Chapter 824: Turin Cave

Chapter 824: Turin Cave

Qin Lie and the two others travelled toward Turin Cave.

Two days later, an enormous dark red continent entered their field of view.

There were barren, red and brown mountains on that continent. When one looked closely, they would find that there were caves of various sizes on many bare mountains, making them look like beehives.

There were no forests or lakes on this continent, no vibrant plants. It was dry and bare, barren, devoid of life.

"Turin Cave is here."

Lu Yi stood on the crystalline war chariot. He looked towards the dark red continent in front with a complicated expression.

"I can’t see anything out of ordinary," Qin Lie said.

"There is nothing special during the day, but at night... it should be different," Lu Yi said meaningfully.

"Let me first put down this coffin."

Qin Lie indicated for Lin Liang'er and Lu Yi to go down first. He drove the crystalline war chariot over deep sea and threw the white bone coffin down.

He put away the bell that Jiang Zhuzhe had given him. He prepared to use it when he encountered great danger.

"Wait for night to come. We will go deeper when the moon rises," Lu Yi suggested.

Qin Lie nodded.

He knew that Lu Yi was more familiar with Moon Worshipping Cult. Turin Cave was a branch of Moon Worshipping Cult and should have set up some of Moon Worshipping Cult's formations and wards on this island.

Lu Yi had his reasons for wanting to move at night. Qin Lie chose to believe him.

The trio waited silently for night to arrive.

Two hours later, night gradually came, and a crescent moon made its way into the sky.

Qin Lie sat back on the crystalline war chariot and drove it into the sky. Then, he looked at the scenery under him. He found that the caves on the continent suddenly became extremely bright.

The light of the moon shone down in rays like mercury cloth. They flowed towards the caves as though they were being controlled by other people.

It appeared like the moon had transformed into a great sea and small streams of moonlight ran from it.

"All of the caves can gather the power of moonlight. They can be absorbed by the disciples of Moon Worshipping Cult to cultivate the secret spirit arts and techniques that require moon power." Lu Yi's expression became solemn. "There are hundreds or even thousands of caves there. Each should have martial practitioners of Turin Cave cultivating inside. Of course, the great majority of them are martial practitioners of low cultivation and not worth a mention. However, with so many caves, there are bound to be some relatively powerful martial practitioners hidden within."

After thinking, he said to Qin Lie, "Put the crystalline war chariot away, follow me. Try not to be exposed early."

As he spoke, Lu Yi's eyes turned into crescents.

His body released a clean wave of light. Bright clean light shot out of his eyes.

"Pay attention!" Lu Yi shouted.

As his eyes lit up, circles of moonlight appeared in front of him. These circles of light released blurry moonlight in front of the cave entrances, and seemed to be connected with each other.

Many of the rocky protrusions on the mountains suddenly flashed and released moonlight.

Those rocks showed many crescent ancient characters as Lu Yi's eyes changed. These characters seemed to contain a wondrous power.

The layers of moonlight seemed to form a blue shield inside the naked mountains.

The shield of light was clean and bright, as thin as cicada wings, and gave off a soft beauty under the moonlight.

Qin Lie looked intently. A moment later, he said with an expression of surprise, "Why is this so similar to the Shield of Cold Moon that the Miao Family formed over Blue Moon Valley?"

Lu Yi said coolly, "The ancestor of the Miao Family was originally an elder of my Moon Worshipping Cult."

"Miao Fengtian is a member of Moon Worshipping Cult?' Qin Lie paled.

"Not him." Lu Yi shook his head. "Miao Fengtian's grandfather was an elder of Moon Worshipping Cult. He was killed by the Moon Demon in that battle. However, the Miao Family do not admit to their relationship with Moon Worshipping Cult because the at the time, Moon Worshipping Cult was already ostracized and deemed as an evil sect. They did not want their Miao Family to be tainted by Moon Worshipping Cult’s infamy."

Qin Lie still felt astounded.

"That’s not strange." Lu Yi's expression was indifferent as he said calmly, "During Moon Worshipping Cult's most prosperous time, we didn't just dominate the Heavenly Silence Continent, branches of Moon Worshipping Cult were also on the Heavenly Calamity Continent and the Heavenly Slaughter Continent."

"Moon Worshipping Palace of the Heavenly Silence Continent, and the Heavenly Slaughter Continent's Nine Moon Association, Moon Refinement Cliff, and this Turin Cave, and many more Black Iron and Limestone rank forces were tightly connected to Moon Worshipping Cult."

"When Moon Worshipping Cult was in its golden age, it was more powerful than Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult and Illusory Demon Sect added together. It had millions of disciples. Even though it has declined, it is still mighty, and its inheritance is still being passed on through all sorts of methods."

As Lu Yi spoke, he walked forward and indicated for Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er to follow him.

His body would occasionally release waves of moonlight. The light was extremely similar to the circles of light in the surroundings. They were clearly of the same source.

"As long as you are not far from me, with the aura on my body, you will not activate the wards and formations of Turin Cave," Lu Yi explained.

Qin Lie nodded inwardly and said, "So many caves, which is the one we look for?"

"Follow me. Do not worry. I will take you to the target."


They fell silent after that.

An hour later, under Lu Yi's lead, the trio climbed onto a mountain and entered one of the moonlight-absorbing caves.

When they entered the cave, Qin Lie saw pools of water. These pools were inside the mountain, rippling with moonlight on the surface. They were filled with abundant moon power.

Three martial practitioners were soaking in the moon pool just like Blood Fiend Sect members would use water of the blood pool to cultivate, except these people used moon energy.

"Who are you?"

Seeing strangers come in, the three Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners jumped up with cold expressions. They immediately went to attack.

Lu Yi snorted and took off a crescent-shaped command token from his waist, holding it up high.

That crescent-shaped command token caused great ripples to appear in the water of the moon pool when it appeared. Threads of pure moon power flew out and entered the command token.

The light of the command token grew more and more intense. After Lu Yi released his hand, the command token floated like a small moon inside the cave, releasing pure moonlight.

The three Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners showed extremely shocked expressions when they saw the command token.

"Moon God Token? This is the Moon God Token?!" the three screamed as their faces paled.

"Kneel!" Lu Yi shouted coldly.

The three Turin Cave’s Netherpassage Realm martial practitioners stilled and then knelt down, bending their heads to the floor towards the command token.

"Find Helian Zheng." Lu Yi commanded.

"You want to see the high priest?" one of the people said in shock.

Lu Yi nodded and said, "Just say that someone with the Moon God Token surnamed ‘Lu’ wants to see him."

"I will go immediately!"

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