Chapter 875: Blurry Consciousness

Chapter 875: Blurry Consciousness

“What? A human youth of unknown origin who not only might know the location of the third secret realm entrance of Boluo Realm, but also has the silver moon mark?”

An old man whose hair and beard have turned completely white exclaimed in utter astonishment as he supported himself with a walking cane.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie were standing before him with their heads respectfully lowered. They didn’t dare say one unnecessary word.

The place they were at was the Serene Moon Race’s sacred land.

It was a mountain peak that pierced through the heaven. There were nine moon ponds on the ground, and the water of every one of these moon ponds looked like it was formed from pure and translucent moonlight.

The ponds’ surface reflected the moons in the sky. The reflections were immobile, making it seem like they were radiating moon energy instead.

Silvery moonlight that was cool, quiet, and serene rippled across the water from time to time.

Lin Jie, a martial practitioner who possessed the Serene Moon Race’s bloodline felt that her soul was infinitely soothed just by standing next to these moon ponds.

Specks of silvery light were even flying out of her bloodline.

Through her bloodline’s power, she vaguely felt as if she could enter the Chaos Blood Realm and search for her bloodline’s secrets.

"You are not yet qualified to submerge in the moon pond, unlock the mysteries of your bloodline, and enter the Chaos Blood Realm in search of your own talent." The old man snorted softly.

Lin Jie abruptly broke out of her reverie.

She inhaled deeply and stopped the activity inside her bloodline. She naturally inhaled the fresh air of this place into her lungs.

“Where is this young human right now?” The old man looked at You Qianlan.

“I don’t know.” You Qianlan kept her head lowered as she answered, “When we tried to give pursuit, we ran into a thin human old man. Before we could say anything to persuade him, the old man let out a snort and... and we don’t know anything after that…” She explained in detail.

“Find him! He must be found!” The old man gripped his walking cane tightly as his voice rose to a hoarse near shout, “The fact that he managed to form such a clear silver moon mark on his body despite being a human can only mean one thing!”

“What is it?” You Qianlan asked.

“He possesses a lost holy artifact of our race!” The old man exclaimed.

“What?” Both You Qianlan and Lin Jie exclaimed at the same time.

They both thought that there were only two holy artifacts that were being passed down in the Serene Moon Race. Moreover, both of them were at their clan right now.

“We, are but one of the stronger branches of the Serene Moon Race. We don’t represent the entire Serene Moon Race!” The old man snorted and said, “There are other Serene Moon branches in this vast galaxy, and there are a total of five Serene Moon Race holy artifacts in total! We only possess two out of these five holy artifacts!”

Lin Jie and You Qianlan immediately understood what he meant earlier.

“If we can obtain at least three Serene Moon Race holy artifacts, we can claim to be the orthodox branch of the Serene Moon Race. We will wield a righteous cause that we can use to summon more clansmen to join us here.” The old man’s eyes were shining.

Both You Qianlan and Lin Jie listened to him seriously.

“The two of you will summon our clansmen and search around the Dark Shadow Race’s domain later. Oh right, you may expand the search zone a little. I will talk with Barett about this,” the old man said hastily.

He quickly laid down the order and sent off a large number of Serene Moon clansmen to search for Qin Lie. Their orders were to find him and bring him here.

A while later, under the bright moons, many Serene Moon clansmen set out.


Deep within the Ancient Beast Race’s territory.

Prism-shaped crystals that were several meters tall suddenly appeared on top of the giant pillars erected next to the dark abyss Qin Lie was in.

These prism-shaped crystals looked like mirrors.

The angles of these crystals were adjusted to focus at one single point inside the dark abyss.

“It’s almost done.” The thin old man laughed oddly while holding his chin.

He moved his hands constantly as bright yellow light crawled on top of those pillars like spirit snakes.

In an instant, the mysterious, ancient characters around the pillars began to move like worms in unison. They began emanating with intense light.

These rays of light all slipped into the prism-shaped crystals.

Suddenly, the light radiating from the moons seemed to be forcefully pulled out of the sky and injected madly into those prism-shaped crystals.

Before long, these prism-shaped crystals fired out beams of the purest and cleanest moonlight.

These beams of moonlight were all concentrated at one point inside the abyss—Qin Lie’s body!


Qin Lie let out a bloodcurdling scream. He felt as if his body had exploded upon being touched by those moonlight rays.

On his right arm, the silver moon mark glowed dazzlingly as it devoured this moonlight madly like a vortex.

However, his body seemed to not be able to digest such terrific illumination of moonlight. Blood burst out of his flesh as wounds crawled all over his body as though he was a porcelain about to shatter.

Blood seeped out of those wounds, and they were as bright and translucent as morning dew.

He screamed again and again in terrible pain and suffering, but those blood droplets didn’t fall off his body.

On the contrary, an immense amount of earth spirit energy continued to gush into his body and every blood droplet.

He could sense through the pain that was terrible enough to make him contemplate suicide that potential was continuously being squeezed out of his body.

He subconsciously circulated the Limit Sublimation Art.


At the edge of the abyss, the thin old man suddenly stopped chuckling.

His gaze seemed capable of penetrating everything. He was observing carefully the minute activities happening to the organs beneath Qin Lie’s skin.

“Not bad, he even has the ability to strengthen his potential in a critical situation. The God Race’s natural born strength and the human race’s latter wisdom and potential, huh… the legendary Perfect Blood might appear in him,” the old man muttered to himself.

He didn’t stop torturing Qin Lie.

As the moons appeared one after another on the firmament, the beams of moonlight reflected by the prism-shaped crystals became even purer and bigger.

The pain Qin Lie suffered multiplied as his flesh cracked open as if he was being subjected to the punishment of death of a thousand cuts.

But even then, not a drop of blood had slipped off his body.

The gravity of this dark abyss was hundreds of times stronger than Spirit Realm’s. Even an Imperishable Realm expert would fall instantly if they entered such a terrifying gravity field.

There was no way they would’ve been able to take flight.

But somehow Qin Lie was stuck at the center of the abyss just like that. The blood on his body wasn’t affected by the gravity in the slightest and remained clinging to his body as well.

It was incredibly bizarre.

When all nine moons hung in the sky and turned full, the silver moon mark on Qin Lie’s right shoulder shone brilliantly like an actual bright moon inside the dark abyss. It was infinitely dazzling.

By then, Qin Lie had already fainted and lost all consciousness.

At the side, the old man continued to watch Qin Lie until the full moon ended. It was only when the moon began to dim that he scooped Qin Lie out of the abyss.

He carelessly tossed Qin Lie beneath a pillar. His figure immediately turned blurry and disappeared.

Ten breaths later, a bloodied, skinned giant purple-eyed lion was dragged over.

It was a rank six Purple-eyed Flame Lion King, a spirit beast equivalent in strength to a human Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner.

The beast king that dominated the Arctic Mountain Range of the Scarlet Tide Continent was one such beast. After the Icestone Snow Wolf King had left, it became the king that all spirit beasts of Scarlet Tide Continent submitted too.

Meanwhile, an identical rank six Purple-eyed Flame Lion King was skinned and punctured in the neck by the old man.

He dragged the one thousand kilogram heavy Purple-eyed Flame Lion King over to Qin Lie’s side like he was dragging a dead dog. Then, he pushed the gurgling blood hole at the lion’s neck near Qin Lie’s mouth.

Thick, fresh blood flowed out of that bloody hole and into Qin Lie’s mouth.

The unconscious Qin Lie hadn’t yet woken up from his slumber. He was just instinctively swallowing the blood.

A dozen or so kilograms of the blood of the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King flowed into Qin Lie’s stomach in just a short time. Hot refined energy of flesh and blood was permeating from the blood, quickly absorbed by Qin Lie’s body.

The Purple-eyed Flame Lion King’s blood was without a doubt like a stream of cool, spring water being poured into the desert that was his body.

He sucked in the blood greedily.

The thin old man’s expression changed slightly when he saw that the flesh and muscles around the crisscrossing wounds slowly wriggle and recover.

“Holy shit, this recovery ability is even stronger than ours. The God Race truly is a stupidly powerful race. It’s no wonder those fellows… were all beaten and dominated.” His gaze turned a little unnatural.

The Purple-eyed Flame Lion King that weighed almost one thousand kilograms had who knew how much blood inside it. However, it only took an hour’s time for Qin Lie to unconsciously devour all the blood until no more blood was pouring out of the Purple-eyed Flame Lion King’s neck.

Right now, Qin Lie’s seemingly small stomach was like a black hole. Although he had drunk at least a fifty kilograms of blood, his stomach didn’t look round or bulged.

At this point, Qin Lie’s wound were mostly healed already. There were only some faint scars left.

From what the old man could see, even these scars might disappear in just a short time.

“Stupid, holy shit, this is utterly stupid!” The old man jumped up and down while tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks. He looked like an old monkey.

A while later, Qin Lie gradually regained consciousness. His heart immediately chilled when he saw the old man’s fixed gaze on him.

In his eyes, this old man was a devil who took pleasure in his suffering.

“Boy, don’t say I didn’t warn you, but I will come back just before sunrise. When that happens... I will throw you back inside.” The old man pointed at the dark abyss and chuckled. “Oh yes, I’ll leave that little lion to you. You have about seven to eight days’ time to finish it up and recover your strength.”

After he said this, he vanished while chuckling oddly before Qin Lie could ask anything.

Qin Lie’s face was ashen.

Ignoring the pain that felt like his bones were being torn apart, he immediately activated Blood Escape and attempted to flee this place.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

His lifeblood essences burned out and exploded one after another, but he didn’t move even an inch from where he was.

He only saw the pillars around him flashing once.

The outcome caused his expression to change greatly. While enduring the terrible pain, he got up and walked around in attempt to escape this place.

He didn’t know how the old man was going to torture him next.

Unfortunately, every time he reached about a thousand meters away from the dark abyss, he would run into an invisible energy barrier. He wasn’t able to break out of the wall no matter what he tried.

He immediately knew that this place was tightly sealed.

“I’m doomed.”

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