Chapter 826: Turning Back!

Chapter 826: Turning Back!

The trio dressed in robes with the insignia of Turin Cave. Under the lead of High Priest Helian Zheng, they reached the secret room of Turin Cave that held La Pu.

Layers of bright moonlight fell on their bodies. Qin Lie felt as though his mind was calm and his soul was being cleansed.

Back on Prism Continent, Yue Ji, Ye Ji, and Shui Ji had worked together using a secret art of the Moon Worshipping Cult and moonlight to break the seal on his memories.

After it had been cast, some moon power had been left in his consciousness and Soul Lake.

This caused his aura to seem similar to many disciples of the Moon Worshipping Cult. Adding on his robes, and the presence of High Priest Helian Zheng, they did not encounter any obstacles along the way.

Lin Liang'er had an unique method of obscuring her aura. Anyone below the Imperishable Realm level couldn't see through her.

The four successfully reached the jail of Turin Cave.

It was a large and bare mountain deep in Turin Cave. Stone passages criss-crossed inside the mountain. If not for Helian Zheng's lead, they would not have been able to find this place before the end of their life.

"Young Master, you three are truly the only ones that came?" Helian Zheng seemed slightly anxious as he repeatedly asked.

"Only us three,"Lu Yi said firmly.

"The cave master of Turin Cave, He Qian, is at the peak of the Nirvana Realm, and I, due to limitations of my talent, only have early Nirvana Realm cultivation even though I cultivated all these years." Before Helian Zheng entered, he stopped and said, "Other than He Qian, three other people of Turin Cave have reached the Nirvana Realm, Of them, two are at the early stage of Nirvana Realm, and one is in the middle stage. They are stronger than me. In my opinion, we should not attack, we should secretly rescue La Pu. Then, I will try to help you steal the Moon Crown, how about it?"

"Uncle Helian has thought this through meticulously." Lu Yi nodded softly.

As the two spoke, Lin Liang'er suddenly pulled the corner of Qin Lie's clothing. Her expression was slightly strange.

Qin Lie stopped, and turned to look at her. "What is it?"

Helian Zheng and Lu Yi turned to looked at Lin Liang'er in puzzlement.

"I want to have a private chat with Qin Lie," Lin Liang'er spoke in a cold voice.

At this time, the four had reached the mountain imprisoning La Pu. There were many of Turin Cave's martial practitioners. When they saw Helian Zheng, they respectfully bowed.

They were unobstructed on their path.

There were many forks in the caves’ paths. These forks led to stone rooms. It was possible to hear moans and wails from inside the stone rooms.

Those people should be the martial practitioners Turin Cave imprisoned.

"We are almost at La Pu's cell." Helian Zheng's expression was slightly displeased. "What is it that cannot be discussed later?"

"Qin Lie, how about... waiting a while?' Lu Yi asked.

"Just a few words!" Lin Liang'er insisted.

Qin Lie looked deeply at her and saw determination in her eyes. He thought and said, "We will not take long."

"Then can we go ahead first?" Lu Yi asked.

"Alright." Qin Lie nodded.

Helian Zheng turned around and looked suspiciously at him and Lin Liang'er. Then, he left with Lu Yi without a word.

When the two left view, Lin Liang'er gave off a cold air which formed a thin ice shield that surrounded herself and Qin Lie. This stopped people from eavesdropping on her and Qin Lie's conversation.

"So careful?" Qin Lie had a strange expression. "What is going on?"

He knew that there was a reason for this strangeness. Lin Liang'er was not one to make a fuss for nothing. If there wasn't something, she would not insist on having a talk with him right now.

"That high priest of Turin Cave is lying." Lin Liang'er's expression was strict.

Qin Lie's brow furrowed, and he immediately put great attention on her words. "Speak more specifically!"

"The high priest said that his talents were limited and he only has early Nirvana Realm cultivation. But the truth is not so. He has hidden his cultivation using a secret method. His true cultivation... he is not far from ascending to the Imperishable Realm. Maybe he also possesses a one-level Soul Altar. I can’t be sure." Lin Liang'er thought as she said, "Anyways, he is definitely stronger than early Nirvana Realm practitioner. He is lying to you."

"Almost reached Soul Altar level or... already possesses a Soul Altar?" Qin Lie's expression changed dramatically. "Are you sure?"

"At least eighty percent sure." Lin Liang'er nodded.

Qin Lie suddenly became silent.

He knew that Lin Liang'er would not lie to him. He also knew that Lin Liang'er had some secret ways due to being one of the Ice Phoenix Race, and could probe human Soul Altar experts.

He believed Lin Liang'er's judgement.

That meant Helian Zheng was definitely lying...

He started to reconsider this matter. He wondered if Lu Yi knew of this, and was conspiring with Helian Zheng to deal with him.

"If that Lu Yi wants you dead, he, Helian Zheng and Turin Cave will set up an ambush... if we enter the cave, we will not be able to escape." Lin Liang'er's thoughts spun. "All along the way, he was repeatedly confirming if we were three people. It seems he had malicious intent."

"Now that you say this, it does seemed so. He continuously checked, but he didn’t know our background. Lu Yi didn’t participate in this plot. He knows us. Had he worked against us, Helian Zheng would have known us and wouldn’t have asked us so many questions." Qin Lie's thoughts were clear as well.

"Maybe there is a trap there. I wonder if it is prepared for Lu Yi or for you." Lin Liang'er speculated.

Qin Lie nodded inwardly.

"What do we do now?" Lin Liang'er asked.

"What can we do?" Qin Lie promptly decided. "Of course we think of a way to leave!"

"Leave immediately?"

"We have to find a reason."

"You think of one."


On the other side, Helian Zheng waited for a while in the cave. Seeing Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er still not arriving, he asked in puzzlement, "What is the relationship between that woman and Island Master Qin?"

"I don't know." Lu Yi shook his head. he was not fond of gossip and had no interest in other people's private matters.

"Every few hours, He Qian comes here in person. He should be here in an hour." Helian Zheng was in a hurry. "We must finish this before He Qian comes. Otherwise, we have to wait until the next opportunity."

"I will go tell them about the urgency of the situation." Lu Yi turned and walked back.

When his back faced Helian Zheng, Helian Zheng's eyes suddenly became deep and gave off a secretive feeling.


A loud slap suddenly came from the stone passageway behind them.

"You clearly have so many women, why did you involve me as well? I don't ever want to see you again!"

In the next moment, Lin Liang'er's angry voice came, and then they saw a figure flying out.

"Listen to me! Let me explain!" Qin Lie shouted. He turned back and called to Lu Yi, "Wait until I take care of this, then we can go in."

He shot a look towards Lu Yi. As to whether Lu Yi would understand, he couldn't care so much.

Lu Yi was clearly stunned. He clearly hadn't expected that the two would have such a rotten incident at this time.

He had heard before that Qin Lie had many women and was not circumspect in this area. Therefore, he thought that Lin Liang'er and Qin Lie had a relationship as well.

However, it was an ill-time for such an occurrence and completely disrupted his plans.

Lu Yi was extremely angry.

“What are they doing?" Behind him, Helian Zheng could not control his anger and couldn't help but shout.

Helian Zheng's shout contained a restrained impatience and violence. Lu Yi's mind moved.

For many years, Helian Zheng had always taught him the teachings of Moon Worshipping Cult. He was gentle and humble as though he never would get angry.

Therefore, he had never seen Helian Zheng give a shout like this.

He immediately thought of the strange gaze Qin Lie gave before leaving...

"Don't be in a hurry to leave, let's first accomplish this. Wait a moment!" Lu Yi suddenly gave chase.

Inside the cave, Helian Zheng's expression was black, his eyes filled with violence and anger.

Gazing at Lu Yi's back, he thought for a moment. He suddenly took out a crescent shaped transmission stone and shouted into it, "Do not let them leave the mountain!"

The cold and desolate mountain cave suddenly flooded with people.

Even the captives pushed open the doors of their cells and charged into the passageway.

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