Chapter 858: Leaving

Chapter 858: Leaving

Deep in the night.

Qin Lie suddenly woke up from his sleep. He stared at Song Tingyu lying next to him as a trace of reluctance passed through his eyes.

They were currently staying inside a stone tower behind the obsidian palace.

After deciding to leave the Land of Chaos temporarily in accordance to his grandfather’s wishes, Qin Lie had been spending time with Song Tingyu for the past two days.

Fast asleep, the arousal on Song Tingyu’s lovely and beautiful face hadn’t completely faded away yet.

Even now, her sweet, naked body was clinging onto Qin Lie firmly like an octopus.

Afraid that he would wake her, Qin Lie spent a great amount of effort to finally extract himself from her lovely arms and legs.

Using the cold moonlight from the window sill, Qin Lie quietly watched over Song Tingyu for a moment before he let out a sigh and sneaked out of the room.

Under the night sky, he was like a bolt of lightning that flew towards the front part of obsidian palace.

Tate was already waiting for him.

“It will be three days only when it’s tomorrow noon. You can still stay for a little while longer,” Tate said laughingly and leisurely when he saw Qin Lie walking towards him.

“I don’t want the others to send me off.” Qin Lie shook his head.

“What is it? Are you reluctant to part with that woman?” Tate teased.

“How do I return here after I leave?” Qin Lie dodged the question.

“Take this imprint with you.” Tate passed over a White Bone Nether Spirit Altar imprint. The imprint was only as big as a palm, and it was made with a jade-like substance that felt slightly cool to touch. “Your end destination is also your point of return. When you wish to return to this place, you may press this imprint at the arrival spot to create a secret realm entrance similar to this one.”

Once Qin Lie had accepted the imprint, Tate gave him another detailed explanation on how to use it. After that, he said, “The void worms that open the secret realm entrance here will not be able to open a new secret realm entrance at least a year after your departure.”

“During this year, the void worms in this place will have to continuously absorb the Demon God’s refined blood energy to slowly recover.”

“I believe that it should be the same situation on the other side of the passage. The void worms over there will need at least a year to recover too.”

“This also means that you won’t be able to return to the Land of Chaos for at least a year after you leave.”

“How long does my grandfather want me to stay there?” Qin Lie asked.

Tate shook his head. “The Venerable One didn’t give a specific time. He said that all your decisions are yours to make.”

After pondering for a moment, Tate added, “If my estimates are correct, the Land of Chaos will be chaotic for at least another five years. Only after five years will the turmoil here slowly subside.

“I got it.” Qin Lie nodded.

While the duo were talking to each other, Li Mu and Duan Qianjie appeared out of nowhere like ghosts.

“I have only done a cross-world teleportation a couple of times in my life, and I’ve never seen one that uses the void worms.” Li Mu walked over smilingly while staring at the secret realm entrance with great interest. “I’ve purposely come to expand my horizons today.”

“I don’t even know where this passage leads to.” Qin Lie smiled bitterly.

Out of all the worlds in this vast galaxy, the Spirit Realm is the most unique of all worlds. It is hailed by many races as the Heavenly Kingdom, the Spirit Kingdom, the Divine Kingdom and so on. Nearly all races can live inside Spirit Realm. There is rich world spirit energy, all kinds of spirit materials and entrances to many auxiliary worlds and secret realms too. You can say that this place is the center of all worlds.” Li Mu smiled and said leisurely, “However, that is not to say that the infinite worlds out there and the many difficult environments of those secret realms and auxiliary worlds don’t have their own beauty.”

“The chance to witness new sceneries and temper oneself in other worlds is an invaluable experience for all martial practitioners.”

“At the very least, there are no forces in the whole Land of Chaos who can offer such an experience to their disciples or even direct disciples.”

“Not even experts like us can pass through space and visit auxiliary worlds.”

Li Mu said sincerely, “Qin Lie, your incredible grandfather is the only one who can arrange such a special cultivation opportunity for you.”

“I guess I really have to appreciate this chance then.” Qin Lie rubbed his nose.

“Mn. When you return, I will be asking you many things about the world you visited.” Li Mu smiled.

“When I’ve ascended to the Void Realm, you and I will be able to traverse between worlds too,” Duan Qianjie said coolly.

Li Mu smiled brightly. “That is exactly why I’m willing to endure your terrible temper and become friends with you. Haha!”

Duan Qianjie let out a snort, but couldn’t hide the trace of a smile in his eyes. He seemed to have recalled the interesting past where he and Li Mu had changed from sworn enemies to close friends.

“Qin Lie, the Venerable One mentioned that it is probably best if you don’t tell anyone on the other side of this entrance your true name and surname,” Tate added.

“Oh.” Qin Lie’s eyes flashed for an instant.

After a moment of thought and a couple more reminders later, Tate inhaled once and pointed at the secret realm entrance, saying, “You can go now.”

“If you can, please look after Flaming Sun Island for me, seniors.” Qin Lie made the final request to Li Mu and Duan Qianjie.

Li Mu nodded smilingly.

Duan Qianjie thought for a moment, then nodded slightly with a chilly look on his face.

Only then did Qin Lie relax slightly.

“Thank you!”

After the thanks, he entered the secret realm entrance immediately under gazes of Tate, Li Mu, and Duan Qianjie.

The wriggling void worms on the secret realm entrance that was shaped like a white bone nether spirit altar swiftly weakened in response.

The thumb-sized worms instantly shriveled up as if most of its energy had been absorbed into the entrance.

Circles rippled out from the secret realm entrance and formed many rings.

At the center of the ring, a strong suction power pulled Qin Lie into the spatial passage in an instant.

After Qin Lie turned into a dot and vanished completely, the void worms on the secret realm entrance finally wriggled slowly away from it with some difficulty.

The obsidian walls also turned back to normal.


Suddenly, a voluptuous figure rushed over after the secret realm entrance had vanished.

“Is he… gone?” After Song Tingyu had come to a stop, she asked quietly with a downcast expression on her face.

“Mn. He probably didn’t want you to have to send him away.” Li Mu withdrew his smile and said calmly, “He will only be gone for three to five years. He will definitely return to the Land of Chaos someday. I hope that Flaming Sun Island will have evolved into a Silver rank force in your hands by then.”

“I will do my best!” Song Tingyu’s voice was very soft but very firm.

Li Mu nodded and stopped talking.

Not long after, the news of Qin Lie’s departure was spread to the outside world under the incentive of Flaming Sun Island, Li Mu, and Evil Infant Boy and Forefather Dark Wind of the Ruined Lands.

The Evil Infant Boy and La Pu had even invited the evil spirits and foreigners of the Ruined Lands to scan through the Soul Summoning Island themselves.

These evil spirits and foreigners visited the Evil Infant Island, Seven Eye Island, and Dark Wind Island.

In the end, they discovered that Qin Lie was truly nowhere to be found in the Ruined Lands.

After Song Tingyu had spread the news from Flaming Sun Island, people were sent to search for Qin Lie overtly and covertly there too.

They didn’t find Qin Lie either.

The news that Qin Lie had left the Land of Chaos was swiftly reported to every force in the Land of Chaos.

The forces who disliked Qin Lie and had gathered together in order to eliminate the remnant of the God Race slowly dissipated after they had lost their target.

Not long after the Heaven Ghoul Race of Prism Continent received word from the Terminator Sect, and after Bhutto had recovered himself, they suddenly switched targets.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen didn’t move against Terminator Sect. Instead, they turned around and attacked Black Voodoo Cult on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent.

Nearby, Illusory Demon Sect was forced into retreat again and again by the crazed attacks of the Earth Ghoul Race on the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

The war between the Silver rank forces and the three great ghoul races was restarted once more.

The bloody war of races hadn’t begun for long, and there were still many forces who didn’t want to give up on Qin Lie. Unfortunately for them, after finding nothing despite many overt and covert attempts to seek out Qin Lie, they gradually gave up and focused on other things.

The revelation that Qin Lie was born with the God Race’s blood in him was hot news in the Land of Chaos for a moment, but as the three great ghoul races began their slaughter en masse, it slowly faded into obscurity.

Everyone’s attention was moved away from Qin Lie and onto the three great ghoul races.

There were some despicable fellows who attempted to attack Flaming Sun Island while Qin Lie was gone, but after realizing that Flame Demon Tang Beidou was the one guarding Gray Island and losing a few groups of men, they fell quiet in no time at all.

At this point all the forces who were greatly pressed by the three great ghoul races realized just how important the Blazing Profound Bombs were, so they set down their pride to buy more Blazing Profound Bombs from Flaming Sun Island.

Flaming Sun Island swiftly accumulated both wealth and strength during this period of unrest; their attainments in artifact forging and general development were growing at a stable rate as well.

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