Chapter 873: Unaffected

Chapter 873: Unaffected

Dark spirit energy flew out of Lin Jie's fingertips like icy snakes. They nimbly passed between the spirit artifacts, headed towards Qin Lie's chest.

Before Lin Jie's hand could make contact, Qin Lie's expression changed as he found that five streaks of icy energy entered his body.

The icy energy moved through his body and caused his mind to become restless. He felt increasingly cold and had to focus.

Many crescent spirit artifacts floated like waning moons as they charged in from all angles.

Lin Jie's figure became blurry in his eyes as though it was about to hide.

"Blood Arts: Explode!"

Qin Lie's mind shifted and his eyes released bloody light. The two hundred and fifty drops of lifeblood essence inside his body moved with his mind.

Ten glowing ruby like lifeblood essence droplets flew out of his hand and exploded.

Dozens of bloody rubies exploded like fireworks with him at the center.

Amidst the bloody light, tongues of blazing divine fire were released. They contained the flame power of the sun as they wrapped around him.

Almost at the same time, a burning and heated aura rose from his slightly boiling blood.

When the five dark icy energy threads that had entered his body were assaulted by the burning heat, they gave of “puff” sounds as they dissipated.

The lunar aura that affected his mind was swept away.

Qin Lie's eyes became clear again.

"Gravity, rise!"

Suddenly, the gravity field around him increased tenfold.

Lin Jie who was hiding among the crescent spirit artifacts was affected by the gravity field and suddenly sank towards the ground.

Qin Lie suddenly turned around, locking onto her figure and reached towards her.

His hands were like hooks as Blood Weeping Ghost Claw formed and almost grabbed Lin Jie's head.

"How can this person be so savage!" You Qianlan who was watching the battle frowned slightly, her expression turning cold.

If she didn't know Lin Jie's strength, she might not have been able to stop herself from helping.

"Such a vicious person!" Lin Jie also had an expression of displeasure.

The crescent spirit artifacts welcomed the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw.

The Blood Weeping Ghost Claw made from blood spirit energy was blasted into bloody light by the crescent spirit artifacts.

Three refined crescent spirit artifacts spun towards Qin Lie's upraised right hand as though they were going to cut off his hand.

"You attacked for inexplicable reasons, and you blame me for being vicious. Should I stand still and allow you to slaughter me?" Qin Lie snorted.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie had been watching someone cultivate from the shadows. This itself was something taboo.

When they were discovered, not only did they not show a hint of remorse or apologized, Lin Jie even immediately attacked. Qin Lie became even more displeased.

Adding on that he could not see Lin Jie's cultivation, he didn't dare to conceal his strength and fought with his full power.

"Violent Thunder Slam!"

His hands fisted, the source of his spirit power changing. Thunderous roars suddenly came from inside his fists.

Blue arcs of lightning leapt around his fists, and surging thunder power waited to erupt.

When those crescent spirit artifacts flew over, he smashed down with his hands like hammers.

Two drops of lightning pool liquid in his acupoints flew out and merged into his fists.

"Boom! Boom!"

Two explosive roars came from his fists. The crescent spirit artifacts that Lin Jie released clattered and seemed to change shape.


Those crescent spirit artifacts fell to the ground, robbed of light. They no longer released bright moonlight.

Lin Jie's eyes showed a hint of shock, her eyes filled with disbelief. She seemed to find it impossible that the crescent spirit artifacts had changed shape.

You Qianlan also stilled slightly.

She knew the crescent spirit artifacts were actually a set, and when put together, they could form a formation that had terrifying power.

However, Lin Jie had not intended to kill Qin Lie so she had not fought with her full power at the start. She also did not display the true strength of this spirit artifact.

Even so, the spirit artifact was Heaven Grade Two, and made from rare materials. Qin Lie's fists should not have been able to forcefully alter their shape.

That’s why she felt puzzled.

"You are not from any of the six human forces in Boluo Realm, I'm sure of this." Lin Jie stopped attacking and looked with bright eyes at Qin Lie. She said slowly, "You should not have come from Sun Palace or Lunar Temple's secret realm entrances because Sun Palace’s entrance has not been open recently, and no one has come through Lunar Temple's entrance either."

Qin Lie did not attack when he saw her stop and asked with a dark expression, "So what?"

Lin Jie's eyes lit up as though she discovered a new continent. "You admit you didn't come through Sun Palace or Lunar Temple to Boluo Realm?"

"Don't you already have an answer?' Qin Lie said impatiently.

At this time, even You Qianlan was startled. She looked over with bright eyes.

She knew that a long time ago, there were many secret realm passages that connected Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm. However, due to various reasons, some races destroyed secret realm entrances to prevent their enemies from pursuing them.

For example, the Demon Dragon Race had worried the giant dragons would pursue them so they destroyed the entrance, causing the passageway to collapse.

The races that came later had come to escape the Heaven Fighting Race's invasion. They also destroyed the secret realm entrances.

Many years later, when the Heaven Fighting Race left, the passages were once again dug up.

At that time, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple were the first to create the secret realm entrances. Then, they searched the entire realm and destroyed all the secret realm entrances that they found.

In the end, the two remaining secret realm entrances in Boluo Realm were in the hands of Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.

Due to this, any humans and foreign races that went to Spirit Realm had to pay an extraorbitant teleportation fee to Sun Palace and Lunar Temple.

These two forces accumulated astounding wealth occupying the secret realm entrances.

If a new secret realm entrance appeared, it would affect Sun Palace and Lunar Temple. That would mean they couldn’t monopolize the passageways and maximize their profits.

"So you did come through another secret realm passage!" Lin Jie's eyes flashed with joy. "I knew it! Not all the secret realm entrances connecting Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm could have been destroyed. There definitely are unknown passages that were not discovered!"

You Qianlan became excited.

Lin Jie turned and looked meaningfully at her. Lin Jie nodded softly and said, "Then there is hope for that matter.”

You Qianlan pursed her lips and nodded. She looked with anticipation at Qin Lie and said, "Could you tell us the position of that secret realm entrance. We... are willing to pay a great price, we will only use it for a while!"

"Doesn't Lunar Temple have their own?" Qin Lie was puzzled.

You Qianlan's expression was bitter. "No, that one cannot be used."

"Sun Palace also has one," Qin Lie said.

"That cannot be used. Both cannot be used. In short, we need a third secret realm entrance," You Qianlan said urgently.

"My apologies, the secret realm entrance I went through shattered the moment I came through." Qin Lie shrugged as though he couldn't help.

"Ah? Why is it like this? Why is it like this?" You Qianlan's expression was sorrowful.

Lin Jie looked deeply at Qin Lie, her eyes flashing as though she saw Qin Lie was lying.

When the three spoke, the earth Spirit of Void and Chaos flew out of the ground and hurriedly sank into Qin Lie's brow.

"A terrifying person is coming over!" he told Qin Lie.

Qin Lie was astounded. He looked around and didn't find any abnormalities.

"How about this." Lin Jie looked at Qin Lie for a while and laughed. She said, "Even if that secret realm entrance was destroyed, we are interested in its position. Maybe... we have a way to restore it."

You Qianlan's eyes once again became hopeful.

"Why should I tell you?' Qin Lie said rudely.

"If you are willing, the Serene Moon Race will pay you a satisfactory price, you will not be disappointed," You Qianlan said urgently.

"I'm not familiar with Boluo Realm. After I came, I roamed for a while and I don't even remember where it was." Qin Lie clearly did not want to elaborate.

Lin Jie's brows furrowed. "Say what you want, we can discuss this, everything is negotiable.”

"There is nothing to discuss." Qin Lie grew impatient. He decided to not tell anything about the secret realm entrance and turned to walk out of the valley.

When he came to the valley entrance, he saw a thin old man under an old tree sizing him up with an intimidating gaze.

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