yuan Family have allied, and Lunar Temple will not be able to obtain this faction, so letting Sun Palace destroy it... may not be bad." Lin Jie raised a hand and indicated for the members of the Serene Moon Race to not act rashly. "The people of Sun Palace should know that our primary goal in coming here is this boy, they will not act to kill."

"Why can't we capture him and take him back to the clan? Why do we have to do all these superfluous things?" You Qianlan was puzzled.

"I want to see if the silver moon mark on his body has other abilities," Lin Jie said.

"Yes, let's watch." A middle-aged matron of the Serene Moon Race said with a calm expression, "Maybe he can use that holy artifact..."

The eyes of the Serene Moon clansmen in the rear lit up.

The attention of all the Serene Moon clansmen landed on Qin Lie.

"Mixed blood boy of both the human and God Race, your bloodline has reached rank five after my cruel training and you are currently in your best condition. Let me see how much potential you possess." Teng Yuan hid in a spatial crevice in the dark sky. He was present but the experts of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple did not detect him.

Under the gazes of Sun Palace, Lunar Temple, and Teng Yuan, Qin Lie slowly fell from the sky.

"Gravity, change!"

As his falling speed increased, Qin Lie adjusted the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

The earth spirit energy that gathered in his acupoints morphed into magnetic power that disrupted the gravity field of the planet and caused the gravitational force pulling him down to lessen.

The gravity of Boluo Realm did not change, but he became as light as a feather.

His falling body suddenly floated like a light leaf that slowly swayed in the wind, gently landing on the ground.

"He did master a small bit of earth power." Teng Yuan nodded from the shadows.

"Qin... Yao Tian! Yao Tian!" Eddie raised his head and saw Qin Lie who had suddenly appeared. He was so excited he almost said Qin Lie's true name.

The Dark Shadow Race saw Qin Lie arrive but they were not as excited as Eddie.

In their eyes, for Qin Lie who only had Fulfillment Realm cultivation, even if there was a hundred of him, it would not be as good as the Yuan Family and Demon Dragon Race arriving.

Qin Lie could bring large amounts of spirit stones to the Dark Shadow Race and change their living conditions. However, he was in the Fulfillment Realm, so how could he have the ability to reverse this situation?

"What is that?" Lin Jie's eyes flashed.

At this time, the members of the Serene Moon Race saw Qin Lie's hands moving as he threw out dark red metal balls.

Those metal balls landed where Sun Palace members were most densely gathered.

A dozen metal balls spun as they flew towards Sun Palace chariots that were parked in the air.

Lin Jie felt pressured.

She instinctively felt that those dark red metal balls could change the tide of the entire battle.

However, she couldn’t expect just how great the impact these metal balls would have...

"Explode, explode! Explode!"

Before he landed, Qin Lie's eyes flashed with bloody light as he shouted.

Time seemed to have come to a halt.

Many Blazing Profound Bombs exploded at the same time. The shock wave and destruction they created in that instant made people temporarily deaf.

They only saw some blinding spheres of light form where Sun Palace martial practitioners were gathered most densely.

Then, they saw thousands of arcs and bolts of lightning and raging flame emanating terrifying heat.

In the center of the light and heat explosion, the bodies of Sun Palace martial practitioners turned into a pool of blood.

One batch after another.

In this moment, most of Sun Palace martial practitioners that surrounded the Dark Shadow Race village and blocked the stairs up the mountain turned into puddles of blood and flesh.

Even the high-level chariots parked in the sky shattered, their pieces burning with bright flame.

The less clever Sun Palace martial practitioners did not leave in time, and burned together with the chariots.


Qin Lie finally landed.

His feet silently hit the ground but the gazes of the people looking at him became extremely heavy.

"Kill him! Kill him!"

Jun Hongxuan shouted. At this time, half of his body was bloody and even his handsome face was covered in blood and flesh.

A dozen of Sun Palace martial practitioners closest to Qin Lie immediately gave up on killing the young Dark Shadow clansmen. With boundless anger in their eyes, they charged towards Qin Lie.

"Rip rip riiip!"

Qin Lie's long blade suddenly shot out a dazzling ray. The blade energy was more than a dozen meters long and made from thunder and lightning.

The blade energy flashed and disappeared.

Seven Sun Palace martial practitioners were cut in half.

They only had early and middle Fulfillment Realm cultivations.

Earlier, maybe so that Qin Lie could live a while longer, Teng Yuan threw him towards weaker martial practitioners.

At this time, early and middle stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners were nothing to him.


The blade energy a dozen meters long twisted like an electric snake. More Sun Palace martial practitioners bled and died as the blade energy moved through.

In a blink, another dozen Sun Palace martial practitioners were killed.

At this time, Lin Jie and the members of the Serene Moon Race had yet to recover.

They looked dazedly at the hellish site of the explosion.

The place where the Blazing Profound Bombs had exploded was like a slaughterhouse. Sun Palace martial practitioners who had been alive a few seconds ago had become minced meat and broken bones.

Including six Nirvana Realm martial practitioners at the center of the explosion!

"Spread apart, all of you, spread apart!" The middle-aged matron of the Serene Moon Race urged her clansmen in a trembling voice.

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