Chapter 831: Yet Another Miracle!

Chapter 831: Yet Another Miracle!

As Qin Lie focused all his attention on the inscribing of the ancient diagrams, lightning flashed and thunder roared between the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs.

Late at night, the moon hung over the sky like a silver plate. The stars dotted the peaceful sky.

Yet, when the enormous compound spirit diagram formed between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood, a sudden clap of thunder resounded.


The peaceful night was immediately shattered.

Deep in the clouds, lightning slithered, and charged down from the heavens accompanied by savage thunder.

"Hiss… crack!"

The long bolts of lightning fell like meteors with long tails behind them.

The lightning landed at the center of the Thunderblitz formation.

The eastern barbarians had used all the strength of their tribes to find and harvest the eight Thunderblitz trees.

Each Thunderblitz Tree was at least a thousand years old. The older ones were four or five thousand years old.

Thunderblitz Trees could absorb the power of the lightning and thunder. They were not easy to grow and extremely valuable. If they were discovered, they would be immediately cut down.

Ordinary Thunderblitz Trees could be considered great treasures if they were several hundred years old.

Let alone millennium old ones. And eight of them?

The eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood were natural thunder type treasures. The tree grains were like streaks of lightning and could attract thunder and lightning power.

Qin Lie cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Eradication. Once he reached the level "Channeling Thunder Into Body," he could guide lightning with his own body.

After the amplification of the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs, if he used all of his power, he could at any time, at any moment, attract the lightning from the heavens.

"Zzt zzt zzzt!" "Boom boom boom! Snap crack snap snap!"

The bolts of lightning danced, and struck down with destructive booms of thunder.

The space above Qin Lie's head was filled with the fury of lightning and thunder.

Helian Zheng, He Qian, Dong Chen, and the dignitaries of Turin Cave immediately attacked when they saw the situation was not in their favor.

"Serene Moon Soul Altar!"

A Soul Altar that resembled a moon pool rose from Helian Zheng's forehead under the bright moon.

When this Soul Altar suddenly appeared, the cold moon high up in the sky became even brighter.

Thee cool moonlight seemed to find a vent and, along with the moonlight from the bald mountains, jointly flooded into that Serene Moon Soul Altar.

Helian Zheng's eyes were like cold moons with sharp edges. His aura was suddenly amplified by several-fold.

"Be careful of the Spirits of Void and Chaos!" He Qian shouted urgently.

Helian Zheng's aura continued to rise. He was clearly anxious due to his warning.

His gaze locked onto Qin Lie.

The Serene Moon Soul Altar still floated above his head and continued to absorb cold moonlight, and the moon power in the moon pools.

He was constantly on guard.

The moment Qin Lie finished inscribing the ancient diagram amidst his eight Thunderblitz wood slabs, he would immediately take the Serene Moon Soul Altar back to prevent the Spirits of Void and Chaos, the Soul Altar Devourers, from interfering.

As Qin Lie spent time inscribing the ancient diagrams, Helian Zheng used the time to use the Serene Moon Soul Altar to absorb moon power when Qin Lie did not have the time to release the Spirits of Void and Chaos.

During this time, He Qian and Dong Chen did not act rashly. They guarded Helian Zheng.

They even ignored their subordinate martial practitioners who were drowning in corpse energy and being robbed of their vitality.

Behind Helian Zheng in the cage, Lu Yi’s eyes were a mask of astonishment.

He looked at the Serene Moon Soul Altar that had risen above Helian Zheng's head.

In this moment, he learned that this present Helian Zheng was not that gentle and scholarly priest.

He finally understood that Helian Zheng had created his own Soul Altar, and became a true Imperishable Realm expert. Even if he returned to the past Moon Worshipping Cult, the present Helian Zheng would have a place there.

He finally understood that he had underestimated Turin Cave.

With Helian Zheng who had a one-level Soul Altar, taking back the Moon Crown was a delusional dream.

Lu Yi turned back to look at Qin Lie with a hint of hope in his eyes.

Half a year ago, in the most crucial moment of the battle between Blood Fiend Sect, Flaming Sun Island, and Illusory Demon Sect, Qin Lie summoned the six strange beings. He damaged Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan's Soul Altars, forcing them to flee.

In that battle, Qin Lie had been the one to drag Blood Fiend Sect and Flaming Sun Island from the jaws of death.

Even earlier, when facing the attacks of the three families and Black Voodoo Cult, Qin Lie had created many miracles and saved the Setting Sun Islands.

For some reason, Qin Lie could frequently create miracles and do things that other people could not achieve.

Over time, in the eyes of Lu Yi and others, they felt that Qin Lie could achieve things no ordinary person could. This caused him to feel a thread of hope towards Qin Lie.

"Profound Thunder Heart!"

Qin Lie said in a deep voice. In the next moment, an enormous blinding ball of electricity formed between the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood like a beating heart.

"Thump thump thump!"

The strange tremor of the heart started to come out of the heart made out of lightning. The people who heard it felt their hearts jump.

Inside the corpse energy sea, the Turin Cave martial practitioners were still fighting back with difficulty with their nearly shattered Moon God Wings and Shields of Cold Moon.

When Qin Lie shouted out "Profound Thunder Heart," and the sound of a heartbeat spread, the shields that those people maintained immediately shattered.

Their physical bodies were completely exposed to the sea of corpse energy.

Countless small threads of corpse energy, like insects, burrowed into their flesh through their pores.

A sore and piercing pain, like worms nibbling away, filled their minds.

They quickly felt numb all over. They could not muster any strength, their expressions were tired. They wanted to sleep and never wake up.

The vitality inside their body was being cut out by an unseen sword.

"Thump thump!"

The dazzling ball of lightning was vibrating amid the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs. Bolts of lightning difficult to see with the naked eye shot outwards, accompanied by savage thunder.

Behind Dong Chen, the six Turin Cave martial practitioners that held the cage seemed to suffer a great attack. They stumbled and retreated rapidly.

They naturally let go of the heavy cage.

Inside the cage lay Lu Yi penetrated by metal threads. Blood flowed along the threads as a numbing power prevented him from moving.

With a rusty stone in his mouth, he couldn't even speak. He could only fall with the cage.

He desired to break free, and fight alongside Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er, but he found that he was powerless.

"Zzt zzt zzzt!"

Just as he felt hopeless, flames suddenly appeared. The flames carried specks of blood as they wondrously landed on the metal threads in his body and started to burn.

The threads that had been made to imprison the criminals of Moon Worshipping Cult were not worth an attack under that flame.

The threads melted in a short time.

The power that restrained Lu Yi suddenly lessened. His eyes abruptly lit up. He took a deep breath, bit on his tongue tip and shouted.

Golden and silver round coins as well as the gold and silver threads were forced out of his body.

The gold and silver coins had been shoved into his joints, stopping his bones from moving. They were the culprits responsible for his motionless state.

As the gold and silver coins left his body, the power restraining Lu Yi was gone.

His mind moved, he turned into a bloody light and broke free of the cage. He was covered in blood, but his aura was violent and vicious.

"Qin Lie! I'll help you deal with He Qian!" Lu Yi shouted.

He knew that Qin Lie had acted secretly in order to break him free because he saw wisps of blood from those inextinguishable flames.

Those were the traces of Qin Lie activating his lifeblood essence.

While he didn't know why Qin Lie's lifeblood essence could melt the gold and silver coins and thread, he knew that Qin Lie needed his assistance.

"I'll have the Corpse Demon face Helian Zheng!"

In the distance, Qin Lie, who was separated by the Turin Cave people and the Corpse Demon, looked over and nodded.

Flames of hope in Lu Yi’s heart were ignited again. He realized that he might yet fulfill his wish with Qin Lie’s help.

While Helian Zheng, the strongest of Turin Cave, was tangled up with the Corpse Demon, he, Qin Lie, and Lin Liang'er had the strength to do as they pleased in Turin Cave and reverse the situation.

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