Chapter 857: Lightning Pool Refinement

Chapter 857: Lightning Pool Refinement

He wondered how the Thunder Emperor Mark managed to attract these droplets from the lightning pool of nine heavens.

This lightning pool liquid fused into the Chest Center point at his chest first through the Thunder Emperor Mark.

Later on, even more lightning pool fluid seeped into the Thunder Emperor Mark. However, he wasn’t able to expand his fist-sized Chest Center point any further despite his greatest efforts.

Qin Lie moved on to the points beside his Chest Center point and worked on his Jade Hall point and Central Courtyard point with the power of thunder and lightning, washing and tempering them into two small spaces.

Just like the Chest Center point, they were only as big as a fist.

The three meridians that neared their limits absorbed a single drop of lightning pool liquid each and formed three extremely tiny puddles.

However, the Thunder Emperor Mark stopped attracting the lightning pool liquid into his body.

It stopped glowing with brilliant light, and the wild surge of thunder energy running inside Qin Lie also gradually subsided.

The magnetic field at the center of the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs also stopped.

The black clouds, the downpour and the fierce wind that dominated the sky slowly vanished over time.

Two hours later, the sky of Soul Summoning Island regained its blue colors.

Qin Lie quickly awakened after that.

A few thousand meters away, Song Tingyu and Mo Hai waited until everything had subsided before they approached him once more.

Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, and the others hadn’t moved away too far to begin with. They all gathered near Qin Lie when he finished.

“Is that the Thunder Emperor Mark?” Li Mu asked while staring at the lightning tattoo in front of Qin Lie’s chest.

Right now, Qin Lie was still naked all over.

Under Tate and Mo Hai’s strange gaze, he hastily fished out an azure-colored martial practitioner uniform from his spatial ring and put it on before he finally said, “It is the Thunder Emperor Mark.”

Li Mu nodded. While rubbing his chin, he said calmly, “Your grandfather really is capable.”

“Qin Lie, this secret realm entrance will remain open three days for you.” Tate pointed at the picture of a White Bone Nether Spirit Altar on the wall and said, “You must enter within three days’ time.”

Through the Thunder Emperor Mark, Qin Lie learned that this whole thing was arranged by his grandfather. Tate was just the person who carried out his plan.

He nodded and said, “Then I will enter in three days’ time.”

“Mn. I will stay at Soul Summoning Island for three days as well. Just notify me once you’re about to leave.” Tate then cast La Pu another glance before he thought to himself for a moment. Then, he said, “You’ve already grown your eighth eye, so there are some things that I would like to tell you about. We will speak at your place of cultivation.”


The two Nether Realm denizens left the front part of the obsidian palace in succession. They were headed towards the forest where La Pu had planted a large number of Nether Realm plants.

The evil dragon Gilbert had also come over to take a look after noticing the commotion at this place.

When he noticed that Duan Qianjie, Li Mu and eight horned expert of the Horned Demon Race were present, and that they were obviously not hostile towards Qin Lie, he obediently retreated without any fuss.

And so, Li Mu, Duan Qianjie, Song Tingyu and Mo Hai were the only ones left in front of the obsidian palace.

“Why have you all come?”

It was only now Qin Lie managed to fully sort out his thoughts and recover his senses. He looked at Li Mu and everyone.

“A lot of things had happened in the Land of Chaos as of late. The three great ghoul races’ invasion, the wars on several continents, and your recent conflict with the Illusory Demon Sect…” Li Mu thought for a moment before saying calmly, “I knew that you ran into some trouble as of late, but I wasn’t able to help you because I was constructing the third level of my Soul Altar in seclusion. Duan Qianjie was protecting me during this period.”

“Third level of your Soul Altar?” Qin Lie couldn’t help but ask upon hearing this, “Does this mean that you’ve… succeeded, Uncle Li?”

Li Mu smiled coolly. “I was lucky.”

Pleasantly surprised, Qin Lie said sincerely, “Congratulations, Uncle Li.”

He once heard from Forefather Terminator that Li Mu was the only person in the entire Land of Chaos whose cultivation was stable to the extreme. He was a cultivator who took in every law and secret of a particular realm before he attempted to ascend to the next realm.

Forefather Terminator had also said that Li Mu would become the strongest cultivator in the entire Land of Chaos after he constructed the third level of his Soul Altar and broke through to the late stage of the Imperishable Realm.

He claimed that when that happened, Li Mu would truly be qualified to challenge him!

Forefather Terminator even believed that Li Mu with a three-level Soul Altar was even more difficult to deal with than Duan Qianjie. He believed that he was a martial practitioner who could truly threaten him in the Land of Chaos.

“While the three great ghoul races were invading our lands, the human race should unite their strength against this common enemy instead of fighting against each other. Otherwise, we would lose too many experts and cause too many innocent mortals and low rank martial practitioners to suffer a calamity.” Li Mu pondered for a moment before continuing, “As for you, if you continue to stay in the Land of Chaos, you may become the fuse that triggers the internal conflict of the human race. Also, there are a lot of evil spirits and foreign races who are attempting to kill you. For example, the evil spirits and the foreign races of the Ruined Lands wouldn’t care about Forefather Terminator’s threat.”

“My grandfather told me to leave temporarily,” Qin Lie said.

“Mn. Departure will good for you, Flaming Sun Island, Terminator Sect, and the entire Land of Chaos.” Li Mu smiled and said, “I was going to beg Old Duan to join Flaming Sun Island as a foreign delegate and protect it when you leave, but now… it is no longer necessary.”

“Why is that?” Qin Lie asked in astonishment.

Li Mu chuckled while looking at Song Tingyu.

Qin Lie also followed his gaze.

It was at this moment he suddenly noticed the sadness and helplessness inside Song Tingyu’s pupils. He hastily consoled her, “I’m just leaving temporarily. I’ll return to the Land of Chaos soon.”

“Really?” Song Tingyu stared deeply at him, asking him to make her a promise with her eyes.

Qin Lie hastily raised his hand and made the promise.

It was only then Song Tingyu relaxed slightly before explaining, “Seven days ago, Flame Demon Tang Beidou had returned from the Eastern Fire Hall and decided to stay at Gray Island.”

“Flame Demon Tang Beidou?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

“He said that he’s staying there because of Tang Siqi,” Song Tingyu explained.

“Tang Siqi is one reason. The other reason he stayed behind… is probably Tate.” Li Mu smiled. “I’m not sure what kind of benefits Tate had promised him, but at any rate, this irritable old man had chosen to protect Gray Island for now. With him, Evil Infant Island, Lu Yi—who is soon to ascend to the Imperishable Realm—and a ton of Blazing Profound Bombs around, there shouldn’t be anyone who is foolish enough to provoke Flaming Sun Island after your departure.”

Qin Lie nodded on the inside.

He had already heard from various people about the terror that was the Flame Demon Tang Beidou, and that he was even stronger than Duan Qianjie’s before the latter’s breakthrough.

A three-level Soul Altar expert who was still at his peak was a tremendous source of intimidation towards any force.

At the very least within his scope of knowledge, Qin Lie believed that Illusory Demon Sect was no longer a threat to Flaming Sun Island with Tang Beidou and Evil Infant Boy around.

“Wait, Uncle Lu is about to have a breakthrough?” He suddenly noticed the other detail in Li Mu’s words.

“Senior Lu was already in the late stage of the Nirvana Realm in the first place, and he has been qualified to construct a Soul Altar since a long time ago. However… in the past, Blood Fiend Sect was too poor after their defeat, and they weren’t able to gather the spirit materials necessary for him to break through.” Song Tingyu smiled before continuing, “Blood Fiend Sect has been doing well these past few years, but even then they could only gather enough spirit materials to promote one person’s ascension to the Imperishable Realm. Due to various reasons, Blood Fiend Sect had chosen to use these spirit materials on Elder Mo Jun instead of Senior Lu. That is why his ascension was even more delayed.”

“But we are different.”

“Right now, Flaming Sun Island is filled with all kinds of spirit materials, not to mention the large sum of spirit materials you brought back from Turin Cave. We now have enough spirit materials to support Senior Lu’s ascension.”

“Despite Senior Lu Yi’s objections, I insisted that he, a foreign delegate of Flaming Sun Island, should ascend to the Imperishable Realm with the spirit materials supplied by Flaming Sun Island.”

“Regardless of whether he succeeds or fails, this promotion gives the foreign delegates and martial practitioners of Flaming Sun Island a reason to feel safe.”

She was trying to use Lu Yi to show all Flaming Sun Island martial practitioners that Flaming Sun Island wouldn’t treat any contributors unfairly.

By preparing Lu Yi’s ascension materials, she was also proving to them Flaming Sun Island’s wealth and sincerity.

This would attract even more wandering experts outside to join Flaming Sun Island.

“I got it.” Qin Lie understood Song Tingyu’s underlying intentions after just a moment of thought. He inwardly praised his good wife for her abilities.

He knew that the reason Flaming Sun Island was growing more prosperous and stronger by the day was thanks to Song Tingyu. More and more experts were joining Flaming Sun Island too.

“Qin Lie, I’ve forged a new Heaven Cloud Armor for you. I hope it will be of use to you.” Mo Hai passed over a light armor and said, “This new spirit armor is an Earth Grade Seven spirit artifact, so it means that it can become a… Heaven Grade spirit artifact if it is improved further.”

“Wonderful!” Qin Lie’s eyes lit up again.

Back at Turin Cave, his old Heaven Cloud Armor had managed to endure one strike from Helian Zheng whose power had been enhanced by the Moon Demon.

He was completely defenseless when the attack had hit him, but the Heaven Cloud Armor had saved his life despite shattering under the impact.

Later on, when he raised his guard and created a light shield using Heavenly Thunder Eradication, the Frost Arts, the Blood Spirit Art, and the Records of Geocentric Magnetism at full power, it was still shattered by Helian Zheng in a single strike.

This proved just how excellent the defensive power of Mo Hai’s Heaven Cloud Armor was.

Since this new Heaven Cloud Armor was of a higher grade, he was sure that it would be even more useful than the previous armor.

“Perhaps Flaming Sun Island will be able to refine a Heaven Grade spirit artifact by the time you return from the Land of Chaos,” Mo Hai said calmly.

“When that happens, Flaming Sun Island may be able to replace Illusory Demon Sect as a new Silver rank force of the Land of Chaos.” Song Tingyu’s eyes were filled with dreams of the future.

“Every time a foreign race invades the Land of Chaos, there will be Silver rank forces who decline under pressure and are ultimately replaced.” Li Mu smiled and said, “In my opinion, the same shuffle will happen after the three great ghoul races are eliminated.”

“It is up to you all to seize this opportunity and have the last laugh,” Duan Qianjie abruptly interrupted.

Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath and said seriously, “Flaming Sun Island will definitely have the last laugh!”

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