Chapter 859: Unknown World

Chapter 859: Unknown World

Qin Lie gazed at the hard stone walls in the dim secret room and watched as the gates to the secret realm slowly disappeared.

The void worms shrank and shrivelled as the door to the secret realm disappeared like they had been robbed of all lifeforce.

After the doors to the secret realm and the void worms both disappeared into the wall, Qin Lie reached out. He felt a disguised wave of bloody energy.

When he probed with his mind, he could even hear the wails that came from inside the wall.

It was clear that bodies were sealed inside this wall to provide the void worms with food to consume.

This was a stone room about five or six square meters.

There were several gray-white bones in the room. Those bones were extremely large and thick, clearly not those of humans.

Aside from that, there was a small stone bed, a stone table, and three round stools in the stone room.

This was where Qin Lie reached through the doors of the secret realm from Soul Summoning Island.

He carefully inspected the secret room and found there was nothing of value in the room nor anything that could give him a hint of what the place was.

A dark passageway stretched into the distance where light flashed.

He only lingered for a while in the stone room before he took a deep breath and headed in the direction of the light.

Dozens of steps later, he saw patches of enormous leaves that blocked the entrance of the cave.

The light shone in through the gaps in the leaves.

He knew that a place which had a teleportation formation and a door to the secret realm had to be either heavily guarded or disguised in a place where there was no people.

The secret realm door he came through clearly were the latter.

He reached out to push aside those large leaves and walk out of the cave. He wanted to see the outside world and what place this was.


The moment his finger touched the leaf, Qin Lie exhaled softly.

He hadn't expected the seemingly green and tender leaves would be frighteningly hot, like hot metal.

His finger was slightly red and swollen after having touched the leaf without any protection.

"Damn, what kind of place is this, even a leaf is boiling hot."

Swearing, he silently channeled the Frost Arts. Threads of ice wrapped around his fingers and hand as he once again pushed aside the leaves.

This time, when he was prepared both mentally and physically, he was not wounded.

When he pushed aside the enormous leaves, waves of heat came at him.

Fresh air. When he inhaled the air into his lungs, they felt as if they were on fire.

He coughed violently. Qin Lie, despite being extremely unused to this, still walked out of the cave.

When he walked out of the cave that was half-sealed by the violent plants, he felt as though oil was being poured onto him.

"Oh!" he exclaimed.

There were three enormous suns above his head which formed a triangle and burned in the crimson sky.

Each of the suns was dozens of acres large. They seemed to be right above his head, so close that he could touch them if he reached out.

The three enormous suns released enormous waves of heat, and made the entire world seem like it was burning.

Many enormous stones floated motionlessly under the three suns. They were like islands set in the sky, or small floating continents.

Looking down were endless mountain ranges. The center of the mountains held countless plants and trees.

The place he was at was at the middle of a mountain thousands of meters tall. He was on a rocky plateau that protruded out.

"Boom boom boom!"

A shaking roar came from a mountain dozens of miles away from him. Streams of lava erupted.

That was an enormous volcano erupting.

As the lava sprayed out, he saw a completely crimson bird flap its wings in the middle of lava.

"Vermillion Bird!" Qin Lie's eye widened.

The Vermillion Birds were one of the ancient beast races. When they were born, they had at least rank seven power, equal to the Nirvana Realm experts of humans.

The Vermillion Birds were like the Flame Phoenixes and the Fire Qilins. They innately knew how to use the power of the flames, refine their bodies and transform with the help of flames.

They were the flame sprites of the ancient beast races.

Based on what he knew, the members of the Vermillion Bird Race and other ancient beast races were hunted after the God Race came to Spirit Realm.

Especially the members of the Blaze Family which liked ancient beasts with flame attributes such as the Vermillion Birds, Fire Qilins, and Flame Phoenixes. The God Race didn't just hunt ancient beasts in Spirit Realm, they travelled to worlds where these ancient beasts resided through secret passages that were in the Spirit Realm, with purpose of hunting and capturing these ancient beasts.

The flesh of ancient beasts such as the Vermillion Birds, Flame Phoenixes, and Fire Qilins could increase the strength of the Blaze Family's bloodline, and make the Blaze Family members even stronger.

"Is this where the Vermillion Birds live?" Qin Lie had a pained expression.

He knew just how much ancient beasts that could channel fire like the Vermillion Birds, Flame Phoenixes, and Fire Qilins hated people like him who had the bloodline of the Blaze Family.

He believed that if that Vermillion Bird bathing in the lava flames knew that he was nearby, it would do everything to come and kill him.

He unconsciously adjusted his state of mind, afraid he would accidentally activate his bloodline power and attract the attention of that Vermillion Bird soaring nearby.

Fortunately, that Vermillion Bird was busy washing its body using the flame power in the lava, and didn't notice him several dozen miles away.

Standing on top of the rocky protrusion, and looking at the fiery sky and the three enormous suns, he felt lost.

He didn't know where to go.

"Gravity! Gravity ten times that of Spirit Realm!"

After he walked for a while on the stone platform, he sweated heavily and his expression became even more awkward.

When he saw the enormous stones floating in the air, he assumed that the gravity here would be weaker than in the Spirit Realm.

To his surprise, he was completely wrong!

The gravity here was ten times stronger than Spirit Realm’s. This meant that he would need to use ten times the energy to walk here compared to Spirit Realm.

It meant that when he reached the Fragmentation Realm, it would be ten times harder than in Spirit Realm for him to fly in the sky.

"I cannot go anywhere at the moment. I need to first observe this place and understand its characteristics," Qin Lie thought inwardly.

Therefore, he limited his activity and didn’t move away from the stone platform.

He felt at least two or three days had passed, yet the sun hadn’t set.

It was still day despite two or three days having passed. The suns still floated in a triangle in the sky.

It seemed that night would never come to this world.

He realized that even if he wasn't active, he would still expend a great deal of energy.

The air here was too hot. Under the three suns, the entire world was like an oven, hot to the point of dizzying.

He took out the dried spirit beast meat from his spatial ring and constantly ate.

He found that for some reason, just through this simple eating, his bloodline felt extremely active, restless as though it was going to burn him up.

This place seemed to amplify his bloodline.

Other than this, he found that his progress when cultivating the power of the earth here was unusually fast.

A few more days later, he took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone and absorbed the blood fiend energy inside to form lifeblood essence.

When he had been in the middle stage of the Fulfillment Realm, he had been able to form one hundred and eight drops of lifeblood essence. Now that he was in the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm, he managed to form two hundred and fifty!

His thoughts moved, and the lifeblood essence drops flew out of his body and floated around him.

They appeared like clear red rubies.


He suddenly exclaimed, his eyes brightening as he stared at the two hundred and fifty drops of lifeblood essence.

He noticed that under the illumination of the three burning suns, wisps of blaze divine fire flickered inside the ruby-like lifeblood essences as though they were absorbing the sun's fire.

He clearly saw threads of sun fire merging into the lifeblood essences.

He could feel the burning heat of the sun and pure flame power within each droplet.

He looked intently.

A long time later, the flickering blaze divine fire in the lifeblood essence droplets were like little suns. They released blaze divine characters.

A while later, the lifeblood essence droplets seemed to be saturated with sun fire and became even brighter and clearer.

Once Qin Lie retracted the two hundred and fifty lifeblood essences back into his body, he suddenly found he was used to the heat of this world.

The burning suns above his head were still burning ferociously and the air was still filled with uncomfortable heat. However, when he breathed the hot air and stood under the burning sun, he didn't feel any discomfort.

At this time, he decided to leave the stone platform, go out to see and understand this world even more.

He covered the entrance to the cave again with the big leaves, left behind a mark and prepared to leave.

He took out a crystalline war chariot, and planned to fly around.

Yet when he stood on the crystalline war chariot and tried to activate it with spirit stones, he found the chariot didn’t budge.

He then took out a crystalline war chariot of higher level and tried again.

The chariot still remained motionless.

"A world with ten times the gravity, crystalline war chariots... cannot be used." He grimaced.

He could only put away these chariots, and slowly slide down the cliff in the crudest method.

He used almost an hour to reach the base of the mountain.

Then, he suddenly noticed the three suns that seemed to never set had disappeared at some time.

The world where day seemed to be eternal gradually dimmed as if the curtains of night were falling.

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