Chapter 843: As Cold as Iron

Chapter 843: As Cold as Iron

It didn’t take long before Qin Lie got close to Blood Fiend Island while leading fourteen evil dragons, La Pu, and Lin Liang’er.

Blood Fiend Island, Evil Infant Island, Dark Wind Island, and Soul Summoning Island were in fact right next to each other.

The moment Qin Lie approached Blood Fiend Island, he immediately saw that the entire island was enveloped by a bloody light.

The stench of blood that spread out from the island was so pungent that anyone who smelled it would feel like vomiting. As a result, the martial practitioners of the Ruined Lands who came to watch the show didn’t dare get too close. They only dared to watch the battle from several kilometers away.

The sound of crumbling mountains, shattering earth and the occasional short bursts of savage laughter of Jiang Zhuzhe could be heard from Blood Fiend Island.

Brilliant light screens and terrifying explosions happened all over the island from time to time, informing everyone within the area that Blood Fiend Island was currently embroiled in a desperate battle.

Solemnly, Qin Lie turned to look towards Evil Infant Island and Dark Wind Island nearby. Just the same, he noticed that a lot of figures were running here and there on the islands, and sometimes he could hear the sounds of clashing spirit artifacts.

A huge flying spirit artifact called the “Black Gold Spirit Turtle” was floating between Blood Fiend Island, Evil Infant Island, and Dark Wind Island.

The Black Gold Spirit Turtle was almost three kilometers long, and it looked like another island floating amidst these islands.

This was Celestial Artifact Sect’s flying spirit artifact, and it was both incredibly fast and offensively powerful.

If one were to pay attention to the Black Gold Spirit Turtle’s back, they would notice that a large spatial teleportation formation that seemed capable of teleporting straight to any continent of the Land of Chaos was built on top of it.

Nearly everyone knew that the Black Gold Spirit Turtle was the master artificer Luo Han’s personal mount.

The moment Qin Lie saw the Black Gold Spirit Turtle, he immediately knew that this master artificer had to be somewhere nearby.

Many splendorous and majestic palaces were also built atop the Black Gold Spirit Turtle’s vast back. A lot of crystalline war chariots were also parked there.

A lot of martial practitioners went in and out of those palaces and war chariots. They seemed to be on guard against something.

When Qin Lie showed up with the fourteen evil dragons, a beautiful and graceful figure abruptly appeared from a magnificent palace behind the Black Gold Spirit Turtle’s back.

The graceful figure called over a Charm Spirit Demon Fox and left the Black Gold Spirit Turtle, flying towards Qin Lie with bright eyes. Three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners were also by her side, guarding her carefully.

“Long time no see, Qin Lie.” Luo Kexin smiled slightly.

She was dressed in a dark purple woolen dress, and her eyes and slender body gave off a bewitching charm just like the Charm Spirit Demon Fox beneath her.

Behind her, the three Nirvana Realm martial practitioners spread out in a row and allowed their vast aura to spill out of their body, adding into her presence.

“Miss Luo, why has Celestial Artifact Sect entered the Ruined Lands in such great numbers?” Qin Lie asked with a frown.

“We are here to punish the traitors of Celestial Artifact Sect and regain our ultimate treasure, the Heavenly Mirror. Moreover… we wish to have a good talk with you and Senior Jiang Zhuzhe,” said Luo Kexin calmly.

“Oh?” Qin Lie’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Is attacking Blood Fiend Island Celestial Artifact Sect’s way of ‘friendly’ talk?”

“You are joking, Island Master Qin.” Luo Kexin looked unruffled. “We haven’t attacked Blood Fiend Island. We were merely invited by the White Bone Demon Monarch as a guest at White Bone Island. This is White Bone Island, is it not? Since when has it been Blood Fiend Island?”

A pause later, Luo Kexin continued, “You can’t be saying that the island’s name must be changed after Jiang Zhuzhe entered it, right? If that is the case, should we call it Celestial Artifact Island now that we’ve gone inside?”

Qin Lie broke into involuntary laughter. “Of course you can. As long as you are able to force Jiang Zhuzhe out of the island, you may rename the island however you wish.”

“Is that a rule in the Ruined Lands?” Luo Kexin smiled.

Qin Lie nodded smilingly in return. “That’s right. This is a rule in the Ruined Lands. Whoever has the biggest fists makes the rule.”

“Oh, okay. It won’t be long before this island shall be renamed into White Bone Island once more,” Luo Kexin said confidently.

“Qin Lie, there are at least six Soul Altar experts on the Blood Fiend Island right now,” La Pu suddenly said with a lowered voice.

Before he spoke up, he had probed the Blood Fiend Sect on the island with his eighth eye. He was able to detect the number of experts on the island by discerning the minute disturbances in energy.

“Six Soul Altar experts…” Qin Lie hid his surprise as he said this.

According to his knowledge, the only Soul Altar experts on Jiang Zhuzhe’s side were himself and Miao Fengtian. This meant that the remaining four Soul Altar experts were probably from Luo Han and the White Bone Demon Monarch’s side.

The White Bone Demon Monarch aside, there was also Illusory Demon Sect’s Ji Qingpeng. Otherwise, none of them could’ve fought against the three-level Soul Altar expert like Jiang Zhuzhe.

The remaining two Soul Altar experts shouldn’t have much trouble fighting against the one-level Soul Altar expert Miao Fengtian.

Now that he had figured out the situation, Qin Lie could understand why Luo Kexin looked so confident in her chances.

“Ding ding ding!”

He casually took out the bell and shook it twice right in front of Luo Kexin.

The white bone coffin placed inside the crystalline war chariot abruptly flew towards Blood Fiend Island like a rainbow.


The Corpse Demon Pu Ze threw open the coffin’s cover and abruptly stood up. He charged straight into the island filled with blood stench.

“Perfect! Perfect timing!”

Jiang Zhuzhe’s candid laughter broke out of the blood mist that looked as thick as liquid.

The ghost of a smile also appeared on the corner of Qin Lie’s lips when he heard Jiang Zhuzhe’s laughter. He knew that Jiang Zhuzhe was probably still strong enough to deal with the enemies on the island.

“What is that?”

On the other hand, Luo Kexin’s face changed slightly as he turned around to question a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner next to her.

“It’s probably a Corpse Demon refined by Miao Fengtian,” that person answered.

A pause later, he added, “The corpse aura that Corpse Demon possesses is extremely terrifying, so it also means that he possesses formidable strength. Perhaps… it might possess the strength of an Imperishable Realm martial practitioner.”

“A Corpse Demon with the power of a Soul Altar expert…” Luo Kexin muttered with a look that was slightly more serious than before.

“Gilbert, take your brethren to Evil Infant Island and aid Evil Infant Boy in killing all outsiders.” Qin Lie turned around and instructed.


Gilbert roared and charged into Evil Infant Island with its brethren imposingly.

“I thought the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother was dealing with these evil dragons?” Luo Kexin’s complexion turned even uglier than before.

“The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother hadn’t returned to the Soul Summoning Island. She and her disciples are supposed to be fighting the evil dragons at Seven Eye Island right now,” said that Nirvana Realm Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner once more.

“Oh no! My grandfather and his men are the ones fighting Evil Infant Boy on Evil Infant Island!” Luo Kexin gritted her teeth.

“Senior La Pu, why don’t you head to Dark Wind Island and see if Forefather Darkwind needs any help?” Qin Lie said again.

“I owe Forefather Darkwind a huge favor.” After nodding slightly, La Pu flew towards Dark Wind Island like an arrow while covered in thick nether demonic energy.

“He’s an eight-eyed Ghost Eye Race clansman! Even the weakest eight-eyed Ghost Eye Race clansman is the equal of a human one-level Soul Altar expert, not to mention that their eighth eye possesses mysterious powers that makes them incredibly difficult opponents to fight against!” Behind Luo Kexin, the Nirvana Realm Celestial Artifact Sect martial practitioner lowered his voice again before explaining.

The moment he said this, Luo Kexin’s eyes suddenly turned dark.

Before Qin Lie had appeared, she was calm and sure that her people had the upper hand on Blood Fiend Island, Evil Infant Island, and Dark Wind Island.

She thought that the situation was under Celestial Artifact Sect’s control already.

However, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s defeat had allowed the fourteen evil dragons to go free. The Corpse Demon and La Pu joining the battle had also caused the war situation to become uncertain once more.

It was at this moment that she stopped believing that her side had an absolute advantage on the three islands.

“Why must you go up against us, Qin Lie?” Luo Kexin suddenly looked bitter as she said sourly, “Does our offer still not meet your demands?”

“Offer? What offer?” Qin Lie feigned ignorance.

“You know, I’m talking about that… offer we employed Jiang Zhuzhe to inform you about.” A small, charming blush appeared on Luo Kexin’s cheeks.

Previously, Jiang Zhuzhe told him that Celestial Artifact Sect was willing to betroth Luo Kexin to him. They also promised that his child with Luo Kexin was certain to become the next candidate to succeed Celestial Artifact Sect no matter what gender they turned out to be.

Celestial Artifact Sect was willing to make a huge sacrifice to obtain the ancient spirit diagrams he possessed.

In Celestial Artifact Sect’s opinion, they had shown enough sincerity to move anyone. No matter how greedy a person could be, they should be satisfied with this generous offer.

However, Qin Lie had turned them down mercilessly once more.

It was this rejection that brought Celestial Artifact Sect’s fury completely to surface. It was why they completely lost their patience and attempted to use some extreme methods to achieve their objective—seizing Qin Lie’s ancient spirit diagrams for themselves!

When Luo Han learned that the damaged Heavenly Mirror forged by his master many years ago had been repaired, he finally couldn’t restrain himself any longer.

“Terminator Sect can give me everything you offer, and they aren’t nearly as greedy as you are…” Qin Lie grinned and taunted discourteously, “Plus, I don’t think you are in any way prettier, smarter, stronger or of better birth than Senior Sister Shen Yue, are you?”

“Shen Yue! Her again!!” Luo Kexin abruptly lost her cool.

As the two most outstanding women in Celestial Artifact Sect and Terminator Sect, countless people had tried to compare her to Shen Yue. Luo Kexin herself never stopped trying to beat Shen Yue.

Unfortunately for her, she was ultimately inferior to Shen Yue in their many conflicts.

Shen Yue was a thorn in Luo Kexin’s heart.

Therefore, when Qin Lie’s unconscious mention of Shen Yue hit the sore spot in her heart, she turned hysterical instantly.

“Since you insist on doing the wrong thing, then I shall urge Celestial Artifact Sect to destroy everything you possess. I shall pop all the foundation you’ve built on Flaming Sun Island and in the Ruined Lands like a bubble!” Luo Kexin said with chilling eyes. “We will extract everything you know about the ancient spirit diagrams from your brain! And we will feed your delicious body to Chi Yan and Gu Tuo!”

“I knew that you’ve planned this from the start. It seems that you’ve even decided on how to share my soul and flesh!” Qin Lie said with an incredibly dark look on his face. Luo Kexin’s words had spurred true anger in his heart.

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