Chapter 849: The Obsidian Palace

Chapter 849: The Obsidian Palace

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother's Soul Altar was heavily damaged, White Bone Demon Monarch's blood was sucked out, and Ji Qingpeng hurriedly left the Ruined Lands after being wounded, Luo Han had fled as well...

Their plot against Qin Lie, Jiang Zhuzhe, the Evil Infant Boy and the evil dragons had failed.

Situation was similar over on Dark Wind Island, resulting in Gu Tuo, Chi Yan and the others hurriedly fleeing the Ruined Lands when they were at a disadvantage.

Qin Lie and the others took over Gu Tuo, Chi Yan, and Soul Summoning Ghost Mother's islands.

This enormous change in the Ruined Lands shocked many of the evil spirits and foreign races of the Ruined Lands. After this battle, many people realized that Qin Lie, Jiang Zhuzhe, Evil Infant Boy, Forefather Dark Wind, the Seven Eyed Monster, and the fourteen evil dragons formed an alliance.

This alliance had extremely strong power within the Ruined Lands that almost surpassed "that person."

In the following days, Qin Lie, Evil Infant Boy, and Forefather Dark Wind as well as the fourteen evil dragons swept the White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Chi Yan and Gu Tuo's subordinates.

Soul Summoning Island and the two islands that Chi Yan and Gu Tuo ruled were divided up.

Soul Summoning Island became one of Flaming Sun Island's subordinate lands. The Dragonman Race and Lizard Race’s island that Chi Yan and Gu Tuo held were taken over by Jiang Zhuzhe.

Many days later.

Qin Lie, the Evil Infant Boy, Forefather Dark Wind, Lu Yi, the evil dragon Gilbert, as well as La Pu and the others gathered on Soul Summoning Island.

"Senior Evil Infant, is this what you really want?"

Qin Lie looked directly at the Evil Infant Boy inside the vast and magnificent obsidian palace with a solemn expression.

At the side, Forefather Dark Wind, La Pu, and Gilbert were looking in shock at Evil Infant Boy.

"I will join Flaming Sun Island as a foreign delegate, and teach all I know to Gray Island. I will help Gray Island's artificers progress as fast as possible, without taking the long way around. They will be able to forge better spirit artifacts," The Evil Infant Boy said seriously.

"Flaming Sun Island... is still small." Qin Lie explained.

"It is small now, but it does not mean it will stay that way in the future." The Evil Infant Boy's expression was aloof. "In my opinion, only Flaming Sun Island has hope of overtaking Celestial Artifact Sect in the Land of Chaos to become the strongest artificer force! If I can destroy Celestial Artifact Sect, I am willing to pay any price!"

Qin Lie looked deeply at him. A moment later, he nodded and said, "It can be arranged."

The Evil Infant Boy did not say anything else, and lowered his gaze.

"I will return to Flaming Sun Island tomorrow to give my resignation to Miss Mo. Then, I will find Miss Song and join Flaming Sun Island as an outer sect foreign delegate," Lu Yi added.

When the words were said, the other people on the island had surprised expressions. They did not know why this elder of Blood Fiend Sect wanted to join Flaming Sun Island.

Qin Lie had a rueful smile. "Uncle Lu, this really is not very good."

"I have made my decision." Lu Yi said coldly.

Qin Lie sighed. He didn't know what to say. He only hoped that Mo Lingye and Xue Li would not be angry at this, and start hating him.

"Gilbert, what do you think about this Soul Summoning Island?" Qin Lie changed the topic.

"It is alright, very suitable for us evil dragons to cultivate," Gilbert answered.

"Qin Lie, this Soul Summoning Island is more suitable for me to cultivate on than Seven Eye Island." La Pu thought and said, "I only need to move the Demon Cleansing Orchid of Seven Eye Island here. Soon, I will create a place suitable for me to cultivate. Compared to Seven Eye Island, Soul Summoning Island is five times larger. I only need a small area."

After a pause, he said, "The closer to the center the islands of the Ruined Lands are, the bigger they are, and the more suitable for cultivation they are. After I come over, we will have an easier time communicating. Also, you only have Fulfillment Realm cultivation. It will be better if I am here."

The Seven Eye Island that La Pu ruled was close to the inner region of the Ruined Lands but it was still on its outskirts.

Seven Eye Island was smaller and inferior to Soul Summoning Island in terms of area and spirit energy density.

Originally, La Pu did not qualify to reside in the inner region due to his lack of strength.

After the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother was defeated, and La Pu grew his eighth eye, he had enough confidence so he requested to stay at Soul Summoning Island.

"This would be good!" Qin Lie naturally agreed.

For him, La Pu who had great knowledge about the bloodline of the ancient races was not only a mentor, but also his good friend.

He would need La Pu for many more things in the future. He naturally hoped that La Pu was around him so he could ask him about bloodline powers anytime.

Sitting on Soul Summoning Island, the group discussed the movement of people and working together against enemies.

Evil Infant Boy was the first to leave, returning to Evil Infant Island. Forefather Dark Wind left for his island, and La Pu went to move his Demon Cleansing Orchid.

The evil dragon Gilbert took his evil dragons to find a suitable place to recuperate on Soul Summoning Island.

Qin Lie started to cultivate in the obsidian palace that the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother had built.

The reason he hadn't returned to Frost Island's Celestial Ice Crystal mine to cultivate with Lin Liang'er was because he felt that he was just a step away from reaching the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm.

He thought that what he needed was soul comprehension, and not accumulation of spirit energy.

Late at night, the obsidian palace was like a pitch black monster on top of Soul Summoning Island exuding vast presence.

Qin Lie silently cultivated in the large hall at the center of the palace.

The obsidian palace had seven levels. It was a hundred meters tall and covered an extremely big area. The floor and the ceiling of each level were more than a dozen meters apart.

Qin Lie was cultivating on the fourth level.

There were three levels above him and three levels below.


As he focused on cultivating, he seemed to hear extremely soft and low cries echoing through the hard obsidian walls of the palace.

Those voices were ethereal. When he stopped cultivating and listened carefully, they didn't seem to exist.

Yet when he started to cultivate again, the voices would come out of nowhere and disturb his mind.

He felt it was slightly suspicious.

Therefore, he stopped cultivating, and walked out of this obsidian palace. He happened to stumble upon La Pu that came back after moving a batch of Demon Cleansing Orchid from Seven Eye Island.

"Soft voices are coming from inside the icy obsidian walls of the palace? You are sure?" La Pu asked in shock.

Qin Lie nodded and then asked, "Maybe the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother has left some wards and shields?"

"I'm not sure." La Pu frowned. Then he moved towards the obsidian palace with Qin Lie, talking as he walked, "The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother was not the one who built this seven-level obsidian palace. It used to be someone else’s."

"Oh?" Qin Lie's curiosity was stirred.

"When I came to the Ruined Lands, this obsidian palace was already here. At that time, this island was not called Soul Summoning Island, but Crying Ghost Island," La Pu explained.

"Later, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother came from outside into the Ruined Lands. Because of her strength, she took over Crying Ghost Island and renamed it Soul Summoning Island. This is normal in the Ruined Lands. If one is strong enough, they can take over the islands of those weaker."

"I heard that this obsidian palace was here on this island even thousands of years ago. It has never been destroyed."

"Generations of evil spirits who took over the island liked this obsidian palace. Once they took over the island, they would always choose the obsidian palace as their nest."

"I don't know how many masters this obsidian palace had before the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother."

As La Pu spoke, the two stood in front of the obsidian palace. During nighttime, this palace was magnificent and vast, and gave people a feeling of desolation.

"Let me take a close look."

A green light shot out of the eighth eye at La Pu's belly and shone on this obsidian palace.

Under the green light, the ordinary obsidian walls showed curving patterns.

Those patterns curved like earthworms or snakes. As the green light shone, they seemed to wriggle.

They looked as though they were alive.

"Hm? What is this?" La Pu exclaimed in shock.

Afterwards, the penetrating light that came from his eighth eye suddenly went out.

Qin Lie looked dazedly at the wall. The restrained memories in his head seemed to have a corner torn open.

He suddenly had a headache.

"The eighth eye of the Ghost Eye Race can see through many disguises and reveal the ultimate truth of things," La Pu said. "There must be some wondrous boundary over these obsidian walls. It doesn’t let anyone see the complex patterns we just saw."

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