Chapter 844: Verbal Spar

Chapter 844: Verbal Spar

Luo Han and his people were practically willing to do anything in order to obtain the ancient spirit diagrams. They actually colluded with people like the White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother and others, and travelled over a far distance from the Heavenly Fissure Continent to invade the Ruined Lands.

They still came even when the three great ghoul races were still tormenting the people of the Land of Chaos!

“I will stand right here and see how you can possibly destroy everything I own! Show me how you can extract the ancient spirit diagrams you dream of from my memories!” Qin Lie said violently.

“There’s no hurry.” Luo Kexin’s tone was still calm despite her chilly looks, “When we’re done with White Bone Island, Evil Infant Island, and Dark Wind Island, you will have no choice but to submit, am I right?” Disdain appeared from inside her eyes. “You are just a Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner. There is only so much you can affect in this better. Plus… I heard that Flaming Sun Island doesn’t even have a Soul Altar expert.”

Luo Kexin raised her eyebrows slightly and declared proudly, “But we are different.”

“Forget Celestial Artifact Sect’s internal power, my grandfather alone knows five Soul Altar experts who are willing to fight for his cause! Moreover, there are hundreds of Nirvana Realm and Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners who are willing to fight for my grandfather. All my grandfather needs to do is to promise them that he’ll forge them a spirit artifact when he’s free, and they will be willing to deliver everything they have!”

“This is a power that only a Heaven rank master artificer can possess!”

“Your Flaming Sun Island…” Luo Kexin shook her head and said disdainfully, “is still leagues away from us!”

Qin Lie’s expression turned heavy.

He finally noticed just how terrifying the influence of a Heaven rank artificer like Luo Han was.

It was because the number of artificers who could refine Heaven Grade spirit artifacts in the entire Land of Chaos were few and far between. Moreover, most of them belonged in Celestial Artifact Sect.

This phenomenon gave all martial practitioners of the Land of Chaos no choice but to seek out Celestial Artifact Sect after they reached a certain level. If they wished to wield a spirit artifact tailor-made for themselves, they would have to beg true master artificers like Luo Han for one.

Even an Imperishable Realm expert needed a powerful spirit artifact to increase their strength. If they wished to have a spirit artifact forged, they had to strike a deal with a master artificer like Luo Han.

After all, nearly all master artificers that existed in the Land of Chaos belonged to Celestial Artifact Sect.

It was also true that the current Celestial Artifact Sect didn’t have a real competition.

This enabled Luo Han to command an unbelievable amount of powerful martial practitioners who desperately needed high grade spirit artifacts to increase their power. They all had to obey Luo Han’s commands if they wanted him to fulfill his promise.

Therefore, dealing with some of Luo Han’s troubles and killing a few stupid fellows for Luo Han became a matter of fact to them.

At this point, Qin Lie immediately understood that some of the experts who invaded the Ruined Lands along with Celestial Artifact Sect were this type of people.

Luo Han must have gathered a lot of experts using his unimaginable influence. That was why he dared invade the Ruined Lands in such a grandiose manner.

“You’re right. The current Flaming Sun Island still has a long way to go before it can catch up to your Celestial Artifact Sect.” Qin Lie nodded and admitted the gap between the two factions after pondering for a moment.

But just as a pleased look appeared on Luo Kexin’s face, he continued, “However… as time goes on and Flaming Sun Island’s understanding of the ancient spirit diagrams grows deeper and deeper, it won’t take too long before our own influence reaches Celestial Artifact Sect’s! Moreover, when one day Flaming Sun Island forges a high grade spirit artifact that surpasses everything that Celestial Artifact Sect created using the ancient spirit diagrams, everything that is yours shall become ours!”

His mouth split open into an evil grin. “Senior Evil Infant Boy’s Heavenly Mirror is a Heaven Grade spirit artifact Celestial Artifact Sect forged, yet none of you were able to fix it after it was damaged. But not only did I manage to restore it to full health in just a few months’ time, its power is even greater than ever before!”

“Doesn’t this mean that Flaming Sun Island has already surpassed you in certain aspects?”

“Given enough time, what can your Celestial Artifact Sect possibly do to defeat us in the future?”

“Do you really think that your current level of artifact forging skills is enough to beat us?”

When the retort was done, the proud look on Luo Kexin’s face had vanished entirely.

In fact, a hint of fear and anxiety had peeked out of her eyes.

She wasn’t a fool at all. It was exactly because she knew how valuable the ancient spirit diagrams were that she urged Celestial Artifact Sect and her grandfather to move as fast as possible.

In fact, she was the only one who suggested that she should marry Qin Lie for the ancient spirit diagrams.

She did all this because she knew very well that the artifact forging skills that carried Celestial Artifact Sect to become a Silver rank force were absolutely inferior to the mysterious and powerful ancient spirit diagrams.

She knew that Qin Lie’s intentionally hurtful retort might very well become an actual reality in the future!

If Flaming Sun Island were given more time to develop themselves and study the ancient spirit diagrams; if Flaming Sun Island ultimately succeeded in refining a powerful Heaven Grade spirit artifact...

Then the day it happened would also be the day Celestial Artifact Sect, an artifact forging sect, would suffer a crushing defeat!

They would no longer be able to earn an obscene amount of spirit stones through selling spirit artifacts. Every master artificer in Celestial Artifact Sect would eventually be surpassed entirely by the master artificers of Flaming Sun Island!

A nation could not hold two kings, and just the same Celestial Artifact Sect was fated to fall if Flaming Sun Island successfully rose to the top.

After all, their two sects were the most direct of direct competitors.

“You’re right. If we allow Flaming Sun Island to continue develop, you will definitely become a big threat to us in the future.” Luo Kexin fell silent for a moment before continuing seriously, “That is why we will not give you any more time during this invasion. We will eliminate you before you can threaten us, no matter the cost!”

After she said this, she flew backwards on her Charm Spirit Demon Fox and ordered the three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners in a small voice, “Take him down! You don’t need to hold back. We only need the memories in his head, so you can do whatever you want as long as he’s breathing!”


The clothes worn by the three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners made it clear that they didn’t belong to Celestial Artifact Sect.

After acknowledging Luo Kexin’s command, they watched her until she flew back to the Black Gold Spirit Turtle before they slowly made their way towards Qin Lie.

“Three Nirvana Realm enemies, with two at the early stage and one at the middle stage. I can’t fight all of them alone,” Lin Liang’er said softly.

“Nirvana Realm… I can’t fight against them too.”

Qin Lie smiled before looking at the nearby Blood Fiend Island, Evil Infant Island, and Dark Wind Island. A plan had already been formed in his mind.

“Let’s hide in Blood Fiend Island and aid Jiang Zhuzhe in dealing with his troubles for a bit. I’d like to see if there are any audacious fellows who dared to expose their Soul Altars in battle.”

He then immediately drove the crystalline war chariot straight towards Blood Fiend Island.

The three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners exchanged a worried glance with one another.

Qin Lie was currently very close to Blood Fiend Island. Even if they did everything in their power to stop him, it was unlikely that they could stop him from entering Blood Fiend Island.

This also meant that Qin Lie would venture deep into Blood Fiend Sect before they could attack him.

Right now, Blood Fiend Sect was the Soul Altar martial practitioners’ private stage. They might have been able to kill Qin Lie outside Blood Fiend Island with little difficulty, but in Blood Fiend Island… whether they succeeded or not was completely dependent on other factors.

They were also slightly afraid of Blood Fiend Island and didn’t want to venture too deeply into that territory.

That was why they were hesitant.

“Don’t you forget your own requests!” Luo Kexin’s voice rang quietly behind them at this moment. “Also, our numbers on Blood Fiend Island are currently greater; I have no idea what you three are worried about. Hmph, if you want us to forge you a spirit artifact, you will have to work for your reward. Why else would we invite you over to this place? Or did you think that we’re hiring you to spectate the show?”

The three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners who needed Luo Han to forge their spirit artifacts had no choice but to chase into Blood Fiend Island with bitter looks on their faces.

Right now, the surrounding area of Blood Fiend Island, Soul Summoning Island, Evil Infant Island, and Dark Wind Island was filled with evil spirits.

These people were simply watching the ensuing battles from far, far away. No one tried to interfere.

It was because Luo Han’s force was exceptionally powerful. They even managed to recruit some powerful locals into their midst such as the White Bone Demon Monarch, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Chi Yan and Gu Tuo. This caused the evil spirits and foreign races of the Ruined Lands to become even more docile.

They only wanted to witness how the situation would develop.

When Qin Lie was flying towards Blood Fiend Island, four people covered in pitch black robes flew out from the onlookers like four shadows.


The strange sound of scratching space and some tiny sparks appeared from inside their clothes.

Although the four black clad martial practitioners seemed to be swaying like ghosts and moving slowly, they instantly appeared near Blood Fiend Island.

A strong sense of danger instantly entered Qin Lie’s mind. It nearly caused him to tremble constantly like a leaf.

His bloodline instantly burned like lava, and countless blaze divine characters suddenly flew out of his body. It caused the air around him to burn with unbearable heat.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Liang’er exclaimed.

She was standing very close to Qin Lie, and she naturally hated all kinds of heat. That was why she had picked up the changes inside his body immediately.

After sucking in a deep breath, Qin Lie tapped into his lifeblood essence and executed Blood Escape immediately. It was only then he yelled, “The Heaven Ghoul Race!”

The moment he said this, he grabbed Lin Liang’er and vanished in a puff of bloody light.

The instant he disappeared, the crystalline war chariot he and Lin Liang’er were on was actually cut into many pieces by invisible spatial blades.

It was only after the vehicle was cut before the sharp spatial blades revealed themselves like a bright school of fishes.

“He managed to escape again!”

The leader of the quartet said with a dark and raspy voice. His pupils were shining with cold and merciless light.

“The Heaven Ghoul Race!”

Not far away, Luo Kexin hadn’t fully returned to the Black Gold Spirit Turtle because she was watching the scene closely. She couldn’t help but cry out when she saw what happened.

She had participated in that bloody battle on Prism Continent, and she had fought the Heaven Ghoul clansmen head on. She immediately recognized who they were from their eyes alone. They were four clansmen of Prism Continent’s Heaven Ghoul Race!

“Find him!”

The leader of the group ignored Luo Kexin’s cry and ordered darkly.

The four black robed martial practitioners who had attracted many of the onlookers’ attention suddenly turned blurry.

With their bodies in the center, the space around them started rippling.

Just as the onlookers attempted to get a better look at the quartet, they suddenly vanished mysteriously from their sight.

The Heaven Ghoul clansmen who were well-versed in the power of space vanished right before their eyes, just like that.

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