Chapter 829: The Moon Demon’s Corruption

Chapter 829: The Moon Demon’s Corruption

With thirty-six lifeblood essences as the price, Qin Lie activated Blood Escape as he escaped from the cave with Lin Liang’er.

But even then, he only managed to escape to an area tens of kilometers away from the scene.

Beneath a bald hill situated at the southwest corner of Turin Cave, Qin Lie panted heavily while his body was covered in his own lifeblood essences. Right now, he looked worse for wear.

This was the first time he forcefully escaped a scene using Blood Escape.

“Something’s not quite right. A restriction that limits escape arts must have been placed around that mountain!” Qin Lie calmed down and said seriously, “I obviously felt something like a thin film or invisible web instantly wrapping around me when I was trying to escape. It had prevented me from executing the escape art to teleport away.”

“Then how did you manage to bring me all the way to this place?” Lin Liang’er looked very doubtful.

“The blaze divine fire in my lifeblood essences burned away that invisible web the second the escape art was activated. That’s why I managed to execute Blood Escape in the end,” Qin Lie explained.

Lin Liang’er thought for a moment before nodding slowly. “The God Race’s bloodline truly has infinite uses.”

“I’m pretty hurt right now. Not only did that art used up thirty-six of my lifeblood essences, it also depleted more than half of my spirit energy and soul energy.”

Qin Lie sat down and took out a bunch of dried meat strips with a wry smile on his face. Without thinking, he stuffed the food into his mouth while grabbing many more pills that swiftly replenished his energy, blood and spirit energy. Just the same, he swallowed them all down his throat.

“Lu Yi doesn’t have the God Race’s blood, so it’s unlikely that he could escape with Blood Escape. Perhaps… he has already been captured.”

“What do we do now?” Lin Liang’er looked calm.

After pondering for a moment, he summoned a crystalline war chariot and answered, “Let’s get close to the Corpse Demon first!”

While saying this, he hesitated for a moment before taking out the bell given by Jiang Zhuzhe. He shook it with his left hand while touching it with his soul.


The bell’s ringing sound wasn’t particularly loud, but it also seemed to have the power to suck someone in.

His soul consciousness caught the trace of a weak consciousness that instantly traveled tens of thousands of kilometers into the distance.

The soul thoughts inside the bell had automatically flew towards the Corpse Demon’s direction as the ringing sound spread out.

Ten breaths later, a soul thought wrapped in thick corpse aura returned from the distance and entered the bell.

The bell holder, Qin Lie, could clearly sense the Corpse Demon’s existence after its return. He immediately pointed at a direction and ordered the Corpse Demon, “Go there!”

The crystalline war chariot flew as commanded.

At the deep sea next to the Turin Cave.

A white bone coffin slowly flew out from the bottom of the sea. The object covered in corpse aura took off to the air the second it broke through the sea surface.

The white bone coffin looked just like a crystalline war chariot as it flew in the sky. It was wrapped in thick corpse aura.

A lot of Turin Cave martial practitioners were cultivating beneath the cold moon, so they all looked up in astonishment when they noticed the emerging white bone coffin.

“Why is a coffin flying in midair?”

“What a powerful corpse aura!”

“There’s something inside the coffin!”

All Turin Cave martial practitioners who saw the flying coffin let out all kinds of cries of astonishment.

These people didn’t know about the high priest and He Qian’s plan.

In the skies on the other side of Turin Cave.

A crystalline war chariot continued to fly freely without any fear towards the enraged Turin Cave martial practitioners that were chasing it down.

Qin Lie continued to swallow pills and dried spirit beast meat to recover his strength as much as possible.

He clutched the bell tightly as he sensed the approaching Corpse Demon. His expression slowly turned serious.


“Dong Chen! Where are you?”

At the entrance where Qin Lie had escaped earlier, a Helian Zheng who looked absolutely irritated rushed over with a dozen or so Fragmentation Realm martial practitioners.

A middle-aged man clad in luxurious white robes was also following behind the man.

Even further back, six people were carrying a metallic cage.

Inside the cage, Lu Yi was trapped with metallic threads piercing many parts of his body. Blood kept pouring out of his wounds.

“Cave master!”

“High priest!”

Dong Chen and the people behind him quickly bowed and saluted He Qian and Helian Zheng upon their arrival.

“I’m asking you where Qin Lie is!” Helian Zheng roared.

His anger seemed greater than He Qian’s even though he was supposed to be just a high priest. He acted wantonly even though the cave master, He Qian, was right next to himd.

This meant that he probably enjoyed an extremely high status in Turin Cave.

“Qin Lie had escaped using Blood Fiend Sect’s BloodEscape,” explained Dong Chen with a bowed head.

“That’s absolutely impossible!” Helian Zheng glared at him like he would eat him alive, “Even the late stage Nirvana Realm Lu Yi failed to escape using Blood Escape thanks to the effects of our forbidden art, so how in the Spirit Realm can a insignificant Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner escape using the same art? Dong Chen? Are you trying to hide your incompetence?”

Dong Chen smiled wryly while his head was still bowed and replied softly, “Everyone here is a witness to my statement.”

Helian Zheng looked at the martial practitioners behind him.

They all nodded in support of Dong Chen’s words.

It was only then that Helian Zheng’s fury subsided a little. “Qin Lie is truly a pleasant surprise, isn’t he? The reason we leaked out the Moon Crown’s location was so that we could bait Lu Yi to this place, but I didn’t expect him to invite Qin Lie too! Hmph, there may be a lot of people who fear his connection with Forefather Terminator, but we are different! Once the Moon Demon breaks out of its seal, even Forefather Terminator will be dead for sure!”

“Qin Lie possesses six Spirits of Void and Chaos, and these creatures are unparalleled supplements for the Moon Demon that cannot be found anywhere else!” He Qian also spoke up. “Ever since I learned that Qin Lie was in possession of Spirits of Void and Chaos, I have been planning to capture him and gift them to the Moon Demon. However, I couldn’t think of anything that could lure him to our place, and even after we’ve captured La Pu I still didn’t think that he would be enough for Qin Lie to act. To my surprise, Qin Lie really did come along with Lu Yi for the sake of a foreigner like La Pu.”

“Once we capture him alive, seize the six Spirits of Void and Chaos and use them to replenish the Moon Demon’s strength. The Moon Demon may be able to break out of the seal on its own!” Helian Zheng shouted with a zealous look on his face. “As long as the Moon Demon reappears in the world, we will definitely be able to restore Moon Worshipping Cult to its former glory. Perhaps we may even be able to ascend further and become a true Gold rank force!”

“Helian Zheng, He Qian. Since when have you two been corrupted by the Moon Demon’s evil thoughts? You two were probably one of the people who conspired to assassinate me back then, weren’t you?” Inside the cage, the bleeding Lu Yi looked at the duo with great disappointment on his face. “One of you is the teacher who taught me our cult’s canon, and the other is my former attendant. You have both touched the Moon Crown before, so perhaps… you’ve already been affected by the Moon Demon’s power back then.”

“Someone shut his mouth for me!” Helian Zheng turned around and shouted.

Beside the cage, a few Turin Cave martial practitioners grabbed a few rust-covered rocks and forced them into Lu Yi’s mouth.

After the act was done, Lu Yi looked like he had just swallowed a large bun. He could neither spit or swallow the rocks, so he wasn’t able to speak after that.

“Send out a message to all cult members that any outsiders are to be attacked immediately! Tell them to report all people who isn’t a cult member upon sight and capture them alive!” Helian Zheng ordered.

“I shall do as you say immediately,” said Dong Chen hurriedly.

It didn’t take long for the order to spread to all Turin Cave martial practitioners. Everyone began to get busy.


“Over there! That crystalline war chariot! The cave master and high priest have ordered us to capture all outsiders!”

On the ground, a lot of Turin Cave martial practitioners spotted the crystalline war chariot Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er were on flying in their direction. They all cried out in response and got onto many crystalline war chariots and flying luans, chasing after the duo.

Most of these people were only at the Netherpassage Realm or the Manifestation Realm.

“It looks like all the experts of Turin Cave were gathered inside that cave. That’s why the forces guarding the outside are much weaker.”

When Qin Lie looked down to the ground and noticed that those pursuers were all of low realm, a look of seriousness crept up his face involuntarily.

He knew that Lu Yi was probably captured by this point.

He wasn’t really that close to Lu Yi. In fact, they had almost no relationship to speak of. The only time they acquainted with each other was the time Lu Yi awakened him from his miraculous state with the Great Refining Art of Moon Essence.

And even then, the only reason Lu Yi did it was so that he could overturn the tides of the battle.

That was all the relationship there was between the two of them.

But still, they had come together to this place and fought a common enemy. They were at the very least comrades-in-arms.

Therefore, he truly did wish for Lu Yi to be fine.

“We’re almost about to make contact with the Corpse Demon. Have you decided whether we should fight or escape?” asked Lin Liang’er suddenly. A pause later, she continued, “I noticed that you’re not really that close to that Lu Yi, so I don’t see any real reason for you to risk your life for him. Personally, I suggest that we take the less risky path and leave Turin Cave for now. Once you’ve invited a real Imperishable Realm expert on our next trip here, you should be able to rescue senior La Pu very easily.”

She knew how strong Helian Zheng was, and she was worried that a mere Corpse Demon wasn’t enough to suppress him.

It was also foolish to believe that Qin Lie and her alone would be enough to contend against the entire Turin Cave.

Her suggestion was in fact quite wise.

“If we wait until the next time… I’m not sure if La Pu will still be alive,” said Qin Lie heavily.

“But you’re not doing well right now,” Lin Liang’er added.

“I know.” Qin Lie frowned deeply in ponderment before he finally said, “Let me make that decision after we meet the Corpse Demon.”

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