Chapter 842: Bane of Vile Souls

Chapter 842: Bane of Vile Souls!

A frightening, shrill howl that sounded like the cry for help of a wounded animal reached the crystalline war chariot.

On the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie stared straight at Seven Eye Island with an increasingly severe look on his face.

At the distance, Seven Eye Island was almost completely covered in mist. Ghastly wails and terrifying chewing sounds resounded occasionally from inside the fog.

“Kekeke! Today’s the day I use your souls to feed my ghosts, you filthy evil dragons!”

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s wail-like voice resounded throughout the entire Seven Eye Island and amidst eerie fog.

The evil spirits and wraiths inside the fog also responded with their own ghastly wails after hearing her odd laughter.

For a time, every corner of Seven Eye Island was bustling with the eerie cries of ghosts.

“The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother!” La Pu’s expression changed.

Deep inside the Ruined Lands, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother was a cultivator who was just as infamous and difficult to fight against as the White Bone Demon Monarch and Forefather Dark Wind.

In fact, she was slightly stronger than both Chi Yan and Gu Tuo, even though she only possessed a one-level Soul Altar.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother was well-versed in controlling evil spirits and wraiths to attack her enemies. If she went all out, she could summon over tens of thousands of ghosts to aid her in battle.

Even the experts who were slightly stronger than her might find their souls invaded, eaten and tortured by her phantoms if they weren’t careful.

Moreover, the Seven Eye Island was carefully cultivated by La Pu for many years. The island was planted with a large amount of Nether Realm plants, which resulted in it being covered in rich nether demonic energy at all times.

The nether demonic energy’s cold and eerie world aura amplifies the power of evil spirits and wraiths. Therefore, the environment made the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother even more powerful.

“To most people, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother may be a difficult opponent. But I… am not one of those people!” Qin Lie sneered. A flash of intimidating light fleeted across Qin Lie’s eyes, and it looked as sharp as a cold blade.

“Hmm, I forgot that you are well-versed in the power of thunder and lightning!” La Pu became spirited at the revelation.

“Let us get onto the island!” Qin Lie announced with fearless courage.

The crystalline war chariot charged right through the thick fog and into Seven Eye Island.

“Uuuuuu, uuuuuuu…”

The painful wails of evil spirits and wraiths came from every direction. They seemed to present everywhere.

Deep inside the thick fog, Qin Lie could see many giant draconic bodies seemingly twisting in pain.

It was as if there were many evil spirits and wraiths that were tearing and feeding on the evil dragons’ flesh. Their attacks caused the evil dragons to roar angrily in response.

Fire, ice, and acid were sprayed out of the evil dragons’ mouths and towards the chilly fog where the evil spirits and wraiths were hiding in.

Unfortunately, this particular type of attack didn’t seem to have too much of an effect on the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s evil spirits and wraiths.

Inside the fog, a lot of evil spirits and wraiths were wriggling and searching for flesh and refined energy.

When Qin Lie’s crystalline war chariot entered the island, and after the evil spirits and wraiths sensed his life force, they rushed towards him like moths to fire.


Qin Lie smiled chillingly before he released the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs and activated Heavenly Thunder Eradication.


Dazzling lightning burst out of the slabs and joined together to form a web.

Thunderous rumbles also resounded at the same time.

“Thunder of the Ninth Heaven!”

“Boom boom boom!”

Lightning suddenly poured down from the nine heavens like long snakes mixed with ball-shaped thunder.

For a time, thunder and lightning flooded the world surrounding Qin Lie.

Countless wriggling evil souls and wraiths were turned to nothingness after they were struck by the crackling lightnings and thunders.

The shrill mournful cries of ghosts started resounding from every corner of Seven Eye Island.


Suddenly, the hooting Soul Summoning Ghost Mother let out a blood-curdling scream that sounded like someone had cut a piece of her flesh out. She began swearing on top of her lungs.

The cold, dark fog surrounding the Seven Eye Island swiftly dissipated under the thunder and lightning attacks.

The colorfully dressed but incredibly ugly subordinates of the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother appeared one after another as the thick fog faded away.

There were both men and women waving the soul-summoning banners and commanding the evil spirits and wraiths. They all had pale complexions.

After the thunder and lightning attacks, a lot of people spat blood and lost their grip over their soul-summoning banners.

“Ghost Mother, this is Seven Eye Island, how dare you act wantonly on my island? Have you ever thought of the consequences?”

At the same time, La Pu flew out of the crystalline war chariot and commanded his eyes to glow and fire beams of dark, evil light at his enemies.

The dark green light beams were fired at all directions, and all those who were illuminated by the green light instantly clutched their heads and screamed horribly.

“Nine Hell Nether God Claw!”

La Pu’s hands swiped left and right and tore the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s subordinates into bloody pieces. They ran away from him in fear.

Qin Lie drove his crystalline war chariot straight towards the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother. Then, he saw that the evil dragon Gilbert had several hundred bloody holes all across his body.

In fact, a lot of evil spirits and wraiths were wriggling inside his wounds and chewing at its flesh and blood.

Gilbert roared and spat fire out of its mouth, but it wasn’t able to truly kill these phantoms and wraiths.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother herself was seated above her Soul Altar brimming with evil spirits and vile souls. At first glance, her Soul Altar looked like a pond of phantoms filled to the brim with malicious souls.

“Good! What a wonderful evil spirit Soul Altar!” Qin Lie laughed sinisterly.

Suddenly, he focused his lightning and thunder infused soul consciousness together. He then rammed it fiercely against the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s Soul Altar.

At the same time, he summoned his six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother blanched the second she saw the thunder and lightning imbued soul thoughts and the six Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The reason she could suppress Gilbert was because it didn’t possess many methods that were effective against evil spirits and wraiths. Its acid and frost breath couldn’t truly harm a soul that didn’t possess a real body.

That was why she dared take up the heavy responsibility of fighting all of the evil dragons alone.

However, just like how she was the bane of evil dragons, Qin Lie, a cultivator well-versed in the power of thunder and lightning was also her bane.

These thunder and lightning bolts that descended from the heavens were literally a calamity to a cultivator who refined evil spirits and wraiths like her.

Not even her Soul Altar was able to endure the thunderous attacks or the invasion of the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother suddenly let out another blood-curdling scream. While blood dripped down both corners of her mouth, she hastily withdrew her Soul Altar.

In that brief instant, the six blurry shadows managed to damage her Soul Altar.

Wisps of thought infused with thunder and lightning unleashed by had also dealt a severe blow to her exposed Soul Altar.

“We are leaving! Leave Seven Eye Island now!”

While howling harshly, she withdrew all of her evil spirits and wraiths and transformed into a gray beam of light. She was about to escape from Seven Eye Island.

“Thunder Lightning Ball!”

Qin Lie snorted coldly before firing out a large thunder ball from between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs.

The thunder ball slammed fiercely into the gray beam like the thunder god’s giant hammer and exploded instantly.

“Ah!” The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother let out an inhuman scream. The gray light made of many evil spirits and wraiths instantly exploded as countless evil spirits and wraiths were annihilated instantly.

“Qin Lie! I swear that I will skin you and rip your bones out of your flesh one day!”

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother screamed terribly before she ran away with all her might, not daring to even look back at Qin Lie.

Her injuries were extremely serious, and the damage to her Soul Altar meant that she couldn’t fight in the near future.

“The Ghost Mother had ruled over a corner of the Ruined Lands for many years, and there were very few people who dared provoke her. This time though, she truly has met the bane of her life.” La Pu flew over with an odd expression on his face. “To her, you, a cultivator who cultivates the power of thunder and can summon the heavenly thunder from the sky is simply her bane. The evil spirits and vile souls that are the source of her strength are completely useless under your thunder powers, they are just being annihilated in an instant without any resistance whatsoever. Her luck is seriously rotten.”

Qin Lie was also smiling in response, “There are many Soul Altar experts in the Ruined Lands, and any one of them can easily kill me if they wish. The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother is an exception, however. She is the only Soul Altar expert I can fight against.”

“Thunder and lightning truly is the bane of all evil spirits and vile souls.” La Pu also smiled in response.

“Qin Lie! There are still some evil spirits inside my body!” Gilbert twisted its body while panting heavily. “These damnable evil spirits can crawl into my flesh and feed on my refined blood like a worm! What’s even more disgusting is that our acid and frost dragon breath are completely useless against them! We can harm them with our fire breaths!”

“That’s why there’s the saying that everything has a weakness,” said Qin Lie as he concentrated his lightning powers once more.

Wisps of blue electricity jumped through Gilbert’s wounds and into its body like flying sparks.

The evil spirits and vile souls hidden inside his body were cleansed in no time after they were attacked by thunder and lightning.

“We need help too…”

After the fog had dissipated, even more evil dragons had flown over for treatment from the distance. Their bodies were covered in many bloody holes.

It was obvious that their bodies had been invaded by the evil souls and vile souls too.

Qin Lie treated them just like how he treated Gilbert.

An hour later, the evil spirits and vile souls inside the evil dragon’s body were all destroyed by his thunder and lightning.

The evil dragons led by Gilbert were wounded severely after the battle against the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother.

However, a large majority of the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother’s subordinates were wounded or killed by La Pu and Lin Liang’er.

Even the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother herself had her Soul Altar damage, and it was highly unlikely that she would recover in a short time.

“When did the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother show up?”

After relieving the evil dragons of their pain, Qin Lie’s frown returned to his face as he voiced the question.

“They arrived two days ago,” Gilbert answered. “That ghastly old woman had immediately released tens of thousands evil spirits and vile souls the second she showed up with her subordinates, flooding the entire Seven Eye Island with those things. Unfortunately, we, the Evil Dragon Race, do not possess many tools that are effective towards soul-type beings, so…”

“She had probably acted together with the White Bone Demon Monarch and those people.” La Pu voiced his speculation after listening to Gilbert’s story. “Right now, Dark Wind Island, Evil Infant Island and Blood Fiend Island are probably all under attack.”

Qin Lie nodded heavily.

“Gilbert, can you still fight?” Qin Lie asked.

“We’ll be able to fight with you after we eat that ghastly old woman’s subordinates. As long as my opponent isn’t a cultivator who manipulates ghosts like that bitch, I am sure that we are strong enough to fight another battle!” Gilbert said.

“Do as you wish,” Qin Lie said carelessly.

He knew very well that ancient beasts like the evil dragons recovered their strength the fastest when they consumed flesh that contained refined blood and vital energy.

As long as the bodies they ate contained tremendous amounts of refined blood and vital energy, they could recover at a tremendous rate.

And so, the evil dragons swiftly proceeded to feed after getting a nod from Gilbert.

The Soul Summoning Ghost Mother subordinates they just killed instantly became a bloody delicacy they contested with one another for.

An hour later, Gilbert let out an earthshaking dragon roar. “Let’s go! Wipe them all out!”

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