Chapter 832: Never Afraid of Being Surrounded!

Chapter 832: Never Afraid of Being Surrounded!

Qin Lie did not hesitate to use his lifeblood essence to help Lu Yi escape as he hoped that Lu Yi could be of use in this battle.

When Lu Yi broke free, he immediately shouted and took on He Qian. Qin Lie sighed in relief. He celebrated inwardly that at least he did not waste his lifeblood essence.

His lifeblood essence that was unlike any of the Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners was branded with the blazing divine fire and could burn all creation.

The gold and silver threads that penetrated Lu Yi's body were so strong not even Earth Grade spirit swords may have been able to sever them.

This was why Helian Zheng and the others hadn't been worried.

In this world, other than the Imperishable Realm martial practitioners from Heavenly Sword Mountain, there was hardly anyone with Heaven Grade spirit swords. At least, Turin Cave did not have any.

Therefore, Helian Zheng and the others naturally did not think that Lu Yi would be able to break free.

When He Qian heard Lu Yi's savage shout, he turned his face and his expression changed for the first time.

He saw Lu Yi break free.

"The gold and silver coin threads were burnt away?!" Dong Chen couldn't help but scream.

The gold and silver coins as well as the gold and silver threads that fell from Lu Yi's body were still being burned by Qin Lie’s lifeblood essence.

"Cave master! Take care of Lu Yi!" Helian Zheng took a deep breath as his expression turned grave. "I will take the Corpse Demon!"

He also saw the state of the situation.

Before this, he repeatedly confirmed that there were only Qin Lie, Lin Liang'er, and Lu Yi. He had calculated the strength of both sides, and made sure that they could take the trio before he truly dared to turn his face and act.

He hadn't expected Lin Liang'er's perception to be so strong, detecting something wrong from his words and warning Qin Lie in advance.

In result, Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er did not follow him deep into the mountain.

They had set up a great formation there which was unable to express its usual strength. It only trapped Lu Yi.

Moreover, he hadn't expected that Qin Lie had left a trump card in the ocean near Turin Cave.

Pu Ze, filled with corpse energy, rampaged through Turin Cave’s forces with the white bone coffin as though he was invincible.

No one could restrain him in the slightest.

This completely disrupted his plan.

"Once the Corpse Demon is eliminated, no matter what Qin Lie and Lu Yi do, it will be all useless. They will not be able to escape Turin Cave!" Helian Zheng coldly stated.

As he spoke, he took out a pearl the size of a fist from the spatial ring and threw it towards the Corpse Demon.

"Bright Moon Pearl!"

Lu Yi’s expression turned cold as he glared at Helian Zheng with endless killing intent in his eyes.

The "Bright Moon Pearl" was a spirit artifact that the last pope of Moon Worshipping Cult had requested a grandmaster artificer to forge for him after confirming he was the Son of the Moon God using the secret arts of Moon Worshipping Cult. It had taken many rare spirit materials from Moon Worshipping Cult.

This was a Heaven Grade Four spirit treasure!

When he had been pursued in the past, he had used the Bright Moon Pearl in order to successfully escape.

But he was unable to recover the Bright Moon Pearl.

Many years later, when he saw Helian Zheng take out this item, his eyes turned red.

He was a hundred percent sure that Helian Zheng had been one of the masterminds behind the conspiracy after him!

"Yes! It is the Bright Moon Pearl!" Helian Zheng cackled.

The fist-sized Bright Moon Pearl flew out and Helian Zheng's eyes shot out two streams of moonlight.

The bright moonlight entered the treasure pearl.

The nondescript Bright Moon Pearl immediately brightened like a moon.

The corpse energy sea that the Corpse Demon Pu Ze had released turned thin under the illumination of the "Bright Moon Pearl." The thick corpse energy was destroyed by the light.

"Crack crack crack!"

Fine cracks appeared on that white bone coffin when the light of the Bright Moon Pearl shone on it.

Something sharp seemed to have scraped on the hard bone material.

The Bright Moon Pearl opening the way and clearing out the corpse energy sea meant that the corpse energy the Corpse Demon Pu Ze created was not of great effect.

Helian Zheng moved back.

"Cave master, take care of Lu Yi! Dong Chen, move around, and ‘quiet’ Island Master Qin for me!" he ordered.

He Qian turned back to look at Lu Yi without a word. He smiled faintly and then shot out seven bright moon disks.

Dong Chen snorted. He swerved around the Corpse Demon Pu Ze and Helian Zheng, and charged at Qin Lie.

The other Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners had not charged recklessly towards the Corpse Demon. Because they were far from Qin Lie, they hadn't been affected by the Profound Thunder Heart and they cooperated with Dong Chen in his attack.

More crystalline chariots, sedans, and spirit birds carrying Turin Cave martial practitioners roared their way below them.

Under Dong Chen's orders, those people surrounded Qin Lie, Lin Liang'er, and Lu Yi.

However, no one dared to enter the space between the Corpse Demon Pu Ze and Helian Zheng.

"Haha! I want to see what Turin Cave can use to stop me?"

With a laugh, Qin Lie's palms faced each other. That blinding lightning ball expanded again.

Above his head, between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs, the thunder heart beat even more strongly.

Earthshaking rumbles resounded.

The Turin Cave martial practitioners that gathered from all directions died before they even came close, their hearts exploding, their bodies sparkling with lightning, as they spat out blood.

Even the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners paused in their charge as invisible hammers hit their hearts.

"Ice Crystal Shield!"

An enormous shield of ice formed from Lin Liang'er's cold energy floated in front of Qin Lie like a cold but enormous mirror.

Many of the flame energies, moonlight, and spirit artifacts that flew over were blocked by the ice shield.

"Vice cave master!

Many of Turin Cave's martial practitioners became alert when they saw a streak of moonlight.

At this time, Dong Chen had formed a long moon blade and wanted to shatter the Ice Crystal Shield with one blow.

"Ice Emperor Crystal Spear!"

Lin Liang'er snorted. The Ice Crystal Shield suddenly changed into glittering ice crystal spears that stabbed towards Dong Chen.

The moon blades and ice spears collided together. The ice spears did not shatter but the blades shattered into light and disappeared.

Dong Chen gave a muffled grunt, his face flushing as he suddenly attacked again.

More moon blades flew out of his body, and shot towards Lin Liang'er and Qin Lie.

At the same time, the Turin Cave martial practitioners which had gathered from all over started to hoot.

Qin Lie’s face displayed a hint of disdain. "With the lesson of a thousand Illusory Demon Sect martial practitioners dying, people still want to attack me, the island master of Flaming Sun Island, together. Tsk tsk, their courage is to be admired."

When the words were said, Dong Chen paused, and then he suddenly reacted. He screamed, "Dodge! Careful of the Blazing Profound Bombs!"

At this time, metal balls shot out and landed amidst the charging crowd.

In the next moment, an explosion that almost destroyed Turin Cave spread through the air.

More than two hundred Turin Cave martial practitioners had flown into the sky on the crystalline war chariots, sedans, and spirit birds.

But after the roar, they wailed, cried out and many of them died immediately.

"I formed the Profound Thunder Heart just waiting for you to come to your deaths. I hadn't thought you would cooperate." Qin Lie roared with laughter.

As he laughed, he put away the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood. He gripped Blazing Profound Bombs in his hands. He looked around the dense crowd of Turin Cave martial practitioners with a vicious and cold gaze.

All of the Turin Cave shook under his gaze.

"Hm! What is with this Corpse Demon, what... what is this!"

On the other side, Helian Zheng exclaimed as his expression suddenly turned ugly among the thinning corpse energy.

The Corpse Demon that Jiang Zhuzhe had shoved at Qin Lie had been shrouded in corpse energy. Its eyes had been empty and unfocused. It had really looked like a corpse.

Yet when Helian Zheng fought against the Corpse Demon, a bloody light appeared in the Corpse Demon's eyes.

In the next moment, this Corpse Demon's corpse energy didn't just increase, it also gave off a noxious tang of blood.

Even the pale body of the Corpse Demon became frighteningly red in an instant.

This Corpse Demon turned into a Blood Demon!

Pu Ze who contained corpse energy and blood energy was like the blood demon that powerful Blood Fiend Sect martial practitioners created. It had many abilities.

Helian Zheng suddenly retreated in panic.

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