Chapter 827: Like Hot Knife Through Butter

Chapter 827: Like Hot Knife Through Butter

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Many moonlit figures moved rapidly through the wide stone passageway. The auras and lifeforce that were suppressed earlier were exposed all of a sudden.

One at the front and one at the back, Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er charged towards the cave’s exit at top speed. The Turin Cave martial practitioners who saw them along the way looked stunned and unsure if they should intercept them both.

The duo took advantage of their hesitation and flashed past them in the blink of an eye.

This confusion lasted until the moment the high priest’s angry yells resounded in their the sound transmission jades on their wrists. They realized what was actually happening.

In the end, Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er’s escape was becoming harder and harder.

“Please stay behind temporarily, you two!”

Six Turin Cave martial practitioners between Netherpassage Realm and Fulfillment Realms stood in a row and blocked the cave leading towards the exit completely.

The leader of the group was at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm. He had a chilly look on his face, and he was holding a spirit artifact in the shape of a crescent moon.

At the front, Lin Liang’er turned back to look at Qin Lie, seemingly wanting to hear Qin Lie’s opinion.

Qin Lie knew that the situation was serious, and that hesitation was the absolute last thing either of them needed right now. If they hesitated, they might very well lose their last chance to leave this place.

“Kill them!” he shouted seriously.

Nearly at the same time, three more early stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioners charged out from the fork at the side.

The trio stepped between Lin Liang’er and him.

“Island Master Qin, is it? Please stay behind for a moment. Our cave master sincerely wishes to meet you,” the guy at the front said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

The moment he said this, Qin Lie was absolutely certain that there was something wrong with Helian Zheng. It was impossible that the Turin Cave disciples would know of his identity otherwise.

“I’m not free today. If he wishes to see me, tell him to visit me personally at Flaming Sun Island or the Ruined Lands.”

Qin Lie pulled out the long blade Thunder Soul as he said this. The moment Heavenly Thunder Eradication was activated, long, silvery lightning immediately crawled up the weapon.


As thunder and lightning erupted, ball-shaped lightning and criss-crossing electricity flew out of the long blade following his swinging arms.

“Capture him alive! The cave master and high priest had given orders that he must be captured alive!” That person screamed.

Crescent-shaped disks were immediately thrown towards their direction.

Among them, dark moon glowed in three people’s pupils as bright light shields began covering their body. While protecting themselves, they used the crescent-shaped discs to destroy the ball-shaped lightning and criss-crossing electricity.

However, the moment the crescent-shaped discs touched the lightning sphere, they immediately exploded upon impact.

Even more criss-crossing electricity surged towards the surroundings like a thunder web with Qin Lie at the center.

The wide stone cave was entirely covered up by the electrical web. The hard stones of the walls cracked as large chunks of rocks began falling from the roof.

“Zzzt zzzt zzzt!”

Even more lightning appeared and entered the giant electrical web as Qin Lie swung the Thunder Soul.

The electrical web charged straight towards the front.

“Snap snap snap!”

The three early stage Fulfillment Realm enemy martial practitioners found their moonlight shields erupting like beautiful fireworks after they were touched by the electrical web.

Countless brilliant moonlight and electrical sparks filled the entire cave.

The brilliant stalemate lasted for several seconds.


A thunderous rumble resounded, and all of the moonlight dissipated. The electrical web held up and looked as dazzling as ever.

The three Turin Cave martial practitioners were scorched black and covered in electrical sparks as they lay on the ground while drawing their last breaths.

They were an inch away from dying after they were attacked by the thunder and lightning.

Qin Lie didn’t waste even a fraction of a second as he slipped past them as quick as lightning.

Ahead of him, Lin Liang’er broke through the barricade of six martial practitioners like an ice crystal surrounded by harsh, cold air.

Out of the six martial practitioners, the strongest martial practitioner at the late stage of the Fulfillment Realm was in fact slightly stronger than Qin Lie, at least in cultivation.

However, he was frozen in ice just like his comrades by Lin Liang’er’s “Frozen World” frost spirit art. Even his mind and thoughts were completely frozen.

A rank seven Ice Phoenix was equal to a human Nirvana Realm martial practitioner to begin with. Moreover, she cultivated the Ice Emperor’s inheritance and had been enhancing the frost spirit energy in her body with the Celestial Ice Crystal mine continuously. Therefore, she was strong enough to fight even a late stage Nirvana Realm martial practitioner.

Naturally, it was impossible for the six Fulfillment Realm and Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners of Turin Cave to fight her.

“They’re definitely not holding back against us. From now on, we must get out of this place as soon as possible!”

After joining up with Lin Liang’er, Qin Lie didn’t stop to appreciate the scenery. He charged out of the cave while covered in dazzling lightning.

Lin Liang’er also transformed into an ice beam and proceeded right next to him.

Although the cave was relatively wide, it was still incomparable to the space outside. This prevented Qin Lie from executing many of his profound arts or killer moves.

For obvious reasons, he absolutely couldn’t use the Blazing Profound Bombs here. The huge explosion and impact caused by them would be enough to blow the entire mountaintop, burying him within. If he were to accidentally bury himself alive, the only one who would benefit from this outcome would be the Turin Cave forces.

The eight Thunderblitz wood slabs were too heavy and huge. They couldn’t be used inside the cave either.

It wasn’t like he had the time to inscribe the ancient spirit diagrams anyway.

As a result, he had no choice but to use his own powers such as the Heavenly Thunder Eradication, frost spirit art, blood spirit art and other spirit arts to fight his enemies as he charged towards the outside.

“Why are you in such a hurry to leave, Island Master Qin?”

A few more Turin Cave martial practitioners showed up from the criss-crossing passages. They were all blocking his way with obvious malice on their faces.

“Lifeblood essences!”

The lifeblood essences flew out of his palm and into the air. They spun quickly while emanating thick blood stench.

The blood beads sparkled with tiny blaze divine characters. They looked like literal burning flames.

The round, translucent blood beads looked like red diamonds. Then, they abruptly fell downwards.

Those lifeblood essences all fell on top of the Turin Cave martial practitioners’ heads.

“Blood Arts: Soul Shackle!”

In an instant, the lifeblood essences exploded into countless blood threads and sank into those people’s souls and minds.

The blood threads were also burning with tiny sparks of fire.

The people blocking his and Lin Liang’er’s way suddenly let out blood-curdling screams. Fire suddenly appeared inside their pupils.

Flames began pouring out of their mouths, nostrils, eyes and ears.

The people’s souls were shackled by the spirit art, Blood Arts: Soul Shackle. Then, the blaze divine characters inside the lifeblood essences started burning their True Souls and Soul Lakes.

Even Qin Lie, the one who unleashed the lifeblood essences and shackled their souls with the spirit art was slightly caught off guard by this sight.

Even he didn’t expect that Blood Arts: Soul Shackle executed through the lifeblood essences would enable the blaze divine characters in his bloodline to pour straight into his enemies’ souls and minds.

What came as an even bigger surprise was that he could use blaze divine fire to ignore opponents’ souls.

“Qin Lie!” Lin Liang’er cried out softly.

He quickly came back to himself and ignored the screaming martial practitioners whose souls were literally burning with blazing flames. Then, he rushed towards the exit at top speed.

He knew that the bloodline powers inside the lifeblood essences wouldn’t be extinguished unless they ran out of fuel completely.

If those people were lucky enough not to run out soul essence, if their True Souls and Soul Lakes weren’t completely burned by the time his flames ran out, then they might yet survive the experience.

Otherwise, it didn’t matter how much spirit pills and miraculous medicines they would consume to save themselves. Once their True Soul and Soul Lakes were completely burned by the blaze divine fire, there was absolutely no chance that they could be rescued.

“Icestone Twister!”

At the front, Lin Liang’er conjured an exquisite spirit technique with both hands and fired countless bits of ice from her sleeves.

The ice twisters swiftly covered up the entire passage and devoured a dozen or so Turin Cave martial practitioners in the process.

Inside the Icestone Twister, the rampaging wind and ice bits were like swirling blades that grinded the Turin Cave martial practitioners into many pieces.

In just a few seconds, the Turin Cave martial practitioners were decapitated or turned into a pool of broken flesh and blood.

Qin Lie hid his surprise at the sight.

Most of the enemy martial practitioners that were dismembered by the Icestone Twister were in the Fulfillment Realm, yet they were all turned into bloody piles of flesh in a matter of seconds.

Just like her, he cultivated the Ice Emperor’s inheritance and thus knew of the spirit technique called “Icestone Twister.” However, he never thought that the spirit technique would be so deadly in Lin Liang’er’s hands.

Inside the mountain, the murderous duo continued to charge through the caves while executing all kinds of spirit arts and secret techniques.

The Turin Cave martial practitioners who attempted to block their way were all killed one way or another. Most of them didn’t last beyond the first move.

Their retreat so far seemed to be pretty smooth.

Suddenly, they saw a sheen of cold moonlight shining from the cave in front of them. On the other side, Qin Lie couldn’t help but grow spirited because it meant that they were about to reach the outside.

However, Lin Liang’er suddenly slowed down her pace at this critical moment.

“There’s a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner guarding the exit,” she said softly.

Qin Lie immediately frowned at her words.

He was a middle stage Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner, and his powerful physique, bloodline powers and various trump cards might give him enough firepower to go up against an early stage Fragmentation Realm martial practitioner.

But against a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner, it was unlikely that he could truly harm them unless he could set up the Thunderblitz formation and inscribe an ancient spirit diagram to amplify the power of Profound Thunder Heart.

Therefore, it meant that he was probably no match for the Nirvana Realm martial practitioner guarding the exit.

“I am Dong Chen. I am the vice cave master of Turin Cave. I would like to invite you to stay with our cave master for a moment, Island Master Qin.” A slow voice entered the ears of everyone present in the cave.

By now, Qin Lie and Lin Liang’er finally reached the cave entrance and saw many moon pools around the area.

At the center of these moon pools sat a brawny middle-aged man. The man was sitting spread-legged on a wooden chair and smiling towards them.

A dozen or so Turin Cave martial practitioners at Fulfillment Realm were standing behind this person. Their eyes were all cold and merciless.

“Vice cave master, these two people killed a lot of our brothers. We can’t let them leave alive!” a person shouted harshly.

The man known as Dong Chen waved his hands and motioned for the people behind him to not interrupt the conversation.

“Flaming Sun Island is a pretty hot topic as of late, and Island Master Qin is known throughout the Land of Chaos. All kinds of forces hope to make friends with your Flaming Sun Island and buy some Blazing Profound Bombs from you.” He smiled faintly before switching to an expression of regret. “You should’ve cherished yourself a little more considering your status and identity, Island Master Qin. So why have you gotten together with that traitor of Moon Worshipping Cult, Lu Yi?”

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