Chapter 822: Ice Spirit Body

Chapter 822: Ice Spirit Body

The Blaze Family bloodline, the frost power, the thunder power. These three powers of different types attacked Qin Lie's body, cleansing his tendons and bones, carving his blood and flesh.

Lin Liang'er watched silently from the side. She didn't know whether she should pull him out of the Celestial Ice Crystal mine.

As she wavered, time slipped by. Soon, a day and night passed.

Lin Liang'er noticed that while Qin Lie's body was still in battle, his soul was unusually active and filled with vitality.

Therefore, she wasn't in a hurry to interfere.

Another day and night passed.

Blaze divine characters stopped flashing on Qin Lie's body, and the sparks of lightning gradually disappeared.

Only the endless frost power of the Celestial Ice Crystals still filled his body and gradually froze his body again.

However, when he turned back into an ice statue, his blood, his tendons, and his spirit sea were not frozen.

Lin Liang'er probed with her soul.

She found to her shock that the cold power spilling out of the Celestial Ice Crystal mine caused Qin Lie's body to become brighter and clearer when it permeated Qin Lie's bones, blood, flesh, and tendons.

His meridians were like threads of ice, his bones like crystal ice, his spirit sea like a cold pond.. these were the signs of the Ice Spirit Body successfully forming!

At this moment, she probed carefully with her mind and found that Qin Lie's body was clearly forming the Ice Spirit Body.

In a short time of two days, Qin Lie managed to form the Ice Spirit Body!

Lin Liang'er paled in shock.

She was of the Ice Phoenix Race and she was innately suited to the cold. She had also cultivated from a young age in cruelly cold environments.

With the advantages of her race, and her long time cultivating the Ice Emperor's inheritance, she only finally manifested the Ice Spirit Body when she reached rank seven.

She had thought that with Qin Lie's talent, he may have needed to reach the Nirvana Realm before he could form the Ice Spirit Body.

The prerequisite was that Qin Lie would focus his energy on the Frost Arts and not spend his time on other spirit arts.

Yet, just now, in just two days, Qin Lie managed to form the Ice Spirit Body with her encouragement.

She was greatly astounded.

Now, she did not need to worry that Qin Lie would remain frozen. Once his Ice Spirit Body formed, Qin Lie could cultivate in the Celestial Ice Crystal mine and absorb the cold energy here, just like she did.

Another day passed.

Under her eyes, Qin Lie opened his eyes and exhaled deeply.

That clear crystal body seemingly made out of ice moved with his body, slowly transforming into a normal human shape.

Seconds later, Qin Lie recovered his original appearance and jumped out of the ice cavern.

"The cultivation of the Ice Spirit Body... doesn't seem to be especially difficult," he muttered to himself.

What he didn't know was when he cultivated Heavenly Thunder Eradication day and night as forced by his grandfather Qin Shan, weakened heavenly thunder had already tempered his blood and flesh and formed his Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body. It had established a firm foundation for his body refinement.

After immersing himself in cultivation for five years, the effects might not have been evident, but his firm foundations remained unchanged.

Also, the Blood Spirit Art was effective in refining his body as well. Moreover, his potential had increased as he cultivated the Limit Sublimation Art. His bloodline itself was strong, and his body was far stronger than he imagined.

Back in the Land of Frost, he frequently attracted frost power into his body. He had been cultivating the Ice Spirit Body without even knowing it.

Inspired by Lin Liang'er, and the great amount of cold energy coming from the Celestial Ice Crystal mine, he naturally reached this step.

"I only formed the Ice Spirit Body after I returned from Terminator Sect, and you... only used two days of time. This does not make any sense." Lin Liang'er's expression was one of unfathomable confusion.

"Maybe it is because I never stopped tempering my body." Qin Lie thought and said, "Before I could gather spirit power, I always refined my body and used lightning and thunder to do so. Since I’ve been ten years old, I never slacked off in strengthening my physical body. In the past, my grandfather would always warn me about the importance of body refining. Before he left, that is."

"Your grandfather?" Lin Liang'er was shocked.

“Yes." Qin Lie nodded. "My cultivation foundation was created by my grandfather. He forced much of the profound knowledge about artifact forging into me."

Lin Liang'er looked at him. A long time later, she said, "Your grandfather is extraordinary."

Qin Lie smiled brightly and said, "Yes, I think so too."

"Right, why did you come find me?" Lin Liang'er finally inquired about his intentions.

"Could you come with me to Turin Cave?" Qin Lie asked.

"Alright." Lin Liang'er nodded. She didn't ask anything before she agreed.

"Can we depart now?"



An hour later, Qin Lie and Lin Liang'er appeared together on Evil Infant Island, and prepared to travel with Lu Yi for Turin Cave.

When he landed on Evil Infant Island, before he saw Lu Yi, he saw a small body flashing towards him.

When the figure stopped, the Evil Infant Boy appeared. "My senior brother is going to act against us."

"Your senior brother? The artifact forging grandmaster of Celestial Artifact Sect, Luo Han?" Qin Lie was astounded.

"I received news that he left Celestial Artifact Sect alone. He will come to the Ruined Lands to retrieve the Heavenly Mirror." The Evil Infant Boy's expression was indifferent, his eyes emotionless as though he was speaking of something not related to him. "I still know some people in Celestial Artifact Sect. They secretly told me this. When I left Celestial Artifact Sect, Feng Yi and I had an agreement. We will not attack each other. Feng Yi may not know of this, my senior brother is acting on his own."

"Luo Han heard that the Heavenly Mirror was successfully repaired?" Qin Lie snorted.

"Yes, a while later, I fought the White Bone Demon Monarch. Using the power of the Heavenly Mirror, I defeated him." Evil Infant Boy nodded. "White Bone Demon Monarch should be the one that told this to my senior brother."

"If it was just Luo Han, he would not dare to make waves in the Ruined Lands." Qin Lie frowned.

He and Lu Yi had agreed to go to Turin Cave and rescue La Pu, helping Lu Yi steal the Heaven Grade spirit artifact Moon Crown from Moon Worshipping Cult which sealed the Moon Demon.

He felt a headache at this time hearing that Luo Han was about to come and make trouble.

"Other than my senior brother, there are also people from Illusory Demon Sect, White Bone Demon Monarch, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, Chi Yan, Gu Tuo and others." Evil Infant Boy seemed to have great amount of information. "The others even planned for Jiang Zhuzhe."

"Illusory Demon Sect? They have the resources for external matters right now?" Qin Lie smiled coldly.

"It's Ji Qingpeng, a three-level Soul Altar expert. His ice Soul Altar had been shattered in the past, and he needs Ice Marrow in order to repair it." Evil Infant Boy looked at Lin Liang'er, and said coolly, "Supposedly, there is a Celestial Ice Crystal mine deep inside Frost Island. It is highly likely for Ice Marrow to appear in the depths of the Celestial Ice Crystal mines. It is a Divine Grade spirit material, and for Ice Soul Altar Imperishable Realm experts, the Ice Marrow is the ultimate treasure. It has enormous value and effects.”

Lin Liang'er had manifested in the form of a human, yet in front of the Evil Infant Boy who possessed a two-level Soul Altar, she was exposed.

"That three-level Soul Altar expert is coming to Frost Island to steal the Ice Marrow?" Lin Liang'er changed expression.

"In all of the Ruined Lands, only Frost Island can produce Ice Marrow. Since my senior brother invited Ji Qingpeng, he would have promised the other to help him obtain the Ice Marrow," the Evil Infant Boy said coolly.

Lin Liang'er bit down on her lower lip. Her expression was icy but she felt powerless.

With her present cultivation, she was not a match for a one-level Soul Altar, let alone a three-level one.

She didn't know what she could do to protect her Frost Island.

"The enemy is too strong. If we do not have enough power, I think... we should leave the Ruined Lands for a while," the Evil Infant Boy said helplessly.

"Jiang Zhuzhe, you, Forefather Dark Wind, the fourteen evil dragons, and... me, are all of us still not enough?" Qin Lie asked.

"First, you need to guarantee that Jiang Zhuzhe will act," the Evil Infant Boy said.

“And if he’s willing?"

"If he’s willing, we may be their match. Otherwise, we should retreat as early as possible."

"I understand."

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