Chapter 847: Resisting the Temptation

 Chapter 847: Resisting the Temptation

"Jiang Zhuzhe! If you let me live today, I swear to never set foot onto Blood Fiend Island in the future!"

The begging of the White Bone Demon Monarch came from under the Blood Drinking Wheel accompanied by sharp screams.

As the Blood Drinking Wheel spun, Qin Lie noticed that fragments of shattered bone flew from where the White Bone Demon Monarch was.

He knew that it was the White Bone Demon Monarch's two-level white bone Soul Altar.

In other words... Jiang Zhuzhe could use the Blood Drinking Wheel to crush his Soul Altar.

This undoubtedly was so that the White Bone Demon Monarch could never retaliate!

"No, I need a stronger Corpse Demon, and coincidentally, you make the cut." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled faintly and suddenly said, "Qin Lie, come over for a chat."

After Ji Qingpeng left, Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er stopped using the Frost Concept Diagram to disguise themselves and walked out into the open.

When Qin Lie heard Jiang Zhuzhe's invitation, he took out a crystalline war chariot and flew with Lin Liang'er towards where Jiang Zhuzhe and the others were.

A moment later, the two stopped in front of Jiang Zhuzhe.

Qin Lie looked around. His brows gradually furrowed as his eyes flashed with a strange light.

The Blood Drinkers that followed Jiang Zhuzhe seemed to be wild beasts at this time as they grabbed onto the blood cocoons and drank blood.

Each blood cocoon contained a martial practitioner that had invaded Blood Fiend Island. Some of them came from Celestial Artifact Sect, others were White Bone Demon Monarch's subordinates, and a portion were unaffiliated cultivators that had something to ask of Luo Han.

They had not yet died completely.

Miao Fengtian and the Corpse Demon stood next to Jiang Zhuzhe.

Other than this, his son, Jiang Tianxing, was nearby. His blood red eyes stared greedily at the White Bone Demon Monarch that was being crushed by the Blood Drinking Wheel. The bloody light in Jiang Tianxing's eyes was shudder-inducing.

"Father, I..." Jiang Tianxing licked his lips.

Jiang Zhuzhe waved his hand.

While Jiang Tianxing desired the delicious blood of White Bone Demon Monarch, he controlled his inner desires after Jiang Zhuzhe waved his hand.

"Qin Lie. Can you look at Tianxing's cultivation?" Jiang Zhuzhe asked randomly.

Jiang Tianxing stilled, and looked at his father in confusion, not sure why Jiang Zhuzhe had made this request of Qin Lie.

Qin Lie also stilled, but after a moment his eyes flashed as he seriously examined Jiang Tianxing.

When he looked closely, his expression was shocked. He breathed out. "Late stage of the Fulfillment Realm?"

Jiang Tianxing raised his head, his lips curving into a proud smile. He said, "Yes, I reached the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm a fortnight ago!"

Qin Lie became silent.

Three or four years ago, Jiang Tianxing had participated in the Trial of Graveyard of Gods. At that time, Jiang Tianxing was also in the Netherpassage Realm. He might have been even weaker than geniuses such as Chu Li and Luo Chen.

At that time, Jiang Tianxing hadn't even reached the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm.

In at most four years, the famous people such as Chu Li, Luo Chen, and Du Xiangyang, the future leaders of Silver rank forces, were just in the early stage of the Fulfillment Realm.

But Jiang Tianxing had overtaken them. He reached the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm!

In his view, all of this was clearly impossible, and illogical.

"You feel shocked?" Jiang Zhuzhe smiled slightly. His eyes narrowed slightly. "This is the wonder of cultivating the Blood Spirit Art! Drinking human blood to cultivate is the fastest way to gain cultivation, and you progress daily!"

Qin Lie’s expression changed.

"You did not cultivate using human blood but you possess mid-stage Fulfillment Realm cultivation after four years. Also... you are just a step away from another breakthrough." Jiang Zhuzhe judged Qin Lie with an insightful look. He idly said, "As far as I know, you were at most at the early stage of Netherpassage Realm when you entered the Graveyard of Gods. It seems that your progression speed matches Tianxing, who cultivates using human blood."

At this time, Jiang Tianxing's eyes became complicated, wary, and jealous as he looked at Qin Lie...

"In my view, your progression speed is so fast it is almost unimaginable." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled and then said sincerely, "However, I feel your cultivation speed can be faster!"

Qin Lie's heart jumped.

Jiang Zhuzhe said, "Don't you feel that your present cultivation cannot keep up with your status and identity? If you possessed Fragmentation Realm, or Nirvana Realm cultivation, with the resources you have and your mysterious methods, you would have ability to challenge even Imperishable Realm experts on your own!"

"When you obtain Nirvana Realm cultivation, when you use those secret arts, when you cast the Profound Thunder Heart, maybe... even the hearts of Imperishable Realm experts will explode!"

"And you may kill them in groups!"

"This is something that even Forefather Terminator himself cannot do!"

"That’s because Forefather Terminator cannot amplify the lightning and thunder power through the mysterious ancient diagrams to unleash such an unimaginable level of power!"

"When you enter the Imperishable Realm, with your methods and abilities, you will be invincible in the Land of Chaos!"

When he said this, Jiang Zhuzhe paused and looked deeply at Qin Lie. He smiled, showing his teeth, and said, "And I can give you a chance to speed up your cultivation!"

He suddenly pointed at the White Bone Demon Monarch who was groaning under the Blood Drinking Wheel. "This is a two-level Soul Altar expert. The energies in his body are so strong they can make you burst! And you only need to go and consume his blood with my secret method. You can refine the blood into your blood. You will immediately reach the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm. And in the near future, you’ll continue to break through!"

Jiang Zhuzhe tempted Qin Lie.

"Father!" Jiang Tianxing said urgently.

"Shut up!" Jiang Zhuzhe snorted coldly.

Jiang Tianxing bit down on his teeth, his eyes flashing with violence and madness.

"Mine, that is mine! It should be mine!" he repeatedly shouted in his mind.

Qin Lie's eyes were painfully conflicted as he looked at the figure under the Blood Drinking Wheel and the spraying bones.

He desired higher cultivation, stronger power. The desire to get strong was so strong that he wanted to reach the top with one step!

Jiang Zhuzhe was like a demon that displayed what he desired in front of him!

He only had to take a step, fall slightly, and his cultivation would increase greatly.

From then on, he would receive a completely new way to increase his strength, he could use that method to increase his breakthrough rate.

He struggled mightily inside.

"Qin Lie, you, you cannot do that." At this time, Lin Liang'er suddenly spoke. "You are not like other people. You cannot drink other people's blood. The blood of other people will make your... bloodline... unpure."

"Bloodline unpure ... ... bloodline unpure!"

Qin Lie suddenly shook and broke free of his great desire. His eyes immediately recovered their clarity.

"I possess the God Race bloodline. My bloodline must be pure in order to grow stronger. If I mix the blood of too many people with my own, in the long term, I will lose more than I’ll gain. Without it, I won’t be able to enter the Chaos Blood Realm, or release the inextinguishable flames of the Blaze Family."

A string of thoughts flashed through his mind. He suddenly glared at Jiang Zhuzhe, activated the crystalline chariot without a word, and left Blood Fiend Island.

Jiang Zhuzhe frowned and appeared extremely disappointed. He shook his head and sighed. "What a pity."

If Qin Lie made this step and cultivated using the White Bone Demon Monarch's blood, Qin Lie would be a member on his side. The Setting Sun Islands’ branch of Blood Fiend Sect would reject him.

Flaming Sun Island would sooner or later become a strong force in Jiang Zhuzhe's hands. He would get the upper hand in the battle for the orthodoxy of Blood Fiend Sect.

In order to attract Qin Lie, he had been waiting this entire time for an opportunity. In his view, this time was the best opportunity.

"There is nothing pitiful about it. If he drinks the blood of a two-level Soul Altar expert, that will be a pity!" Jiang Tianxing's eyes flashed with excitement as he shouted. He looked like a wild beast that leapt towards the groaning White Bone Demon Monarch.

"Move aside!"

At this time, Jiang Zhuzhe suddenly kicked out.

Jiang Tianxing's body flew back like a ball due to the kick. His bones cracked.


Jiang Tianxing landed a dozen meters away. He raised his head, his face covered in blood, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Father! You, you are willing to let an outsider drink the White Bone Demon Monarch's blood, but not me?" he shouted violently.

"You?" Jiang Zhuzhe glanced at him with indifference and lack of emotion. He said, "At present, you do not qualify to drink the blood of a two-level Soul Altar expert. You do not even qualify to drink the blood of Nirvana Realm martial practitioners. If you consume this, it will be a waste!"

"And him? Giving it to him is not a waste?!" Jiang Tianxing's anger shot up.

"Yes, if he consumes it, it is not a waste." Jiang Zhuzhe's tone was calm. He said coolly, "When you can create a faction like Flaming Sun Island, gather fourteen evil dragons, and have people like Evil Infant Boy and Forefather Dark Wind on your side, it will not be a waste for you to drink the blood of two-level Soul Altar experts."

"But I am your son!" Jiang Tianxing's eyes almost dripped blood.

"Son?" Jiang Zhuzhe jerked the corner of his lips, his gaze thoughtful. His voice was calm as he said, "If Qin Lie was willing to choose my branch as the orthodox Blood Fiend Sect, was willing to consume blood, and the condition was your life... I would not hesitate to kill you, my son."

Jiang Tianxing seemed to be struck by lightning.

Jiang Zhuzhe frowned and said coldly, "I only married an eastern barbarian female to obtain the trust of the eastern barbarians. And you are the byproduct of achieving my goal. To me, you are not any different than the Blood Drinkers under my command. At a critical moment, you can be sacrificed. Are we clear?"

Jiang Tianxing lowered his head. "Yes."

"Good," Jiang Zhuzhe said indifferently.

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