Chapter 874: Destruction

Chapter 874: Destruction

Qin Lie felt discomfort.

Under this old man's gaze, he felt as though every pore of his body was exposed and there was nothing he could do to hide.

He thought of the warning the earth Spirit of Void and Chaos gave. Someone terrifying was coming.

Ever since the Spirits of Void and Chaos were born, they had never warned him about anything over the years—even when he was facing Soul Altar experts.

While he was puzzled by the warning from the earth Spirit of Void and Chaos, he still paid attention to it.

This was why he hurriedly stopped talking to Lin Jie and You Qianlan.

He believed that this thin and hunched old man was the "terrifying person" the earth Spirit of Void and Chaos spoke of.

He was on his guard but didn't dare to move rashly. He stood under the old man's gaze.

Lin Jie and You Qianlan did not give up and chased out of the valley.

"Why are you like this?" Lin Jie was slightly displeased. "You did not give us any conditions and just outright refused, you don't want to give us any face?"

"Please consider this seriously,” You Qianlan added.

The two women came to the entrance to the valley and appeared behind Qin Lie when they saw the old man.

They did not recognize the old man, but when their gazes met, they suddenly felt terrified.

The old man's body seemed to suck in their gaze, and consume the moon power and minuscule mental perception they sent out to size him up.

The two women were terrified by this discovery.

At the same time, another moon appeared in the sky.

Moonlight was released from the not-yet-full moon. It turned into three barely noticable rays rays of moon energy and fell down.

They landed on Qin Lie, You Qianlan, and Lin Jie.

Too nervous and anxious, Qin Lie's nerves were tense and his spirit power fluctuated in his body.

When the ray of moon power from the new moon landed, he did not disguise anything. Adding on the violent fluctuations in his spirit power, the silver moon mark on his right shoulder suddenly gave off clean moonlight.

The silver moon mark shone clearly under his clothes.

You Qianlan's gaze was attracted.

She suddenly covered her mouth, her crescent eyes filled with disbelieving gleam as she stared at Qin Lie.

Lin Jie was also dazed.

They recognized the mark. They knew what the mark meant, and its significance...

The old man snorted.

Qin Lie, You Qianlan, and Lin Jie suddenly heard an endless and earthshaking roar.

The three became dizzy. Bright yellow light flashed in their eyes and they didn't know where they were.

After a while, when You Qianlan and Lin Jie recovered clarity of mind and could see again, they found that the old person and Qin Lie were nowhere to be seen.

“That was the silver moon mark!" You Qianlan couldn't help but scream in shock.

Lin Jie nodded with a grimace. "I saw it."

"Why is it like this? Why would he possess the silver moon mark? Even you... do not possess one." You Qianlan's chest shook in her excitement.

"Only true members of the Serene Moon Race who cultivate your Serene Moon Race's secret records, and reach an extremely profound level can form such a moon mark on their body, right?" Lin Jie asked.

You Qianlan nodded and said, "Of all the Serene Moon Race members in Boluo Realm, there are less than ten that have the silver moon mark. However, many silver moon marks are extremely shallow. There are less than five people with a silver mark that can shine so bright it can be seen from under clothing."

"You have not formed a silver moon mark?" Lin Jie asked.

"I will need at least one hundred years to form an extremely faint silver moon mark." You Qianlan explained seriously. "No! I have to return and tell the elders about this. This is inconceivable!"

"I will come with you," Lin Jie said after thinking.

"Weren't you going to talk to the Dark Shadow Race?"

"I've already talked to them, and gave them the conditions. I also disrupted Sun Palace's plan. Even if I go back and continue talking with them, I won’t affect their decision."

"Alright, then we will return together."

The two women conversed and left the mountain valley, flying into the air on a crescent-shaped flying spirit artifact.

In the depths of Boluo Realm, Ancient Beast Race’s territory.

There were many pillars covered in wriggling ancient characters inside an ancient mountain range.

Amidst the enormous pillars was a deep and vast abyss. It gave off thick and terrifying earth energy.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Two figures suddenly appeared above it.

Qin Lie was dizzy, his eyes flashing. When he stopped, he hurriedly said, "Senior, you..."

Before he finished speaking, he noticed the ancient characters on the pillars. Realization flashed through his mind, and he thought back to how he had obtained the "Records of Geocentric Magnetism."

"Do you recognize these ancient characters?” the thin old man said in a hoarse voice.

"I recognize them," Qin Lie replied obediently.

"Tell me how you obtained the Records of Geocentric Magnetism. I'm warning you, I can see if you lie," the old man said.

"I ... " Qin Lie wanted to bargain.

Evil light flashed through the old man's eyes as he said coolly, "If you are too chatty, I don't mind using other methods to obtain what I need from your mind."

Qin Lie immediately closed his mouth.

Under the old man's perceptive gaze, Qin Lie let his head fall, admitting defeat. He narrated how he obtained the "Records of Geocentric Magnetism" at the land of frost, and how he accidentally communicated with Mang Wang and helped the giant beasts leave the Land of Frost.

He narrated in great detail without missing anything or uttering a single lie.

This was completely different than the lies he used to tell.

That was because he knew that this old man was not an ordinary character and would have the ability to see through his lies. It was only logical he wouldn’t court death.

The old man did not speak from beginning to end. He listened intently with a frown.

After Qin Lie finished, he did not speak for an hour.

He seemed to be reminiscing.

Qin Lie could only wait patiently.

"You say... you got the Records of Geocentric Magnetism from his..." the old man finally spoke. When he said the word "his," the old man's lips trembled and he stopped speaking.

After a while, he recovered his calm and continued, "...from his bones? After that, his bones lost all luster and energy and deteriorated as if they had aged tens of thousands of years?"

Qin Lie nodded gently.

“Also, you were the one that released the ones sealed in ice?" the old man asked.

Qin Lie continued to nod.

The old man stopped asking questions. He sank into silence again as though he was considering how to treat Qin Lie.

A long, long time later.

The old man's finger spread and earth power at his palm shot towards the bordering abyss.

Terrifying gravity came from the abyss as though it would absorb everything nearby.

Qin Lie could not react in time, and his body was locked as though there was an enormous magnet. He was suddenly sucked into the deep abyss.

In a flash, the terrifying gravity pulled him deeper.

At the same time, thick and pure earth spirit energy drowned him. The earth spirit energy turned into thousands of threads that bored in through his pores.

He felt as though he was drowning in a sea of earth spirit energy.

Therefore, he naturally channeled the Records of Geocentric Magnetism. In a flash, his pores increased their rate of absorbing earth spirit energy by tenfold.

A few moments later, he felt as if his spirit sea had been filled and his body could no longer absorb any more earth spirit energy.

Just a short while ago, he had circulated Records of Geocentric Magnetism and took in a lot of earth spirit energy from the earth.

He was like a person who had just eaten a huge meal and had no time to digest it all, and yet someone was still forcing large amounts of food into his mouth.

This was not a pleasure, but pain!

He shouted madly in the abyss to tell the old man he did not need to cultivate right now. He hoped for a stop.

"It's not up to you." The old man's mutter came from above. "This is your good fortune, enjoy it."

More earth spirit energy seemed to be compressed by a kind of force and permeated Qin Lie's body even more wildly.

Too much power was flooding in. If the body could not hold it, like a cup that was being filled with water, if the excess water had no way of pouring out, the cup could only… explode.

Qin Lie felt as though he was the filled water cup. He felt like his body could explode at any moment.

He was in great pain.

His tendons, organs, blood, flesh, and bones gave off heart-wrenching pain as the earth spirit energy kept flooding in.

The pure and thick spirit energy seemed to force its way in.

The entire abyss resounded with sorrowful screams.

Outside of the abyss, the old man watched motionlessly as though he could see all the changes in Qin Lie's body.

He showed a hint of surprise and muttered imperceptibly, "His flesh hasn't split even now. As expected of an abnormality with the God Race bloodline. Since it’s like that, let’s continue."

He seemed to have seen all of Qin Lie's secrets.

He continued to increase the penetration power of earth spirit energy.

Qin Lie felt like an overfilled baloon that would explode immediately into pieces of flesh and blood.

His clothes had split long ago, and blood started seeping out of his skin.

Indestructible fire faintly appeared in those beads of blood, burning and releasing terrifying flame power.

The earth spirit power split, some of it entering those blood beads.

"The bloodline of the Blaze Family..." the old man rubbed his chin from the outside. After a thought, a terrifying smile appeared between his ears. "Very good, when day arrives and the three suns hang in the sky, I can add some extra things."

"Oh, no, no, he also has the Serene Moon Race's silver moon mark."

The old man raised his head to look at the four moons in the sky. He laughed. "I don't have to wait, I can add something extra now!"

He became excited.

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