Chapter 825: Helian Zheng

Chapter 825: Helian Zheng

One of the three Turin Cave Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners hurriedly left under Lu Yi's orders.

He went to invite the high priest of Turin Cave.

Lu Yi grabbed and put away the Moon God Token. He sat down next to the moon pool and waited silently for Helian Zheng to arrive.

Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er waited with him.

Only then did the two kneeling Turin Cave martial practitioners dare to stand up after Lu Yi indicated.

"You are?" one of them carefully asked.

"Waiting for Helian Zheng to come. You may leave. It is not suitable for you to know of some things,” said Lu Yi in a condescending tone.

Strangely, the two were not angered. They nodded to express their understanding.

They did not continue asking. They stood obediently at the side and waited. They looked curiously at Lu Yi and speculated about Lu Yi's identity.

In less than fifteen minutes, a pure ray of moonlight flew in from far away.

This ray of moonlight pierced into the cave like a bright silver sword.

The moonlight suddenly separated. An old person with his silver white beard reaching his chest suddenly appeared.

The old person's loose long robe was decorated with images of crescent moons. When his eyes opened and closed, they flashed with light like two bright moons.

"High priest!"

Inside the cave, the two Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners hurriedly bowed when they saw him.

Helian Zheng looked excitedly at Lu Yi, his lips moving slightly. He wanted to say something. In the end, he shouted at the other two people, "Leave this place!"

The two Turin Cave martial practitioners seemed to be pardoned and hurriedly left the cave. They were afraid of hearing things.

When the two left, Helian Zheng knelt down. In tears, he said, "This old servant greets young master..."

Lu Yi had stood up and was also extremely excited. He held up Helian Zheng, his voice trembling. "Uncle Helian has been greatly mistreated these past years."

"It is this old servant who is useless, unable to protect Young Master. I thought that Young Master had already..." Helian Zheng was full of shame, and self-blame. He spoke of how he had not protected his master, and did not know whether Lu Yi was alive or dead.

Qin Lie listened from the side. From their words, he gradually learned about the progress of events.

Many years ago, because Moon Worshipping Cult summoned the Moon Demon, many of the Soul Altar experts in the cult were killed, and Moon Worshipping Cult's strength greatly decreased. They lost their past glory.

At the same time, Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, Illusory Demon Sect, these three sects rose. They were growing stronger.

The pope of Moon Worshipping Cult at the time had been killed by the Moon Demon, leaving them leaderless.

At the time, the young Lu Yi had been appointed as the "Son of the Moon God." He should have taken the position of pope, and continued to lead the scattered Moon Worshipping Cult.

But Lu Yi had been too young at the time, and not strong enough. The people who had supported him had been killed by the Moon Demon, and he was not able to fight for the position of pope.

Many of the branches in the cult immediately set out on their own seeing the unstable situation inside the sect.

Many others, seeing the other forces attack Moon Worshipping Cult, changed their names and hid themselves.

Originally, the ultimate treasure of Moon Worshipping Cult, Moon Crown was kept by Lu Yi. Because the Moon Crown sealed the unkillable Moon Demon, only the pope could hold it.

But the young Lu Yi could not control the situation. People conspired against him. Not only did he lose the Moon Crown, he was almost killed.

Due to the rumor Lu Yi was killed, Moon Worshipping Cult did not have a proper pope, Moon Worshipping Cult truly split into pieces and declined.

Helian Zheng had been a priest of Moon Worshipping Cult before. From Lu Yi's childhood, he had been responsible for caring for the "Son of the Moon God" and educating him on the teachings of the sect.

Helian Zheng was Lu Yi's teacher, and also his servant. The two were extremely close.

Later, Moon Worshipping Cult split and many branches stood alone in the world.

He became the high priest responsible for the Moon Worshipping Ceremony of Turin Cave after a time of turbulence, and finally settled down.

"Young Master, why have you suddenly come to Turin Cave?" A long time later, Helian Zheng finally calmed down and asked in puzzlement.

"I have come for the Moon Crown. I secretly visited previously and am sure that the Moon Crown is presently in Turin Cave. I had been in charge of protecting the Moon Crown back then. I have a responsibility and duty to make sure the evil thing inside the Moon Crown —the Moon Demon, will not be released." Lu Yi said.

"Young Master's information is correct. The Moon Crown is in Turin Cave, and is held by the Cave Master He Qian."

"He Qian?" A hint of disdain appeared in Lu Yi's eyes. "In the past, he was only my attendant."

"It's him." Helian Zheng sighed. "But he should not have anything to do with the events that befell you. He was also young back then. He also obtained the Moon Crown just a hundred years ago."

Pausing, Helian Zheng sighed and then said, "He purchased it through an auction."

"Auction?" Lu Yi was astounded.

Nodding, Helian Zheng grimaced and said, "Those people that harmed you were pursued by Terminator Sect, Illusory Demon Sect, and Black Voodoo Cult together after Moon Worshipping Cult was labelled as an evil sect. Most of them were killed when fleeing. They delivered the Moon Crown they stole to their descendants. However, those descendants were not talented, and many didn't even have any ability to cultivate. After several generations, the Moon Crown became an antique in their family. They most likely didn't even know what it was."

"They sold it just like this?" Lu Yi felt as though he was humiliated.

"The people who were being chased did not have the time to tell their descendants much before they were killed. "Also, the Moon Crown contains the Moon Demon. They didn't dare to say much. They only told their descendants to store it, and if someone could reach the Void Realm in the martial way, they would naturally understand the benefits of the Moon Crown."

"Their lineage gave birth to some martial practitioners, but they were too weak. Even when they tried to use the Moon Crown, they could not break through the outer seal. They could not detect the existence of the Moon Demon."

"Over time, they felt that the Moon Crown was useless, and could not bring them any power."

"Later, the Moon Crown kept gathering dust and was ultimately sold to an auction house."

"He Qian accidentally obtained the information. He knew that an auction house was selling something unknown. He had been your servant before, and saw and touched the Moon Crown before. After investigating its appearance, he confirmed it was the Moon Crown."

"Therefore, he purchased it."

"Supposedly... he just spend several hundred pieces of Earth Grade spirit stones."

Helian Zheng explained in detail.

His face was filled with helplessness and pain, and he felt it was laughable. The leaders of Moon Worshipping Cult harmed Lu Yi in order to obtain the Moon Crown and treated it like a treasure.

The Moon Crown traded hands, Lu Yi's whereabouts were unknown, and the powerful Moon Worshipping Cult could not come together and declined.

After so many years, this ultimate treasure of Moon Worshipping Cult was sold for the mere price of a few hundred Earth Grade spirit stones. Before He Qian purchased it, no one even asked about it.

This was too ironic.

As the former Son of the Moon God, Lu Yi was silent after hearing about this terrible past.

A long time later, he took a deep breath and said, "Uncle Helian, I have come this time to take back what belongs to me! Also, I heard that He Qian is trying to use secret arts to communicate with the Moon Demon inside the Moon Crown. What is going on? Also, I heard you have imprisoned an elder of the Ghost Eye Race. He's called La Pu?"

Qin Lie who had been silent all this time raised an eyebrow and his expression became attentive.

He was not very interested in the ultimate treasure of Moon Worshipping Cult, the Moon Crown or the Moon Demon sealed within.

He only came to rescue La Pu.

"Young Master's information is abundant. Yes, that La Pu is being imprisoned in the Turin Cave. He Qian is trying to communicate with the Moon Demon inside the Moon Crown. He is trying to benefit from the Moon Demon and form a transaction.” Helian Zheng did not conceal anything from Lu Yi. "According to my information, He Qian should have established contact with the Moon Demon by now. La Pu... should be one of the sacrificial offerings that the Moon Demon lacks. Other than this, He Qian also requested some things from Black Voodoo Cult, and also had people purchase many yin and evil items from the Ruined Lands."

"What cultivation does He Qian have now?" At this time, Qin Lie suddenly asked a question.

"And he is?" Helian Zheng looked in puzzlement at Lu Yi.

"The island master of Flaming Sun Island—Qin Lie," Lu Yi answered.

"The island master of Flaming Sun Island?" Helian Zheng stilled and then his expression changed. He shouted. "Well-known! Like lightning in my ears! The great name of Island Master Qin has spread through the Land of Chaos recently!"

"La Pu has strength akin to the peak of the Nirvana Realm. How did Turin Cave imprison him?" Qin Lie asked.

"This Ghost Eye clansman, La Pu, doesn't just possess Nirvana Realm strength, he had formed his eighth eye. He is equal to at least a one-level Soul Altar experts, and is even slightly stronger." His tone changed and Helian Zheng said, "Because he just formed his eighth eye, he was still in his weak period and we caught him. We imprisoned him before he recovered. We used medicinal fluid that could dissipate power to cause him to lose all of his strength."

"Young Master, He Qian is the same as you, at the peak of the Nirvana Realm. He is preparing to create his Soul Altar, and he has already gathered all the materials he needs."

"He communicated with the Moon Demon in the hopes that he could obtain more confidence in his breakthrough."

“La Pu is one of the sacrificial offerings for the Moon Demon. I do not know what the Moon Demon has promised him."

Helian Zheng explained the events.

"I want to take back the Moon Crown. Also, I will help Island Master Qin release La Pu. Uncle Helian, could you help me?" Lu Yi asked.

Helian Zheng nodded softly.

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