Chapter 841: The Hidden Experts of the Ruined Lands!

Chapter 841: The Hidden Experts of the Ruined Lands!

Three days later, a cloud sailboat slowly made its way to the Ruined Lands.

On the ship, Qin Lie, Lin Liang’er and La Pu had stood up to look at an island that looked like a piece of emerald embedded on top of the deep, blue sea.

Lu Yi was the only one still sitting with closed eyes in cultivation because his injuries weren’t healed yet.

“Finally, I’m back in the Ruined Lands.” La Pu smiled in relief. “Once I get back to Seven Eye Island and fully recover myself, I’m going to settle my score with Gu Tuo and Chi Yan!”

“Don’t forget to bring me along when it’s time, okay?” Qin Lie grinned.

“Definitely!” La Pu’s eyes swirled with cold killing intent.

The cloud sailboat continued to sail forward.

An hour later, the boat slowly entered the Ruined Lands and passed through the islands that weren’t entrenched by experts. It continued to deeper parts of the Ruined Lands.

Suddenly, deep inside the Ruined Land, a vast and boundless blood fiend aura rose to the sky, resembling bloody clouds..

At first glance, it was as if the sky of that area was tainted by demonic blood.

The pungent blood stench that spread out from that bloody sky caused all evil spirits and foreign races living in the Ruined Lands to feel like vomiting.

“That blood stench comes from where White Bone Island is!” La Pu’s expression changed slightly.

“It’s no longer called White Bone Island.” Qin Lie shook his head as his expression turned serious. “Jiang Zhuzhe has chased out White Bone Demon Monarch to become its new master. Now, that island is called Blood Fiend Island!”

“Qin Lie, what you mentioned earlier… may have happened already.” Lin Liang’er’s bright eyes looked panicky.

Before they left the Ruined Lands, Evil Infant Boy had personally visited him and informed him that Luo Han of Celestial Artifact Sect, the White Bone Demon Monarch, the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Chi Yan and Gu Tuo had joined forces with Ji Qingpeng of Illusory Demon Sect so that they could cause havoc in the Ruined Lands.

In fact, they had already agreed on the distribution of spoils.

To prepare for this, he had purposely visited Blood Fiend Island once to discuss with Jiang Zhuzhe the possibility of joining forces against their common enemies.

Jiang Zhuzhe agreed to it immediately.

Half a month later, right after he dealt with the matter at Turin Cave and returned to the Ruined Lands, he immediately saw that thick cloud of blood rising from the direction of Blood Fiend Island. This meant it was highly likely for the conflict to have already broken out.

“What’s going on?” La Pu asked calmly.

While controlling the cloud sailboat—a boat that normally transports goods—to move faster, Qin Lie explained everything from the start to finish in detail.

“Ji Qingpeng, Luo Han, the White Bone Demon Monarch and the Soul Summoning Ghost Mother…” The more La Pu heard about this, the more astonished he grew. “These experts have all joined forces to cause havoc in the Ruined Lands? Have they gone insane?”

“This united force is powerful enough to move about unhindered through the Ruined Lands” Lin Liang’er sighed quietly.

“Hmph! Not necessarily!” La Pu snorted before saying, “Even before Jiang Zhuzhe came, these people of so-called orthodox sects wouldn’t have dared show their faces openly at the Ruined Lands, much less cause havoc wantonly! You all don’t need to worry too much. The Ruined Lands… are not as simple as you imagine them to be. If these people dare cause real trouble in this place, someone will clean them up!”

Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er weren’t the only ones who looked astonished when he said this. Even Lu Yi was wearing a look of surprise on his face.

“You’ve only been in the Ruined Lands for a short time, so you don’t really know the intricacies of this place too well.” La Pu smiled and said, “I, however, lived here for over a thousand years, and my understanding of this place is much deeper than yours. The only people who can live peacefully in the Ruined Lands are people who consider themselves evil spirits and outsiders. That is why Jiang Zhuzhe’s appearance hasn’t caused any ripples; Jiang Zhuzhe thought of himself as an evil spirit, and it is a fact that he is shunned by others. That was why ‘that person’ turned a blind eye towards his emergence instead of causing him trouble.”

“As for people who believe themselves to be the right and proper and regard themselves too highly such as Luo Han and Ji Qingpeng, they will definitely draw trouble upon themselves showing their faces openly in the Ruined Lands!”

La Pu sounded very certain.

“That person you speak of…” An odd light appeared in Qin Lie’s eyes.

In the past, he heard from Forefather Dark Wind that there was a powerful person living in the deeper parts of the Ruined Lands.

Today, this person was brought up again by La Pu too. It made him grew more and more curious as to who this person really was.

“Who is this person?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“Have you heard of the seven great hidden experts before?” La Pu replied with a question instead.

Qin Lie nodded. “I did.”

“This expert sits at the top of the seven great hidden experts. He cultivates day and night in the Ruined Lands in hopes of surpassing his current realm and ascending to the Void Realm.”

“Do you mean Seine?!”

Qin Lie and Lu Yi cried out in surprise at the same time.

La Pu nodded strongly. “It is him!”

“To think that Seine cultivates in the Ruined Lands…” Lu Yi appeared to be very surprised.

“You know about Seine?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

Lu Yi nodded slightly and pondered for a moment. Then, he told them everything he knew.

“According to my knowledge, Seine was treated as an outcast since birth because he was born with an extra finger on each hand. The family Seine used to belong to was an extremely powerful Copper rank force, and his parents used to be core members of that family. Logically speaking, he should’ve been given much attention and care by his family.”

“However, he was never acknowledged by his family even though he exuded tremendous cultivation talent since young because he was born with twelve fingers. In fact, he was even treated as the reincarnation of a ‘monster’. In the end… even his parents were exiled because of him.”

“Not long after, his parents’ enemies killed his parents, forcing Seine to run everywhere to escape their pursuit.”

“Many years later, he seemed to have vanished entirely in the Land of Chaos, and nothing was heard from him since.”

“But three hundred years after his disappearance, he once more emerged in his family’s headquarters with a head full of white hair. He began slaughtering them without any warning.”

“The family that rejected him before was annihilated by his hands. Every single member within the family was killed.”

“That family used to be a vassal force beneath Terminator Sect. Not long after the incident, Terminator Sect sent out their experts to hunt him down.”

“However, all of Terminator Sect martial practitioners sent after him were killed one after another.”

“At the time, Terminator Sect was still led by Nan Zhengtian’s master.”

“It was only until after Nan Zhengtian became the sect master that he ordered that no Terminator Sect disciple were to continue pursuing him.”

“That was how the incident came to an end. Seine vanished once more for many years.”

“Many years later, Seine once again resurfaced from hiding.”

“This time, he charged all the way into Terminator Sect and straight into Thunder God Roar Valley in attempt to vent his hatred on Nan Zhengtian.”

“At the time, Nan Zhengtian was already the strongest cultivator at the Land of Chaos. This battle once attracted the attention of all experts.”

“The results were obvious. Seine lost and was heavily injured. While bleeding profusely, he escaped from Terminator Sect.”

“I heard that Nan Zhengtian had also announced a seclusion after that battle. He probably paid some price to win that battle himself.”

“It just goes to show how powerful this Seine is.”

“After Seine, Fire Demon Tang Beidou also challenged Nan Zhengtian to a fight. He too lost horribly to Nan Zhengtian.”

“However, Seine had walked out of Terminator Sect on his own strength after he lost to Nan Zhengtian. Tang Beidou had to be carried out by Terminator Sect’s disciples because he used up all of his strength.”

“That was why Seine is ranked before Tang Beidou among the seven great hidden experts.”

“Behind them sits Duan Qianjie. Duan Qianjie may be a sharp blade, but at the time he only possessed a two-level Soul Altar and he never challenged Nan Zhengtian to a fight before. He hadn’t yet proved his own worth, so he could only be ranked behind Seine and Tang Beidou.”

“In the Land of Chaos, the fastest way to prove oneself is to challenge Nan Zhengtian… and stay alive after the battle.”

“This was how Seine and Tang Beidou proved their strength to the world.”

Lu Yi was once hailed as the Son of Moon God by Moon Worshipping Cult, so he knew a lot of secrets in the Land of Chaos. The story he just told them was something that even La Pu had never heard before.

“That’s why he hated all orthodox sects. It’s because he was treated as a monster since he was born. For so many years, there were two reasons why the experts of the nine great Silver forces had hidden their identities before they entered the Ruined Lands. Firstly, they were afraid of exposing themselves. Secondly, they were afraid of drawing Seine’s attention.” La Pu frowned. “Luo Han and Ji Qingpeng probably know about Seine and his temper too, so I don’t understand why they dare show up in the Ruined Lands.”

“It’s either they think themselves strong enough to resist Seine…” Qin Lie narrowed his eyes in ponderment for a bit. Then, he continued, “...or they knew some of Seine’s secrets and figured that he wouldn’t show up during this period.”

“You are right, that are the only two possibilities.” La Pu nodded.

While they were talking about this, the cloud sailboat had almost reached Seven Eye Island.

La Pu, the evil spirit with the title ‘Seven Eyed Monster’ couldn’t help but feel excited when he saw the approaching Seven Eye Island.


Suddenly, the evil dragons’ roars broke out from Seven Eye Island. Judging from the sound alone, it was obvious that the evil dragons were extremely agitated for some reason.

Qin Lie’s face abruptly sank.

The evil dragons led by Gilbert were staying at Seven Eye Island during this period. It would appear that these people hadn’t forgotten about the Seven Eye Island even when they were going after Jiang Zhuzhe’s Blood Fiend Island.

“Uncle Lu... why don’t you stay at the cloud sailboat for now while we move ahead,” Qin Lie said urgently.

The cloud sailboat was just too slow. If he wished to head to Seven Eye Island immediately, he would have to leave the vehicle behind.

Lu Yi was the only one who hadn’t recovered enough strength to fight out of everyone present. That was why Qin Lie requested for him to stay behind.

“Got it!” Lu Yi didn’t try to waste any breath. He immediately nodded in response.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Lie took out a crystalline war chariot and carried Lin Liang’er, La Pu and the white bone coffin where the Corpse Demon lay towards Seven Eye Island in a hurry.

The crystalline war chariot flew across many islands and provoked the ire of many evil spirits and foreigners. These people flew into the air and were just about to attack them when they saw a dark-faced La Pu standing on top of the crystalline war chariot. They immediately shut up.

To the evil spirits and foreigners living at the outskirts of the Ruined lands, the Seven Eyed Monster La Pu was also a formidable cultivator that couldn’t be provoked carelessly.

They knew that they weren’t La Pu’s match, so they could only endure the slight and do nothing like meek lambs as La Pu and the others trespassed on their domains.

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