Chapter 828: Blood Escape

Chapter 828: Blood Escape

Dong Chen called Lu Yi a traitor of Moon Worshipping Cult.

“Perhaps Island Master Qin was fooled by Lu Yi and kept from the truth. Perhaps that’s why you’re prejudiced against the Turin Cave,” he said in a flamboyant manner. “There is some misunderstanding going on between us, I believe.”

“Misunderstanding?” Qin Lie grinned and shook his head. “There is no misunderstanding going on alright.”

He winked at Lin Liang’er.

She understood his intentions.

Sharp, cold objects swiftly gathered themselves before Lin Liang’er, and in an instant a gigantic blade made of ice was formed.

“Ice Blade!”

An icy light fired out of the sharp blade. At the same time, the sound of ice being crushed resounded.

“Icestone Twister!”

The twister made of shattered ice appeared once more. It surged towards Dong Chen and all the Turin Cave martial practitioners he was leading.

Blood droplets as red as diamonds mixed with blaze divine characters and flew out of Qin Lie’s palms.

The lifeblood essences fell like rain.

“Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!”

The lifeblood essences automatically homed in on the Turin Cave martial practitioners like they had a mind of their own.

“You two are too unkind.”

Dong Chen shook his head as if he was given no choice but to act.

“Moon God Wings!”

At the cave entrance, the clear water inside all the moon pools began to glow with light.

Wisps of incredibly pure moon energy were gathered from the pools behind Dong Chen’s body.

The light wings made of pure moon energy slowly spread out behind Dong Chen like the wings of a beautiful peafowl.


The ice blade slashed fiercely against the light wings, but it actually failed to cut it in half.

Dong Chen bared teeth that looked as white as moonstones and smiled. “The cave master and high priest have given an absolute order for the two of you to stay, so please cooperate with us, honored guests.”

A bright, crystalline mirror flew out of Dong Chen’s sleeves. It abruptly shone with many rays of moonlight.

The lights swiftly gathered into a light screen that emanated with cold and clean moon essence energy. It brightened the originally dark cave entrance as bright as day.

When Lin Liang’er was illuminated by the moonlight from the mirror, she looked like she was being flooded by the water of the moon pools. Water actually started pooling across her exquisite skin.

She was going to execute a certain spirit technique, but the interruption actually kept her from completing it.

Qin Lie’s pupils also shrank when he was illuminated by the moonlight. He noticed that countless rays of bright moonlight had seeped into his soul and consciousness.

It was as if a crescent moon was trying to fix his Soul Lake and True Soul in place, immobilizing him.

It was a mysterious technique similar to Blood Arts: Soul Shackle.

“Heavenshaking Thunder!” Qin Lie suddenly let out a cold snort.

“Rrrmm! Rrrmm!”

A series of earthshaking thunder erupted throughout his bones, pores, veins and even his soul. For a moment, the cave was filled with incessant flashes of lightning and thunderous roars.

Thunder erupted inside his soul and consciousness.

The moonlight in his consciousness swiftly faded away after being blasted away by the thunder.

Even the moon energy left behind by Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji had been completely cleansed in this moment.

Qin Lie was instantly free from the influence.

“They say that the souls of thunder cultivators are most profound and unpredictable. The rumors are true,” Dong Chen praised. “Even someone as powerful as your friend has had her soul suppressed by our forbidden art, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, but you are completely unaffected by it. You truly are the direct disciple of the greatest cultivator of the Land of Chaos.”

The Turin Cave martial practitioners behind him were also wearing serious expressions.

Earlier, they all thought that their brothers had gotten themselves killed probably because they got careless.

Although the rumors regarding the Fulfillment Realm Qin Lie sounded extremely scary, they didn’t actually think that he was all that powerful.

They all thought that the reason Qin Lie had become famous was because he had the eight god corpses and those six mysterious lifeforms that could devour Soul Altars.

They didn’t think that Qin Lie himself was all that powerful.

However, after seeing Dong Chen executing Moon Worshipping Cult’s forbidden art ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, and the ease at which Qin Lie broke free from its influence in no time at all, they immediately realized that the rumors were not without a grain of truth.

It was because they knew just how powerful “Dark Side of the Moon” was.

Dong Chen was at the middle stage of the Nirvana Realm. Technically speaking, even another martial practitioner who shared the same level of cultivation wouldn’t be able to break free of “Dark Side of the Moon” without great effort.

Naturally, for all martial practitioners under Nirvana Realm such as Fragmentation Realm or Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners, it was almost impossible to break free.

It was one of Moon Worshipping Cult’s proudest great forbidden arts.

“Blood Arts: Explode!”

While they were surprised, Qin Lie suddenly shouted with a severe expression on his face.

“Watch out!” Dong Chen hastily reminded.

The falling lifeblood essences that looked like blood rubies suddenly exploded.

“Bang bang bang!”

As the lifeblood essences exploded one after another, blood mist and tiny flame tongues began spreading like fiery, torrential rain.

“Zzzt zzzt!”

The Moon God Wings Dong Chen created actually started burning after they were touched by the flames that looked like flower buds.

The Turin Cave martial practitioners who were touched by the flames immediately shouted in pain.

They tried with all their might to gather the cool power of the moon to cleanse themselves of the flames.

Alas, their efforts were completely useless.

The blaze divine fire imprinted in Qin Lie’s blood was also known as the Imperishable Flames. So forget their moon energy, even Lin Liang’er’s power of absolute frost couldn’t extinguish them.

They could only wait for the moment the flames ran out of energy.

“Thunder Soul Explosion!”

With a savage look on his face, Qin Lie released his consciousness into the open.

“Crack crack!”

Lightning released from his body flashed as quickly as passing meteors.

The Turin Cave martial practitioners who were still trying to disperse the blaze divine fire suddenly discovered a flash of lightning inside their soul and consciousness.

In the next moment, the destructive power of the thunder of Ninth Heaven began to resound.


These martial practitioners all broke out in inhuman screams. They clutched their heads as electricity leaked out of the corners of their eyes, and their faces took on an expression of abject suffering.

Even Dong Chen couldn’t help but scream with a slight change of expression, “A Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner has imbued his consciousness and thoughts with the power of thunder and lightning?! Impossible! Even that old monster dared temper his soul with thunder and lightning only after he reached the Imperishable Realm! That should’ve been the only time a cultivator could possibly imbue every wisp of their consciousness with the soul-destroying power of thunder and lightning!”

Thunder and lightning were powers that were specialized in destroying souls. Back when the God Race built the Graveyard of Gods, they had created the thunder crystal beast and the thunder lightning pond in order to temper an expert’s soul with thunder and lightning.

Even the weakest experts of that unfortunate group were at the Imperishable Realm. They were all cultivators who had all created their own Soul Altars.

But even these astounding cultivators were forcefully refined by thunder and lightning, had their memory wiped and turned into many Pure Soul Springs.

This meant that Imperishable Realm, Void Realm, and even Genesis Realm cultivators could have their memories and imprints wiped if they were continuously struck by thunder and lightning, day after day.

It was a power that could literally refine them to their deaths!

“Dong Chen, stop them for fifteen minutes until we’ve dealt with Lu Yi. We will arrive very soon!” It was at this moment Helian Zheng’s roar broke out of Dong Chen’s silver wristband.


After wrapping himself completely in a shield of moonlight and stopping Qin Lie’s thunderous thought attacks with it, he voiced his acknowledgment.

Helian Zheng’s voice was high strung and rapid. Even Qin Lie could hear it from where he was. As his expression changed a little, he realized immediately that every Turin Cave expert was probably lying in ambush deep inside this mountain.

The experts that should’ve been posted at certain cave locations had probably all gathered inside the mountain so they could ambush him and Lu Yi after they went inside.

Therefore, there were probably not many experts outside and around the mountain. This also meant as long as he could charge out of this cave, retreat at top speed on the crystalline war chariot and summon the Corpse Demon immediately, he might be able to avoid being captured by the Turin Cave before the Corpse Demon showed up.

Qin Lie quickly figured out the situation.

Suddenly, he grabbed Lin Liang’er’s small hand as his eyes turned blood red. A couple of lifeblood essences started gathering in front of his chest.

“Blood Escape!”

A ball of bloody light abruptly exploded from in front of his chest, and a blood red colored cocoon immediately wrapped them both inside.


After the bloody light exploded into countless tiny blood sparks, Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er vanished entirely from the cave.

They didn’t leave behind even a speck of soul presence.

“Impossible! This is impossible!” Dong Chen cried out again. He pulled at his hair with an absolutely puzzled expression. “We have used the cult’s secret art to interrupt all escape arts, and not even Lu Yi is able to escape this place with Blood Escape! So how on earth did he escape our grasp?”

He simply couldn’t believe his own eyes.

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