Chapter 877: Rank Five Bloodline!

Chapter 877: rank fix Bloodline!

The atmosphere in the caves with the Dark Shadow Race instantly turned bone-chillingly cold. They knew they were in danger of being wiped out.

"Does Miss Lin have an idea how to help the Dark Shadow Race overcome this calamity?" A long time later, Yuria took a deep breath and looked solemnly at Lin Jie.

"Ally with Lunar Temple, tell me the whereabouts of that human youth, and Lunar Temple will arrange for you to return to the Spirit Realm. Along the way, if Sun Palace comes in pursuit, we will do our best to stop them for you." Lin Jie smiled.

She knew that Dark Shadow Race did not have a choice.

"About an alliance… we can discuss it. But we really do not know where that Yao Tian is," Yuria grimaced.

Qin Lie had prepared the alias "Yao Tian" a long time ago. When he talked with the Dark Shadow Race, he told them to use this name when referring to him in Boluo Realm.

"Yao Tian is extremely important to us!" You Qianlan said urgently.

"Apologies, we really do not know." Yuria sighed deeply.

"You don't even want time to think about it? At least tell us who Yao Tian was in contact with, especially in Boluo Realm, is this possible?" Lin Jie was slightly displeased.

From Yuria and Eddie's expressions, she knew that the Dark Shadow Race was concealing something. She felt that these Dark Shadow clansmen really didn't know how close to death they were. She felt that she needed to intimidate them.

"The people of Sun Palace will attack the Dark Shadow Race within ten days. I hope that you will give me a satisfactory answer before that." Lin Jie's eyes turned cold as she beckoned to the members of Serene Moon Race behind her. The group hurriedly left the Dark Shadow Race’s territory.

When they left, all of the Dark Shadow Race gathered together. They started to discuss this matter.

"While Qin Lie has left behind large amounts of spirit stones, the conversion requires time. So does our recovery. Clan elder… has not woken up yet. Even if he wakes, he will need more time to recover to peak condition with the power stones."

Yuria was frustrated and powerless. She shook her head and said, "I'm afraid we won’t have enough time to prepare."

"Ten days and Sun Palace will come. We should be able to recover some strength in this time, but we do not know… how powerful the people Sun Palace will send," Eddie said thoughtfully.

"Maybe we should tell Barett. At least, on the surface, we are his subordinate force," someone suggested.

"Yes." Eddie nodded.

They prepared to move towards the Demon Dragon Race’s territory and tell what Lin Jie had said today to ask Barett for protection.

"The Yuan Family asks for an audience!"

At this time, the Dark Shadow clansmen who had been patrolling outside the village shouted.

"Quick, invite them in!" Eddie's expression changed.

After a while, the person in charge of the Yuan Family in Boluo Realm, Yuan Wenzhi, came in alone.

In front of the elders of Dark Shadow Race, Yuan Wenzhi frowned. He said straightforwardly, "Sun Palace is about to attack you. They said that if the Yuan Family or Demon Dragon Race interfered in this, Sun Palace's secret realm entrance would be forever closed to us."

The eyes of the Dark Shadow clansmen darkened.

"Lunar Temple has also told the Yuan Family and Demon Dragon Race to stay on the side, otherwise… Lunar Temple’s secret realm entrance would also be closed to us," Yuan Wenzhi said.

When the words were said, the elders of Dark Shadow Race paled.

There were only two passages connected with the Spirit Realm in Boluo Realm, both in the hands of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.

The six human factions and the other foreign races needed to pass through those two entrances.

If both of them were closed to the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race, this would greatly affect them. That would cut off the close connection between the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race.

And the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race were blood kin. Recently, Barett had been preparing to contact his brothers and leave Boluo Realm to rescue his father.

If they could not leave Boluo Realm, his original plan could not proceed.

"So what do you want to tell us by coming here?" Eddie's expression was unsightly.

He guessed that the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race were preparing to abandon them, and ignore their life and death.

Otherwise, the Yuan Family and Demon Dragon Race would lose their connection to Spirit Realm.

"If you are willing to ally with the Yuan Family, I mean a true alliance, the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race will do our best to protect you." Yuan Wenzhi took a deep breath and said, "If you are unwilling, starting now, you will no longer be a subordinate force of the Demon Dragon Race, we will leave you alone to your fate."

The demon dragon Barett had promised Qin Lie to let the Dark Shadow Race leave if they wanted to, regardless of what would happen with Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.

Barett was fulfilling his promise prematurely.

However, the Dark Shadow Race was not in a good situation at the moment. Sun Palace was about to attack, Lunar Temple wanted to force out Qin Lie's whereabouts, and Dark Shadow Race could not deliver.

This meant that Dark Shadow Race could not make any side happy.

Barett letting go meant that Dark Shadow Race was thrown in front of two hungry wolves and could be eaten at any moment.

"If we ally with the Yuan Family, what will you do? Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, won't they prohibit you from using the secret realm entrances?" Eddie asked gravely.

"They will not allow it now, but that doesn’t mean… that we will not have a way in the future." Yuan Wenzhi's expression was solemn as he said, "We will just have to take a great risk. Once you ally with us, we will offend Sun Palace and Lunar Temple. Sun Palace will attack you, and we will enter open conflict with them."

"In this period, we will provide spirit stones to help the Dark Shadow Race recover, and prepare to fight against Sun Palace. If we win this battle and the Dark Shadow Race recovers, Sun Palace will need to pay an even greater price if they want to exterminate you. Considering that price, they might give up."

"After decades, centuries, our relationship with Sun Palace and Lunar Temple will ease. As long as we manage the external connections, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple will relax, and we will still have hope of borrowing the secret realm entrances."

"We will take a great risk by doing this, and will take on even more in the future. I hope you understand."

Yuan Wenzhi said sincerely.

"Good! You can go draw up an alliance agreement. In three days, if there are no problems in it, we will sign it!" Eddie said.

"Alright!" Yuan Wenzhi did not linger and turned to leave.

"We have no other solution. We must ally with one of the three, otherwise we will be wiped out." Eddie looked at the group. "Of these three, Sun Palace is determined to wipe us out, Lunar Temple wants to pressure us, only the Yuan Family is willing to take a risk and ally with us. On top of that, Yuan Family are Demon Dragon Race’s blood kin. Lord Barett has done us many favors in these past years, so the Yuan Family is the best choice among the three."

The members of Dark Shadow Race nodded softly and understood Eddie's dilemma. They knew he made the choice out of helplessness.

"It's fine, the Venerable One will not blame us. Just an alliance, we are not submitting to the Yuan Family," Yuria consoled.

"Everyone, prepare, and recover as fast as possible. When Sun Palace comes, we will give them an unforgettable surprise!" Eddie's gaze became harsh.

"Yes!" The group was uplifted.

"Whoosh whoosh woosh!"

Qin Lie leaned against a pillar outside the deep abyss and greedily inhaled in air.

Two streams of red flowed down out of the corners of his mouth.

He had extracted all blood of a cold Silver Snake of Profound Ice at his feet.

Blood and flesh moved inside the hundreds of cut wounds on his naked body as he quickly healed.


Suddenly, his bloodline started to boil. A mysterious message came from within the bloodline.

This message reached into the depths of his soul.

"When the bloodline reaches rank five, one will gain transformation ability to reinforce the body, enhanced recovery ability, and ability to ignite blood…"

The message floated through his Soul Lake and turned into a clear message that imprinted itself into his memories.

At the same time, countless blaze divine characters flew out of his blood vessels like scattered stars. They merged into his blood, bones, flesh, organs, and acupoints.

His bloodline continued to boil like lava and more mysterious characters appeared.

The wounds that criss-crossed on his body flashed with flame-shaped divine light.

His wounds healed even faster. Many wounds were pulled together by unseen hands and were forcibly healed together.

"Enhanced recovery ability!"

His thoughts moved, and the power erupting from his bloodline spilled over his body.

"Snap crack crack!"

Clear crisp sounds came out of his joints like fireworks and continued for a long time before stopping.

When the power of the bloodline poured into his body, he grew almost fifteen centimeters taller. He wouldn’t seem short even compared to the brawny Yuan Family.

His height increased, his body's muscles felt burning as though they were filled with flame power. Threads of fire even ignited on his skin.

"Transformation ability!"

Qin Lie balled his fists as though he suddenly received endless strength. He would be able to kill opponents of his rank without using any spirit power.

Relying purely on the physical power of his body!

"Ring of the Burning Sun!"

He tried to cast the skill he had obtained in the Chaos Blood Realm in his transformed state. He immediately formed an enormous fire disk through burning his blood.

The flame power that the disk released carried the flames of the sun and the lava from underground. Even he felt it was terrifying.

"Rank five bloodline, third latent ability, ignition. By igniting half of my blood, I can double my strength…"

The information about ignition slowly grew clear in his soul and astounded him.

"Yes, after the bloodline finally reaches rank five, it is considered acceptable." The thin old man appeared like a ghost and examined Qin Lie from head to toe. He asked with a strange smile, "Which latent abilities did you receive?"

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