Chapter 834: Asking for Peace

Chapter 834: Asking for Peace

The fierce blood fiend energy that Pu Ze suddenly released multiplied in strength. Helian Zheng was forced back immediately.

Helian Zheng had not expected Pu Ze who gave off corpse energy to suddenly change and give off blood fiend energy. He suffered as a result.

Bright Moon Pearl that had managed to disperse the corpse energy sea was was drowned again in a bloody mist. The pearl’s light was growing dim.

Most of the moon power Helian Zheng had gathered by using the Serene Moon Soul Altar previously had entered the Bright Moon Pearl. He hoped that the "Bright Moon Pearl could wound the Corpse Demon.

But after the Corpse Demon gave off another kind of power, the Bright Moon Pearl could not dissipate both the corpse and blood energies. Helian Zheng could only withdraw.

At the same time, the sound of Blazing Profound Bombs exploding whistled through the air.

As Helian Zheng flew back, he couldn't help but look in the direction of the explosions. His expression turned black.

The chariots, sedans, and many spirit birds that Turin Cave reared as well as the martial practitioners of Turin Cave exploded into blood and flesh as the Blazing Profound Bombs exploded.

He and He Qian had spent great effort to develop Turin Cave to its current state. Turin Cave had hope of becoming a Silver rank force.

In this battle, the core strength of Turin Cave was dying in huge swaths.

He finally saw the power of the Blazing Profound Bomb with his own eyes.

Thousands of Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners had died under the explosion of dozens of Blazing Profound Bombs. That rumor seemed too realistic, close and cruel in this moment.

He finally understood why so many forces desired the Blazing Profound Bombs. They spent astounding amounts of spirit stones for them. They even pushed up the prices.

"High priest! We cannot hold on much longer!"

At the same time, Dong Chen who had been ordered to quiet Qin Lie subconsciously retreated with panic all over his face.

He was slowly distancing himself from Qin Lie.

The power of the Blazing Profound Bombs’ explosion might not be able to kill him, but it was certainly enough to injure him.

Also, next to Qin Lie was Lin Liang'er who gave off a bone-aching cold and had cold sharp eyes.

The aura on Lin Liang'er’s body told him that this female was not easy to deal with. If he was careless, he might suffer a great defeat.

As for his subordinate martial practitioners who he thought could flood Qin Lie with their numbers? They could not withstand the repeated Blazing Profound Bombs’ explosions. They could not even get near him, let alone “drown” him. How was he supposed to “quiet” Qin Lie?

Dong Chen felt powerless.

Helian Zheng turned his head. He looked at the battle between He Qian and Lu Yi. He found that in this battle, He Qian, the cave master of Turin Cave, clearly had control of the situation.

Lu Yi had been gravely wounded before and was covered in blood. His strength had been greatly worn down.

As long as He Qian continued, as Lu Yi's blood flowed out of his body, Lu Yi would naturally lose the ability to fight.

Then, He Qian could easily capture Lu Yi.

A thread of pain and conflict flashed through Helian Zheng's eyes. He thought for a moment before shouting, "Island Master Qin, please restrain the Corpse Demon for a moment. I have something to say!"

Qin Lie who stood atop the crystalline war chariot like a sword with Blazing Profound Bombs in his hands grinned darkly and said rudely, "Speak quickly!"

Helian Zheng was angered but he suppressed it. He continued, "If we release La Pu right now and allow you to leave with La Pu, could Island Master Qin forget today's events?"

Qin Lie was shocked and then laughed strangely. "What? You are submitting so quickly? Were you not extremely unyielding earlier?"

Helian Zheng, Dong Chen, and the disheveled Turin Cave martial practitioners had expression of embarrassment.

"As long as Island Master Qin promises to not pursue this matter, we can immediately release La Pu, and allow you to take him away. We will not stop you. How about it?" Helian Zheng stated his conditions.

The expressions of those Turin Cave martial practitioners became awkward. Their heads lowered in silence and their faces were flushed.

Helian Zheng's words meant that Turin Cave admitted their failure, and they could not fight against Qin Lie, the Corpse Demon, Lin Liang'er and an unknown amount of Blazing Profound Bombs. Therefore, they were willing to release La Pu who they had worked so hard to capture.

They hoped that the grudge between themselves and Qin Lie could be dismissed.

Qin Lie waved the bell. The Corpse Demon that Pu Ze turned into temporarily settled down.

He was silent with a wrinkled brow.

The reason he came with Lu Yi to Turin Cave was not because of some Moon Crown or the Moon Demon but purely to save La Pu.

Now that Helian Zheng had no desire to continue fighting and was voluntarily releasing La Pu, Qin Lie had reached his initial goal.

He was slightly tempted.

However, Helian Zheng did not mention Lu Yi. And Helian Zheng, He Qian and these people clearly had a deep relationship with Lu Yi. They would not be willing to let Lu Yi leave as well.

This meant that if he and Helian Zheng reached an agreement, he could immediately leave with La Pu and Lu Yi... would be left here as sacrifice.

In truth, he and Lu Yi did not share any special relationship. Before this, he couldn't even be called friendly with Lu Yi.

But Lu Yi was one of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders. If he turned around and left without even asking about Lu Yi, he wouldn’t be able to face Mo Lingye, Xue Li, Hong Bowen, and the others.

Also, he felt sympathy for Lu Yi. He did not want Lu Yi to be killed by these petty people.

As he thought this, he smiled slightly and said, "What about my Uncle Lu?"

"Uncle... Uncle Lu?" Helian Zheng stilled. "As far as I know, you and Lu Yi do not have a relationship?"

He had suggested these conditions because he felt that Qin Lie and Lu Yi were not close. Qin Lie would not risk his life for Lu Yi.

He felt that Qin Lie would leave Lu Yi behind after he gave such a suggestion and leave with La Pu.

His brow furrowed at Qin Lie's response.

On the other side, the battle between He Qian and Lu Yi stopped.

Lu Yi's body was covered in blood. He was exhausted. He looked with a complicated expression towards Qin Lie, his thoughts unknown.

"If I do not have a friendship with Uncle Lu, would I have come with him to Turin Cave? Flaming Sun Island and Blood Fiend Sect have been closely allied for many years. Uncle Lu and I were close a long time ago, how could we not have a relationship at all?" Qin Lie snorted and said seriously, "La Pu, Uncle Lu, I will take them both. In the future, my Flaming Sun Island will not have any relationship with Turin Cave. I will not make trouble for Turin Cave, what do you say?"

"Lu Yi has to remain!" Helian Zheng said solemnly.

He Qian and Dong Chen's brows were deeply furrowed.

They knew that Lu Yi had a great hatred for them. He had a special identity and he had peak Nirvana Realm strength.

If they let Lu Yi left today, in the future, Turin Cave would be in endless danger. Turin Cave might collapse because of Lu Yi alone.

All of them would become Lu Yi's targets.

"Are you determined to keep Uncle Lu?"

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes, dangerous light flashing inside them.

"Lu Yi must remain!" Helian Zheng insisted. Then, he changed the topic. "To keep Lu Yi, we can compensate Island Master Qin with three million Earth Grade spirit stones, what do you think?"

He still thought that Qin Lie and Lu Yi’s relationship was not a close one.

In order to keep Lu Yi, he took out three million Earth Grade spirit stones. He felt that Qin Lie would relent for the enormous sum of wealth.

"Three million?" Qin Lie shook his head and laughed. "You think that Flaming Sun Island lacks three million Earth Grade spirit stones? You think that a peak Nirvana Realm martial practitioner is only worth three million?"

"How much do you want?" Helian Zheng's expression changed.

"I want the person, not your spirit stones." Snorting coldly, Qin Lie took a deep breath and said calmly, "It seems you do not plan on releasing people. Alright, I have many Blazing Profound Bombs. Even if I destroy entire Turin Cave, it is not something major!"

"Ding ding ding..."

The bell ringing controlling the Corpse Demon once again sounded urgently.

The corpse and blood energies that coexisted in the Corpse Demon became even more savage and restless after receiving orders again.

He suddenly flew in front of the white bone coffin as though he was standing on his own Soul Altar. His presence rose into the sky.

Many white bone claws came out of coffin. They grabbed towards Helian Zheng as though they were his spirit artifacts.

"Zzt zzt zzt!"

As those white bone claws grabbed, strange sounds came from the air as though it was being torn.

"Qin Lie! Do not go overboard!" Helian Zheng shouted.

The eyes of more Turin Cave martial practitioners turned red.

"Go overboard?" Qin Lie's expression was cold. "If I did not hide this Corpse Demon in the surrounding sea, if I hadn't escape with the Blood Escape, I don't know how miserable my state would be right now! You say that I’m going overboard? Old dog, you schemed against me and Uncle Lu, wasn’t that overboard? As a servant, you stole the wealth of your master, you stole the Moon Crown and Bright Moon Pearl, that wasn't overboard?"

Since they had already burned their ties, Qin Lie did not give Helian Zheng any face. His words were all malicious and wanted to anger Helian Zheng to the point of spitting blood.

"Good! Good! Good!"

Helian Zheng said "good" three times. His expression suddenly became vicious and terrifying, his body shaking.

"Even if the power of Moon Demon backlashes on me, today, this old man will kill you little bastard. I want to see how you can act!"

The spatial ring on Helian Zheng suddenly flashed.

Then, a crown glowing with moonlight floated up.

The jade-like crown was covered in countless crescent diagrams. Each crescent flashed with bright light.

The crown seemed to have gathered countless small crescent moons.

This was once the ultimate treasure of Moon Worshipping Cult—the Moon Crown. This was something that only past popes could possess. Sealed inside it was the terrifying Moon Demon’s soul.

"Moon Crown!" Qin Lie changed expression slightly.

He looked over and found that the crescent moon diagrams on the Moon Crown looked like eyes.

There seemed to be a terrifying life observing the outside world from the Moon Crown, giving people an extremely eerie and dark feeling.

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