Chapter 852: Negotiation Failed

Chapter 852: Negotiation Failed!

“The reason I sought you all out is to discuss about the fact that Qin Lie possesses the bloodline of the God Race. I wish to know what your attitude is on this matter!”

Forefather Terminator let out a cold snort while staring at those people who expressed their dissatisfaction. He obviously looked a bit annoyed by them.

“Does Qin Lie really possess the bloodline of the God Race?” Feng Yi asked.

“You are the one who leaked the news the world, so why are you asking me?” Forefather Terminator ridiculed.

“The news was leaked from Celestial Artifact Sect, but it isn’t I who did it,” Feng Yi said indifferently while looking completely unperturbed. “Also, we are not the only ones who leaked the news to the world. The three great ghoul races did the same thing.”

“The God Race is a race that we, the human race chased out of Spirit Realm. Their hatred towards us is as deep as the sea, and this boy with the bloodline of the God Race has an unclear background. He is certain to be a mole planted by the God Race to open a spatial passage or something.” The patriarch of the Xiahou Family took over the conversation and expressed his stance in the matter. “I think that we should eliminate a guy with the bloodline of the God Race like this in the first moment. If we leave him alone and he creates some sort of spatial passage in the future, the God Race may arrive from the void just like the three great ghoul races!”

Feng Yi, Qi Yang, Jiang An and everyone else paled slightly when he heard this.

Although none of them had experienced that ancient era, they knew just terrifying the God Race was. Compared to the God Race, the three great ghoul races that troubled them greatly were literally nothing.

If what Xiahou Jie said was true, if the God Race did arrive alongside the three great ghoul races because of Qin Lie...

Forget the Land of Chaos, even the Gold Rank forces in the other domains of Spirit Realm might not necessarily be able to resist their invasion.

“It has been twenty thousand years since the God Race was exiled from Spirit Realm. After such a long time, the God Race… may have regained their strength.” Feng Yi sucked in a deep breath and said with an extremely serious expression, “Qin Lie may be a mole who has been sent by the God Race to collect information about Spirit Realm and report the human race’s current situation! His existence doesn’t threaten just the Land of Chaos but all of Spirit Realm!”

“He cannot be kept alive.” Jiang An nodded.

“The three great families also believe that he must die.” Xiahou Jie expressed.

“If he doesn’t die, he will ultimately be a huge threat to both the Land of Chaos and Spirit Realm!” Wen Bin said through clenched teeth.

“What do you guys say?” Forefather Terminator looked at Qi Yang and Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Wang Enze.

Qi Yang frowned before asking suddenly, “I heard that Qin Lie’s bloodline can affect the three great ghoul races negatively?”

“That’s right.” Forefather Terminator nodded. “Let’s set aside the previous great battle for the moment. Qin Lie had played a critical role during the ground battle at Prism Continent, and according to my knowledge he is a nightmare to all ghouls who are imprinted with the blaze imprint.”

“I heard that the Heaven Ghoul Race had gone to the Ruined Lands more than once in attempt to kill Qin Lie. Moreover, the three great ghoul races are involved in spreading the news regarding Qin Lie’s identity too. This shows that the three great ghoul races are truly deathly afraid of Qin Lie. His bloodline probably affects that a lot,” Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Wang Enze said.

“So you’re saying that Qin Lie… is useful to us for the moment?” Qi Yang asked.

“Bhutto, the great sage of the Heaven Ghoul Race was once a four-level Soul Altar expert. After he returned to this place, he had been recovering swiftly every day.” Forefather Terminator said with a heavy look on his face. “If he is allowed to recover completely, if he is allowed to rebuild his Soul Altar, even I am not confident that I’ll be able to beat him. However, I heard that this Bhutto also has the blaze imprint in him. As long as Qin Lie is still alive, he will be a threat to Bhutto!”

“How can the three ghoul races possibly compare to the God Race?” Xiahou Jie sneered. “What if the God Race descended before we manage to eliminate the three great ghoul races? Who should take responsibility for the consequences then?”

The moment he said this, everyone fell silent once more.

“I think that we should wait until Qin Lie plays his role and aids us in killing Bhutto and all those outsiders who are imprinted with the blaze imprint.” Qi Yang pondered for a moment before saying, “When the three great ghoul races are killed and everything is over, we can discuss how to deal with Qin Lie on the basis of his performance. What do you all think?”

“I agree with Mountain Master Qi’s suggestion.” Wang Enze said.

“So the two are you saying that we should let Qin Lie help us eliminate the three great ghoul races first, and after that we discuss again on how to deal with Qin Lie… is that it?” Forefather Terminator frowned.

“He does have the God Race’s bloodline in him after all. We can only be at ease if he is guaranteed to be harmless.” Qi Yang nodded.

Forefather Terminator fell silent.

Earlier, Qi Yang had sought him out alone in hopes of exchanging Tian Yu’s bloodline for Qin Lie’s bloodline.

At the time, Qi Yang didn’t realize just how powerful and rare Qin Lie’s bloodline was yet.

He had turned down his suggestion at the time.

His objection had probably caused Qi Yang to feel dissatisfied, and now that the latter learned that Qin Lie possesses the bloodline of the God Race, his desire for Qin Lie’s bloodline would only increase.

Forefather Terminator understood that his objection had probably caused Qi Yang to give up on his earlier suggestion completely. It was only later on that Qi Yang had come to a new decision.

“So you’re saying that we should… ensure that Qin Lie is harmless after he aids us in fighting against the three great ghoul races?” Forefather Terminator pondered for a moment before asking, “What exactly do you mean by that?”

He looked at Qi Yang and Wang Enze.

After exchanging a glance with each other, Qi Yang said, “I think that we should exile him to an auxiliary world or secret realm that’s away from Spirit Realm. As long as he cannot return to the Land of Chaos, he should be technically harmless.”

Wang Enze also nodded slightly after a moment’s thought. “We definitely need to ensure that the God Race will not be drawn over to the Land of Chaos.”

Qin Lie’s face suddenly turned incredibly dark.

He didn’t expect that even Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Wang Enze had chosen to stand on the other side. He even thought that Qin Lie was a great threat and suggested that he were to be exiled to an auxiliary world or secret realm away from Spirit Realm.

Worse, they wanted him stay away from the Land of Chaos forever.

And here he thought that he was on good terms with Heavenly Sword Mountain...

It was at this moment a fragrance that smelled like orchid suddenly entered his nose. It caused his irritation to subside.

He realized that Shen Yue had walked over quietly to stand together with him.

Shen Yue pointed towards the air and covered both her and Qin Lie inside a watery shield. It was only then she said, “They are just afraid of you.”

“Afraid of me?” Qin Lie touched his nose and snorted coldly. “I’m only at the Fulfillment Realm, so what do they have to be afraid about?”

“Flaming Sun Island is developing too swiftly as of late; so swift that it is literally unbelievable. This is especially true since Evil Infant Boy, Lu Yi and the others had joined your force. There’s even a rumor that… the Flame Demon Tang Beidou is going to stay at Flaming Sun Island for some time after learning that Tang Siqi and the others were there too.” Shen Yue said quietly with a thoughtful expression, “Back then, Evil Infant Boy was the most talented artificer in Celestial Artifact Sect. He was even a tad more talented than his Senior Brother Luo Han. If he wasn’t a dwarf, he should’ve been the number one artificer in Celestial Artifact Sect! His addition to your force greatly enhanced Gray Island’s artifact forging skills, and he will bring forth a transformative change to the entire Gray Island.”

“Lu Yi used to be… even if we forget his former identity, he is still the most powerful cultivator among the Blood Fiend Ten Elders. He would’ve ascended to become a Soul Altar expert easier than Mo Jun!”

“Meanwhile, Tang Beidou is the second strongest expert out of the seven hidden great experts and Tang Siqi’s ancestor. If he goes to Flaming Sun Island, only god knows how much stronger Flaming Sun Island will become.”

“Also, you’re close with Forefather Dark Wind, the eight-eyed expert La Pu, and the evil dragons led by Gilbert.”

“I even heard that Jiang Zhuzhe sees you in extremely good light, going so far as to let you use the Corpse Demon he refined.”

“Besides that, Duan Qianjie and Li Mu are also said to value you a lot.”

Shen Yue stared deeply at him before letting out a wry laugh. “You have no idea how high Flaming Sun Island will rise if all these people were to join you in the future!”

“Finally, your background is unknown and you are surrounded by mysteries. Moreover, your cultivation is improving at an unbelievable rate too. Even though you are just a Fulfillment Realm cultivator for now, you can use an enhanced Profound Thunder Heart and detonate hearts of even Fragmentation Realm experts. You even have six mysterious beings that are the bane of all Soul Altars…”

Shen Yue shook her head. The more she spoke, the more helpless she appeared.

“The Forefather is the only one who didn’t think too much of your influence because he possesses extraordinary strength and isn’t afraid of any threat.” Shen Yue pointed at Feng Yi, Jiang An, Xiahou Jie and everyone. “But the same cannot be said for the remaining eight people. Who among them dares look down on you truly? Who among them dares underestimate Flaming Sun Island’s current influence? It may sound like they’re disdainful and careless about your existence, but in reality they all know that you may have a chance to become someone as terrifying as the Forefather several hundred years later.”

Qin Lie looked astonished.

“I owe Qin Lie’s grandfather a favor. What if I say I wish to keep him alive?” It was at this moment Forefather Terminator let out a cold snort. He suddenly expressed his stance with incredible force. “What if I say that anyone who harms Qin Lie will be Terminator Sect and Nan Zhengtian’s enemy? What do you guys think?!”

After listening to everyone’s opinions, he learned that the eight great leaders were either afraid of Qin Lie and wished to kill him immediately, or planning to wait until Qin Lie had helped them deal with the three great ghoul races before exiling him to an auxiliary world. These people even had the gall to say that they support Qin Lie.

At the corner, Qin Lie trembled with eyes that were filled with odd light as he stared at the mighty Forefather Terminator.

“I want Qin Lie alive, and I want him alive and well in the Land of Chaos. I will attack your sect if any one of you dares touch a hair on him!” Forefather Terminator said domineeringly.

The moment he said this, every leader of the eight great Silver rank forces suddenly fell silent.

Even his archenemy, pope Jiang An of the Black Voodoo Cult was frowning in deep thought. He was estimating the consequence of angering Nan Zhengtian completely.

After thinking carefully for a moment, he discovered that the current Black Voodoo Cult wasn’t strong enough to fight Terminator Sect yet. He… also had no confidence that he could beat Nan Zhengtian.

And so, he stayed silent.

Qi Yang, Feng Yi, and Wang Enze also fell silent despite their earlier forceful attitude.

Wen Bin and the patriarchs of the three great families actually looked stunned for an instant.

Right now, Illusory Demon Sect and the three great families were far inferior to Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, Celestial Artifact Sect, Heavenly Sword Mountain, and Black Voodoo Cult. It was only natural that they were afraid to say another word when even the four overlords had fallen silent.

“You are the strongest cultivator in the Land of Chaos, and Terminator Sect is also the strongest sect. If you wish to defend a person to the last, Celestial Artifact Sect naturally has no objection to offer. I know that you, Nan Zhengtian, are capable of anything.” A long while later, Feng Yi calmed down and said, “However, Celestial Artifact Sect also has the right to make their own choice. If you wish to protect Qin Lie, then Celestial Artifact Sect will not send any men to Prism Continent in the future. The Prism Continent is your sect’s domain, is it not? Since you are that strong, why don’t you handle the three ghoul races on Prism Continent yourself.”

“Ten Thousand Beast Mountain is of the same opinion. We will not send any Soul Altar experts or participate in any battles on Prism Continent.” Qi Yang also expressed his stance.

“We are of the same opinion,” Wang Enze said.

“Old Monster Nan, please handle the ghoul race experts on Prism Continent yourself. You’re powerful, aren’t you?” It was only then Jiang An finally chuckled.

“So you’re all saying that you won’t bother with the three ghoul races on Prism Continent if I continue to protect Qin Lie?” Forefather Terminator looked coldly at them.

Under his gaze, Feng Yi, Qi Yang, Wang Enze, Jiang An, Wen Bin and the leaders of the three great families all nodded in succession.

“Alright.” Forefather Terminator grinned savagely. “I will be sending word to the great sages of the ghoul race in Prism Continent then. I will tell them that as long as they don’t attack the islands and forces under Terminator Sect, they are free to attack any place or continent they want. Terminator Sect and I shall not interfere with their invasion!”

The moment he said this, Feng Yi, Qi Yang, Wang Enze and the other experts who looked calm earlier abruptly turned pale.

“I’m curious to know what decision that Bhutto will make, truly. Will he attack the strongest force of the Land of Chaos, Terminator Sect, first? Or will he attack the weaker forces around us and dominate you all one by one?” Forefather Terminator sneered and cut off the connection with the eight great leaders abruptly and one-sidedly.

Before the images were completely gone, Qin Lie actually saw that all eight leaders had eyes that were filled with fear and anxiety.

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