Chapter 845: Feed

Chapter 845: Feed

A bloody flash later, Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er abruptly appeared on Blood Fiend Island.

Qin Lie was starting to figure out how to properly execute Blood Escape, so he was able to choose their escape’s direction.

That was why they landed perfectly on Blood Fiend Island.

“Why are your senses more acute than mine? How are you able to confirm that they are the Heaven Ghoul clansmen?” Lin Liang’er asked.

“My bloodline is a lot more sensitive when it comes to the Heaven Ghoul Race. Just now one of those four Heaven Ghoul clansmen was at least in the Imperishable Realm, or I wouldn’t have wasted a lifeblood essence immediately to escape that place,” Qin Lie said solemnly.

“I see.” Lin Liang’er frowned. “You and I are still a bit too weak. We both don’t have many ways to deal with Soul Altar level experts.”

Qin Lie admitted with the same helpless look on his face.

It was only then that he noticed that he was still holding Lin Liang’er’s small, icy hand. He quickly let go of her hand.

When he looked at Lin Liang’er, he noticed that a trace of surprise suddenly flashing through her eyes...

“If I had a few more years to cultivate the inheritance left behind by the Ice Emperor on Frost Island’s Celestial Ice Crystals, I may be able to ascend to rank eight.” Lin Liang’er quickly recovered herself and said coolly, “A rank eight Ice Phoenix is not inferior to a rank eight Evil Dragon. Moreover, I am very familiar with the Ice Emperor’s inheritance and possess the Ice Phoenixes’ racial talent. I believe that I will be the equal of other one or two-level Soul Altar experts once I reach rank eight.”

“I should be able to ascend to the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm after we’re done with this trip. However, there is still the Fragmentation Realm, Nirvana Realm, and Imperishable Realm ahead of my path of cultivation…” Qin Lie shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

“Your ascension will be much faster than most human martial practitioners because you have unusual talents and the bloodline of the God Race. They will grant you physique, soul perception and True Soul that is far stronger than any other martial practitioner of the same rank!” Lin Liang’er said seriously, “In my opinion, you may be able to reach Nirvana Realm in just a hundred years time.”

“A hundred years…” Qin Lie still looked bitter despite this.

As his horizons were broadened, and his experiences were enriched, he slowly noticed that his cultivation was going to become a serious crutch.

He hadn’t been cultivating for too long, yet his breakthrough speed was pretty much the best or second best among all his peers.

However, he had been leapfrogging his way through his cultivation as of late. Flaming Sun Island had also attracted too much attention even though it was also developing at an incredible rate. This meant that the people he came into contact with were all reputable people on the Land of Chaos including Fragmentation Realm, Nirvana Realm and even Imperishable Realm martial practitioners.

Compared to those ancient demons and powerful evil spirits who had cultivated for hundreds or even thousands of years, his realm was naturally not insufficient to deal with the problems at hand.

“When this is over, I will put more effort into improving my cultivation,” Qin Lie said suddenly.

“The Celestial Ice Crystal mine of Frost Island will be very beneficial to your cultivation.”

“I understand.”

“Celestial River of Blue Blood!”

It was at this moment Jiang Zhuzhe’s harsh laughter rang from above Blood Fiend Island.

Naturally, Qin Lie looked up towards the bloody sky from a secluded corner in Blood Fiend Island.

On the sky, two unnaturally long blood rivers had appeared in the shape of a cross.

At the center of the cross, there was a thick, wriggling ball of blood that looked like a blood demon wrapped inside a blood cocoon.

Jiang Zhuzhe’s laugh had come from inside the wriggling blood ball. His voice alone caused everyone’s blood to flow in an unnatural pattern. It was as if their blood was attempting to escape their bodies.

The Celestial River of Blue Blood hung high above the sky was emitting an evil aura that caused everyone’s blood to go out of control.

Beneath the blood river, many of the outsiders who invaded Blood Fiend Island suddenly spat out mouthful of bloods, looking very pale in the face.

The blood they spat actually flew up to the sky because they were attracted by the Celestial River of Blue Blood.

Like rivers to seas, the streams of blood converged at the Celestial River of Blue Blood and caused the blood stench of Blood Fiend Island to grow even more pungent.

“Ice Soul Divine Light!”

A bone-chilling voice resounded from the blood river. Then, a three-level frost Soul Altar suddenly appeared.

The three-level Soul Altar sparkled with translucent, icy light. The light that looked like it was imbued with the soul of frost shone at all directions.

Qin Lie could clear sense tiny bits of soul thoughts that felt like frost crystals assembling themselves inside the light and seemingly changing the laws of the world itself.

A terrifying frost concept rippled out of the translucent icy light, and the terrifying cracks started to resound from the two Celestial Rivers of Blue Blood as if they were being frozen by jets of cold air.

His power enveloped the entire Blood Fiend Island. The aura that caused the outsiders to spew blood was gone after the Celestial Rivers of Blue Blood had been frozen swiftly.

“White Bone Nail!”

“Profound Flame Awl!”

At the same time, White Bone Demon Monarch and another unfamiliar two-level Soul Altar expert cried out in unison.

Cooperating with Ji Qingpeng’s “Ice Soul Divine Light”, they had attacked the frozen Jiang Zhuzhe inside the blood rivers at a suitable time.

On the other side of the battlefield, another unfamiliar two-level Soul Altar expert was fighting one on two against Miao Fengtian and the Corpse Demon Pu Ze, preventing them from extending Jiang Zhuzhe a helping hand.

“That woman was correct. A master artificer who can refine a Heaven Grade spirit artifact really is capable of attracting the aid of peak experts.” Lin Liang’er looked at the sky battle and said, “Those two two-level Soul Altar experts had probably attacked Jiang Zhuzhe willingly because they needed an artificer to forge them a complementary spirit artifact.”

“I guess Flaming Sun Island can use the same tactic to recruit them as our foreign delegates in the future.” Qin Lie nodded quietly.

“It is a good way to recruit experts.” Lin Liang’er admitted.

“Come, Spirits of Void and Chaos! It’s time to feed!” Sucking in a deep breath, Qin Lie reached deep into the Soul Suppressing Orb and forcefully summoned them with a wisp of soul consciousness.

The moment his soul thought appeared, the Soul Suppressing Orb hidden inside his glabella abruptly lit up.

In the next moment, six rays of bright and colorful light beams abruptly appeared.

“This one, that one, and these two!” Qin Lie locked his consciousness onto Ji Qingpeng, the White Bone Demon Monarch and the two unfamiliar two-level Soul Altar experts.

He was preventing the Spirits of Void and Chaos from committing friendly fire.


The six Spirits of Void and Chaos replied and told him that they understood who their targets were.

After that, their figure turned blurry until they vanished entirely.

Even Lin Liang’er was unable to detect the Spirits of Void and Chaos any longer. It was as if they never existed.

“If I’m protected by several Soul Altar experts and six Spirits of Void and Chaos… I should be able to gain the upper hand in most battles.” Qin Lie thought to himself.

“Eh! What’s this?!”

The White Bone Demon Monarch was the first one to let out a sudden scream. A blurry shadow had appeared inside his bone-forged Soul Altar.

The shadow was swiftly eating away at the metal called “purple gold” that the White Bone Demon Monarch had used to forge his Soul Altar. This caused his two-level white bone Soul Altar to become unstable.

“Ah! Something’s crawling into my Soul Altar!”

“Mine too!”

The other two two-level Soul Altar martial practitioners were also screaming involuntarily. Their eyes were filled with fear.

A Soul Altar was the foundation of a Soul Altar expert’s soul. It was a sacred place that no foreign power was allowed to enter.

That was why the Spirits of Void and Chaos’ invasion and the fact that the refined spirit materials in their Soul Altars were being absorbed caused them to have a terrible premonition.

The three-level Soul Altar expert Ji Qingpeng possessed the most acute senses out of all these people, so the moment the water-type Spirit of Void and Chaos had invaded his Soul Altar, he immediately withdrew it back into his mind.

“Flaming Sun Island’s Qin Lie has arrived!” Ji Qingpeng said coldly.

The moment he said this, the two unfamiliar Soul Altar experts and the White Bone Demon Monarch turned pale at the same time.

They hastily withdrew their Soul Altars back into their minds before they suffered even greater losses.

By now the details of the battle between Flaming Sun Island and Illusory Demon Sect had reached every corner of the world. Many people knew that Qin Lie possessed six strange life forms that were the bane of all Soul Altars.

Everyone knew that Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan’s Soul Altars were horribly damaged. It made all Soul Altar experts grow cautious.

“Do not expose your Soul Altars!”

Ji Qingpeng began scanning Blood Fiend Island with a frigid look and icy eyes.

A cold aura fell and enveloped the entire Blood Fiend Island like snowfall.

“Hide yourself with the frost concept,” Lin Liang’er said softly.

Qin Lie nodded and immediately started to circulate his Frost Arts. He slowly recalled the Frost Concept Diagram and imagined that he was an icy rock in an icy world.

Ji Qingpeng frosty soul intent scoured every corner of Blood Fiend Island in attempt to seek out Qin Lie.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to detect anything unusual.

The frost power he learned was far inferior to the frost concept left behind by the Ice Emperor.

Therefore, he wasn’t able to detect Qin Lie or Lin Liang’er at all after they had unleashed their frost concept.

“Qin Lie, Ji Qingpeng and these people couldn’t establish themselves on Blood Fiend Island even if you didn’t show up.” Jiang Zhuzhe’s laughter resounded again from the intersecting point of the two frozen rivers. “Do you really think that a Ji Qingpeng with a damaged Soul Altar and a couple of two-level Soul Altar experts are enough to threaten me?”

“Blood Art: Explosion!”

The moment he said this, the two frozen blood rivers abruptly exploded into a rain of blood beads.

Every single one of these ruby-like blood beads contained the miniature version of Jiang Zhuzhe. For an instant, it was as if the world was raining with tens of thousands of Jiang Zhuzhe.

These blood beads landed on Ji Qingpeng, the White Bone Demon Monarch, and the two two-level Soul Altar martial practitioners.

The blood immediately turned sticky and wrapped around them like glue the moment it touched them.

For a moment, every outsider on Blood Fiend Island was turned into blood corns.

—They were all wrapped tightly inside a blood cocoon.

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