Chapter 861: Silver Moon Mark

Chapter 861: Silver Moon Mark

The moons hanging in the sky radiated clear bright moonlight.

All nine moons were full.

The moonlight shining from those moons fell to the earth and illuminated the world as though it was daytime.

Under the bright moonlight, a small crescent moon formed in front of Qin Lie's eyes.

The crescent moon was made from condensed moonlight. The cold and dark aura that shone from it belonged to the Moon Demon.

The rays of moonlight seemed as though they were being pulled and gathered on the small crescent moon.

They condensed and turned into threads of silver light that slowly sank into the small crescent moon.

It looked as though a fine drizzle of rain was coming down from the heavens. The silver threads gathered like a curtain of rain that was falling on the crescent moon.

Qin Lie's eyes lit up gradually.

A fortnight ago when he fought against Helian Zheng in Turin Cave, the Moon Demon sealed in the Moon Crown had been forcibly sucked into the depths of the Soul Suppressing Orb.

Not long after, suction force came from the Soul Suppressing Orb and absorbed his lifeblood essence and pure soul power.

The Soul Suppressing Orb had done the same when they had nurtured the Spirits of Void and Chaos in the past.

He thought that the Soul Suppressing Orb was going to refine a moon-attribute Spirit of Void and Chaos with the Moon Demon as the core, and with his lifeblood essence and soul power as secondary components

Therefore, when this small crescent moon appeared, and started to absorb the essence of the moon, he was excited.

He felt another Spirit of Void and Chaos was about to be born.

His joy came to a sudden halt when the little moon suddenly imprinted itself on his right arm.

A silver crescent moon mark formed on his arm , exuding shocking coldness.

Silver threads wriggled in the mark as though they were still absorbing moon power.

When the imprint formed, it seemed to connect to his bloodline.

It felt as though this small mark had become a part of his body.

"Moon mark, Thunder Emperor mark. Mark..."

Qin Lie murmured to himself as he looked at the silver moon mark with realization.

He used his soul to slip into the silver moon mark.

He found himself in a silver space, countless hair-thin silver threads criss-crossing and forming complex patterns.

These were ancient diagrams hidden in the Soul Suppressing Orb!

There were tens of thousands of silver threads that densely overlapped and formed many ancient diagrams.

Many of the diagrams were ones he had never seen before. They seemed to reproduce laws of the universe and gave off mysterious and ancient aura.

The ancient diagrams combined. At the center of the compound diagram, a little moon hung as it absorbed moon power from those silver threads.

That moon was at the core of the compound diagram. It should be the most important part of the diagram and also the source of its power.

Not far from that moon, there were eight other moons that were drawn using silver threads.

When Qin Lie looked closely, there were nine moons at the center of the diagram.

They were arranged in the same positions as the nine moons in the sky of this unknown world.

However, at this time, all of the silver moon power gathered towards the first moon.

Thus, only one moon was lit up.

This moon seemed to be slowly gathering moon power.

Other than this one, the other eight seemed to be just sketched out. Before they absorbed any moon power, there didn't seem to be anything special about them.

Qin Lie continued to investigate the silver moon mark with his soul.

He concluded that this silver moon mark contained a complex ancient diagram that could absorb moon power and store it inside the nine moons.

Right now, only the first moon was absorbing moonlight and storing its power.

According to him, this silver moon mark on his shoulder should be similar to the Thunder Emperor Mark. It had certain uses.

However, he would have to wait until all nine moons were filled with moon power before it truly had effect.

In other words, he had to wait for all nine moons, the source of the mark's power, to be filled with moon power before he could unleash the mark’s abilities.

After he realized this, he withdrew his soul consciousness. He moved his shoulder and wanted to see if this additional moon mark would affect him.

Heavenly Thunder Eradication, Blood Spirit Art, Records of Geocentric Magnetism, Frost Arts, bloodline power..

He tried to channel the spirit arts he had mastered, used bloodline power and channeled them through his shoulder to the imprinted arm.

He could use power of all kinds, circulation was not sluggish, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

This meant that the addition of silver moon mark had no negative effects on him.

He was slightly reassured.

As long as he knew that this silver mark would not affect his battle prowess and be of any threat to him, he could temporarily ignore it.

He put his attention on the most troublesome matter at the moment—he desperately lacked food with blood and vital energy.

When he raised his head to look at the sky, he noticed that one of the nine moons had dimmed slightly as though it was about to hide.

He immediately understood that the nine moons wouldn't just rise one after another, they would also fall one after another.

When all the nine hid behind the horizon, the night would pass. This unknown world would most likely welcome the three suns again.

The suns set when the moons rise, and when the moons set, the suns rise. This was the neverending cycle of night and day governing this world.

He continued to advance and spread his soul consciousness. He needed to search for spirit beasts around rank six or so to recover his physical power.

When there were six moons left in the sky, he came to a mountain valley in which he found signs of life.

He sneaked in.

Inside the valley, three foreign race clansmen were surrounding a rank six Scarlet Spirit Turtle. That Scarlet Spirit Turtle that was six or seven meters long had an iron shell. The scutes along the edges of the shell were like unusually sharp blades.

The three attackers charged together but weren't able to leave any marks on the turtle's back. The turtle shell left them covered in blood.

The rank six Scarlet Spirit Turtle had power equal to Fragmentation Realm experts. It had thick and tough skin, and wasn't easy to defeat.

The three foreign races’ clansmen were extremely thin and small. Their skin was dark brown, their eyes like sapphires. When they moved, they were like shadows.

"Dark Shadow Race!"

After watching for a while, Qin Lie thought back to his experiences in Nether Realm and La Pu's descriptions. He immediately recognized what race the three foreigners belonged to.

Like the Horned Demon Race and the Ghost Eye Race, the Dark Shadow Race was one of the three strongest races of the Nether Realm.

In that battle three thousand years ago where the Nether Realm's races had almost become extinct, the Dark Shadow Race had been one of the main forces and suffered great losses.

The battle had come to a conclusion. With many of the Dark Shadow Race’s experts dead, the rest returned to the Nether Realm and according to agreement, never set foot in Spirit Realm again.

However, there was particular group of Dark Shadow clansmen that, according to La Pu, had suddenly disappeared and he didn't know where they went.

In this unknown world, he suddenly saw three members of Dark Shadow Race struggling to kill a rank six Scarlet Spirit Turtle. He suddenly realized that the branch of Dark Shadow Race which had disappeared should have come here.

Of the three Dark Shadow Race members, one had strength about that of a Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner and the other two were slightly weaker. They were most likely on the level of a Fulfillment Realm human.

Because of this, the three of them were unable to quickly defeat the Scarlet Spirit Turtle together, receiving wounds instead.

Qin Lie watched from the shadows for a while. He found he didn't know how long it would take for these three Dark Shadow clansmen to kill this Scarlet Spirit Turtle.

After a moment of thought, he decided to not keep waiting. He took out Thunder Soul Blade and shot out of his hiding spot.

Heavenly Thunder Eradication channeled through his body, a drop of lightning pool liquid from his Chest Center acupoint entered the Thunder Soul Blade along with his lightning and thunder power.

In a flash, this long blade that had been designed for him released a lightning ray a dozen meters long!

As the lightning blade suddenly erupted, the three ten meters tall trees ahead of him suddenly fell.

Qin Lie gave himself a fright. He hurriedly stopped moving, and looked in shock at the Thunder Soul Blade.

He knew the reason that this blade was so vicious was due to that droplet of lightning pool liquid. The lightning power in this droplet was so powerful after being amplified by the ancient diagram in the Thunder Soul Blade.

The three young Dark Shadow clansmen changed expression when they saw a human youth charge in with a long blade shooting off a bolt of lightning ten meters long.

The three immediately stopped attacking the Scarlet Spirit Turtle and retreated. They pulled away from Qin Lie and glared warily at him.

"I have no malicious intent towards you."

Qin Lie raised his head, smiling brightly, as he swung his blade towards the rank six Scarlet Spirit Turtle.

A blinding blade ray shone.

The Scarlet Spirit Turtle detected danger, gave a strange howl, and shrank back into its hard shell.

The lightning energy accurately landed on the iron-like turtle shell.

"Boom boom boom!"

The wild roar of thunder exploded the moment the blade landed on the Scarlet Spirit Turtle.

The iron-like turtle shell immediately exploded into pieces and the lightning energy swung down.

The rank six Scarlet Spirit Turtle was cut into two by this blow.

Expressions of the three Dark Shadow clansmen changed. They looked at Qin Lie, then turned and left in silent agreement.

They clearly knew they were not a match for Qin Lie.

"Don't go! I have no malicious intent. I have something to ask you!" Qin Lie called urgently.

The three Dark Shadow clansmen didn't turn back, they sprinted even more quickly like shadows in the dark.

When Qin Lie tried to catch up with them, he found that in this world where gravity was ten times greater than Spirit Realm, he couldn't catch up to those of the Dark Shadow Race.

One was because he hadn't completely adjusted to this world. The other was became the Dark Shadow Race was famed for their speed among the three Nether Realm races.

The reason for their name was because when they sprinted, they were like shadows, fast and untouchable.

Since he couldn't catch up, he gave up, and went back to clean up the body of the Scarlet Spirit Turtle.

The rank six Scarlet Spirit Turtle was six meters long, and more than five hundred kilograms heavy. Even if his appetite was many times what it was before, this was enough for three to five days.

Of course, these three to five days were calculated in Spirit Realm's time.

"After eating, I can slowly search for their tracks, and understand what the situation here is." After pondering over the matter, he started to roast the Scarlet Spirit Turtle meat.

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