Chapter 865: Foreign Race Kin

Chapter 865: Foreign Race Kin

Qin Lie quickly assessed the strength of this Dark Shadow branch.

This branch of Dark Shadow Race that came from Nether Continent originally numbered around five thousand. Nearly two thousand died in the initial campaigns.

They were forced to leave behind the secret realm entrance behind. They had to submit to the Demon Dragon Race in order to exist.

In the following years, due to various reasons, a thousand people of the remaining three thousand also died.

Yet, nearly four thousand were born in Boluo Realm and slowly grew up.

Their total number was around six thousand at present.

However, compared to the initial five thousand, these six thousand were greatly lacking.

First, because the surviving Nirvana Realm and Imperishable Realm martial practitioners could not absorb nether demonic energy to cultivate, they could only use about twenty percent of their power.

There was a Void Realm clan elder that was in deep slumber.

The spirit stones they obtained from the Demon Dragon Race were not enough for the Imperishable Realm martial practitioners to recover after they were transformed using the nether pool.

Because the stronger the martial practitioners were, the more energy they required to recover after grievous wounds or huge energy expenditure.

They used the spirit stones they obtained on cultivating the younger generation, so that their descendants could reach the Netherpassage and Fulfillment Realms.

The Dark Shadow clansmen could only increase their longevity upon reaching these two realms.

In order to increase the longevity of their clansmen, they were willing to let their power slowly wither to give the spirit stones to their descendants.

This caused their peak force, the Nirvana Realm and Imperishable Realm experts, to not be able to recover all this time.

Those Dark Shadow clansmen born in Boluo Realm managed to reach Netherpassage and Fulfillment Realm cultivation with the help of spirit stones.

However, through Eddie's narration, Qin Lie learned that this Dark Shadow Race branch had eighteen Imperishable Realm martial practitioners.

Of these eighteen, five possessed three-level Soul Altars!

Of course, with no exception, their Soul Altars had all been created back on the Nether Continent.

After coming to the Boluo Realm, because they did not have abundant nether demonic energy to use, their cultivation did not increase. Instead, their overall battle prowess decreased.

Other than this, almost a hundred members were in the Nirvana Realm!

However, just like the Imperishable Realm experts of their race, they were in a situation where they did not have enough spirit stones to cultivate and recover from their injuries.

They could at most use thirty percent of their power.

Due to the lack of nether demonic energy, their strength was far from their past selves’. They could not return to their peak condition.

But if they had enough nether demonic energy, enough spirit stones, if they returned to Spirit Realm, they would become a great force!

If the place they returned to was the Land of Chaos, and they could all recover...

Qin Lie believed that this Dark Shadow branch would be even more terrifying than the three great ghoul races added up together!

No Silver rank force in the Land of Chaos could match this force alone.

—Including Terminator Sect.

"With seven million Earth Grade spirit stones, after the transformation through the nether pool, we will not have to worry about nether demonic energy for a very long time! When we recover, if we are careful, we will safely reach the entrance to the secret realm and return to Spirit Realm!" Eddie said excitedly.

"Let's first keep this a secret and not tell the young generation to prevent them from accidentally telling others!" someone said cautiously.

"Yes! For the time being, only we can know of this matter. Otherwise, if surrounding forces learn of it, they will not give us time to recover!"

"Yes, when we recover our strength through these spirit stones, we will slowly pass down these spirit stones."

"What about the clan elder? What about awakening the clan elder?"

"None of us can awaken him right now. We will need at least three of us recovered to our peak in order to communicate with him using our souls."

"Let's first do this."

The eight Dark Shadow Race elders discussed heatedly as though they saw the future where their race was revived.

"What is the state of the Boluo Realm? What is going on with the kin of the Demon Dragon Race, the Yuan Family? Other than the Yuan Family, how many human factions are in Boluo Realm, and how many other races?"

"Also, what is the time difference between Boluo Realm and Spirit Realm?"

"Oh, right, how did these humans come here?"


Qin Lie could finally ask his string of questions.

The spirit stones would turn into power stones suitable for them through the nether pool but it would take time. Therefore, these old men of the Dark Shadow Race had enough time to answer Qin Lie.

The elders of the Dark Shadow Race, led by Eddie, gradually calmed down. They took turns in explaining the situation as they explained the situation of Boluo Realm to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie learned that the present Ancient Beast Races’ elites and foreign races that lived in Boluo Realm had been forced to move from Spirit Realm after the God Race came to Spirit Realm.

Thirty thousand years ago, the God Race came from space and started to ravage Spirit Realm. They started to dominate that great realm.

At that time, the ancient races of Spirit Realm naturally fought back with their full power. But the God Race was too strong back then, they were simply invincible.

Gradually, some ancient races that knew they were not their match started to prepare avenues of retreat for themselves.

Many members of ancient races gradually left Spirit Realm through the secret realm passages that connected Spirit Realm to other realms.

The Vermillion Bird, gold giant, the enormous snake underground, and other powerful beings that Qin Lie saw had moved here thirty thousand years ago.

After the powerful ancient races came to Boluo Realm through different avenues, they destroyed the secret realm entrances and detonated the void passages so that the God Race could not pursue them.

After that, they stayed in the Boluo Realm.

In the following thousands of years, the God Race took over Spirit Realm. Many members of their races knew they had no other choice and swore fealty.

They cut off contact with Spirit Realm.

Many more years passed, the God Race started to start battles in other major realms. As the God Race became proud and arrogant, they gradually angered the hundreds of races in Spirit Realm.

The hundred races rose up in anger.

They allied together. They once again fought against the God Race. The humans who had been weak previously suddenly rose, displayed bravery in this long and bloody war. Groups of experts gradually appeared.

The races finally won over the God Race, forcing the God Race to flee into space. The humans went from being the weakest race to the new rulers of Spirit Realm.

The humans and other races redivided the territories, maintaining harmonious relations with the races and prepared to face the God Race's retaliation.

In this period of time, the ancient races recovered, and once again thought of their companions in the Boluo Realm. They built the secret realm passages again and connected with Boluo Realm.

Then they found that after thousands of years, their fellow members that entered Boluo Realm had adjusted to the environment of Boluo Realm and became one with the world.

Many of the ancient races that lived in the Boluo Realm thought of Boluo Realm as their home and weren't willing to return to Spirit Realm.

But they were willing to establish trade with their friends in Spirit Realm.

Also, the ancient races that lived in the Boluo Realm maintained the purity of their blood because they did not experience the age of darkness where the God Race dominated Spirit Realm and had not been humiliated by them.

At this time, the humans that recognized the benefits of the ancient, pure bloodlines, and tried all kinds of method to form marriages in order to obtain these powerful bloodlines.

The Yuan Family had been a powerful family of Spirit Realm. They saw the pure blood of the Demon Dragon Race, and married with the Demon Dragon Race.

After failing for a few generations, two thousand years ago, the Yuan Family finally learned the secret to mixing their blood with the Demon Dragon Race.

Then, from three generations ago, the members of Yuan Family mostly possessed the demon dragon bloodline. They could even enter the demon dragons’ Chaos Blood Realm through their bloodline.

The members of the Yuan Family that possessed the Demon Dragon bloodline were born with powerful bodies, and did not have any of the weaknesses of the humans.

Other than the powerful physical bodies of the Demon Dragon Race, they who had the demon dragon bloodline could use the bloodline power, and could even obtain the latent abilities of the Demon Dragon Race.

They could also cultivate the Yuan Family's spirit art and absorb world spirit energy. They could continuously advance through the realms.

The Yuan Family became a Gold rank force after they obtained the demon dragon bloodline and had many experts emerge.

There were some other forces like the Yuan Family. They obtained powerful bloodlines through marriages with the ancient races after entering Boluo Realm.

These people were called "blood kin" by the members of the ancient races.

For example, many members of the Yuan Family possessed the demon dragon bloodline. They could enter the Chaos Blood Realm through their bloodline. They were close to the Demon Dragon Race and formed a tight alliance.

Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan qualified to enter the Demon Dragon Race's Chaos Blood Realm after their cultivation reached a certain level and their demon dragon bloodline awoke to search for the latent abilities in their bloodline.

That was why they came here.

According to Eddie, the secret realm entrances between Spirit Realm and Boluo Realm were in the hands of two powerful forces.

Even the Yuan Family had to pass through the secret realm passages to travel out of Boluo Realm.

Other than this, daytime in Boluo Realm was twelve days of Spirit Realm, and night was eighteen days of Spirit Realm.

In other words, one day in Boluo Realm was akin to one month in Spirit Realm.

"How many human factions move in and out of Boluo Realm like the Yuan Family, and how many ancient races are there?" Qin Lie asked.

"Six human factions frequently move through Boluo Realm, and there are nine ancient races in Boluo Realm," Eddie answered.

"In other words, the Demon Dragon Race is only one of the ancient races in Boluo Realm? Also, Barrett of the Demon Dragon Race, what is his strength level?" Qin Lie continued to ask.

"Yes, the Demon Dragon Race is just one of many. Actually, the Demon Dragon branch here is like the Dark Shadow Race, they are only a branch of the entire Demon Dragon Race. However, those demon dragons adjusted better than we did to Boluo Realm, so they became one of the nine ancient races here. If we had endless spirit stones when we came here, or nether demonic energy, our Dark Shadow Race could be one of the strongest races in Boluo Realm!" Eddie snorted.

"Your chance has come now," Qin Lie said with a smile.

"Yes, the chance for revival we’ve awaited for so long has finally arrived!" Eddie shouted.

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