Chapter 853: The Arrogance of Forefather Terminator

Chapter 853: The Arrogance of Forefather Terminator

The people inside the Shadow Prism Mirrors finally disappeared.

Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian had a cold expression as he walked out of the last Shadow Prism Mirror, his eyes filled with disdain and mockery.

"Zhengtian, sending a message to Bhutto... are you serious about this?" Shen Kui said with a grimace.

He was older than Nan Zhengtian, and he had a special identity in Terminator Sect so he called Forefather Terminator "Zhengtian." This wasn't ignoring the rules of the sect, just showing their familiarity.

"Feng Yi and the others dared to use the three great ghoul races to pressure me, so strange." Nan Zhengtian grinned coldly. "Like the three ghoul races are only Terminator Sect's enemies! I really want to see who Bhutto will attack after I send the message!"

"Old Monster Nan, you really want to message Bhutto?" Xu Ran also spoke.

Lei Yan and Shen Yue had conflicted expressions and were speechless.

"Little Yue, tell the evil races on Prism Continent for me that as long as they do not attack in Heavenly Calamity Continent's direction, I will not interfere in any of their actions!" Forefather Terminator ordered.

Shen Yue's expression was pained but she obediently nodded. "I will send someone with the message shortly."

"Old Monster Nan, you are mad!" Xu Ran couldn't control himself from cursing.

Qin Lie also frowned.

He knew that Forefather Terminator's decision would create enormous waves in the Land of Chaos and cause astounding changes.

In the last battle between the humans and the three ghoul races, Nan Zhengtian and Terminator Sect had been of crucial importance. The three ghoul races were extremely wary of Forefather Terminator and Terminator Sect.

He believed when the Great Sage of the Heaven Ghoul Race, Bhutto, learned of Shen Yue's message, he would roar with laughter.

Then, the three ghoul races would definitely avoid Terminator Sect. They would first move from the Heavenly Slaughter Continent, and the Heavenly Calamity Continent, and then gradually move towards the Heavenly Wither Continent, and the Heavenly Fissure Continent.

In order to avoid fighting with Terminator Sect, they would avoid the Heavenly Silence Continent, and gradually gather power through the other Silver rank forces.

Among the nine Silver rank forces, Terminator Sect was undoubtedly the strongest, and Forefather Terminator was the pillar of the human race. If he and Terminator Sect temporarily stayed their hand and allowed the three ghoul races to act in other places, Terminator Sect would become infamous.

"Big Brother Nan, you can’t play around like that." Even Lei Yan who always stood on his side couldn't help but grimace and urge at this time.

"I wanted to discuss with them, but they did not give me the same respect. They dare say that Prism Continent belongs to Terminator Sect, and we should deal with the members of the three ghoul races alone. None of them were willing to send any experts." Forefather Terminator snorted. "Since that's the case, then I will just do as I want, I will also not do anything. I want to see where the three ghoul races will start first!"

"If the members of the three ghoul races gradually grow stronger through the smaller factions, when Bhutto rebuilds the fourth level of his Soul Altar, at that time... Terminator Sect may not be able to reverse the situation." Xu Ran glared.

"How do you know that I will not reach the Void Realm before Bhutto?" Nan Zhengtian snorted.

When the words were said, Shen Kui, Shen Yue, Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, and Lei Yan stilled.

They looked in shock at Nan Zhengtian.

They knew that Nan Zhengtian rarely joked and would not boast without a good reason. Therefore, since Nan Zhengtian said this, he had some confidence.

"Big… Big Brother Nan, you mean?" Lei Yan became excited.

"In at most three to five years, I will create a four-level Soul Altar and reach the Void Realm!" Nan Zhengtian said peacefully.

"How confident are you?" Shen Kui's eyes lit up.

"At least seventy percent." Nan Zhengtian took a deep breath.

"Then… even if you play around, I won’t stop you." Shen Kui suddenly combed his beard and chuckled. "Allow the three ghoul races and the Silver rank forces to fight. In a few years, after you reach the Void Realm, even if Bhutto recovers, we will still have the power to reverse the situation."

"At that time, maybe the three ghoul races would have defeated some of the eight Silver rank factions.” Shen Yue smiled cunningly.

"As expected of Old Monster Nan. There usually is a well-pondered thought behind seemingly rash actions." Xu Ran's expression was relaxed.

"Little Yue, spread the news in a while. I want to see how they deal with the three great ghoul races without support of our Terminator Sect!" Lei Yan roared with laughter.

From beginning to end, Qin Lie only listened from the side and didn't speak.

He looked at Nan Zhengtian with some fear and respect as though he was learning about Forefather Terminator, this person called the strongest of the Land of Chaos, all over again.

So the seemingly impulsive, unreasonable and unconventional idea actually had thought behind it. Each step in his "madness" contained great meaning.

He immediately realized that the reason Nan Zhengtian supported him was so that the eight leaders would bond together, which would result in Terminator Sect being on a different side.

Everything was to burn ties with the eight forces, so he could temporarily give up on fighting against the three ghoul races, and push this great trouble onto the eight Silver rank factions.

"Wondrous." Qin Lie praised.

"Go out, I want to talk alone with Qin Lie." At this moment, Nan Zhengtian's expression turned stern as he said gravely.

Xu Ran and the others left with small smiles.

"Now you know what others think about your bloodline?" Nan Zhengtian asked.

Qin Lie nodded with a grimace.

"Do you feel that I am conniving in purposefully luring the eight leaders, and then using you to form a clear boundary with the three ghoul races, forcing the eight forces to fight them first? Do you think it’s detestable that I want to reach the Void Realm, come out and clean up the situation, consuming the factions that the three ghoul races defeat?" Nan Zhengtian chuckled.

Qin Lie honestly nodded. "I admire Forefather's method."

"I don't have seventy percent confidence that I will reach the Void Realm in three to five years." Nan Zhengtian put away his smile. "I said that in order to reassure Xu Ran and the others. In truth, I don't even have ten percent confidence."

Qin Lie was startled.

"If the eight forces can sincerely cooperate, they might be able to win against the three ghoul races! If the eight all target Terminator Sect, target me, and move together, Terminator Sect might not be able to endure!" Nan Zhengtian said.

Qin Lie's expression gradually turned serious.

"One reason I support you, and protect you is because your grandfather did a favor to me, but more importantly, I want to make myself stand on your side, the side opposite to those eight!" Nan Zhengtian's expression was dark. Each word was firm. "I want to add pressure to myself, have the eight Silver rank forces give me pressure, have the three ghoul races give me pressure!"

"At that time, when Bhutto first came through the spatial fissure back to Prism Continent, and was at his weakest state, I could have charged into Prism Continent and killed him.

"But I did not do that.

"I went to summon the leaders, had Illusory Demon Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Ten Thousand Beast Mountain's people all come. I slowly planned because I was giving Bhutto time to recover."

"When Bhutto had mostly recovered, I then led them into Prism Continent, and fought with the experts of the ghoul races in the sky.

"After this battle, I knew how strong Bhutto was, I knew that this evil race clansman who had once been in the Void Realm, could threaten me."

"I saw many things in that battle. Learned some things too."

When he said this, Forefather Terminator was silent for a while as though he was pondering something.

Qin Lie's mind was rocked in waves but his expression was calm. He did not speak and interrupt Forefather Terminator's thinking.

"In the recent centuries, no one in the Land of Chaos, no one, dared to challenge me, causing me to not feel any pressure."

"In an environment without pressure, I feel my cultivation is calm and tasteless, I cannot taste that mad motivation to force myself to the limits."

"Only mountains of pressure and a strong enemy that always exists can stimulate me, and allow me to continue to progress greatly on the martial path."

"But in the present Land of Chaos, no one can give me this kind of stimulus."

"You may not know. When I heard that the Heaven Ghoul Race was invading, when I learned the Heaven Ghoul Race had someone like Bhutto… how happy I was."

"Bhutto will play a crucial role in my breakthrough to the Void Realm. His strength, his speedy recovery, they will stimulate me, and I will finally step through the gate which has held me back so many years, reaching the Void Realm!"

"Right now, only an opponent as powerful as Bhutto can excite and urge me to put my cultivation through another complete transformation!"

"So I will give Bhutto a bit of time."

Forefather Terminator lifted his head, his eyes filled with mad light, the heated light of pursuing power at any cost.

Qin Lie frowned. "He once possessed a four-level Soul Altar. He’s only rebuilding his Soul Altar, while you build one for the first time. He will have an advantage. No matter what, he will build the fourth level before you, be in less danger, and have better chances at succeeding.”

"That is true." Forefather Terminator grinned and laughed. "Seems like I am at an disadvantage on all fronts."

Qin Lie nodded.

"This is exactly what I want!" Forefather Terminator said word by word.

Qin Lie was silent for a long time.

"Do not tell those people outside what I discussed with you. Do what you do after you leave. In this period of time, the eight leaders will not openly do anything to you, but be careful of the evil spirits and foreign races of the Ruined Lands," Forefather Terminator said casually.

"I know," Qin Lie answered.

"Go." Forefather Terminator waved his hand.

Qin Lie walked out of the palace.

“What did Old Monster Nan say to you?" Xu Ran walked forward, patted Qin Lie's back and asked with a smile.

"For me to ignore the eight forces, do what I need to but be careful of the evil spirits and foreign races of the Ruined Lands," Qin Lie said relaxedly.

"Boy, have you thought about temporarily leaving the Land of Chaos?" Xu Ran said seriously.

"Leaving?" Qin Lie was startled.

“Yes. Leave for a while, temporarily forget your connection to Flaming Sun Island. Whether it be for you, Flaming Sun Island, or anyone you know, this will be a good thing.” Xu Ran suggested.

Qin Lie frowned.

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