Chapter 850: A Natural Breakthrough

Chapter 850: A Natural Breakthrough

"Qin Lie, what is it?"

La Pu noticed his anomalous state, turned over and asked in puzzlement.

"Nothing." Qin Lie's brows furrowed. He shook his head, his eyes flashing.

Despite being able to recall many strange languages and patterns, his restrained memories never contained any of them.

Therefore, he felt that his restrained memories only contained his past, and didn't include the knowledge he learned before.

This time was clearly an exception.

After being illuminated by La Pu's eighth eye, the patterns on the obsidians walls felt familiar to him at first sight.

After concentrating, his head started to hurt and he couldn’t recall anything.

This meant the patterns on the wall were part of one of the sealed memories.

This memory could possibly be related to one of his past experiences, so it had been sealed as well.

"Then let us look further."

La Pu did not press the matter. He adjusted himself to calm his disturbed state of mind, and then shone his eighth eye towards the obsidian wall.

Many wriggling patterns slowly appeared on the walls and seemed lifelike under the light of the moon.

They seemed to be truly alive.

Qin Lie focused on the wall, examining it closely as he thought back carefully.

Piercing pain went through his head again. He couldn't help but hiss in pain and stop.

"I should recognize the patterns here, but... I cannot remember," Qin Lie bared his teeth and said.

La Pu saw his unhealthy complexion and hurriedly stopped shining his eighth eye on the obsidian wall. "It seems that your hunch was right. This ancient obsidian palace is indeed suspicious."

Qin Lie nodded.

"Since you cannot remember, your cultivation must not be strong enough to open the seal on your memories." La Pu thought for a moment and comforted, "Do not be impatient, you only have to keep cultivating. When your cultivation increases and your soul is powerful enough, you will be able to easily break the memory seal."

"That seems to be the only way," Qin Lie said helplessly.

"I will ask around for you in the next few days and see if the older people in the Ruined Lands know anything about the origins of this obsidian palace." La Pu smiled. “These old timers may not be strong, but they have lived for thousands of years. They have lost all hopes of ever breaking through, their only purpose is to prolong their life. Therefore, they are extremely afraid of death. It should be easy to inquire about this."

"Good," Qin Lie said.

After that, La Pu left Soul Summoning Island to continue moving Demon Cleansing Orchids from Seven Eye Island and other plants endemic to Nether Realm over. He also helped Qin Lie search for information.

After Qin Lie learned that the obsidian palace was strange, he did not continue cultivating there. He moved to a gray stone tower behind the palace.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother had built those gray stone towers later on for her subordinates to cultivate in.

When he cultivated in the gray stone towers, he didn't hear any strange voices and his mind finally calmed.

He started to focus on breaking through.

Prism Continent.

Space twisted and distorted, ultimately revealing four Heaven Ghouls coming out of the distortion. They entered a bone tower atop a floating rock.

Great Sage Matthew of the Heaven Ghoul Race walked out of the bone tower. He asked with a dark expression, "Did you kill that survivor of the Blaze Family?"

The four Heaven Ghouls knelt with depressed expressions.

The person at the front was in the early of the Imperishable Realm. He clearly seemed slightly guilty under Matthew's gaze. "He fled using an escape art, and when we wanted to attack, he had an Imperishable Realm expert protecting him. We did not find the chance."

"In a fortnight, Bhutto will have recovered. At that time, the three ghoul races and the humans of the Land of Chaos will fight on all fronts!" Matthew's expression was dark and icy. "Bhutto, I, and many of our race have the imprints of the Blaze Family! Those blaze imprints may likely become hidden weaknesses in the future. Accidents may happen when we fight the Soul Altar experts of the humans!"

"No accidents occurred during the last battle. I think..." that person muttered.

Matthew's eyes flashed with cold light. "Last time? Last time, he released the evil dragons, and took those human martial practitioners to wreak havoc throughout Prism Continent! How many of our race did we lose?"

The four kneeling Heaven Ghouls immediately didn't dare to speak when they saw Matthew's anger.

"Last time, he only paid attention to the battle on the ground. If he flew into the sky, even if only that Forefather Terminator was there, he is a fatal threat to those of us with the blaze imprint even when he doesn't make a move!" Matthew snorted. "Bhutto has already ordered that we need to take care of this threat before we start an all-out battle against the humans! At any cost!"

"According to my investigation, the humans hate members of the God Race. That survivor of the Blaze Family clearly has malicious intent mixing among the humans and pretending to be one of them! I think that we can publicize his identity so that the human experts will kill him!" the group leader said.

"That Forefather Terminator, the strongest expert of the human race definitely know of this person's identity. They know that his existence will threaten those of us with the blaze imprint, will they fall for this?" Matthew said coldly.

"According to what I know, the humans are the same as before, they have never united. Among them, there will be one or two that do not care about the situation. There will be someone who will wish to kill a member of a foreign race" that person said.

After hearing this explanation, Matthew's eyes flashed for a while. He seemed to feel it was logical and made a lot of sense. "Then let us try. I hope that the lowly and shameless humans are as stupid as they were in the past!"

"I will do this immediately!"

The enormous Black Gold Spirit Turtle slowly flew towards Heavenly Fissure Continent. The palace on the back was extremely stable.

Luo Han, Luo Kexin, He Yi, and other experts of Celestial Artifact Sect such as Bi You were gathered together.

"I have received confirmation that Evil Infant Boy... has secretly joined Flaming Sun Island as a foreign delegate. Recently, Evil Infant Boy has frequently been seen moving about Gray Island. He has made contact with Mo Hai, Tang Siqi, and many of Gray Island's core artificers. He has helped solve many of their problems in the art of forging." Luo Kexin's brows were deeply furrowed as she sighed. "We all know Evil Infant Boy's skill at artifact forging. In the past when he was still in Celestial Artifact Sect, he was considered one of the best. He knew all of Celestial Artifact Sect's outstanding methods like the back of his hand. His addition is giving Flaming Sun Island wings. There is a possibility that they will forge Heaven Grade spirit artifact soon."

Luo Han, He Yi, Bi You, and the other Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners had creased brows.

Evil Infant Boy was Luo Han's junior brother. There were rarely people in Celestial Artifact Sect who could surpass him in terms of forging.

If he hadn't been a dwarf, he would not have lost the competition with Luo Han and been forced to leave Celestial Artifact Sect.

All of them knew that Evil Infant Boy hated Celestial Artifact Sect.

Right now, Flaming Sun Island, who possessed ancient diagrams, were the biggest threat to Celestial Artifact Sect. The artificers of Celestial Artifact Sect could not eat or sleep in worry.

The only thing that comforted Celestial Artifact Sect was that Gray Island's artificers had only studied forging for a relatively short time. Even their artificer, Mo Hai, was just an Earth rank artificer.

This meant that, even with the ancient diagrams, Gray Island's artificers needed a relatively long period of time if they wanted to compete with Celestial Artifact Sect.

In this period of time, Celestial Artifact Sect could prepare and make alternative plans to deal with Gray Island.

Yet with the addition of Evil Infant Boy, as this superb artificer taught the tricks and mysteries of forging without any reserve to the artificers of Gray Island, the time that Gray Island needed to catch up to Celestial Artifact Sect shortened greatly.

Adding the wonders of the ancient diagrams on top of that, Luo Han and others could see Celestial Artifact Sect’s defeat already.

They could see the factions and powerful martial practitioners that had fawned and curried favor with Celestial Artifact Sect turn to pursue Gray Island, wait near Gray Island for Gray Island's artificers to receive them.

"That dwarf will destroy Celestial Artifact Sect sooner or later!" He Yi swore.

"We had time before, we could make some plans, but now... with the addition of my good junior brother, this time is decreasing." Luo Han's expression was dark. He thought and said, "We will announce Qin Lie's identity. Let him become someone rejected by the Land of Chaos, let him be pursued by the other races' experts until he dies!"

"What about the ancient diagrams? If he dies, we cannot get the ancient diagrams!" Luo Kexin said urgently.

"Without the ancient diagrams, we are still the strongest artificer force in the Land of Chaos! But if he continues to live, not long after, Gray Island will replace us!" Luo Han said coldly.

"Since we cannot get it, we will completely destroy it." He Yi nodded.

"Let's do this!" Luo Han ordered.


Many days later.

Qin Lie suddenly gave a long howl on Soul Summoning Island and then roared with laughter.

Crack pop pop."

The sound of his bones cracking that came from all over his body was pleasing to the ear.

A light flashed and then turned into La Pu who looked deeply at Qin Lie. He said, "Congratulations."

"My breakthrough this time was completely expected." Qin Lie laughed.

The breakthrough from the middle to late stage of the Fulfillment Realm was not especially difficult. It was purely a quantitative change in spirit energy, yet another refinement of the body, blood, and True Soul.

After this breakthrough, the natal palaces in his spirit sea had doubled in size.

As his Soul Lake grew vaster, his soul power also doubled, and his True Soul became even clearer.

"No dramatic changes would occur in breakthrough between the minor levels of the Fulfillment Realm but next time, when you try to ascend to the Fragmentation Realm, you have to be careful." La Pu examined Qin Lie and said, "Breaking through to the Fragmentation Realm is accompanied by a complete transformation. You can encounter calamities in the process. At that time, each step will be dangerous."

"Let's talk about it when the times comes," Qin Lie said relaxedly.

La Pu thought for a moment and sighed. He said, “Qin Lie. You are in great trouble.”

"What trouble?"

"People have leaked that you have the God Race bloodline."

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