Chapter 830: Misunderstanding?

Chapter 830: Misunderstanding?

Under the crystalline war chariots, many Turin Cave martial practitioners flew as they shouted to capture Qin Lie and the other person alive.

Qin Lie sat motionlessly inside the chariot as he digested the medicinal power. He was recovering the power he had used up when performing Blood Escape.

Lin Liang'er gestured with her hands. Icy blades fell down and caused the charging Turin Cave martial practitioners to fall down.

Before the true experts arrived, these people with only Netherpassage Realm and Manifestation Realm cultivations were just cannon fodder.

As dozens of martial practitioners died, the ones that came later gradually realized Lin Liang'er's power and didn't dare to come forward to their deaths.

The crystalline war chariot raced through the skies above Turin Cave.

An hour later.

The chariot suddenly stopped. Qin Lie stood up and looked seriously into the distance.

A white bone coffin suddenly appeared. The coffin landed on the crystalline war chariot in the blink of an eye.

Qin Lie held the bell. He took a deep breath, his expression turning vicious as he forcefully swung the bell.

"Ding ding ding!"

Urgent sounds came from the bell. The lid of the white bone coffin opened with a "bump."

The Corpse Demon that Miao Fengtian had forged with Pu Ze's body flew out of the coffin. The Corpse Demon's hairy body appeared before Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er's eyes.

"Kill the people pursuing us." Qin Lie channeled the thought into the bell.

A shocking white light came out of the depths of the Corpse Demon's dead eyes as though it received Qin Lie's intentions.


A pale white ray of light shot across Qin Lie's vision to the air. The earth-shattering corpse energy churned like a river, roiling as it spread outwards.

In a flash, almost all of Turin Cave was drowned by the wave of corpse energy.

Dozens of Turin Cave martial practitioners that were in close pursuit gave off hair-raising screams when attacked by that pale white ray of light.

Bloody figures fell from the sky.

Many crystalline chariots, sedans, and ships were blown into smithereens midair.

The surging corpse energy was like an overflowing river that came down out of the sky and spread through the world.

Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er exchanged glances. They could see the shock in each other's eyes.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Amid their shock, the white bone coffin suddenly flew away and seemed to turn into the Corpse Demon's bonded spirit artifact. It rampaged amidst the crowd.

Many of Turin Cave's martial practitioners were crushed by the white bone coffin.

When the coffin started chasing another martial practitioners, Qin Lie noticed that it hit the entrance to a cave.

Bright moonlight flashed at the mouth of the cave. Clearly, this was a place where a martial practitioner of Turin Cave was cultivating.

However, the entrance to that cave immediately exploded after being struck by the white bone coffin.

Even the mountain, hundreds of meters tall, tilted visibly under the impact.

Qin Lie was even more amazed.

This Corpse Demon that Jiang Zhuzhe forced him to take along was extremely violent after he woke it up. This seemed to be even more savage than Pu Ze of the past.

"Pu Ze! This is Pu Ze!"

"The foreign delegate of Black Voodoo Cult, Pu Ze!"

Far away, Helian Zheng, He Qian, Dong Chen and the others hurriedly came after receiving the signal.

When they saw the Corpse Demon start its massacre and cut the martial practitioners of Turin Cave into pieces, Helian Zheng and the others started to scream.

Turin Cave and Black Voodoo Cult were extremely close, whether it be distance or their relationship. They frequently communicated in secret.

They all recognized Pu Ze.

They had never expected that Pu Ze, whose one-level Soul Altar Duan Qianjie had shattered three years ago at the Setting Sun Islands, would show up now.

What surprised them even more was—the present Pu Ze was clearly not the Pu Ze of the past!

This Pu Ze did not contain any trace of life. He looked like an ape, and was shrouded in thick corpse energy.

The white corpse energy rippled like silk around him.

All of the Turin Cave martial practitioners would have their vitality corroded when they touched the thick white corpse energy.

When people got close to him, they would feel powerless, their strength slipping away.

It was as though the source of their life was being consumed by the corpse energy.

This was the terrifying nature of the Corpse Demon!

"How did Pu Ze become such an evil thing?!" Dong Chen paled.

"Where did he come from?!" Helian Zheng bellowed.

"The enemy summoned him!" a subordinate responded.

The gazes of He Qian, Helian Zheng, Dong Chen, and the others gathered on Qin Lie.

"Island Master Qin, we’ve had some misunderstandings earlier. How about settling Pu Ze down, and letting us have a talk?" He Qian suddenly smiled. He didn't look at his subordinates that the Corpse Demon killed, and nonchalantly walked through the air.

Helian Zheng and Dong Chen, as well as several dozen martial practitioners that reached Fragmentation Realm followed closely.

At the rear, inside a medium-sized cage, Lu Yi was completely penetrated by metal wires. Blood dripped out of the holes in his body. A stone had been shoved into his mouth. He could only stare with wide eyes at Qin Lie and shake his head urgently.

He used his gaze to urge Qin Lie to leave quickly.

He knew that they would most likely be unable to escape this time. However, he served Mo Lingye for many years, and he was one of the Blood Fiend Ten Elders.

He believed that if Qin Lie managed to leave alive and tell Mo Lingye of today’s events, one day in the future, Mo Lingye would mobilize troops of Blood Fiend Sect and get revenge for him.

He knew that Mo Lingye could do it.

But Qin Lie had to leave Turin Cave alive and send the news to Mo Lingye. Otherwise, all of this was just a pipedream.


Qin Lie smiled and nodded. He said, "There may be some misunderstandings between us."

He looked at Helian Zheng. "Turin Cave have made such thorough preparations, is it for Lu Yi or specifically for me?"

While he talked, he did not restrain the Corpse Demon that was still slaughtering Turin Cave’s martial practitioners.

"Of course it was for the traitor Lu Yi." Helian Zheng put away his expression of rage and forced out an ugly smile. "Turin Cave has long had intentions of forming a relationship with Island Master Qin. However, we’ve never had a chance to contact Island Master Qin. Now that Island Master Qin has come in person, we must act as the hosts. We can discuss the matter of a partnership. What does Island Master Qin think?"

"We can discuss a partnership." Qin Lie's expression did not change. "But that will not be in Turin Cave, but on Flaming Sun Island. This is Flaming Sun Island's rule."

His brow furrowed as he said, "Of course, there is a prerequisite for a partnership. You must release La Pu first!"

"If Island Master Qin sincerely wants to work with us, of course we will release La Pu," Helian Zheng said seriously.

"Island Master Qin, please restrain Pu Ze. Otherwise, we will be forced to act ourselves!" Dong Chen said urgently.

The people the Corpse Demon was killing were coincidentally his disciples. He could no longer stand seeing the heads of his disciples' separating from their bodies.

"Turin Cave only has to release La Pu now and I will immediately leave. As for the matter between you and Lu Yi, I have no interest in it," Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice. "Otherwise, we can burn all ties right now. I want to see what Turin Cave can do to me!"

The eight Thunderblitz wood slabs floated as he spoke.

The Corpse Demon Pu Ze separated him and Helian Zheng. Lin Liang'er was at his side. This way, he had time to draw a spirit diagram.

"Zzt zzzt zzt!"

Blue bolts of electricity criss-crossed amid the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood above his head. They formed a complex compound spirit diagram which was being inscribed at a rapid rate.

"Don’t give him time!"

Helian Zheng who had been talking with a friendly expression changed expression when he saw the eight slabs of Thunderblitz wood float into the air.

"Attack!" He Qian shouted.

They clearly knew that what kind of power Qin Lie would have if he had time to take out eight Thunderblitz wood slabs and form the spirit diagram.

In an instant, the Turin Cave that had been restraining themselves flew over at full speed.

"Ding ding ding! Ding ding ding!"

The clear and pleasing bell chimes suddenly sounded. The Corpse Demon became even more frenzied when it heard such urgent sounds.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The white bone coffin moved through the air like a millstone. It sprouted thick corpse energy that seemed able to corrode everything with life in it.

At the same time, the Corpse Demon gave a strange scream. With him as the center, the white corpse energy spread like clouds outwards.

The Turin Cave martial practitioners shrouded by corpse energy had their vitality quickly corroded.

The energy and light in many people's eyes were sucked dry by the corpse energy ocean.

Even the Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners took out their Moon God Wings, and used the Shields of Cold Moon to protect themselves. Even then, they still had a difficult time in the corpse energy sea.

"Snap crack snap snap!"

Like flames refining metal, shattered light came from their Moon God Wings and Shields of Cold Moon.

"Don't let them near me!"

Qin Lie commanded Lin Liang'er. He stopped looking at the Corpse Demon and the martial practitioners of Turin Cave. He gathered his attention, and manifested the remaining parts of the compound spirit diagram.

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