Chapter 848: Gains

Chapter 848: Gains

"To all the ancient races, the purity of the bloodline is crucial. Only by maintaining the purity of the bloodline can one receive more power and knowledge from the bloodline."

Inside the crystalline war chariot, Lin Liang'er's expression was solemn as she said seriously, "The power of the bloodline will show itself more as one progresses. In the future, you will rejoice you stood against today's temptation and did not drink the blood of the White Bone Demon Monarch to strengthen yourself like Jiang Zhuzhe suggested."

Qin Lie exhaled deeply and grimaced. "I barely controlled myself today."

"Because your desire for power has increased. Jiang Zhuzhe took advantage of it," Lin Liang'er said.

Qin Lie nodded gently.

The crystalline war chariot under them immediately changed direction after leaving Blood Fiend Island and flew towards the nearby Evil Infant Island.

"Be careful of the Heaven Ghoul Race," Lin Liang'er reminded.

"I am confident this time." Qin Lie smiled. He closed his eyes and then activated the bloodline power.

He used the blood of the God Race to try to communicate with the evil dragon Gilbert and summon the evil dragons to protect him.


Evil dragon Gilbert responded with a roar. Not long after, the enormous evil dragons flew out.

Just as he prepared to mount the evil dragons, Miao Fengtian flew out from Blood FIend Island with the white bone coffin.

"Jiang Zhuzhe told me to accompany you." Miao Fengtian's expression was wooden.

Qin Lie’s expression was similarly frozen.

“You helped Jiang Zhuzhe resolve trouble and capture the White Bone Demon Monarch. He thought we should pay you back," Miao Fengtian explained.

"That's good." Qin Lie nodded.

Subsequently, the group moved accompanied by Miao Fengtian and the white bone coffin following them behind.

The Black Gold Spirit Turtle was parked at the center of Blood Fiend Island, Evil Infant Island, and Dark Wind Island. The figures standing in the air above the islands were filled with anxiousness.

It was especially the case for Luo Kexin.

When she saw a ray of icy light leave Blood FIend Island, and then the two Soul Altar experts her grandfather had invited leave without a greeting, she knew that Ji Qingpeng's mission on Blood Fiend Island had failed.

She was already full of anxiety, and then she saw Qin Lie and Miao Fengtian. They flew out of Blood FIend Island with that white bone coffin. She felt her headache increase.

"How is my grandfather? Has my grandfather taken the Heavenly Mirror from the Evil Infant Boy?"

She shouted constantly into a transmission stone to try to learn the situation on Evil Infant Island.

"Miss Luo seems slightly nervous."

As the evil dragon passed by the Black Gold Spirit Turtle, Qin Lie grinned brightly.

"Crack crack! Crack crack!"

The crystal cannons moved on the back of the Black Gold Spirit Turtle as they aimed at the evil dragon Gilbert.

The deep color of spirit stones came from within those crystal cannons as though they would shoot out terrifying rays of power at any moment.

"Damn it!"

The evil dragon Gilbert instinctively had a bad feeling. Without waiting for those crystal cannons to lock onto him, he hurriedly left with Qin Lie.

On the turtle's back.

Luo Kexin bit her lips as she looked coldly at Qin Lie's back. "Do not think you are in control the situation!"

Qin Lie nodded and said, "Let's go and see."

An evil dragon carried him, Lin Liang'er, Miao Fengtian and that white bone coffin to land on the Evil Infant Island.

"Boom boom boom! Bam bam bam!"

Once they entered the Evil Infant Island, Qin Lie heard mountain-shaking roars, and the crisp sounds of spirit artifacts colliding.

When he looked over, he found many people, some dressed in the robes of Celestial Artifact Sect, and some in unknown robes, attacking Evil Infant Boy's subordinates.

Many of Flaming Sun Island's martial practitioners on Evil Infant Island were being attacked. The situation was not good.

The artificer master, Luo Han, was working together with another two-level Soul Altar martial practitioner to attack Evil Infant Boy.

However, the Evil Infant Boy was using the Heavenly Mirror and seemed to be passing through space. Luo Han and the two-level Soul Altar expert couldn’t deal him a significant wound.

Evil Infant Boy had set up many shields and wards on the island that were of great defensive effect. The people that came with Luo Han could not act as they pleased.

On the other side, Yi Yuan and martial practitioners of Flaming Sun Island created great trouble for the invaders and gathered near the mid-sized teleportation formation.

Yi Yuan and the others might not have high cultivation but they had Blazing Profound Bombs. If someone dared to go close to the teleportation formation, they would immediately set off a Blazing Profound Bomb.

Qin Lie noticed that seven or eight deep holes had appeared around the teleportation formation.

Inside the holes lay at least thirty outsiders that had been killed by the explosions.

The outsiders who had surrounded the teleportation formations itched but didn't dare to charge over.

When Qin Lie, Lin Liang'er, and Miao Fengtian appeared, Luo Han's expression changed.

He suddenly raised a hand, making a gesture in the air.

All of the invaders stopped their attacks when they appeared.

That two-level Soul Altar expert next to Luo Han put away his dirt yellow Soul Altar. He looked at Qin Lie with great wariness.

This person clearly recognized Qin Lie, and knew that Qin Lie had six mysterious beings that could damage Soul Altars.

"Elder Luo, it seems that Ji Qingpeng has failed on Blood Fiend Island," that person said calmly.

Luo Han snorted and said, "Ji Qingpeng is trash. He had two two-level Soul Altar experts, and the White Bone Demon Monarch, yet he wasn't able to defeat Jiang Zhuzhe. No wonder he could not reform his ice Soul Altar!"

"What to do now?” the man said with a rueful smile.

"We must be decisive and give up if we cannot achieve victory. I am not the type to waste time or dwindle," Luo Han said coldly.

As he said this, the Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioners that were familiar with his personality had started to leave the island.

On the island, many of the martial practitioners that did not belong to Celestial Artifact Sect looked at the person who was talking with Luo Han.

That person nodded.

Consequently, the remaining invaders controlled themselves. They did not keep attacking and turned to leave.

In a short period of time, the only invaders left on Evil Infant Island were Luo Han and the mysterious person.

At this time, Luo Han turned back to glance at the Evil Infant Boy who had put away the Heavenly Mirror. He suddenly said, "Junior brother, if you can persuade Qin Lie to join Celestial Artifact Sect, then you will be able to return to Celestial Artifact Sect and can forever wield the Heavenly Mirror that Master has passed down. You will not need to stay in a place like the Ruined Lands where you cannot see the light of day!"

The Evil Infant Boy's eyes flashed.

The corners of Luo Han's lips twitched. He said, "If you cannot persuade him, you can imprison Qin Lie's True Soul and extract the information on ancient diagrams. As long as you do that, Celestial Artifact Sect's door will be open to you."

After a pause, Luo Han continued, "The score between us will be settled. I will also give you the notes Master left behind about creating teleportation formations between continents for you to study."

Evil Infant Boy's eyes lit up.

He looked at Luo Han and then he turned to look at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie's expression was dark.

"No." Evil Infant Boy shook his head. His eyes when he looked at Luo Han were filled with viciousness. "After this affair is finished, I will join Flaming Sun Island as an artificer, and do my best to help Flaming Sun Island grow. I will make Flaming Sun Island replace Celestial Artifact Sect, and destroy everything Celestial Artifact Sect stands for!"

"You are crazy!" Luo Han shouted.

"Since I left Celestial Artifact Sect, I never thought about returning. All I ever thought about was... how I could destroy Celestial Artifact Sect!" Evil Infant Boy took a deep breath and said, "I've never figured out a way. Only when you came personally to the Ruined Lands, and showed how much you feared and desired the ancient diagrams did I understand that the ancient diagrams and Flaming Sun Island are the best weapon against Celestial Artifact Sect."

"You are crazy! You are completely crazy!" Luo Han roared.

"So I will join Flaming Sun Island, and do my best to use Flaming Sun Island to destroy Celestial Artifact Sect," the Evil Infant Boy said calmly.

"I will not let you succeed! Absolutely not!" Luo Han shouted. "You should know that if I want Qin Lie dead, I only have to do one thing!”

As he spoke, Luo Han and that two-level Soul Altar expert flew out of Evil Infant Island.

Qin Lie snorted. He interred to have the evil dragon Gilbert, Miao Fengtian, and the corpse demon attack, but the Evil Infant Boy stopped him with a wave of the hand.

"He is skilled in spatial power. In the present Land of Chaos, other than Duan Qianjie, and that Great Sage Bhutto of Heaven Ghoul Race, no one can stop him from leaving." The Evil Infant Boy shook his head and added, "Even Forefather Terminator cannot stop him, as he isn't well-versed in the mysteries of space."

Qin Lie raised his head. As expected, when he looked at Luo Han, he saw the space around him twisting and rippling chaotically.

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