Chapter 866: The Lifting of the Millennium Oath

Chapter 866: The Lifting of the Millennium Oath!

"The human factions that frequently come to Boluo Realm other than the Yuan Family are Sun Palace, Lunar Temple, the Yu Family, the Feng Family, and the Cui Family. The nine strongest races of Boluo Realm are the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, the Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race, the Asura Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Wood Race, the Sea Race and the Black Jail Race."

"Of them, Sun Palace and the Flame Race are blood kin, Lunar Temple and the Serene Moon Race are blood kin. The Yu Family and the Asura Race are blood kin, the Feng Family and the Wood Race, the Yuan Family and the Demon Dragon Race, the Cui Family and the Sea Race are also blood kin."

"The six human factions have the bloodlines of the Flame, Serene Moon, Asura, Wood, Demon Dragon and Sea Races."

"Entrances to the two passages connecting Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm are occupied by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple. The Yu, Feng, Yuan, and Cui Family need to pay a huge fee in order to move in and out of Boluo Realm using their doors.

Eddie continued to narrate.

"The nine strongest races of the Boluo Realm are just branches of nine ancient powerful races. These nine races are not just powerful in Boluo Realm, they are extremely powerful in Spirit Realm and other realms. They could be said to be among the strongest races of the universe."

"The Flame Race's bloodline power can turn worldly spirit energy into flame. Each one is a powerful controller of fire."

"The martial practitioners of Sun Palace can cultivate using the sun power with their miraculous spirit art. After they mixed with the Flame Race, they came to possess the bloodline of the Flame Race. They became able to use the flame power of the three suns of the Boluo Realm to cultivate, so their bloodline and spirit art enhance each other. They are extremely strong."

"Lunar Temple is extremely similar to them."

"The word ‘lunar,’ in the ancient times, meant ‘the moon.’”

"The human martial practitioners of Lunar Temple can absorb the moon energy of the nine moons using their spirit arts. They absorb this energy into the spirit sea, and their spirit skills are mysterious and powerful."

"The Serene Moon Race is born with a moon core at birth. Their bloodline can absorb moon power without even cultivating. Those powers are stored in their moon core and bloodline. Moon cores to the members of the Serene Moon Race are similar to the spirit seas of the humans."

"After reproducing with them, the descendants of Lunar Temple came to possess the bloodline of the Serene Moon Race. They can absorb moon energy into their spirit sea with spirit arts and after being born, they can also absorb and store moon energy in their blood just like the members of the Serene Moon Race. Their cultivation saves effort, and their bodies are strong."

"The Yu Family obtained the Asura Race bloodline and have the powerful bodies of the Asura Race."

"The Yuan, Feng, and Cui Families also have foreign races’ bloodlines. They possess great talent and strong bodies after birth. Adding on the family spirit arts they cultivate, they are born with advantages."

"The strongest of the nine ancient races in Boluo Realm are, in descending order of strength, the Ancient Beast Race, the Giant Race, then the Flame Race, the Serene Moon Race, the Asura Race, the Demon Dragon Race, the Wood Race, the Sea Race, and lastly, the Black Jail Race."

"When we came here, we landed where the Ancient Beast Race and the Giant Race were, so we lost our warriors and declined from then on."

"Of the six human factions, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple are stronger than the four families."

"While the four families are Gold rank forces, they are a step below, and seem to not have anyone that actually reached the Genesis Realm.

"But Sun Palace and Lunar Temple are true Gold rank forces and have Genesis Realm experts in Spirit Realm."

"These two Gold rank forces supposedly have been fighting openly and in secret in Spirit Realm and after coming to Boluo Realm, they frequently conflict with each other."

"Between the Flame Race and the Serene Moon Race, there is several generations worth of irreconcilable hatred that will never rest."

"Sun Palace and Lunar Temple separately formed ties with each side, and became blood kin. After coming to Boluo Realm and mixing their bloodlines, these four factions fought even more intensely and never stopped."

Eddie patiently introduced the state of Boluo Realm to Qin Lie as they waited for the nether pools to turn the spirit stones into power stones that could be absorbed. The elders of the Dark Shadow Race were idle and added on.

Many hours later.

Qin Lie understood the state of this Boluo Realm, the different races, the six human factions, their relationships and the causes for conflict through their detailed introductions.

He also realized that Boluo Realm was not harmonious. Instead, it was filled with blood and battle, just like the Land of Chaos.

"Serene Moon Race..." he muttered inwardly.

The Moon Demon which had upended Moon Worshipping Cult in the Land of Chaos had turned into a silver moon mark imprinted on his shoulder after the Soul Suppressing Orb's refinement.

This person who the disciples of Moon Worshipping Cult called Moon Demon was a member of the Serene Moon Race according to himself.

And Boluo Realm had a branch of the Serene Moon Race. Would the Moon Demon have been summoned temporarily to Spirit Realm from the Boluo Realm?

Was that person connected to the Serene Moon Race here?

With many riddles, Qin Lie settled into the caverns of the Dark Shadow Race. As he waited for the nether pools to transform the spirit stones, he communicated with the Dark Shadow Race in order to understand Boluo Realm.

In this period of time, he walked around the caverns and saw more Dark Shadow clansmen.

He found the older and more powerful the Dark Shadow clansman was, the more emaciated they were and the worse they looked.

Only those members of the Dark Shadow Race in the Netherpassage and Fulfillment Realms gave off a presence of energy and liveliness.

He learned that the older members of the Dark Shadow Race gave the already limited supply of spirit stones to the young generation to use.

They would also restrain themselves from eating the spirit beast meat the young generations hunted.

They used all the resources they obtained on their children. They hoped their descendants could quickly reach the Netherpassage Realm, and obtain a long lifespan.

For the spread of their race, for their hopes, they were willing to sacrifice themselves.

The Nirvana Realm members that would be considered experts in the Land of Chaos stayed in a daze in the numerous caverns, sleeping, or helping the younger generation with their cultivation problems.

They would never use spirit stones to recover their strength.

Therefore, after Qin Lie made a round, he found that the members of the Dark Shadow Race gave off a gloomy aura as though they were waiting for death.

Underneath the three burning suns.

Many grand and magnificent palaces were built on a floating continent. Each palace was black, and the gates carved with violent dragon heads.

A figure flew in from afar and quickly entered the palace.

Soon, a dozen members of the Yuan Family that wore robes with dragon heads gathered together.

No one in this group was shorter than two meters. Their skin was black, and when they stood together, they were like a group of black bears.

"Old Three has hurried back from Spirit Realm through Lunar Temple's secret realm entrance. Everyone, listen to the news he has brought back," said an Imperishable Realm expert by the name of Yuan Wenzhi.

He was a main branch member of the Yuan Family who constantly stayed in the Boluo Realm, and was responsible for the family affairs of the Yuan Family in Boluo Realm.

"I just received information that Sky Mender Palace formally retracted their restricting oath against the members of Nether Realm from three thousand years ago. Starting today, they will allow the three major races of Nether Realm to return to Spirit Realm, even the Nether Continent which has been sealed all this time seemed to have been released a while ago. Members of Nether Realm have already taken residence."

"In other words, Sky Mender Palace has forgiven the poor conduct of the Nether Realm races in the past, and allows them to live in Spirit Realm again!"

The one called "Old Three", Yuan Wenbin, said.

"Sky Mender Palace has lifted the ban!" The eyes of the second elder, Yuan Wenliang, lit up.

Yuan Wenzhi, Yuan Wenliang, and Yuan Wenbin were the three brothers of the Yuan Family. They spent the majority of their time in Boluo Realm, and were responsible for dealing with demon dragons. They helped the Demon Dragon Race search for suitable spirit materials in all areas of Spirit Realm and had a close relationship with the Demon Dragon Race.

Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan were the second elder Yuan Wenliang's sons. At this time, they had entered Chaos Blood Realm with the Demon Dragon Race to search for their own latent abilities.

"In other words, the Dark Shadow Race branch that has submitted to the Demon Dragon Race can now return to Spirit Realm?" Yuan Wenzhi's eyes lit up.

"Yes!" Yuan Wenbin also became excited. "Because of the oath Sky Mender Palace forced onto them, the six human factions of Boluo Realm had deliberately suppressed the Dark Shadow Race. No one dared to secretly come into contact with them, and consciously ignored their existence. Everyone knew that Sky Mender Palace hated the members of Nether Realm, no one wanted to have any ties with them in case the news got back to Sky Mender Palace. If they attracted the displeasure of Sky Mender Palace, it would cause much trouble."

"Sky Mender Palace is one of the strongest Gold rank forces in the current Spirit Realm, who dares to rashly offend them? Even Sun Palace and Lunar Temple do not dare to contact the Dark Shadow Race, they don't dare to use the secret realm entrances to transport them back to Spirit Realm?" Yuan Wenliang added.

"Anyone that dared to help the Dark Shadow Race back to Spirit Realm would be slapping Sky Mender Palace in the face, they would receive Sky Mender Palace's retaliation." Yuan Wenzhi nodded.

"But it's different now!" Yuan Wenbin's expression turned alert. "That Dark Shadow Race branch isn't weak, they are only limited by the lack of nether demonic energy in Boluo Realm. Also, they were heavily injured by the Ancient Beast Race at the start so they were unable to develop, their strength deteriorating over time instead. If we help them back to Spirit Realm and obtain their loyalty, let them recover, the Yuan Family will become stronger!"

"As expected, Old Three has come back with good news!" Yuan Wenzhi's eyes lit up. "If the Dark Shadow Race branch submits to us, and increases the Yuan Family's strength, it will be a great accomplishment for us three brothers!"

"We should not wait and act now! I'm afraid that Sun Palace and Lunar Temple will also go to the Dark Shadow Race after obtaining this news!"

"Mn! We will go immediately!"

The three Yuan Family brothers hurriedly discussed and descended from the floating continent.

What they did not know was before them, two groups of people from Sun Palace and Lunar Temple also descended towards the residence of the Dark Shadow Race.

The sudden removal of the ban three thousand years ago which had suppressed the Dark Shadow Race to the point where they were almost unable to survive in Boluo Realm suddenly made the Dark Shadow Race popular.

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