Chapter 835: Sacrificial Offerings of Blood and Flesh!

Chapter 835: Sacrificial Offerings of Blood and Flesh!

Helian Zheng looked at Qin Lie with great hatred and slowly put the Moon Crown on top of his head.

Qin Lie noticed that his hands trembled from too much force as they held the Moon Crown.

It seemed that his heart was trembling with his hands.

This caused his movements to become slow and difficult.

He Qian and Dong Chen, two powerful figures in Turin Cave suddenly became silent, their expressions grave.

Terror rose in their eyes.

It seemed that... after putting on the Moon Crown, something terrifying would occur to Helian Zheng.

"Don’t do this!"

At a distance, Lu Yi, covered in blood, couldn't stop himself from screaming.

Qin Lie's heart sank at this development.

"Come back first."

Not knowing what would occur next, he shook the bell softly and sent mentally.

The restless Corpse Demon Pu Ze obediently sat down on the white coffin after receiving the order and flew back.

Seeing the Corpse Demon beside him, and Lin Liang'er on her guard, Qin Lie was slightly reassured.

"Moon Demon..."

He murmured to himself, his expression becoming even more grave. He channeled Blood Spirit Art, Frost Arts, Heavenly Thunder Eradication, and pre-emptively activated his bloodline power.

He secretly adjusted his state so that he could use all of his power in the next moment.

The Moon Demon sealed within the Moon Crown had destroyed all of Moon Worshipping Cult. It had caused the strongest faction in the Land of Chaos to disappear in a short period of time. They could never see their glory again.

Over twenty of Moon Worshipping Cult Soul Altar experts completely disappeared due to fighting the Moon Demon.

—This was a terrifying being that could cause all of the Land of Chaos to tremble.


After Helian Zheng put the Moon Crown on his head, his eyes bulged out, and he gave off harsh cries.

The crescent marks on the Moon Crown brightened and glittered.

Moon light ripples spread from Helian Zheng's head, and entered his mind.

The energy of the screaming Helian Zheng seemed to be sucked out by an invisible evil being. His body was shrinking visibly.

Threads of blood came out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. He looked absolutely horrific.

Soon after, Helian Zheng, who had a relatively strong figure, was nothing but skin and bones. Half of his body seemed to have been consumed.

Crescent marks appeared on his neck, face, hands, and all parts of his skin that were exposed.

They flashed like eyes.

Almost at the same time, a wave of cold, dark and destructive soul aura slowly spread from Helian Zheng's body.

Helian Zheng gradually stopped screaming.

"Qin Lie! Use Blood Escape and leave now!” Lu Yi shouted.

"Shut up!" Helian Zheng shouted darkly.

Rays of moonlight shot out and slithered like spirit snakes into Lu Yi's body as though they were intelligent.

Lu Yi immediately gave pained screams.

The bright moonlight seemed to be blessed with life. They twisted inside Lu Yi's body and consumed his energy.

Lu Yi immediately fell to the attack, unable to fight back.

Helian Zheng's eyes had a cold and indifferent gleam that wasn't human. He slowly focused on Qin Lie.

In that moment, Qin Lie felt as though a cold and large snake was coming near him. He felt a terror as though a cold snake tongue was flickering at his neck.

Helian Zheng, Dong Chen, and many of the Turin Cave Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners unconsciously distanced themselves from Helian Zheng at this moment.

"The Moon God has descended."

Some Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners murmured in a low tone as they moved back, their expressions reverent and terrified.

They did not know what had happened in the past. They only heard the high priest say that he could communicate with the Moon God in the Moon Crown. He could summon the Moon God to help destroy strong enemies.

Among them, only a rare few had seen Helian Zheng, the high priest, in this process. They knew that the high priest could kill enemies, and would also kill many of Turin Cave's own members in his rage.

At the time, high priest only said that the Moon God needed enough sacrificial offerings each time it arrived.

If the enemies were not enough as sacrificial offerings for the Moon God, then they... the worshipers of the Moon God... had a duty to sacrifice themselves.

They did not want to become sacrificial offerings for the Moon God after this battle so they moved themselves away.

Dong Chen and He Qian were among those with insider information.

"I heard that Island Master Qin has six Spirits of Void and Chaos that can devour Soul Altars. Could you show them to me?" Helian Zheng licked the corner of his mouth, his eyes filled with bloodthirst and maliciousness as though he was a demon focused on his prey.

"You release your Soul Altar, and I will let you see, how about that?" Qin Lie said gravely.


Helian Zheng grinned, his smile dark and vicious. he immediately released the Serene Moon Soul Altar.

"Island Master Qin, please let me see."

Qin Lie suddenly stilled.

He recognized something was wrong.

After Helian Zheng put the Moon Crown on top of his head, he had underwent an astounding transformation. His aura became eerie and unpredictable.

Also, he managed to restrain Lu Yi without any effort.

At this time, Lu Yi looked at him from the distance, his eyes filled with hopelessness. Lu Yi was shaking his head, but unable to say a word.

"Spirits of Void and Chaos, he knows of the Spirits of Void and Chaos..."

Muttering inside, Qin Lie became even more wary. He suddenly gave a laugh. "The Spirit of Void and Chaos ate too much last time, they are still digesting. For now... forget about it."

"Then I will have to act and extract the Spirits of Void and Chaos from your body. I will give them to the Moon God to help him descend onto the world!" Helian Zheng suddenly became extremely frantic.

When he finished speaking, Helian Zheng exploded into light midair.

Qin Lie's expression changed.

In the next moment, before he spoke, the Corpse Demon suddenly gave a savage howl.

The enormous Blood Weeping Ghost Claw formed from the Corpse Demon like the claw of an evil demon. Bloody, and giving off great blood energy, it sliced towards am empty space in front of Qin Lie.


An eerie explosion came from where the Blood Weeping Ghost Claw landed. Then, moonlight scattered.

Those flying pieces of moonlight were extremely fast, like blades of light.

Qin Lie could not react in time.

Dozens of shattered moonlight rays pierced his body like daggers.

Pain of being struck by dozens of spears washed over him. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Heaven Cloud Armor that Mo Hai had made shattered like a mirror. The glittering pieces fell off his body.

This Earth Grade Five spirit armor was completely broken by this attack.


At the same time, Qin Lie saw marks of crystal splitting on Lin Liang'er's Ice Spirit Body.

This meant that Lin Liang'er had also been wounded.

Qin Lie's expression changed. Without another word, he gathered all the power in his body to form a shield of light protecting him.

An ice shield, a blood shield, a lightning shield, and a bright yellow shield.

He used four layers of shields to protect himself.

"Hm, it didn't penetrate you. It seems that Flaming Sun Island does have high quality spirit armors."

Helian Zheng’s dark and cold tone sounded suddenly from an unknown direction.


The Corpse Demon screamed, forming the Blood Dragon’s Roar. A roaring blood dragon bit at empty space.

Another ball of shattered moonlight shot out.

Those shattered rays of light immediately tore the roaring dragon to pieces and spread out in all directions.

Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er once again became the main targets.

"Pss! Pss! Pss! Pss!"

The four shields of different attributes exploded under the barrage of the moon blades.

Six more moon blades were still coming at the end.

However, the momentum of the six blades were blunted by the four shields and did not wound Qin Lie.

On the other side, Lin Liang'er gritted her teeth. After enduring another round of attacks, her face became pale. She said, "Qin Lie, we can’t stay too long!"

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