Chapter 846: Great Blood Soul Art!

Chapter 846: Great Blood Soul Art!

 Jiang Zhuzhe stood high up on the three-level blood jade Soul Altar.

The intruders that entered Blood Fiend Island were wrapped in bloody cocoons and gave off whimpers.

Even Ji Qingpeng and other Soul Altar experts like the White Bone Demon Monarch were covered in blood cocoons.

"Ice Split!"

The cocoon had been cut open by ice.

Jin Qingpeng broke free first, yet his face was an unhealthy white.

A hint of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth.

"You were unable to reconstruct your ice Soul Altar, you really think you can express the full power of a three level Soul Altar using Celestial Artifact Sect's method?" Jiang Zhuzhe's smile was slightly violent. "What? You were just attacked by the Spirits of Void and Chaos, and even some of the five element essence you use to stabilize your Soul Altar had been consumed. You must be unable to maintain the your Soul Altar's stability?"

Ji Qingpeng's expression was dark, he said nothing.

"You thought that because Seine encountered a problem in his cultivation and is unable to watch over the Ruined Lands, you can just come over and control me, who also possesses a three-level Soul Altar?" Jiang Zhuzhe gave a strange laugh. "Black Voodoo Cult's Jiang An knew that I constructed a three-level Soul Altar and didn't dare to come into the Ruined Lands to make trouble for me. Yet you did. You really don’t know what’s good for you."

His eyes were bloody and deep as his expression gradually became mad. A terrifying energy ripples exploded from his body.

Ji Qingpeng's eyes showed a hint of surprise. "Great Blood Soul Art!"

"Correct." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled brightly.

Patches of blood spread from the sky above Blood Field Island. A dense terrifying tang of blood existed in every corner of Blood Fiend Island.

Under the bloodly lights. Qin Lie who used the Frost Concept Diagram to disguise his aura detected that the drops of lifeblood essence in his body seemed as though they were about to explode.

"Boom! Boom!"

The martial practitioners who invaded Blood Fiend Island and were trapped in the cocoons gave off strange sounds when they were shrouded by the bloody aura.

Threads of dense bloody energy came out of the bloody cocoons and floated in the sky above Blood Fiend Island.

The martial practitioners who had shown clear signs of life a moment ago suddenly became lifeless in the next moment.

The dense blood energy seemed to grip the energies and souls of the killed martial practitioners—pulled them forcibly out of the blood cocoon.

Jiang Zhuzhe laughed wildly.

The Blood Drinkers of Blood FIend Island suddenly flew into the air from all the corners of the island. Their red eyes were wide as they greedily sucked in the dense blood energy that floated towards them.

The dense blood energy contained a sweet and mellow fragrance which was a bloodthirsty temptation.

Even Qin Lie, who was hiding, was almost unable to control himself after smelling this.

—He wanted to charge out to absorb the dense blood energy.

"Hahahaha! Great, blood food that came to the door. Young ones, absorb and increase your strength!" Jiang Zhuzhe was extremely excited.


The blood cocoon that covered the White Bone Demon Monarch cracked. His complexion was also pale.

It seemed that even a portion of the blood in his body had been pulled out.

"Great Blood Soul Art, you cultivate the Great Blood Soul Art!" Ji Qingpeng’s expression changed. At this time, he showed clear wariness in his eyes.

The "Great Blood Soul Art" was the most terrifying art of Blood Fiend Sect. It came from the second half of the Blood Scripture and was extremely formidable.

 Upon performing the Great Blood Soul Art, the caster could pull out the pure blood of the surrounding beings. The blood which contained surging life aura could form Blood Demons, could be used together with Blood Fiend Sect's spirit arts and could be used to form a variety of attacks.

Most importantly, the Blood Demon formed by the Great Blood Soul Art and the terrifying attack moves did not expend the strength of the caster.

This was a method that used the enemy's blood to attack the enemy. It was extremely mysterious.

The Blood Weeping Ghost Claw, the Blood Dragon’s Roar, the Blood Demon, all of Blood Fiend Sect's attacking methods could quickly form with the blood that was pulled out.

Those terrifying attacks were immediately used on Ji Qingpeng, the White Bone Demon Monarch, and others once they formed. They were not wasted at all.

The many Blood Drinkers became revitalized after absorbing the dense blood energy. Their eyes flashed with vicious light and their power increased greatly.

"Ji Qingpeng, if you were at your peak and had three middle stage Imperishable Realm martial practitioners, maybe you could match me." Jiang Zhuzhe laughed. "But your frost Soul Altar was damaged in the past, and still hasn't recovered. At present, even if you have the help of the White Bone Demon Monarch and others, you are not a match for me."

Pausing, Jiang Zhuzhe added, "Even without Qin Lie releasing the Spirits of Void and Chaos, even if he was delayed, you would still lose."

"Blood Drinking Wheel!"

An enormous wheel flew out of Jiang Zhuzhe's blood jade Soul Altar.

As the wheel spun, rays of bloody light shot out.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

As the wheel headed for Ji Qingpeng, Ji Qingpeng's blood inside his body lost control.

He couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood. His expression changed again. "I hadn't thought that the Blood Drinking Wheel of Blood Fiend Sect would also be in your hands!"

"Haha, I once lead Blood Fiend Sect for a short time, naturally I got some good things," Jiang Zhuzhe said casually.

"I admit defeat this time." Ji Qingpeng took a deep breath. Before the Blood Drinking Wheel landed, his body shattered like ice.

Countless small ice pieces exploded.

The cruel icy aura suddenly disappeared from Blood Fiend Island.

"I..." White Bone Demon Monarch opened his mouth to speak.

"Since Ji Qingpeng has left, then you should receive the blow of the "Blood Drinking Wheel." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled slightly.

The White Bone Demon Monarch paled.

Yet before he could escape from Blood Fiend Island, that blood-spraying wheel smashed down.


A muffled sound that seemed to push Blood FIend Island to sink, and the sound of White Bone Demon Monarch's bone shattering sounded almost at the same time.

"Jiang Zhuzhe, I, I admit defeat! From now on, I will not return to Blood Fiend Island!"

White Bone Demon Monarch gave a wail from inside the bloody red light. The Blood Drinking Wheel seemed to shred his flesh and it was hair-raising to hear.

"Too late, who told you to be the mastermind? Other people can leave, but you cannot." Jiang Zhuzhe laughed.

How could the other two two-level Soul Altar experts that Luo Han had invited not take the hint?

The two exchanged a look. Without a word, they immediately fled from Blood Fiend Island.

They didn't dare to stay on Evil Infant Island and Dark Wind Island. They did not return to Black Gold Spirit Turtle and directly fled the Ruined Lands.

Jiang Zhuzhe snorted. “I will slowly settle the score with you later!" Jiang Zhuzhe laughed as he stared at the two people's backs.

"Brother Jiang, White Bone Demon Monarch's corpse can be forged into a top-quality Corpse Demon, please take care of it!" Miao Fengtian said hurriedly.

"Wonderful!" Jiang Zhuzhe had a pleased expression.

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