Chapter 837: A Tragic Victory

Chapter 837: A Tragic Victory

According to what he knew, the Soul Suppressing Orb had at least four layers. The deeper the layer, the more mysterious it was.

The first layer was an endless space that had nothing in it.

The second layer had the four basic ancient diagrams, and the Frost Concept Diagram.

The third layer was an extremely complicated spider web with many intermediate-sized ancient diagrams embedded in it.

He did not know anything about the fourth layer or anything deeper.

He only knew that the Spirits of Void and Chaos rested somewhere deeper. Their refinement process also took place in the deeper levels.

The evil soul that the Moon Worshipping Cult devotees called the Moon God had been sealed in a level deeper than the third one, but he had no idea which.

Qin Lie thought back to the incident with Soul Devouring Beast.

When he and Xie Jingxuan had fought at the stone forest and encountered a Soul Devouring Beast of the Nether Realm, the Soul Suppressing Orb had consumed the Soul Devouring Beast's soul.

At the end, its soul was completely refined.

This strange Moon Demon had once wrecked havoc throughout the Moon Worshipping Cult, ultimately having been sealed in the ultimate treasure of the Moon Worshipping Cult, the Moon Crown. It was an extremely troublesome and evil spirit.

But even so, the Soul Suppressing Orb subdued this evil being.

Qin Lie was once again shocked by the Soul Suppressing Orb's abilities.

In the past, before his grandfather left, he had warned Qin Lie to protect the Soul Suppressing Orb and that it was crucial for his development.

He was gradually learning the wonders of this bead.

"Qin Lie! Throw that away, quick!"

As he stayed in his daze, Lin Liang'er hurriedly shouted.

At this time, he was still holding the Moon Crown. In Lin Liang'er's eyes, the Moon Demon sealed in the Moon Crown might still act.

"It's fine, this thing..." Qin Lie looked at the Moon Crown with a strange expression and said, "It is no longer a threat."


At this time, the Corpse Demon finally hurried over on its white bone coffin and landed next to Qin Lie.

"High priest!"

"High priest, are you alright?"

From further away, He Qian, Dong Chen, and the martial practitioners of Turin Cave finally realized something was wrong and shouted.

When Qin Lie and Helian Zheng had been fighting, He Qian, Dong Chen and the others had stayed far away in fear they would become offerings for the Moon Demon.

As a result, they didn't see what occurred between Qin Lie and the Moon Crown.

They only saw Helian Zheng’s eyeballs exploding, his face covered in gore as he fell to the floor, never to get up again.

"Go ahead and kill them."

Qin Lie snorted and shook the bell again. He ordered the Corpse Demon to continue.

The Corpse Demon standing on top of the white bone coffin charged out.

"Are you okay?" Lin Liang'er asked, clearly concerned.

"Fine, Helian Zheng crushed some of my bones. But that's fine, I can easily recover with my bloodline power." Qin Lie gritted his teeth.

At this moment, he was enduring heart-aching pain from his body. The shattering of his shoulder and arm bones made movement difficult.

He could only sit silently on the crystalline war chariot.

"The people of Turin Cave cannot stop us any longer. They will most likely flee soon." After a moment of thought, he said to Lin Liang'er, "Get Lu Yi back here."

"What about you?" Lin Liang'er was worried.

"No Turin Cave martial practitioner will dare to make trouble for me at this time, especially when... the Corpse Demon is still in the middle of  massacring their forces," Qin Lie said.

"Alright." Lin Liang'er nodded. She did not say anything else and flew away.

Qin Lie sat on the crystalline chariot and looked around while recovering.

With the Corpse Demon charging out and Helian Zheng just barely breathing, He Qian and Dong Chen realized that Turin Cave had completely lost.

Without Helian Zheng, no one could match the Corpse Demon. No matter how many Turin Cave martial practitioners there were, they could not surround Qin Lie who had the Blazing Profound Bombs at his disposal.

This meant they were already at a disadvantage.

"Take the high priest and leave this place!" He Qian suddenly ordered.

At this moment, all the martial practitioners of Turin Cave, including Dong Chen, showed helpless expressions.

However, it was only for a split second.

When they saw the Corpse Demon screaming fiercely as it dove down from the sky, helplessness on their face disappeared.

They quickly picked up Helian Zheng and left hurriedly without daring to say a word.

Seeing them flee, many other Turin Cave martial practitioners recognized situation was not looking good and followed suit.

Not long after, all the martial practitioners of Turin Cave were fleeing for their lives.

No one paid attention to Qin Lie, Lin Liang'er, and Lu Yi.

"Lin Liang'er, capture a few Turin Cave martial practitioners and ask where La Pu is imprisoned!" Qin Lie suddenly shouted.

"I know." Lin Liang'er nodded minutely.

Next to her was the weak Lu Yi. As the Moon Demon disappeared, and Helian Zheng was wounded, the restraints on Lu Yi were also gone.

Lu Yi was only heavily injured. Because of a great loss of blood, he could not recover immediately.

His True Soul had not been damaged in his battle.

This meant that if he was given enough time, he could easily recover.

Lu Yi collapsed onto the crystalline war chariot, his face as white as paper as he looked at Qin Lie with a strange expression.

"Here is the Moon Crown you wanted. I'm giving it to you." Qin Lie struggled to throw the Moon Crown over.

The Moon Crown rolled and only stopped next to Lu Yi's feet.

Gazing at the Moon Crown, a thread of fear appeared in Lu Yi's eyes. He gently pressed on it with a shaking hand.

In the next moment, his face suddenly became astounded. "Why can I not feel the presence of Moon Demon?"

His surprise soon became terror as he couldn’t help but scream,, "The seal is also destroyed! The seal on the Moon Crown is gone, what happened? What is going on here? Has the Moon Demon already break out of the seal?!"

The reason he had travelled so far to Turin Cave to get the Moon Crown back was out of fear that He Qian would release the Moon Demon and kill more disciples of Moon Worshipping Cult.

He knew that the Moon Demon could easily extract the power of all the Moon Worshipping Cult disciples with moon power.

"Why is it like this? Why?" Lu Yi panicked.

"The Moon Demon inside will not do anything. Don't worry," Qin Lie comforted.

"Not do anything? What do you mean?" Lu Yi's expression was bewildered. "Is the Moon Demon dead? Impossible, that  is impossible! Even my grandfather and his subordinates only managed to seal the Moon Demon! They had no way of killing him!"

He continued to shake his head.

"The Moon Demon has been sealed again," Qin Lie said.

"Sealed? Qin Lie, who, or what sealed him?" Lu Yi hurriedly asked.

"Something even more powerful than the Moon Crown.” Qin Lie's expression was calm as he said firmly, "I can guarantee that the Moon Demon will not appear or harm any Moon Worshipping Cult disciple ever again!"

Lu Yi stilled for a while.

A long, long time later, he looked deeply at Qin Lie, nodded gently, and did not keep on asking.

He silently put away the Moon Crown into his spatial ring with a look of relief in his eyes.

"Good, that is good, this way... this can be considered to have been accounted for," Lu Yi murmured.

The two became silent with their own thoughts.

A while later, Lin Liang'er flew back and said, "La Pu is in the mountain we walked into previously."

"Let's go!" Qin Lie nodded.

Shaking the bell, the Corpse Demon who had been pursuing the Turin Cave martial practitioners flew back.

The trio and the Corpse Demon rode a crystalline war chariot back over the mountain they had fled from.

Along the way, they saw many chariots, sedans, and spirit birds hurriedly fleeing Turin Cave.

In the distance, large spirit artifacts rose into the sky.

The Turin Cave martial practitioners received the news of their utter defeat and didn't dare to remain there.

This time, they successfully reached the cave entrance.

The Corpse Demon followed Qin Lie’s mental orders and accompanied them into the cave.

An hour later, Lin Liang'er and the Corpse Demon came back with La Pu whose body was riddled with golden threads.

"He Qian and Dong Chen left in a hurry. Turin Cave should have a great amount of valuable spirit materials and spirit stones they did not take along," Lu Yi suddenly said.

Qin Lie's eyes lit up.

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