Chapter 862: Demon Dragon Kin

Chapter 862: Demon Dragon Kin

The Scarlet Spirit Turtle’s meat was strung together with a silver fork by Qin Lie and propped above the flames of some fire crystals for barbecue.

Very soon, the rich scent of meat permeated from those meat cubes.

As he turned the silver fork back and forth so that the meat cubes would be barbecued evenly, Qin Lie subconsciously licked his lips.

Recently, he had been eating the dried and smoked meat stored inside his spatial ring, but although it could fill his stomach and restore his physical strength, it had absolutely no taste to speak of.

Dried meat was far inferior to freshly cooked meat in terms of taste.

“I’ll think about it after I’m done eating.”

Inside the valley, he temporarily set aside his thoughts and began eating heartily into the meat cubes. The corner of his mouth was covered in oil stain.

The barbecued meat chunks, each weighing a quarter of a kilogram, were stuffed repeatedly into his mouth and devoured. They were quickly digested into refined flesh and blood energy that restored his physical strength.

He noticed that the vital energy spreading inside his body was entering into every drop of blood inside his body.

He, who cultivated the Blood Spirit Art, could clearly sense that his bloodline powers had absorbed the purest essence of this vital energy.

“The refined energy inside these spirit beasts seem to be much purer and bigger. It seems that their meat is beneficial to my bloodline.” His eyes lit up slightly.

Nearly an hour later, he had eaten at least twenty five kilograms of meat in a row. But even then, he was still feeling hungry.

“I don’t know why, but my already large appetite has multiplied after I came here.”

He cut even more meat off the Scarlet Spirit Turtle’s body and continued to barbecue them. He had a feeling that he could eat at least half the turtle before his hunger was finally satiated.

He didn’t dare let down his guard while he was chowing down on the food. From time to time, he would scan for soul ripples and life signs with his soul.


A while alter, he noticed that two fellows were moving quietly towards his direction.

He could sense that they had extremely powerful life auras. This meant that the two newcomers must possess a terrifying physique.

“They don’t belong to the Dark Shadow Race.”

He stood up. While continuing to barbecue the Scarlet Spirit Turtle, he mustered his spirit and raised his guard.

A few minutes later, two human males that were at least two meters tall and shaped like black towers walked over while grinning.

In Qin Lie’s eyes, these two fellows were practically human-shaped bears that were brimming with an extreme amount of violent aura.

They were clad in exquisite-looking spirit armors that were blue-black in color. They covered their waist, chest, groin and other vital spots.

The spirit armors were covered in complicated and mysterious patterns. Under the moonlight, the pitch black light discharged from their spirit armor looked extremely pure.

The savage looking head of a demon dragon was etched at the chest area of their spirit armor. The dragon’s head was opened as if it was letting out a roar, and the mere sight of the image made Qin Lie felt his blood boil in a way that nearly made him succumb to violent impulses as well.

Their faces were similar to one another, so these two men were probably blood-related brothers. They wore exquisite-looking spatial rings on their hands, and the valley itself seemed to be shaking when they strode over.

“Hey bro, share some of the Scarlet Spirit Turtle meat with us, will you?”

The young man at the front walked until he was in front of Qin Lie while grinning. Before Qin Lie could give an answer, he stretched out and grabbed the silver fork that was scorched red.

A sizzling noise rasped out of his coarse palm the second he touched the silver fork. It sounded like his hand was being burned.

But he didn’t seem to feel any pain at all as he opened his mouth and devoured the kilogram meat cubes strung on the silver fork.

When the silver fork exited the gap of his teeth, not a trace of meat was left on the fork.

The young man at the back didn’t follow his brother’s movement immediately after he walked over. Instead, he smiled at Qin Lie and looked at him from head to toe.

He seemed to be on his guard just in case Qin Lie suddenly attacked them.

While he was examining Qin Lie, the latter was also measuring the duo’s strength with narrowed eyes.

Qin Lie felt a little strange.

When he was at the Land of Chaos, he was able to identify the realm of all martial practitioners who were weaker than him. In fact, he was able to identify even those who were one realm above him at first glance.

But he couldn’t see through these two young men for some reason.

He kept feeling that these two young man shouldn’t be too far ahead of him. He guessed that they were either in the Fulfillment Realm or Fragmentation Realm at best.

However, compared to the Fulfillment Realm and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners of the Land of Chaos, these two people felt extremely dangerous.

He had a feeling that their true strength would be surprising even if they were just in the Fulfillment Realm.

In his case, he was the same as them too.

“Brother, a Dark Shadow Race branch lives in this place, and those people normally have nothing but ill will to share with us humans; they are like mad dogs that’ll rush to bite us the moment they see us. But the fact that you dare operate around this area and look unharmed shows that you have some true skills.” The young man chowing down on the Scarlet Spirit Turtle meat seemed to be more talkative and open than his brother. He beckoned at his unmoving brother and yelled, “Come on, Little Chuan, there’s no need to be anxious. Come take a seat and eat some food. If this brother wished to attack us, he wouldn’t have waited until now.”

The young man called Little Chuan chuckled and nodded towards Qin Lie. It was only now that he finally relaxed.

Little Chuan didn’t grab the meat cubes on the fire stand. Instead, he cut a large piece of meat from the Scarlet Spirit Turtle’s body and grabbed some forks from his own spatial ring to skewer those meat. Then, he began barbecuing them by himself.

“I am Yuan Shan, and this is my brother Yuan Chuan. We are both Yuan Family members from up there.” Still grinning, the young man said while pointing at the sky.

“Up there?” Qin Lie looked surprised.

“But of course.” Yuan Shan cast him a strange look. “Most of us humans come from up there.”

“My friend, you look very unfamiliar to me, and you don’t wear the emblem of any family or force on your person. Where… do you come from?” Yuan Chuan, the brother who had been silent all this time suddenly narrowed his eyes a little and asked suddenly.

He was more cautious than his elder brother was, and he realized that he couldn’t see the emblem of any forces on Qin Lie’s person even though he had inspected him thoroughly from head to toe.

“Eh!” Yuan Shan also noticed this oddity and asked Qin Lie with a look of surprise, “You haven’t accidentally intruded into this place, have you?”

“Mn.” Qin Lie pondered for a moment before saying, “I had discovered a secret realm entrance. I went through it and ended up here”

“A secret realm entrance that hasn’t been identified yet!?” Yuan Shan grew interested as he asked excitedly, “Where? Where is this secret realm entrance?”

“It exploded.” Qin Lie smiled wryly.

“It… it exploded.” Yuan Shan sat back down and shook his head. “How unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, Yuan Chuan stared at Qin Lie with a thoughtful look on his face. A while later, he asked, “Where was the place you came from?”

“The Land of Chaos, Spirit Realm,” Qin Lie said.

“The Land of Chaos?” Yuan Shan looked confused as he turned to look at Yuan Chuan. “Little Chuan, you know more things than I do. Have you heard of the Land of Chaos?”

“I have.” Yuan Chuan nodded. “It sits at the westmost part of our map, and it is very, very far away from our home. Even with spatial teleportation formations it would take at least ten transfers or so to make it to that place. From what I heard, a Gold rank force has not appeared in that Land of Chaos even to this day, am I right?”

“You are,” Qin Lie answered.

Right now, he was extremely curious about this unknown world and the two brothers Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan.

Judging from Yuan Chuan’s words, they were probably denizens of Spirit Realm too. However, they hailed from other places of Spirit Realm.

It was obvious from Yuan Chuan’s expression that he cared little about the Land of Chaos. He didn’t think that any place without a Gold rank force was worth his attention.

This also meant that these two brothers probably belonged to a Gold rank force!

This discovery made Qin Lie’s expression change a little.

A force who dares call itself a Gold rank force must possess at least a couple of Void Realm experts.

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath and was just about to inquire about their background, this land and its secrets before he suddenly sensed something.

He abruptly looked towards the direction where the Dark Shadow clansmen had left earlier.

The two brothers exchanged a glance and grinned at each other. They too were looking down the same direction.

They obviously sensed the same thing as Qin Lie.

“What’s wrong? Did you offend the Dark Shadow clansmen earlier?” Yuan Shan asked smilingly.

Qin Lie nodded helplessly and pointed at the Scarlet Spirit Turtle’s body by their feet, “No, I grabbed this from them.”

“Urk…” Yuan Shan looked at the fork in his hand and the barbecued meat on the fork before saying awkwardly, “I guess we’re an accomplice now too.”

Yuan Chuan shrugged and said nothing.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The sounds of whistling movement came from the dark forest before them. A while later, nine Dark Shadow clansmen abruptly stopped in front of them.

Other than the three Dark Shadow clansmen Qin Lie had met earlier, there were now six stronger clansmen accompanying them.

“That’s him!” A Dark Shadow clansman exclaimed using the Nether Realm’s language.

He pointed at Qin Lie.

A slightly older looking Dark Shadow clansman was about to condemn Qin Lie when he suddenly noticed the demon dragon picture on the Yuan brothers’ chest.

He abruptly turned pale as he hastily raised his hands, yelling loudly in the Nether Realm language for his clansmen to stop whatever that they were planning to do.

By now, more older Dark Shadow clansmen had noticed the demon dragon picture on the Yuan brothers’ chest too.

Their expressions had also changed.

“Are you the kin of Lord Barett; a member of the Yuan Family?” The Dark Shadow clansman who noticed the oddity first took a step forwards and asked in the common tongue.

Yuan Shan grinned and nodded in response. “We are here to soul slip into the Chaos Blood Realm.”

“I see.” The Dark Shadow clansman turned respectful. “In that case, we are done here. We shall leave immediately.”

“Clan elder, they aren’t the ones who robbed us of the Scarlet Spirit Turtle.” A young Dark Shadow clansman pointed straight at Qin Lie. “He is!”

“Forget it.” The older Dark Shadow clansman stopped him from speaking any longer with the Nether Realm language, a downcast expression on his face. He waved his hand a couple of times powerlessly before saying, “That’s it then. Let’s go home. It is just a Scarlet Spirit Turtle; it is not worth causing additional trouble.”

The group of Dark Shadow Race clansmen left dejectedly as if they’d just lost a fight.

Their backs looked incredibly pitiful.

Qin Lie was tempted to ask a few questions, but he restrained himself after a moment’s thought.

Both the Yuan brothers continued to grin with careless looks on their faces. It was obvious that they didn’t care about the Dark Shadow Race.

“I heard that these fellows once fought against the Sky Mender Palace three thousand years ago. Unfortunately, they were defeated and had their five Demon Gods killed by the Sky Mender Palace. Since then, they have never recovered.” Yuan Chuan shook his head and sighed emotionally. “A race who dares make enemies out of the Sky Mender Palace… they were probably once powerful in the past.”

Qin Lie’s eyes lit up as he paid close attention to their conversation.

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