Chapter 84: The Heavens Haven’t Forsaken Me!

Chapter 84: The Heavens Haven’t Forsaken Me!

Very solemn expressions emerged on the pretty faces of Na Nuo and the girls from Water Moon Sect, a few of them unable to bear looking at Tu Ze.

Tu Ze, who was fatigued and whose body had been covered in wounds, seemed unable to continue on any longer. In their eyes, Tu Ze was going to end up just like his fractured longblade, broken into two by Yan Ziqian.

Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong, the two who were sitting atop the Profound Nether Beast, were also looking towards Tu Ze and at the longblade in his hand from afar...

At this moment, Kang Zhi, Han Feng, Chu Peng, and the rest, regardless of how many bone-showing deep wounds they had, all desperately moved to Tu Ze’s side.

They hoped to restrain Tu Ze and advise him not to act stupid, to not risk his life against Yan Ziqian.

As for Zhuo Qian, she had been forced into a corner by Feng Kai’s attacks, unable to even find time to shout.

“Don’t die! Please don’t die!”

She could only think in her heart, crying over and over again as she hoped Tu Ze would calm down and not charge in recklessly.

At this time, a breathtaking glint appeared in the eyes of Tu Ze, who had borrowed a new blade from Qin Lie!

One fragmentary little star of light after another magically emerged from the illuminated surface of the longblade. A glow flickered within each star of light, following some kind of pattern as it revolved like a nebula within the vastness of a galaxy. It gave off a feeling of an extremely marvelous, mind-shocking, soul-moving beauty.

As Tu Ze wielded the longblade his body constantly tremored. Suddenly, hot tears filled his eyes as he roared towards the sky, “The heavens haven’t forsaken me! The heavens haven’t forsaken me!”

Everyone’s gazes and attention were all on Tu Ze’s body. As they watched him lose control of his emotions, they had no clue what had happened.

However, it was just for a moment. Then, everyone’s became startled as shock and fear emerged in their eyes.

A awe-inspiring aura emanated off of Tu Ze’s body as the longblade in his hand suddenly became blindingly bright!

A mysterious mass of nebula light flew up from the blade of the longblade. Like a fallen galaxy, tiny starlights flickered and constantly revolved within the mass of nebula light. From within, surging, tempestuous spirit energy fluctuations burst out.

“Shh Shh Shh!”

The crystals of blood which encrusted Tu Ze’s entire body were instantly all washed away by an ice cold power. The beads of blood turned into a river of blood, trickling down Tu Ze’s body like fine streams.

At this moment, Tu Ze’s appearance was extremely terrifying, and his aura had reached its limit!

“The heavens haven’t forsaken me!”

Tu Ze raised his blade and cut at Yan Ziqian.

As the blade moved, the mysterious mass of nebula light turned into a brilliant ball of light. Carrying the shocking strength of a landslide, it began to spin and roll towards Yan Ziqian like a huge boulder.

Atop Yan Ziqian’s sinister face, a trace of fear appeared for the first time. He had no clue what had just happened with Tu Ze’s body, but as of right now, the feeling Tu Ze was giving off caused him to feel immense danger!

Bright silver colored lines of ice appeared after another from the Ice Drake Sword as the air in front of him became densely packed with cold air. The strands of ice seemingly entered that space and divided the space into numerous fragments.

Afterwards, the mass of nebula light, which was in the shape of a ball, that mysterious, revolving nebula mass, entered that space. Like a millstone, it grinded all of the silver strands into bits and pieces!

Every strand of silver ice was ripped and torn asunder!


A group of sacred, pure white, starlights suddenly shot out of the nebula mass, penetrated through the fragmented strands of silver ice, and reached Yan Ziqian’s chest.


A bloody hole the size of a thumb appeared Yan Ziqian’s chest, spurting blood.

Yan Ziqian looked down, staring at the bloody hole as a look of shock emerged on his face. It seemed as if he hadn’t realized what had happened, as if he hadn’t yet felt the pain…

The next moment, a miserable, tragic cry emitted from his mouth.

This was the first time Tu Ze had injured him!

During the countless times the two had fought within the stone forest, it had always been him inflicting injuries on Tu Ze as he pleased.

Tu Ze had only been able to passively endure, never able to leave a single mark on Yan Ziqian’s body!

But today, right when Tu Ze was on the brink of death — who knew if it was due to some sudden flashback or some sudden grace of the heavens — Tu Ze’s aura had suddenly erupted as if he had finally become able to unleash the most profound mystery of the Nebula Art!

This was the first time, the first time that Tu Ze had left a wound on his chest, and it was one which caused him to uncontrollably cry in misery!

“Qin Lie!”

After his strike, Tu Ze didn’t take the opportunity to go for the kill; instead he suddenly backed off. Tears appeared within his fierce eyes as he stared at the person behind him.

The emotions which exuded out from his eyes caused everyone else to look as well!

Qin Lie had no clue what to say, and he could only deeply nod at Tu Ze as he grit his teeth and clenched his fist, making a fierce hammering gesture.

“Good! Good brother! Haha!” Tu Ze understood, suddenly opening his mouth and laughing wildly as he growled, “I’ll beat that bastard to death!”

He immediately raised his longblade, and the aura around his body shimmered like a rainbow which carried some starlight as he once again attacked Yan Ziqian.

As the longblade moved, masses of nebula light continuously condensed and emerged from within the blade. Those masses of nebula radiance were like balls of light and were all under Tu Ze’s command!

One ball of light after another condensed from the surging spirit energy, each one containing nebula essence and revolving, glowing, stars. They surrounded Yan Ziqian and endlessly circled around him.

When the silver colored strand of ice, which shot out of the Ice Drake Sword, collided with a ball of light, the strand would instantly shatter.

The Ice Drake Sword had been completely repressed!

“Th-this is?”

“How could it be like this?”

“Just now, Tu Ze was on the brink of death, why is it like this?”

“I don’t understand, I completely don’t understand! Too abnormal, this in its entirety is too abnormal!”

The eyes of the girls of Water Moon Sect all opened wider as they watched Tu Ze and Yan Ziqian’s fight. They saw Tu Ze suddenly demonstrate great power, forcing Yan Ziqian into a corner and bombarding him as Tu Ze left one fresh wound after another on Yan Ziqian’s body.

They were unable to fathom what had happened and had no way to find out.

“There is only one explanation.”

Na Nuo’s pretty face showed some surprise as her eyes wandered onto not Yan Ziqian nor Tu Ze but...

She looked at Qin Lie!

“That new longblade is incredibly suited for Tu Ze. It truly can brilliantly display all of the incredible power of his Nebula Art! The grade of that blade must surpass that of the Ice Drake Sword’s, and thus, Tu Ze’s power was able to instantly rise to new heights!” exclaimed Na Nuo.

“Eh? This, how could this be? Wasn’t Tu Ze’s new blade damaged during forging?”

“That’s right, how could a defective product be so powerful?”

“It’s definitely not like that!”

“Defective product?” Na Nuo narrowed her eyes as her expression became perplexed. “The grade of that blade is definitely the same as my Formless Ruler! If a spirit artifact of this level of was considered a damaged product, then the spirit artifacts that you all use would be considered scrap metal!”

After this remark was made, all of the girls of Water Moon Sect showed looks of horror.

Also, at this very moment, their eyes finally shifted from the bodies of Tu Ze and Yan Ziqian onto Qin Lie’s...

“Miss.” The eyes of Liang Zhong, who was seated atop the Profound Nether Beast, also brightened as he looked towards the longblade within Tu Ze’s hand, nodding as he said, “That spirit artifact was able to greatly increase Tu Ze’s power, as if it was made just for him, as if it was specially forged to coordinate with his spirit art. Even its quality is of a higher grade. It seems it is stronger than that ice sword by a bit.”

“Mn.” Xie Jingxuan was shocked as she inwardly nodded.

“Big Brother Tu! Big Brother Tu, are you okay?”

“Eh?! What happened? Big Brother Tu has gone mad?”

“He turned the tide? Heavens! I wasn’t seeing things, right?”


Kang Zhi, Han Feng, and Chu Peng finally regained their senses, each one beginning to clamor as they looked excitedly at one another.

On the other end, Zhuo Qian also became excited. Suddenly, a sword sliced across her leather chestplate, sending a piece of leather flying and baring a part of her satiny, white breasts.

Feng Kai snorted, acting like he didn’t see anything, his heart like iron ore as he continued to try and take her life with his sword.

“Qin Lie, don’t come over here! Quickly, go and help Zhuo Qian!” shouted Tu Ze without turning around. He was circling and bombarding Yan Ziqian, his longblade condensing new masses of light every once in a while.

Qin Lie suddenly reacted, quickly looking over at Zhuo Qian. He immediately discovered the precarious situation she was in.

Afterwards, he didn’t immediately move, instead shouting to Zhuo Qian, “Sister Qian, test out your new Dragon Bone Whip around your waist. Perhaps… you will like it!”

Previously, he didn’t dare to presume that the longblade would truly suit Tu Ze. Thus, when he gave it to Tu Ze, he had also been intently observing, ready to jump in at any moment to help Tu Ze block Yan Ziqian’s attacks.

He had felt uneasy in his heart, afraid that the spirit diagram that he had repaired would be unable to release the power of a spirit artifact and make Tu Ze’s circumstances even worse.

—After all, he had no experiences in this matter.

But now, after seeing Tu Ze’s result, he realized that the effects of the spirit artifact after he repaired its spirit diagram… weren’t that bad.

Thus, he believed that the Dragon Bone Whip also shouldn’t be that poor and could possibly help Zhuo Qian. That was why he shouted this time.

“Zhuo Qian! Listen to Qin Lie!” leisurely shouted Tu Ze in a loud voice.

“My new Dragon Bone Whip…”

On her end, Zhuo Qian retreated another bit, taking the opportunity to grab the Dragon Bone Whip that Qin Lie had wrapped around her waist.”

The moment her hand touched it, Zhuo Qian’s eyes lit up with surprise. In her heart, she suddenly had a feeling — that this new Dragon Bone Whip was created for her! It existed entirely for her!

This feeling was extremely powerful! It was powerful to the point that Zhuo Qian almost immediately threw away the old Dragon Bone Whip!

She immediately pulled out the new Dragon Bone Whip from her hip. The instant that the whip was snapped, it was as if it had suddenly turned into a soaring wind dragon!

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The whip moved with the wind, condensing a thick layer of wind atop its body, forming a wind barrier, transforming into a twisting wind dragon.

The wind dragon was interlinked with Zhuo Qian and flew perfectly according to Zhuo Qian’s mental orders. It was able to perfectly display the spirit art which she had cultivated!

Wielding the Dragon Bone Whip, she had the wonderful feeling of another hand holding her own. This feeling was incomparable and felt too good to be true.

“This... this is the spirit artifact that I’ve been dreaming for!”

Zhuo Qian let out a great whoop in her mind, excited to the point that her body slightly shivered. Her eyes began to glow with light as her aura instantly increased by a level.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

An intelligent, twisting wind dragon that was a few meters long weaved around Zhuo Qian, making various biting moves in Feng Kai’s direction.

Feng Kai suddenly felt as if the wind resistance around him had suddenly increased a level as the range for his actions became smaller and smaller. His movement became increasingly restricted, as if he were trying to rush through a fierce gale. He was pressured by the wild wind to the point where everything he did felt uncomfortable.

“Shoo shoo shoo!”

A sharp blade of wind suddenly shot out from within the Dragon Bone Whip, rustling up a shocking whistle in the air as it grazed Feng Kai’s abdomen.


Atop Feng Kai’s lower abdomen, a long wound that exposed his bones suddenly appeared.

“Feng Kai! Go to hell!”

Zhuo Qian who had previously been backed into a corner and seemed about to collapse with her body full of wounds, suddenly began to shout wildly as if she had become a completely different person. Her body overflowed with a shocking vitality.


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