Chapter 871: Tremors at the Earth's Center

Chapter 871: Tremors at the Earth's Center

Barett promised to not interfere with the Dark Shadow Race's future decisions.

This was what Qin Lie needed.

Subsequently, Barett hurriedly left with the Yuan Family.

He was most likely going to learn about where his father, Abrit, was from the Yuan Family Brothers, and try to rescue his father.

Before Yuan Wenliang left, he ordered Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan to stay behind to show Yuan Family’s sincerity to the Dark Shadow Race.

"Brother, how did you suddenly become a honored guest of the Dark Shadow Race, and help them?” Yuan Shan asked later.

At this time, the members of the Dark Shadow Race slowly came out of the caverns and were returning to the village below.

Only Qin Lie, Yuan Shan, and Yuan Chuan remained.

"Actually... there is some history between me and the Dark Shadow Race." Qin Lie's eyes flashed and he smiled coolly. He said, "In Spirit Realm, I was saved by a member of the Dark Shadow Race, and I only came through the secret realm doors due to that Dark Shadow clansman's help. I promised that person that if I found the members of Dark Shadow Race in this Boluo Realm, I would help them."

"There are members of the Dark Shadow Race in the Land of Chaos?" Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan were secretly shocked.

"We have a small passage connecting to Nether Realm," Qin Lie explained.

"You saw the Dark Shadow clansman at the Land of Chaos, or in the Nether Realm underneath?" Yuan Chuan was curious.

"More accurately, in the passageway," Qin Lie answered.

Yuan Chuan became even more amazed.

At that moment, the members of the Dark Shadow Race led by Eddie returned. They almost reached the village and he did not ask about the relationship between Qin Lie and that Dark Shadow Race. He changed topic and said in a low voice, "Brother, if you can help the Yuan Family in persuading the Dark Shadow Race to ally with the Yuan Family, the Yuan Family will treat you well."

He was more clever than his brother. He knew that when this branch of the Dark Shadow Race returned to Spirit Realm, they would connect with the races in Nether Realm, and would even become a core force there.

If the Yuan Family could form a connection to the Nether Continent before everyone else, their standing in Spirit Realm would increase.

After Sun Palace and Lunar Temple offered olive branches, Yuan Chuan knew that the Yuan Family had to use other methods in order to compete for the Dark Shadow Race’s trust.

Inviting the demon dragon Barett was one of their plans.

For Yuan Chuan, Qin Lie who was trusted by the Dark Shadow Race could become a special move for the Yuan Family.

"I will talk to them." Qin Lie smiled.

"Many thanks." Yuan Chuan patted his shoulder with friendliness. Chuckling, he said, "The Demon Dragon Race’s territory is nearby. If you are free, come visit. We brothers will be there in this period of time. In the future, if you want to return to Spirit Realm, you can come find me. I will help you arrange it," he promised first.

Qin Lie nodded with a smile

"What are you three discussing so happily?" Eddie walked over.

Yuan Chuan's expression turned back when he saw the other person come over. He said seriously, "We, just like Lunar Temple, hope to ally with you, and will not request you to submit to us like Sun Palace. We hope that you will seriously consider this, taking the Demon Dragon Race into account!"

"Young Master Yuan, do not worry, we will discuss this. However... due to being too overwhelmed, we only learned this today. We need some time to think it through," Eddie said apologetically.

"Understandable, understandable." Yuan Shan laughed.

"When you decide, no matter if you choose the Yuan Family or not, I hope that you will notify us," Yuan Chuan said.

"Of course!" Eddie promised.

"Then we will not disturb you any longer."

The two brothers had good attitudes. They nodded towards the Dark Shadow clansmen and then looked with anticipation at Qin Lie before they slowly left the village.

"What did they say to you?” Eddie asked curiously.

"They asked me to persuade you." Qin Lie jerked the corners of his mouth. "If they knew that my main goal in coming here is to lead you back to Spirit Realm, they would not waste words with me."

"That's true.' Eddie had a strange expression. He sighed and said emotionally, "Just because of one word from Sky Mender Palace, the ending of one oath, we’ve immediately become popular. The three factions in Boluo Realm who received the news first have come visit us. Ah, just yesterday, we were debating over one spirit stone, trying to decide how to split it amongst ourselves."

"All of this has been done by the Venerable One!" The old female of the Dark Shadow Race shouted.

When she said these words, all of the members of the Dark Shadow Race showed grateful expressions.

"What we need to do now is to delay and wait for you to recover. We will be careful and secretly leave Boluo Realm." Qin Lie said.

"Mns, that would be the best course of action." Eddie nodded.

None of the elders of the Dark Shadow Race even considered the offers of Sun Palace, Lunar Temple, and the Yuan Family.

They were clever people, and while they only had twenty percent of their peak strength, their minds were not muddled.

They knew where and towards who their gratitude should be shown.

After the demon dragons and the Yuan Family left, the members of the Dark Shadow Race started to go to the nether pools and prepared to fish out some spirit stones that could be absorbed.They would provide them to the three Imperishable Realm experts to recover so that they could wake up the elder that reached the Void Realm as fast as possible.

Qin Lie searched for a calm place and started to cultivate.

When the three suns of Boluo Realm were all in the sky, it felt as if the whole world was an oven. In the night, as the bright moons rose, the temperature would turn cool, and when all nine moons were in the sky, it would become bone-chilling.

This kind of extreme climate was not suited for plants to grow, and was a nightmare for many races.

However, for people who cultivate special spirit arts, this was a wondrous place.

For example, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, the Flame Race, and the Serene Moon Race, they were well-suited to this environment, and their abilities would greatly increased in this world.

Qin Lie was also a beneficiary of this kind. He could use Boluo Realm's environment to temper himself, increase his strength and cultivation.

When the third moon rose, Qin Lie started cultivating the power of the earth in a valley nearby the the Dark Shadow Race.

Under the moonlight, gray earth spirit energy threads rose out of the ground like smoke as he absorbed them.

He found that the cultivation speed of Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the Frost Arts, and the Blood Spirit Arts did not increase greatly in Boluo Realm.

But the geocentric magnetism power that he had ignored before felt as though he could not stop when he started cultivating it.

Boluo Realm's gravity was ten times that of Spirit Realm. There was a great amount of earth spirit energy hidden in the earth's core. When he cultivated the Records of Geocentric Magnetism, he could extract great amounts of earth spirit energy from it.

"The Records of Geocentric Magnetism can change gravity. When I absorb earth spirit energy, I can even use my body to attract the power of the earth..."

He thought back to when he obtained that spirit art, and slowly meditated on its intricacies. He sat motionlessly as though he was in meditation.

He received the Records of Geocentric Magnetism from an ancient beast skeleton in the land of frost. After obtaining it, he spent a little bit of time on it.

However, as he deepened his understanding of Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and learned the benefits of the Frost Arts, he gradually neglected the cultivation of the Records of Geocentric Magnetism.

In other words, of all the spirit arts he mastered, these Records of Geocentric Magnetism were the spirit art he placed the least importance on, and he never spent any real effort on it.

He did not feel that the Records of Geocentric Magnetism were so wondrous.

Yet at that moment, when he started cultivating it in Boluo Realm, as he entered meditation, he felt there were mysterious ripples thousands of miles deep underneath Boluo Realm.

The mysterious vibrations pulsed like heart with an unique rhythm.

When he cultivated the Records of Geocentric Magnetism, his heartbeat also changed.

Without realizing it, with every beat of his heart, it seemed to resonate with the vibrations of the earth.

Gradually, dirt-yellow curtains of light shone out of the ground and reflected on him.

A thick wave of earth spirit energy erupted and almost drowned him.

He quickly sank into it.

An hour later, Lin Jie and You Qianlan appeared from behind an enormous rock with their auras concealed.

The two women observed Qin Lie carefully from the darkness, their eyes growing more and more amazed.

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