Chapter 860: Gold Giants

Chapter 860: Gold Giants!

When the first moon slowly appeared in the sky, Qin Lie knew that this world not only had night, it would also be an extremely long night.

As the hot suns left, the moons rose, and the sky became dark.

The high heat which almost boiled blood during the day slowly faded.

After a while, he even felt slightly cold.

When another moon appeared in the sky, and shone down with clear moonlight, he couldn't feel any heat in this world.

A desolate, dark and icy atmosphere stretched to every corner of this world.

At this time, he had walked away from the foot of the mountain and was exploring the surroundings.

He calculated and found the time between the appearance of the first and second moon was equal to around one day of Spirit Realm's time.

Deep into the night, he looked at the sky. When he observed the moon, he noticed that light flashed on the enormous continents floating in the air.

He knew that those flashing enormous floating islands were most likely extremely far away. He felt that many great palaces were constructed on those distant continents where sentient races lived.

He became even more curious about this world.


The rustling of low voices came from his left as though someone was giving a greeting.

He moved quietly in that direction.

After walking for a dozen miles, he saw a gold giant leaning against a tree two hundred meters tall in a forest, sleeping on the ground.

The sound he heard was this gold giant snoring.

Spheres of golden air rose out of the giant's mouth and nose as he snorted. They contained a storm of energy.

This gold giant was clearly a level above the god corpses he hid underwater around the Setting Sun Islands.

The giant seemed to be made out of gold, his body glittering, and he had natural patterns on his skin that had mysterious uses.

He had carelessly left an enormous golden mace nearly a hundred meters long at his feet. The mace gave off a tang of blood.

Qin Lie looked closely. He found that the golden mace was covered in dried blood. Some of the blood was green or silver, clearly coming from some rare races inhabiting this world.

When he was thousands of meters away from this gold giant, his chest felt suffocated and he was unable to breath.

He was completely suppressed by the terrifying aura the gold giant naturally gave off.

"Giant Race, and a gold giant... what is this place?"

Qin Lie's expression was pained as he slowly retreated without disturbing this gold giant. He had to quickly leave.

He knew that the Giant Race was one of the strongest of the ancient races. Before the God Race came to Spirit Realm, the Giant Race had been one of the overlords of the Spirit Realm.

In reality, the human factions’ ranking system came from the giants’ cultivation rankings.

Limestone, Black Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold. This was how humans classified factions into five levels.

The giants were the same. Limestone giants, iron giants, copper giants, silver giants, and gold giants.

The giant infants were stone giants when they were born. They had power equal to human Refinement Realm and Natal Opening Realm martial practitioners.

When they grew up slightly and became youths, the stone giants would become iron giants. The giant youths possessed strength of Manifestation Realm and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners.

When they truly come of age, the iron giants became copper giants and had power equal to human Fulfillment Realm, and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners.

As they continued to grow, and refine their bodies, they transformed into silver giants. Then, their power would become equal to human Nirvana Realm, and Imperishable Realm martial practitioners.

If they continued to cultivate and turned from silver to gold, they had power equal to human Void Realm and Genesis Realm experts.

In other words, this snoring gold giant was at least... a Void Realm expert!

In the Land of Chaos, no one had reached the Void Realm.

His eyes filled with struggle, Qin Lie slowly retreated until he was tens of thousands of meters away from the gold giant before he exhaled deeply.

Then, he realized that the Vermillion Bird he saw a few days ago should also be incredible.

The Vermillion Birds were born at rank seven. From the appearance and presence of that Vermillion Bird gave off, it should be around rank nine or so.

Rank nine ancient beast was comparable to Void Realm martial practitioners, an existence he couldn’t afford to provoke!

"It's terrible..."

He grimaced and shook his head. He felt that every step in this world suddenly became dangerous. If he wasn't careful, he would be killed.

The only thing he celebrated was that both the ancient beast race Vermillion Bird, and the gold giant of the Giant Race were not from races well-versed in utilizing their souls.

However, if the Vermillion Bird and gold giant probed their surroundings with their souls, he would be detected with no place to hide.

If they were from races that also had similarly powerful souls, even if he was hundred of kilometers away, not just hundreds of meters, the gold giant would have immediately detected him.

Qin Lie became even more careful.

When another moon hung in the sky, this world became even colder and the area he was in became even more dangerous.

He quickly realized the place he had been transported to was most likely the most dangerous one in this world.

He decided to leave as soon as possible.

He determined a direction, one that avoided the Vermillion Bird and the gold giant. In that direction were floating continents that had flashing lights.

—He felt that those floating continents should have sentient beings on them.

Then, he started to leave this area.

Along the way, he encountered an enormous snake almost a thousand meters long. The snake made a great furrow as it travelled on the ground, like a mountain range coming alive and moving.

He knew that the giant snake was also a terrifying being.

He shrank in the corner. Only long after the giant snake passed did he dare to advance in the chosen direction.

Gradually, after an unknown amount of time passed, when he raised his head, he found another moon in the sky.

After a few days, he once again looked towards the sky to find nine moons flashing with cold light.

The world he had thought was dark, was now extremely bright as though it was daytime.

However, at this time, the entire world had become extremely cold and harsh.

He had to channel the Frost Arts in order to keep walking.

With nine moons hanging in the sky, the world was cold and bleak. Even the terrifying enormous beasts seemed to have retreated, unaccustomed to the cruel cold.

And yet, despite being exposed to such an extremely cold climate, all the plants, trees, stones, had not been frozen.

He passed by a pond on the way. While it was bone-chilling, it hadn't frozen.

This was a strange phenomenon.

Light flashed in his spatial ring and his thoughts moved. He went to take out dried spirit beast meat.

A big, two-kilogram chunk of dried meat appeared in his hand.

His brow gradually furrowed.

From when he stepped into this world, even when he didn't move, he seemed to expend a great deal of energy here.

That was because the gravity here was ten times that of Spirit Realm’s.

Walking about, being active, exploring the surroundings, they all took up ten times the energy in this world.

Thus, he had been eating dried spirit beast meat in large amounts during this period of time.

He realized that even if he did nothing, his bloodline was extremely active and felt as though it was steadily powering up.

He was eating dried meat even more frequently.

That was until today, when, he suddenly found that he had eaten all of the dried spirit beast meat he had stored in his spatial ring.

The piece in his hand was his last.

His spatial ring contained large amounts of spirit stones, all kinds of materials, Blazing Profound Bombs... Song Tingyu had prepared all of this for him.

Knowing that he was leaving for quite a while, Song Tingyu had worked hard to get the rare materials on Flaming Sun Island, the spirit stones and newly forged Blazing Profound Bombs for him.

But Song Tingyu didn't know that he, who had the God Race bloodline, needed food that contained a lot of blood and energy.

She had not prepared any food for him.

And in this world, what he lacked the most and needed the most, what he used everyday, in all of his activities, was energy that only dried spirit beast meat could replenish.

"Oh no."

Looking at the last piece of meat, he hesitated. He resisted the urge to eat it, and slowly put it back into the spatial ring.

He knew he had to hunt spirit beasts and maintain his supply of dried meat if he wanted to survive in this world.

After walking for a while, as he went further away from where he had been teleported to, the spirit beasts he encountered became weaker.

Six hours ago, he encountered a rank six Silver Snake of Profound Ice. This spirit beast equal to a human Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner was the weakest beast he had encountered.

He slowly understood.

The place where the passage to the secret realm led should be at the center of where the powerful beings lived, such as the gold giant, the Vermillion Bird, and that thousand-meter-long snake.

Those most terrifying beings lived in the center. No weak spirit beast dared to come close, and wouldn't court death.

As he distanced himself from the center and entered, he started meeting increasingly weaker spirit beasts.

This meant that this place was similar to the Arctic Mountain Range of the Scarlet Tide Continent.

Spirit beasts on the outskirts were weaker. The closer to the center, the stronger the spirit beasts.

"If I continue in this direction, I should only be meeting rank six and rank seven spirit beasts." He quickly calmed down.

He looked up into the sky out of habit. He found that the last moon which had been rising finally emerged completely.

When the last moon became a full moon, nine moons hung in the sky and released the brightest moonlight.

This seemed to be the true full moon.

The bright light shone from the nine full moons and turned the world white.

At this time, the Soul Suppressing Orb at his brow suddenly rose out of his skin.

A ray of pure moonlight shot out of the Soul Suppressing Orb. It gathered in front of his eyes and formed a small crescent moon.

The crescent moon released a cold and dark aura. That aura clearly belonged to the "Moon Demon" which had caused the collapse of Moon Worshipping Cult!

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