Chapter 872: Old Ape

Chapter 872: Old Ape

Qin Lie focused on cultivating the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

Back when he was in Spirit Realm, when he cultivated the Records of Geocentric Magnetism, he had never felt such a great amount of earth energy, and never progressed so quickly.

But in Boluo Realm's environment, ten times the gravity, the enormous amount of energy in the earth seemed to greatly amplify his cultivation of the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

His consciousness entered his spirit sea.

There, instead of nine natal palaces that had originally been there, there were only three condensed and refined natal palaces left.The frost natal palace, the lightning natal palace, and the earth natal palace.

As he observed, he found the the lightning natal palace was a blazing ball of lightning, the frost natal palace was a clear transparent ball of ice, and the earth natal palace was a bright yellow ball of dirt.

At this time, he noticed threads of gray yellow earth energy entering his spirit sea and gathering towards that bright yellow ball.

As the earthen ball spun, it released yellow light, giving off ever-changing ripples of magnetic force.

Qin Lie observed carefully and felt that this bright yellow ball seemed to give off faint ripples.

These ripples were extremely similar to the beat of his heart and the vibrations coming from Boluo Realm's earth’s core.

He was astounded by this discovery.

Then, he noticed that as the layers of yellow light surrounded his body, a heavy earth force spread with him at the center.

When this earth force formed, it twisted the gravity around him, and caused the force field to continue to rise.

In a short time, the gravity around him became thirty times stronger than that of Spirit Realm!


Inside the valley, immature fruits on some unknown fruit trees were pulled by the suddenly increased gravity and fell to the ground.

The fruits hit the ground like bombs, exploding, and spraying green juice onto the ground.

Qin Lie was not affected, still immersed in his own world. He continued to channel the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

The gravity field around him still rose steadily.

Behind an enormous rock, Lin Jie and You Qianlan both had strange expressions in their eyes as they watched him.

They had been here for a while.

Just now, when a ray of bright yellow light shot out of Qin Lie's brow, before Lin Jie and You Qianlan could react, they found a blurry figure forming.

This was a small being like a miniature pangolin. When this being appeared, its eyes flashed with intimidating yellow light.

“Yiyiyaya! After giving an indistinct speech, it disappeared into the ground.

After that, the two women found the earth under the human youth spew out even more earth energy.

The two women looked at each other with shocked expressions, even more curious about this human youth.

"Do you feel that when he cultivates, he's... very similar to that old ape of the Ancient Beast Race?" Lin Jie said warily.

You Qianlan was startled and then her expression changed. "Now that you mentioned it, it does seem slightly similar. But how is it possible? That old ape... is the most terrifying being in Boluo Realm. He can directly control the gravity of Boluo Realm. He supposedly was born with divine patterns and understanding of the laws of the earth. This human youth... shouldn't be connected to him, right?"

"I also feel it is not possible." Lin Jie shook her head and felt her thoughts were laughable. "That old ape is not the same as us. He is even different than Barett. He is one of the earliest members of the Ancient Beast Race to reach Boluo Realm. And according to my knowledge, he has never left since coming here. Nor has he ever interacted with any humans."

"Maybe my feeling is wrong." You Qianlan forced a smile. "We have never seen that old ape with our own eyes before, we only felt his presence during the great ceremony of the Serene Moon Race."

"I think we are mistaken," Lin Jie agreed.

At the same time.

In a place in Boluo Realm where the Ancient Beast Race lived, in an ancient mountain range even bigger than the one where Qin Lie had come through the secret realm doors, naked stone mountains stood upright like swords pointing at the sky.

There were bright yellow pillars inside the mountain range covered by complex and mysterious patterns.

If Qin Lie was here, he would find that the patterns on those pillars were the ancient words "Records of Geocentric Magnetism."

The "Records of Geocentric Magnetism" he cultivated had been obtained from an ape-like skeleton in the land of frost that the Ice Emperor had sealed.

Those ancient words had only appeared from the enormous beast's clean skeleton under the illumination of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

When he looked at the words, they flew off the giant skeleton and imprinted themselves onto his mind.

When all of the words had been imprinted onto him, the skeleton brimming with vitality seemed to be corroded by thousands of years of time at once. It instantly lost all shine, vitality, became corroded with marks and covered with cracks.

At this time, in this place deep within where the Ancient Beast Race of Boluo Realm lived, similar patterns covered these pillars that had stood for countless years.

Also, these patterns flashed with light, moving around the pillars as though they wanted to fly out.

At the center of each pillar was a deep abyss that stretched into the ground. Thick earth energy sprouted out of the each abyss.

When those pillars flashed, a deep roar came from the bottomless abyss.

Soon, an enormous body bigger than even the demon dragon Barett slowly appeared out of the abyss like a gray mountain.

That enormous mountain was a giant ape that shrank its body

The enormous being hundreds of meters tall suddenly turned into a rice-sized grain in a few seconds.

The dot of light suddenly exploded.

The fragments of light gathered outside of the abyss and turned into a thin old human.

The old man had a yellow face, loose hair, and wore a normal gray robe. His gray-brown eyes did not have any light in them, making him look as if he wasn’t conscious.

He frowned and looked at the patterns on the pillars as though he was thinking of something.

After a while, he pointed at one pillar.

A dot of bright yellow light rippled like water.

In the next moment, a wriggling pattern seemed to be freed and flew off the pillar.

The pattern shot out in a ray of light.

The thin old man's figure scattered into tiny specks without a sound. Every time the specks gathered, the man was thousands of meters away.

He was like a ghost.


Inside the mountain valley near the Dark Shadow Race’s village, Qin Lie exhaled after his cultivation and stood up, refreshed.

He found after this cultivation that the natal palace that he had neglected in his spirit sea was circled by streams of yellow energy like ribbons.

This natal palace gave off wondrous ripples as though it was resonating with Boluo Realm's core.

Before coming, he had been unable to adjust to Boluo Realm's gravity which was ten times stronger. He, who earlier needed to expend great amounts of energy to be able to move, seemed to have adjusted.

This made him feel as though an enormous stone that he was pressing on him had been lifted. Even his steps became much lighter.

"Hm? Someone is in the shadows?"

The earth Spirit of Void and Chaos sent a thought to him and he immediately went on guard.

After a small adjustment, he suddenly looked at a giant stone and said coldly, "What are your intentions, sneaking in the shadows?"

Behind the stone, You Qianlan and Lin Jie walked out realizing they had been detected.

"I will try his bottom line. Pay attention and see if he has anything on him related to Serene Moon Race," Lin Jie said softly.

You Qianlan nodded.

"If we really had malicious intent towards you, we would have acted when you were cultivating, and not wait for you to wake up," Lin Jie said.

"What do you two want?" Qin Lie asked.

"Let's talk later." Lin Jie laughed lightly. Before Qin Lie could respond, she fell down from the sky.

A patch of glittering moonlight was released. Many crescent-shaped spirit artifacts gave off chimes within the moonlight and gathered from all directions.

The moonlight released from the moon in the sky seemed to be attracted by the crescent spirit artifacts. Moon energy gathered and enhanced these spirit artifacts.

Lin Jie's hand seemed to have suddenly become ten times longer. She passed through the spaces between the crescent spirit artifacts and pressed towards Qin Lie's chest.

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