Chapter 870: Holy Artifact of the Serene Moon Race

Chapter 870: Holy Artifact of the Serene Moon Race

Barett sat on the ground and yelled in the dragon language.

Inside the village, Eddie and the other Dark Shadow clansmen became more worried and puzzled as they watched Qin Lie and Barett converse in draconic language. Then, Barett clearly lost control of his emotions.

They didn't know what Qin Lie and Barett were talking about.

"Father, who is Abrit?" Yuan Shan asked in draconic language.

Yuan Wenliang's expression was solemn as he explained in a low tone, "He is the old patriarch of the Demon Dragon Race, and Barett's father. In fact... he is also the source of our bloodline."

Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan suddenly became respectful.

When they looked at Qin Lie again, their gaze changed. They felt that Qin Lie's scorn hadn't been trying to provoke Barett, but was to get Barett's attention and a chance to converse with Barett.

"About Abrit... isn’t it not a good place to talk about it?" Qin Lie purposefully looked at Lin Jie and You Qianlan.

Barett suppressed his inner excitement. He inhaled deeply and said in the common tongue to You Qianlan and Lin Jie. "Leave this place."

Qin Lie looked at Eddie and said, "I have something to discuss alone with Barett."

Eddie was shocked.

At this time, he realized that Qin Lie's mocking laughter had a deeper meaning, and he hadn't been so arrogant as to deliberately provoke Barett.

"Can we return after a while?" Lin Jie asked politely.

Barett's fat hand waved casually in the air. "Up to you."

"We shall take our leave then." Lin Jie nodded, and smiled. She looked curiously at Qin Lie and then turned to leave with You Qianlan.

At this time, a new bright moon appeared in the dark sky.

With every additional moon, moon energy would increase. More moonlight came down and landed on You Qianlan, Lin Jie, and... Qin Lie.


You Qianlan and Lin Jie exclaimed at almost the same time. They turned around simultaneously.

The two women looked with bright eyes at Qin Lie.

They perceptively felt the moment the new moon appeared, moonlight was attracted not just to them, there was also a thread of moon energy pouring into Qin Lie’s body.

The moon energy flowing from the moon was even more pure and condensed than the moon energy they absorbed.

This immediately attracted their attention.

Especially You Qianlan’s. When she looked at Qin Lie, the crescent crystal at her forehead suddenly released glittering silver light.

When the little crescent crystal turned towards Qin Lie, shadows of moons appeared inside and many more blurry images appeared.

You Qianlan's eyes grew brighter.

Qin Lie stilled and then reacted. He realized that as the new moon rose, the silver moon mark at his shoulder absorbed extra moon energy.

The Dark Shadow Race and the Yuan Family members did not cultivate the power of the moon, and didn't have any natural talents so they could not perceive it.

You Qianlan and Lin Jie were different.

The two had the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race, they could absorb moon energy from the moons in the sky and were extremely sensitive towards it.

They could naturally see the abnormality of his body.

"What?" Barett's expression was dark. He snorted, clearly displeased. "Did I not make myself clear?"

"My apologies, we just suddenly thought of something." Lin Jie apologetically bowed and pulled at the corner of You Qianlan's clothes. She ignored the other looking dazedly at Qin Lie, and pulled You Qianlan onto the crescent flying spirit artifact.

When the crescent flying spirit artifact was miles away from the village, You Qianlan finally refocused. She inhaled deeply and said, "So strange. That human youth has something in his body that appears to absorb moon energy. I feel that thing is very familiar, it gives me the same feeling as the holy artifacts of our race."

"Is that possible?" Lin Jie said in shock.

She had the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race and knew that the Serene Moon Race's ancestral lands had two powerful holy artifacts.

Even she, who had the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race, did not qualify to go to the ancestral lands to look pay respects to the two holy artifacts as she was not a true member of the Serene Moon Race.

Only true members of the Serene Moon Race like You Qianlan could go to the ancestral lands to experience the vibrations of the holy artifacts during the ancestral ceremonies.

She knew just how important and mysterious those two holy artifacts were to the Serene Moon Race. She also knew that the experts of the clan could only ask the two holy artifacts to come out when the Serene Moon Race encountered great danger.

With the holy artifact on them, the members of the Serene Moon Race could receive unimaginable power from the moon, and the power of the holder would skyrocket.

According to her speculation, the two holy artifacts that had been passed down in the Serene Moon Race from the ancient era were on the same level as Divine Grade spirit artifacts of the humans.

Lin Jie felt it was incomprehensible that You Qianlan would feel the aura similar to the two holy artifacts from Qin Lie.

"I also know it should be impossible." You Qianlan shook her head. Her expression was dazed. "But this feeling… I just know that I’m right. What is going on?"

Lin Jie was shocked.

"Let's wait first for the old dragon to finish talking to him. Then we can go back and ask him for clarification," You Qianlan said.

"That is the only thing we can do."

On the other side.

All the members of the Dark Shadow Race returned to the mountain caves at Barett's request.

After the people from Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had left, only Qin Lie, the demon dragon Barett, and the members of the Yuan Family were present.

The Yuan Family were Barett's blood relatives, they had the bloodline of the Demon Dragon Race. Barett did not think of them as outsiders so they stayed.

"Boy, how do you know of my father?" Barett still sat on the ground, his eyes wide as though he was about to eat Qin Lie. "If you dare to lie to me, I will roast you, tear you to pieces, and kill you."

"Aaah... Brother, you really have information on the old patriarch?" Yuan Shan asked.

Looking at Barett, and the Yuan Family, Qin Lie smiled, calm and composed. "My information comes from an evil dragon."

"Evil dragon?" Barett's mind moved.

"Yes, the evil dragons." Qin Lie relaxed even more and explained. "When the Demon Dragon Race and the Evil Dragon Race fought against the Giant Dragon Race over the Graveyard of the First Dragon in the dragon realm, your father was heavily injured and had to retreat from the dragon realm with the Demon Dragon Race. Your father was worried that the giant dragons would continue to pursue you so he had some of the clansmen follow you three brothers into different realms. Meanwhile, he searched for a place to heal..."

He explained what he learned from the Chaos Blood Realm, not concealing any details.

Barett listened carefully. Earlier, his eyes were filled with disbelief, but that expression disappeared by the time Qin Lie finished talking.

He experienced the battle Qin Lie described.

As the youngest son of Abrit, he had seen with his own eyes the defeat of the Demon Dragon Race. He knew that Qin Lie hadn't made any slips.

"You are right. That was the battle where the Demon Dragon Race lost the most, I will never forget it!" Barett shouted.

"Before you left, the evil dragons and the giant dragons hadn't stopped fighting. They were still in full swing..." after a pause, Qin Lie continued, "until the Heaven Fighting Race descended and started to conquer Spirit Realm. Then, the evil dragons and the giant dragons finally stopped fighting.. As the evil dragons swore fealty to the Heaven Fighting Race, the evil dragons expelled all the giant dragons out of the dragon realm with the help of the Heaven Fighting Race. They dominated the dragon realm, and then ..."

Qin Lie explained what he knew, "Your father Abrit is trapped in an unknown realm. There are no stars, sun and moon, no light there, only eternal darkness. Only beings of the darkness can exist there. The patriarch of the evil dragons at the time promised the demon dragons that he would help you father get out. But as the Heaven Fighting Race lost, the evil dragons were forced out of the Spirit Realm, never to return They did not have a chance to help your father."

"No sun, moon, or stars. No light, only eternal darkness..." As Yuan Wenzhi pondered the words, his expression became ugly.

Barett clearly hadn't heard of this place. He turned to look at Yuan Wenzhi and asked, "You know that place?"

Yuan Wenzhi nodded, his expression grave. "I will tell you later."

Barett's brows furrowed. He knew from Yuan Wenzhi's expression that rescuing his father from that place would be a troublesome endeavour.

"What else do you know?" He looked at Qin Lie again.

"After the Evil Dragon Race took over the Graveyard of the First Dragon, they did not open the doors to the graveyard. Instead, after studying it, the Evil Dragon Race and Heaven Fighting Race came to a conclusion that opening the Graveyard of First Dragon would require three items." Qin Lie paused. "I do not know what those items are, the evil dragon did not tell me."

Barett looked at Qin Lie with wide eyes. "You really know a lot! Why did this evil dragon tell you so much? How could he know?"

"I don't know." Qin Lie shrugged.

"Is there anything else?" Barett asked.

This time, Qin Lie shook his head, "No, that’s all I know."

"Speak, what do you want? I heard you accidentally entered Boluo Realm. If you want to return, it can be arranged." Barett heard what Yuan Chuan and his brother said to Yuan Wenliang. He had some understanding of Qin Lie's identity. "Other than this, I can give you a stock of spirit materials that will help your cultivation swiftly increase after returning to Spirit Realm."

"No, no, I do not want to go back to Spirit Realm right now, and do not need your materials." Qin Lie shook his head with a smile.

"Then what do you want?" Barett lifted his head.

"When the Dark Shadow Race decides to leave Boluo Realm and return to Spirit Realm, I hope you will be generous and not pursue them," Qin Lie said seriously.

"Just that?"


Barett snorted and looked at the Dark Shadow clansmen that had shrunk back into their caves. He nodded with some unwillingness and said, "I will not cause any problems for them, but I will not help them either. They will have to rely on their own abilities."

"The two secret realm entrances are occupied by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple. If they all want to return to Spirit Realm... they will have difficulty gathering the fee." Yuan Wenzhi shook his head. "With their own power, they cannot return to Spirit Realm. Only the Sun Palace, Lunar Temple, or the Yuan Family can help them pay the expensive teleportation fee."

"It’s fine as long as you are willing to let them go." Qin Lie only looked at Barett.

"I'll do as I said!" Barett shouted.

"It’s settled then." Qin Lie nodded with a smile.

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