Chapter 869: Demon Dragon Barett

Chapter 869: Demon Dragon Barett

The demon dragon loathed Jun Hongxuan, forcing the Sun Palace martial practitioners to leave the area immediately. However, it hadn’t insulted Lunar Temple’s Lin Jie.

That was why both Lin Jie and You Qianlan were able to remain in the village unharmed.

“Thank you for telling us the truth, Miss Lin.” After Jun Hongxuan and his people were gone, Eddie thanked Lin Jie sincerely for exposing Jun Hongxuan’s lies and telling them that there was another reason Sky Mender Palace had changed their minds.

“Even if I hadn’t told you, you would’ve guessed that this has nothing to do with Sun Palace anyway.” Lin Jie smiled.

The Yuan Family people relaxed and smiled at Eddie.

“The Yuan Family is the Demon Dragon Race’s kin. If you and your people truly wish to return to Spirit Realm, you will need an ally by your side. I too wish that this ally will be the Yuan Family,” Barett said from outside the village.

Standing at the cave in the middle of the mountain, Qin Lie looked in awe and respect towards the giant shadow outside the village.

The black, sticky shadow wriggled continuously and contracted bit by bit as if it was taking on a human form.

Dozens of seconds later, the shadow that looked like a flesh mountain gradually disappeared.

After that, a tall, dark skinned and absolutely obese mid-age man slowly walked out of the forest.

The big man was an entire head taller than every Yuan Family clansman in the area. He was dressed in extremely loose clothing, and his round tummy was so big that it looked like it would burst out of his clothes at any moment.

An odd expression and smile appeared on Qin Lie’s face with just a glance.

He secretly guessed that the reason the demon dragon Barett hadn’t descended on the Dark Shadow Race’s village while it was in its true form, was probably not because it was afraid that it might accidentally crush it, but because its true body was just as fat and obese.

It was very likely that he was worried that his true form would throw the mighty image of his Demon Dragon Race right out of the window. That was why he decided to take on a human form outside the village first.

Normally speaking, a rank seven ancient beast or demon dragons had the ability to transform.

As a leader of his race in Boluo Realm and a member of the Demon Dragon Race, there was no way this old dragon was only at rank seven.

It was perfectly logical for him to possess the ability to transform.

However, it would seem that he wasn’t able to hide his obesity even after transforming into a human. He was still a mini human-shaped flesh mountain.

Every Dark Shadow clansman inside the village, as well as Lin Jie and You Quanlan didn’t dare show a trace of disrespect upon seeing the incredibly fat Barett walking towards them.

They were all saluting him in respect.

“Lord Barett, we still don’t know what’s actually happening at Spirit Realm, so we… aren’t planning an immediate return just yet.” Eddie chose his words wisely while maintaining a humble attitude. He bowed and said, “We need to find out the truth first before we can decide who to ally with after we’ve returned to Spirit Realm.”

The demon dragon Barett slowly made his way to the scene before shooting a glance at Eddie, saying, “Find me a chair first.”

“Lauder!” Eddie yelled loudly.

A young Dark Shadow clansman nimbly carried out a wooden chair from the house before placing it obediently behind Barett’s back.

Barett nodded in satisfaction before taking a seat.


Suddenly, the wooden chair exploded into smithereens. It wasn’t able to hold out for even an instant.

Barett fell on the floor just like that with an ugly look on his face.

The three brothers of the Yuan Family, Yuan Chuan and Yuan Shan all pretended that they hadn’t seen anything with an awkward look on their faces.

Lin Jie and You Qianlan bit their bottom lip softly, looking like they were trying to hold back a smile.

“Lauder!” Eddie yelled angrily.

The young Dark Shadow clansman cursed at himself repeatedly with a terrified look on his face before he dived hastily into another room. It took him much effort before he finally managed to carry out a huge stone chair.

After placing the chair behind Barett once more, Lauder begged for his understanding with a miserable look and requested him to take a seat again.

Barett let out a snort and climbed to his feet with a bit of difficulty. Then, he sat down on the stone chair again.


The stone chair actually failed to endure his shocking weight and exploded into smithereens too. His butt hit the ground yet again.

This turn of events caused his face to darken entirely.

The Yuan Family clansmen exchanged wry smiles with each other, but still didn’t dare to say anything.

Lin Jie and You Qianlan had to cover their mouths to prevent laughter from breaking out even as their shoulders shook slightly.

The other Dark Shadow clansmen kept their heads lowered, afraid to look at Barett’s dark face.

The guy who carried the chairs over, Lauder had never experienced such a terrible scene in his whole life. He was white with shock as he knelt on his knees and begged for Barett’s understanding immediately.

Barett glared angrily at Lauder with wide eyes. He was wondering if he should lay down the matter of playing middleman between the Yuan Family and the Dark Shadow Race first and just slap this damnable Dark Shadow boy to death.

Eddie and other Dark Shadow Race elders also felt fear and trepidation in the face of these events. They repeatedly said that Lauder deserved death and begged Lord Barett to forgive him.

It was at this moment an untimely snort rang through the air. It was extremely soft, but it still made its way to the crowd.

In an instant, the Yuan Family clansmen, the Dark Shadow clansmen, Lin Jie and You Qianlan all looked towards the cave in the middle of the mountain in surprise.

Fire rushed to Barett’s head as he pointed his fat finger abruptly at the cave entrance in humiliated anger and yelled, “Get the hell down from there!”

An ink black light flew out of his fingertip and entered the stone cave instantly.

Inside the cave, Qin Lie discovered that he was wrapped around by a ball of darkness before he could react.

A stifling and terrible energy was emanating from the darkness. It flooded over his consciousness entirely.


The ink black ball flew back as suddenly as it departed, leaving Qin Lie to crash fiercely on the ground.

All of the darkness scattered after that.

Qin Lie appeared from inside the black ball. The moment he looked up, he immediately saw the mountain-like Barett, still seated on the ground, glaring fiercely at him with eyes that were almost spitting fire.

“Eh? It’s you?” Yuan Shan exclaimed softly.

“Little Shan, who is he? Do you know him?” Yuan Wenliang frowned.

“Mn, we ran into him earlier…” Yuan Shan briefly explained their encounter.

“An outsider? One from the Land of Chaos no less.” Yuan Wenliang quietly thought to himself after hearing his explanation. He didn’t say anything.

“Please forgive him, Lord Barett. He is the Dark Shadow Race’s guest. Please…” Eddie grew worried and hastily begged for mercy on Qin Lie’s behalf.

He himself was swearing on the inside, thinking that Qin Lie was acting too frivolously. He couldn’t believe that Qin Lie had laughed when everyone else had their mouths zipped in that situation. It was an obvious provocation of Barett and a show of ignorance towards the word ‘Death’.

“Lord Barett, do you know Abrit?” Qin Lie suddenly asked in the draconic tongue.

Barett was about to ignore Eddie’s beg for mercy and kill Qin Lie in one slap. But when he heard his question, his fat hand suddenly froze in midair.

“How do you know of Abrit’s name?” Replying in the draconic language too, he glared at Qin Lie with incredible ferocity.

No outsiders present—Lin Jie, You Qianlan or the Dark Shadow clansmen—knew about the draconic language.

The Yuan Family clansmen, the people who possessed the demon dragon’s blood were the only ones who could understand the draconic language. However, neither Yuan Shan nor Yuan Chuan knew who Abrit was, so their faces were covered in puzzlement.

Yuan Wenzhi and his two other brothers were older, and their knowledge of the Demon Dragon Race’s past was obviously deeper. It was because their faces had all turned serious.

“Not only do I know the name Abrit, I even know where he is right now,” Qin Lie continued.

He wasn’t trying to commit suicide or provoke Barett when he let out that laugh and drew Barett’s attention on purpose.

He was hoping to communicate with Barett face to face.

When he was at the Land of Chaos, he once entered the Heaven Fighting Race’s Chaos Blood Realm. He learned a lot of the Evil Dragon Race’s secret from it.

The Evil Dragon Race, the Demon Dragon Race, and the Giant Dragon Race were the three strongest races among all dragons.

Among these three races, the Giant Dragon Race was the strongest of them all. They called themselves the orthodox race of the dragon race.

The Evil Dragon Race and Demon Dragon Race were a tad weaker compared to the Giant Dragon Race.

Qin Lie knew that thirty thousand years ago, before the Heaven Fighting Race had stepped into Spirit Realm, the Giant Dragon Race, Evil Dragon Race, and Demon Dragon Race had members living in the dragon world and Spirit Realm.

The dragon world had been connected to Spirit Realm since ancient times, and it was rumored that the two worlds were originally one.

Many dragon races of the dragon world had many dwellings in Spirit Realm and often operated around the area. They shared close relations with the races of Spirit Realm.

During that age, the dragon race of the dragon world were extremely powerful. They possessed a vast amount of land in Spirit Realm and could be considered the ruler of a world in Spirit Realm.

From some of the secrets of the Evil Dragon Race, Qin Lie knew that the Giant Dragon Race, Evil Dragon Race, and Demon Dragon Race weren’t at peace with each other. They had never stopped fighting for a place called the “Graveyard of the First Dragon” that seemed to be a place where the “First Dragon”, the progenitor of all dragons lay.

It was rumored that the “Graveyard of the First Dragon” contained all sorts of profound secrets belonging to the First Dragon.

The Giant Dragon Race, Evil Dragon Race and the Demon Dragon Race had fought one another to reach the “Graveyard of the First Dragon.” Because the Evil Dragon Race and Demon Dragon Race were friendly with each other and weaker than the Giant Dragon Race, they joined forces to fight against the Giant Dragon Race.

However, the Evil Dragon Race and the Demon Dragon Race were still no match for the Giant Dragon Race despite allying with each other. The elder of the Demon Dragon Race even suffered grievous wounds and was nearly killed outright during the conflict.

This outcome caused the utter defeat of the Demon Dragon Race, and they became the first race to give up on the battle for the “Graveyard of the First Dragon”. The elder of the Demon Dragon Race at the time was none other than Abrit. He was also a very fat demon dragon.

After Abrit was grievously wounded, he had to leave the dragon world just in case the giant dragons decided to chase him down.

To prevent the Demon Dragon Race from being hunted down by the Giant Dragon Race, he ordered his people to lead his three sons into three different worlds.

He himself had vanished without a trace.

After that, while the Giant Dragon Race and the Evil Dragon Race were still fighting for the “Graveyard of the First Dragon”, the Heaven Fighting Race descended from the vast outer realm and began their path of domination.

During this time, nearly all great races who fought against the Heaven Fighting Race had suffered a horrendous defeat.

The Giant Dragon Race and the Evil Dragon Race were also crushed by the Heaven Fighting Race, and their people left Spirit Realm for the dragon world.

Not long after, the Evil Dragon Race chose to serve the Heaven Fighting Race after some persuasion.

After that, the Evil Dragon Race attacked the dragon world and chased away all giant dragons with the aid of the Heaven Fighting Race.

Thanks to this, the Evil Dragon Race was able to claim the dragon world and the “Graveyard of the First Dragon” for themselves. Unfortunately, they failed to open the “Graveyard of the First Dragon” and discover its secrets.

At the time, the Heaven Fighting Race was like a tiger given wings after the evil dragons had chosen to serve them. They didn’t give up on their expedition despite dominating Spirit Realm.

They led the Evil Dragon Race and attacked various worlds.

At the time, the elder of the Evil Dragon Race had followed the Heaven Fighting clansmen into an unknown world. That was how it learned that the demon dragons’ elder, Abrit, was trapped in a strange land and hadn’t been able to break free all this time.

At the time, the Evil Dragon Race’s elder promised the demon dragons over there that it would find a way to free Abrit from its imprisonment. Unfortunately, the Heaven Fighting Race was defeated by the coalition of all races before he was able to find a way.

Left with no choice, a portion of the Evil Dragon Race could only escape to the outer realm with the Heaven Fighting Race while the other portion—lower ranking clansmen such as Gilbert—chose to fall into a long slumber in Spirit Realm.

It so happened that the Giant Dragon Race was the central force of the coalition of all races.

Naturally, the dragon world was retaken by the Giant Dragon Race after the war.

The evil dragon elder’s promise to the demon dragons in that unknown world to release Abrit became unsettled just like that.

When Qin Lie saw Barett’s incredibly obese size, he naturally thought of Abrit and guessed that they probably shared blood ties with each other. That was why he had taken the initiative to provoke him.

“Abrit is my father! Tell me, where is he right now?!” Barett yelled loudly.

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