Chapter 838: Windfall!

Chapter 838: Windfall!

The next day.

An enormous sailboat flew out of Turin Cave, headed for the Ruined Lands.

The sailboat was a large flying spirit artifact, but it was slow. It was usually used to carry spirit materials and was not effective in battle.

There were mountains of spirit materials on this spirit artifact. It was carrying almost all of the valuable materials that Turin Cave had left behind.

Qin Lie, Lin Liang'er, Lu Yi, and the Corpse Demon were on this sailboat.

All of them had ashen expressions as though they hadn't recovered from their wounds. They spread out dispiritedly to the corners of the sailboat.

The Corpse Demon was shrunken in its white bone coffin as though it was asleep. It didn't give off any aura.

Gold and silver threads penetrated La Pu's body, and flesh. The gold and silver coins had been embedded in his joints so he was unable to move.

But his eyes when he looked at Qin Lie were unusually bright.

Especially at his navel, a green eye was especially conspicuous.

This was La Pu's eighth eye!

For the Ghost Eye Race, the opening of the eighth eye meant a great increase in power. He now possessed the strength equal to a human Imperishable Realm expert.

"After I formed the eighth eye, I was in a weak period and passed through Turin Cave when returning to the Ruined Lands. I was ambushed and captured by Helian Zheng. He Qian, and Dong Chen..." La Pu explained in a low voice.

"The gold and silver coins are a powerful restraining technique. However... Qin Lie should be able to release you," Lu Yi said.

"Give me some time to produce some lifeblood essence again. They will be able to melt the gold and silver threads." Qin Lie stated.

La Pu nodded softly. He jerked the corners of his mouth, and said, "I hadn't expected you to come to Turin Cave to save me."

"You have been extremely kind to me. Of course I will do all I can to rescue you from Turin Cave!" Qin Lie said sincerely.

La Pu looked deeply at him. "Your body's wounds are serious. You need great amounts of food containing abundant energy to recover. You should eat more of the dried spirit beast meat I made for you."

"I understand," Qin Lie said with a smile.

In this battle, he hadn't just used up all of his lifeblood essences, Helian Zheng had also crushed his shoulder and arm bones.

Under the attack of moonlight, his body had been greatly impacted and the Heaven Cloud Armor had been shattered.

He hadn't just expended great amounts of spirit power and soul power, his body was seriously wounded. He truly needed to recover.

Similarly, Lin Liang'er had been attacked by the moonlight while she had been using her Ice Spirit Body. Fine cracks could be seen on her crystal body.

Then, she had been overwhelmed completely by Helian Zheng's cold moonlight energy.

In result, she had received some significant injury.

Lu Yi had it worst out of the three. Because of excessive loss of blood, he struggled to even speak.

Even the Corpse Demon had cracks left by Helian Zheng after he put on the Moon Crown on his body.

The three people and one corpse had paid a great price, even though they had driven Helian Zheng, He Qian, Dong Chen and the others out of Turin Cave, and got a great amount of resources in return.

"I will slow down the sailboat so that we will have a slower journey back to the Ruined Lands. This will allow us to have enough time to recover," Qin Lie said.

Everyone nodded.

"Over there." Qin Lie pointed to a room inside the sailboat. "There are many pills and medicines for healing. Everyone, take what you need, and try to recover as soon as possible."

"Mn." Lu Yi and the others nodded.

Turin Cave was a Copper rank force and close to Black Voodoo Cult. In the recent years, they had accumulated a significant amount of wealth.

When He Qian and the others hurriedly left, they couldn't take all they had accumulated over the years with them.

Qin Lie and the others benefited from this.

At this moment, the spirit materials on this sailboat were worth at least ten million Earth Grade spirit stones. Adding on random spirit pills, spirit artifacts, and spatial rings... the value of the items on the sailboat most likely reached seventeen million!

This was an unexpected windfall!

Flaming Sun Island did not lack spirit stones for now, but they lacked all kinds of spirit materials.

When these materials they ransacked from Turin Cave reached Flaming Sun Island, they would become the forging materials for the artificers.

Qin Lie seemed to see a beautiful future.


"What? Qin Lie ransacked Turin Cave?"

Black Voodoo Cult’s vice pope, Gongye Zhuo, had a dark expression. His eyes flashed as he listened to his subordinate's report.

"He Qian and Dong Chen are taking Helian Zheng to us. They hope to seek refuge in Black Voodoo Cult." The Black Voodoo Cult martial practitioners wearing black robes had a lowered head as he continued to speak, "Helian Zheng is worried that Qin Lie will not rest, and would chase them with the warriors of Flaming Sun Island, the god corpses and the evil dragons, therefore..."

"Tell He Qian that Black Voodoo Cult will of course guarantee their safety. We will not ignore this matter," Gongye Zhuo said.

"This subordinate understands." The subordinate hurriedly left.

Inside the room, Gongye Qing thought for a moment and said, "Helian Zheng has a one-level Soul Altar, he is also a past member of Moon Worshipping Cult, and possesses many secrets. I heard that even the ultimate treasure of Moon Worshipping Cult, the Moon Crown, is in his hands, how could he have lost to Qin Lie?"

"I also felt it was strange." Gongye Zhuo's brow furrowed. "He said that Pu Ze has become a Corpse Demon and has joined Qin Lie. It really is strange."

"Pu Ze..." Gongye Qing's expression was strange.

"Ever since Duan Qianjie cracked his Soul Altar at the Setting Sun Islands, we lost contact with him. I had not expected Pu Ze to be refined into a Corpse Demon after a few years." Gongye Zhuo took a deep breath and said, "In the Land of Chaos, someone skilled in the Corpse Progenitor's inheritance that knows how to turn people into Corpse Demons... there's only Miao Fengtian of Blue Moon Valley."

"Miao Fengtian and Jiang Zhuzhe are said to be working together," Gongye Qing said.

"Right now, this Corpse Demon made out of Pu Ze has appeared beside Qin Lie." Gongye Zhuo followed his line of thinking. The more he thought, the graver his expression became. "Has Qin Lie, Flaming Sun Island, and Setting Sun Islands, formed a secret agreement with Jiang Zhuzhe and Miao Fengtian?"

"This is a big problem." Gongye Qing grimaced.

Gongye Zhuo's expression was also nervous. "This matter is of great importance, us brothers should report to the pope as soon as possible, and ask pope for a decision."



Ruined Lands, White Bone Island.

"Brother Miao, do you think that Qin Lie will use that Corpse Demon?" Jiang Zhuzhe said idly.

Miao Fengtian who sat on a gravestone cultivating frowned upon hearing this. He answered, "He will use it."

"Why?" Jiang Zhuzhe smiled aloofly as though he was just randomly asking, "I heard... the progenitor of your Miao Family was an elder of Moon Worshipping Cult?"

Miao Fengtian did not refute it. He nodded and said, "That was a long time ago."

"You know who Lu Yi is?" Jiang Zhuzhe said with a smile.

Miao Fengtian's eyes flashed. He nodded slightly. "I guessed."

"Hehe, according to present Land of Chaos, the Moon Worshipping Cult is the most evil sect in the world. Their reputation is even worse than Blood Fiend Sect’s." Jiang Zhuzhe rubbed his chin, and smiled even more meaningfully. "Turin Cave is the biggest branch of former Moon Worshipping Cult, I heard that they have some of the spirit artifactsthat Moon Worshipping Cult had when they dominated the world. The Moon Crown seems to be at Turin Cave…”

"Moon Crown?” Miao Fengtian's expression changed slightly.

He clearly did not know this.

"Yes, the Moon Crown, known as the ultimate treasure of the Moon Worshipping Cult and the symbol of the pope. From what I know, this treasure is at Turin Cave right now. Lu Yi went for this spirit artifact," Jiang Zhuzhe said.

"This spirit artifact is an inauspicious one." Miao Fengtian sighed softly.

"I heard people say the reason Moon Worshipping Cult was destroyed was due to this spirit artifact, is it true?" Jiang Zhuzhe asked.

Miao Fengtian shook his head. "I do not know."

"Hehe, if Lu Yi and Qin Lie come back with the Moon Crown, maybe I can see what is inside the Moon Crown." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled disdainfully.

Miao Fengtian's expression changed again.

"Is Jiang Zhuzhe here?"

At this moment, the voice of Luo Han of Celestial Artifact Sect came from outside the island.

As he spoke, the group, lead by Luo Han, appeared outside.

Ji Qingpeng of Illusory Demon Sect was among them.

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