Chapter 854: Family

Chapter 854: Family

"The present Land of Chaos is chaotic, and everyone knows who you are. The God Race bloodline will become an excuse to act against you."

Xu Ran's expression was sincere. "If you remain active in the Land of Chaos, you will bring trouble to Flaming Sun Island which will be detrimental to Flaming Sun Island. You will also be in an extremely dangerous situation. Also, many of the evil spirits and foreign races in the Ruined Lands hate the God Race. They are not scared of Old Monster Nan, they will try all kinds of things to eliminate you."

As they walked towards Terminator Sect's teleportation formation, Xu Ran tried to persuade Qin LIe.

Qin Lie listened carefully.

"When the forces eliminate the three ghoul races, when Flaming Sun Island is stronger, when Blood Fiend Sect rises again, when Old Monster Nan... reaches the Void Realm." Xu Ran smiled. "At that time, even if you have the God Race bloodline, when you and the factions protecting you are so powerful we can disregard all those doubt you... no one can do anything to you."

Unconsciously, they two came to Terminator Sect's large teleportation formation.

When Qin Lie stood on the teleportation formation, Xu Ran said, "Consider it. If you desire to leave, I can arrange for you to go to a good training ground."

"Alright." Qin Lie nodded.

"Send him to Evil Infant Island," Xu Ran ordered.

The Terminator Sect martial practitioners immediately activated the formation from beside this large teleportation formation.

Rings of blinding light wrapped around Qin Lie.

Seconds later, Qin Lie felt a burst of dizziness. When he opened his eyes, he found himself on Evil Infant Island.

"You came back so quickly?" The Evil Infant Boy said in shock from next to the teleportation formation.

"Hm, Senior Evil Infant, when did you return?" Qin Lie said in shock.

In the last recent while, the Evil Infant Boy had stayed on Gray Island. He helped Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, and the other Gray Island artificers understand the path of artifact forging.

Gray Island's forging skills rose at an astounding rate. Under the Evil Infant Boy's help, Mo Hai was able to forge earth rank seventh grade spirit artifacts.

According to the information Qin Lie received, in at most three years, Gray Island should be able to forge Heaven Grade spirit artifacts with the ancient diagrams as their core.

At that time, Gray Island would truly have the ability to compete with Celestial Artifact Sect in artifact forging.

"I will take you to Soul Summoning Island. They... are at Soul Summoning Island, waiting for you," Evil Infant Boy suddenly said.

"They?" Qin Lie was stunned.

"Yes." Evil Infant Boy did not continue to explain. He immediately left Evil Infant Island with Qin Lie and went towards the nearby Soul Summoning Island.

There were many evil spirits, foreign races, Gray Wing Race, Dragonman Race, Merfolk and Asura Race clansmen gathered around Evil Infant Island and Soul Summoning Island as well as the area between the two islands.

"Is this Qin Lie?" an old member of the Gray Wing Race shouted.

"It's him! A survivor of the God Race!" A member of the merfolk shouted.

Immediately, many foreign races and evil spirits gathered from all directions and surrounded Qin Lie and the Evil Infant Boy.

Of these people, some were in the Netherpassage or Manifestation Realm, weak people, there were also Fragmentation Realm and Nirvana Realm experts, and clansmen of many evil races which did not belong to Spirit Realm and couldn't be categorized with human ranks. However, all of them had ferocious auras.

A snakeman with a human upper body and a lower scale-covered body had green eyes that flashed with light.

His aura was extremely dark. He had strength equal to an early Imperishable Realm martial practitioners, and he appeared in front of Evil Infant Boy.

"Ike, what do you intend to do?" the Evil Infant Boy said coldly.

"Is he Qin Lie?" The snakeman the Evil Infant Boy called "Ike" snorted and said in the common language.

"Yes," Evil Infant Boy replied.

Qin Lie sat on the crystalline war chariot behind Evil Infant Boy as he looked coldly at this “Ike.”

He had heard of this person.

Ike was like Chi Yan and Gu Tuo. He was a leader of a nearby foreign race. Supposedly, he had a relatively good relationship with Chi Yan and Gu Tuo. He had strength equal to that of a one-level Soul Altar martial practitioner.

In the Ruined Lands one, he boasted quite a reputation.

"This person has the God Race bloodline, he may be a God Race survivor. The God Race once ravaged Spirit Realm's vast lands. Members of many races were killed and massacred." Ike took a deep breath and shouted, "Half of the snakemen were killed by them!"

"Same with us Gray Wing Race!"

"And us merfolk!"

"And us..."

At the sides, the members of many different races shouted as they looked with unconcealed hatred at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie's expression gradually darkened.

"Ike, what do you want?" Evil Infant Boy snorted.

"Give this God Race survivor to us to dispose of!" Ike shouted.

More foreign races and some of the evil spirits started to shout at the same time. They wanted Evil Infant Boy to hand Qin Lie over.

Evil Infant Boy looked around.

He noticed that while Ike had been the one to come and block him, in remote areas nearby, there were several strong auras as strong as Ike.

Among them, there were two that even he felt were unfathomable.

He immediately recognized that these foreign races and evil spirits had gathered together because they knew of Qin Lie's identity already or because someone may have ordered them.

Someone wanted to act against Qin Lie through the fact he had the God Race bloodline.

Evil Infant Boy found it slightly troublesome.

The evil spirits and foreign races that gathered here belonged to different camps. They represented almost half of the foreign races and evil spirits in the Ruined Lands. A share of them had sensitive identities and were the spokespeople for the powerful races in the auxiliary worlds connected to the Ruined Lands.

If he could not take care of this well, and caused the anger of the powerful races in the auxiliary worlds, great changes could occur in the Ruined Lands.

So the Evil Infant Boy frowned. He thought of what to do.

Inside the crystal chariot, Qin Lie was serene. His eyes swept across the evil spirits and foreign races.

From these people's faces and eyes, he saw great hatred and terror.

They evil spirits and foreign races hated what the God Race had done in Spirit Realm. At the same time, they were terrified of the God Race. They were afraid this powerful race came again from outer space. They were afraid that Spirit Realm would be conquered and come under the bloody rule of the God Race again.

"Crack! Zzzt zzt zzzt!"

At this moment, space cracks appeared between where the evil spirits and foreign races.

The bright lights were like scythes that flashed all over and reaped countless lives.

In a flash, those evil spirits and foreign races wailed, their blood and flesh flying as they cried and fled.

A man with a cold expression floated in the air above Soul Summoning Island. His eyes were like cold blades as he looked at the gathered evil spirits and foreign races.

"Come back to Soul Summoning Island. I want to see who dares to stop you," Duan Qianjie said coldly.

When the words were said, the snakeman Ike blocking Evil Infant Boy turned back to look and then moved out of the way with a beating heart.

The evil spirits and foreign races screamed as they made a path.

Even the people hiding in the dark with concealed presences saw Duan Qianjie and concealed themselves even deeper, afraid that Duan Qianjie would notice them.

"Go, I will return to Evil Infant Island."

Seeing Duan Qianjie standing above Soul Summoning Island, Evil Infant Boy's worries were appeased. When Qin Lie was a thousand meters away from Duan Qianjie, he turned to fly back to Evil Infant Island.

He left with no worry.

He knew that not just thousands of meters, even tens of thousands of meters, were but a mere step for Duan Qianjie who was skilled in the power of space.

Qin Lie also had a joyful expression.

Consequently, under the terrified gazes of the evil spirits and foreign races, he once again drove the crystalline war chariot and slowly passed through the crowd. He peacefully reached the Soul Summoning Island.

"Uncle Duan, how come you are here?" When he landed on Soul Summoning Island, he immediately asked.

"Old Duan came with me." Li Mu's open laugh sounded from inside the obsidian palace.

Qin Lie immediately understood.

"Go," Duan Qianjie said coldly.

Qin Lie smiled and didn't say a word as he drove the crystalline war chariot into the obsidian palace and landed.

In the plaza in front of the palace, he didn't just see Li Mu, he also saw Song Tingyu, Mo Hai, and La Pu.

There was a Horned Demon clansman beside La Pu. That large man had eight curved horns behind his neck, representing an eight horn expert.

Behind the large man, an eight-horned white bone nether Soul Altar floated.

"I am Tate of the Horned Demon Race, I am so fortunate to see the grandson of the Venerable One. I will first thank you for what you did for the Horned Demo Race on Scarlet Tide Continent," that eight-horned expert grinned and introduced himself when he saw Qin Lie walk over.

"Tate? One of the three commanders of the Horned Demon Race three thousand years ago?" Qin Lie was shocked.

Tate waved his hand and said humbly, "I was the worst commander. Otherwise, I would not have lived until now. In the battle three thousand years ago, the true experts of the three great races in Nether Realm died in that battle. Only the weaker... managed to survive."

"Uncle Li, Tingyu, Elder Mo, why did you come?" Qin Lie greeted Tate and then turned around to look at Li Mu, Song Tingyu and the others.

"Because of your identity," Li Mu said.

"Everyone knows?" Qin Lie grimaced.

Song Tingyu, Mo Hai, Tate and the others nodded.

"Young Master Qin, I came this time just to give this item to you," Tate said with a smile.

"A thing?" Qin Lie was puzzled.

"Here, this item." Tate handed him a small seal the size of a hand.

The seal was a dark blue, ancient, covered in wriggling patterns that criss-crossed like lightning.

Qin Lie took over the seal. The moment he touched it, Heavenly Thunder Eradication started to channel itself inside his body.

Threads of blue lightning shot out of his palm and was absorbed by that seal.

Almost at the same time, a loud voice came out of the seal.

"Little Lie, it's me..."

Inside the seal, the voice sounded and Qin Lie seemed to be struck by lightning. His eyes flashed with disbelieving light.

He started to tremble lightly.

—Because that was his grandfather's voice.

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