Chapter 855: Thunder Emperor Mark

Chapter 855: Thunder Emperor Mark

There were too many suspicious things which proved that his grandfather had not just died. He believed his grandfather was still living in some corner of the world.

However, he didn't know where his grandfather was.

He came to the Land of Chaos from the Scarlet Tide Continent, and entered the Graveyard of Gods in order to search for his grandfather's tracks.

But there hadn't been any developments.

Until today.

A small-sized mark given to him by Tate, the powerful eight-horned expert of the Horned Demon Race. The moment he touched it, he heard his grandfather's voice from the mark.

This was a voice he would never be mistaken about!

"Qin Lie, something wrong?" Song Tingyu moved forward and asked in deep concern.

She saw Qin Lie trembling all over, his eyes bright red. He was clearly in a storm of emotions.

"Nothing, give him a bit of time," Li Mu said with a smile from the side.

Song Tingyu's worries were eased.

"Little Lie, the place I am at now is extremely far from the Land of Chaos. Even using the teleportation formations which cross worlds, it would require a dozen transfers to reach where you are."

"Also, due to some things, I do not have the spare attention to come see you."

"But I have always paid attention to you with my own methods. I know of your repeated breakthroughs, I know you have listened to me, and studied the ancient diagrams inside the Soul Suppressing Orb. I also know of your accomplishments in the Land of Chaos."

"You did very well, you did not disappoint me."

"I know that you have encountered a spot of trouble so I have arranged for a place where you can stay for a while."

"When the time is right, you can return to the Land of Chaos, at that time, you do not have to worry that all the forces will target you."

"I promise you, soon, I will come to see you in person."

Qin Shan’s soft voice resounded from inside the mark.

Qin Lie listened intently.

After a while, no more sound came from the mark on his hand.

At this moment, Qin Lie's expression was blank. When he pondered over the intentions behind the words left by his grandfather, his palm suddenly felt numb.

That dark blue mark's twisted lightning patterns suddenly became alive.

In a flash, small arcs of lightning came from the mark and burrowed into his body, starting with his palm.

Qin Lie's entire body was suddenly wrapped by blue lightning arcs.

Wild and vast waves of lightning and thunder power shot out of the small mark. Seemingly endless thunder power flooded into his limbs and acupoints.

His spirit sea, and his soul consciousness were drowned by the lightning and thunder.

At this moment, he felt as though he had been inside Forefather Terminator's Soul Altar, and was roaming through that world of lightning and thunder.

"Crack snap crack!"

The lightning cracked pleasingly from his body.

The mark he gripped in his hand turned into a dazzling light and disappeared in his hand.

"Tate, that mark... was it the Thunder Emperor Mark?" Li Mu asked in shock.

"Thunder Emperor Mark..." Duan Qianjie's eyes flashed as he looked attentively at Qin Lie.

La Pu's expression shook.

Only Song Tingyu and Mo Hai acted normal as they didn't know what the "Thunder Emperor Mark” was.

Under the eyes of Li Mu and the other two people, Tate, the Horned Demon Race expert, shrugged and chuckled. He shook his head and said, "I don't know what it was."

"The Thunder Emperor Mark was the ultimate treasure of Thunder Emperor. Supposedly, that tiny mark is imprinted with the essence of lightning and thunder laws." Li Mu rubbed his chin, pondered over the matter and said slowly, "The rumor is the one that obtains the Thunder Emperor Mark receives all of the spirit power inheritance of the Thunder Emperor."

"I said I didn't know what it was, so don't ask me." Tate continued to shake his head.

"Oh." Li Mu did not ask again.

At this time, everyone's gaze gathered on Qin Lie's body.

They noticed when that small mark disappeared, loud thunder came from Qin Lie's acupoints, and lightning flowed through his channels like surging rivers.

The Thunderblitz wood slabs hidden deep in his spatial ring suddenly flew out and stood upright like pillars supporting the world.

The sky was bright but a thundering roar came from deep within.

"Eh!" Li Mu looked into the sky, his eyes bright. Then, he frowned and said, "This boy has really made a ruckus."

"Let's stay a bit further away from him," Tate snickered.

Li Mu nodded.

Therefore, the group spread apart with Qin Lie at the center.

Song Tingyu and Mo Hai stood several thousand meters away. The two were the weakest in cultivation and saw the danger from the serious expression of Li Mu and the others.

"What is it?"

The evil dragon Gilbert detected the abnormality, and shouted as he flew over.

When he appeared, he saw Li Mu and Duan Qianjie casually glance over him.

For some reason, Gilbert felt a chill up his back. He felt that these people had the ability to kill him.

This caused Gilbert's heart to tremble. He stopped at a great distance and didn't dare to come forward.

"rank eight evil dragon, not bad, heehee." Tate laughed.

"An eight horned expert of the Horned Demon Race!" Gilbert noticed Tate and was shocked again. He felt that something was wrong with Soul Summoning Island that day.

"Qin Lie needs the help of this obsidian palace," Tate suddenly said to La Pu.

La Pu was puzzled. "The obsidian palace?"

Tate chuckled yet again. "You transplanted a lot of Demon Cleansing Orchids recently, this is a plant from Nether Realm, very good."

La Pu had a puzzled expression.

As thunder rampaged inside Qin Lie's body, Tate walked to the corner of the obsidian palace and pressed a hand against its wall.

A strange White Bone Nether Spirit Altar mark was deeply imprinted on the wall and disappeared.

Then, despite the sunlight, the obsidian palace suddenly released an inky black light.

The nether demonic energy spread by the Demon Cleansing Orchids had been attracted and flooded from where they had been planted.

Wisps of nether demonic energy floated like sticky streams in the sky and gathered at this obsidian palace.

La Pu had once saw the strange patterns on the walls with his eighth eye. At this time, these patterns appeared on every wall in the obsidian palace, they wrigged and sobbed.

"Tate, this obsidian palace is also important?" Li Mu said in shock.

"Yes." Tate nodded. His gaze was slightly complex as he said coolly, "This obsidian palace was forged primarily from the skeleton of a Demon God."

When he spoke, the White Bone Nether Spirit Altar he had injected into the obsidian palace appeared on its biggest wall.

The White Bone Nether Spirit Altar that appeared was a mirage and more than a hundred times magnified.

It looked like round ancient door to a secret realm.

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