Chapter 821: Body Refinement

Chapter 821: Body Refinement

The cavern under the frost palace was about three thousand five hundred square meters and could contain the true body of the Ice Phoenix

When Qin Lie came close, he could see white blurry mist rise out of the entrance. The thick mist seemed to contain shattered ice and glowing threads of ice. It released a cold that could freeze the soul and restrain the consciousness.

"You cultivate the Frost Arts, and are also cared for by the Ice Emperor inheritance. With your talent and aptitude, even if you cannot withstand the extreme cold of the Celestial Ice Crystal, there shouldn’t be any severe consequences," Lin Liang'er said.

In fact, she wanted to see Qin Lie endure some hardship.

In order to obtain the inheritance of the Ice Emperor, she endured many hardships and spent much mental effort. She treasured it.

She thought that the Ice Emperor's inheritance was the strongest spirit art in the world.

Qin Lie obtained the Ice Emperor inheritance, and also comprehended the frost concept. However, he did not spend all of his energy on cultivating the Frost Arts. She felt that Qin Lie was wasting their potential.

She hoped that Qin Lie would suffer in the Celestial Ice Crystal mine, and be frozen by the extreme cold energy. Then, he would spend more time and energy on cultivating the Frost Arts.

Up until now, other than her, only Qin Lie cultivated the Frost Arts. Her mother had once been the Ice Emperor's follower, and her name had been given to her by the Ice Emperor. She felt she had a responsibility to urge Qin Lie and spread the frost inheritance of Ice Emperor far and wide.

Even she only dared to cultivate above the Celestial Ice Crystal mine after her soul and strength recovered.

And she, who already ascended to rank seven, was akin to the a human Nirvana Realm martial practitioner. Moreover, the Ice Phoenix Race was innately suited to the extreme cold.

Thus, she believed that Qin Lie would suffer.

Of course, she was prepared. If she saw Qin Lie's situation going bad, she would immediately pull Qin Lie out. She would stop heavy cold energy from entering his bone marrow and truly damaging Qin Lie’s body.

"Just sit down?" Qin Lie asked.

"Mn, just jump down," Lin Liang'er responded.


Qin Lie jumped. His body fell towards the glittering Celestial Ice Crystal mine. His hair and eyebrows had frozen into ice midair.


The moment his body landed like a piece of ice, a sound like that of rocks colliding occurred.

Lin Liang'er moved forward and her clear eyes focused. She found Qin Lie had turned into a cold statue.

The corner of her mouth rose in smugness.


Qin Lie exclaimed inside, his expression focused in his startled state. In the next moment, he found that his limbs could not move, his blood was solidified and his spirit sea was frozen. Even the flow of his thoughts and his soul slowly slowed.

His state was similar right now to when the Ice Phoenix had used the cold energy to freeze everyone in the frost palace.

The threads of cold power were like bone-piercing ice needles. They stabbed through his body and increased the cold energy in his natal palaces.

Due to the great cold energy, his spirit sea and tendons were frozen. He found that he couldn't even channel the Frost Arts.

Almost all of the powers in his body were temporarily sealed by the ice.

White mist infiltrated his consciousness, as if it wanted to freeze his Soul Lake and True Soul.

"Thunder Conception!"

His thoughts moved. Lightning and thunder roared and cracked in his soul consciousness, destroying the cold energy that invaded his consciousness.

After cultivating Heavenly Thunder Eradication to the stage of "Thunder Conception," his soul consciousness contained astounding thunder energy. Once it was channeled, power formed by thoughts would explode and could destroy the great majority of outsider powers that entered his consciousness.

The cold energy was repeatedly destroyed.

His thoughts and soul consciousness moved, unaffected by the cold energy.

The clear Soul Lake rippled slightly with the wild shockwaves created by the thought explosions. It remained unfrozen from beginning to end.

During this time, he tried to move the frost energy in his spirit sea to channel the Frost Arts. He also tried to channel blood spirit energy, tried to use geocentric magnetism powers, and tried to use the thunder energy in his acupoints... all of them were ineffective.

All the different types of spirit energy in his physical body seemed to be frozen.

"If you can focus on cultivating and comprehending the Ice Emperor inheritance, using the frost power to refine your body, with your powerful Heaven Fighting Race bloodline and your own talents, your body may become the "Ice Spirit Body," Lin Liang'er said serenely as she stood around the ice cavern and looked at the frozen Qin Lie. "Once you form the Ice Spirit Body, your body can gather frost power at will, your tendons will be like threads of ice, your bones like frost crystal, your spirit sea like a cold pond, you can truly express the power of cold. In the future, when you reach the late stage of the Nirvana Realm, if you want to create a frost Soul Altar, it will become easy."

She knew that Qin Lie's soul had not been frozen. He could hear her speaking, so she took the opportunity to guide him.

"If you form the Ice Spirit Body, your cultivation will progress rapidly when you cultivate in this Celestial Ice Crystal mine. You will never have to worry about being corroded by cold energy and being unable to move.

"Qin Lie, you have very good conditions, your talent is outstanding, and you have the blood of the Heaven Fighting Race. If you are willing to focus on cultivating the Frost Arts, your future accomplishments will be no less than mine!"

“In my view, the Blood Spirit Art you cultivate now, the geocentric art, and that thunder power, they are all inferior to the inheritance that Ice Emperor left behind."

"Do not lose the watermelon for the sesame, do not be ignorant of the treasure you possess, do not waste your energy on other spirit arts."

Lin Liang'er rarely spoke so much. This time, she used all of her skill to urge Qin Lie to put his primary focus on the cultivation of Frost Arts.

"Ice Spirit Body..."

Listening to her urgings, Qin Lie thought silently back to the details of the Ice Emperor's inheritance.

The Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, and Ice Spirit Body corresponded to the Heavenly Thunder Eradication and Frost Arts. They were the techniques that Thunder Emperor and Ice Emperor used to temper the body. The two had some similarities.

The martial practitioners of the ancient times didn't just emphasize the accumulation of spirit power and the strengthening of the soul, they also thought highly of refining and training the body.

Humans, because their bodies were naturally weak, could not compare to those powerful ancient races. In order to fight against those ancient experts, they unearthed many body cultivation methods.

Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body, and Ice Spirit Body, as well as the Heavenly Flame Spirit Body and other sect arts were the best among these techniques.

"You will not have a high chance of breaking the ice seal using your own power." Lin Liang'er saw that it was about enough and prepared to act and release Qin Lie. "Now you understand that your understanding of Frost Arts is shallow? After coming out, I hope that you can put your focus on cultivating them. When you form the Ice Spirit Body, you will be able to cultivate on top of the Celestial Ice Crystals. Then, you will be able to greatly increase the power of your physical body, your frost energy, and even the power of your soul."

As she spoke, Lin Liang'er reached out a crystal like hand, attempting to lift Qin Lie out and help him free.

At this time, Qin Lie's frozen body suddenly released a streak of red.

Under Lin Liang'er's shocked gaze, she saw mysterious characters flash over Qin Lie's body like jumping flame fairies.

A burning aura that she disliked appeared abnormally in the ice cave. She unconsciously took a step back.

But at this time, Qin Lie who was still frozen as a statue, suddenly spoke, "Do not help me out."

Lin Liang'er was shocked.

"The power of the bloodline, the blood of the Heaven Fighting Race is so savage and fiery!" She immediately realized.

The Celestial Ice Crystals could seal the blood spirit energy in Qin Lie's tendons, bones, and spirit sea, as well as in his blood.

However, they could not seal the bloodline power that existed in his blood.

The power that ancient experts relied on was not their spirit power, soul power, nor powerful artifacts, but the bloodline power that recorded the history of a powerful race and was imprinted with the source of their life!

Qin Lie activated his bloodline power. As his blood boiled and blaze divine characters danced, his frozen body was gradually being thawing.

In an instant, his spirit sea was unfrozen. His tendons, bone, and blood seemed to give off life force as though spring had come.

His thoughts turned, and he channeled the Frost Arts. He manipulated the cold power in the two ice natal palaces, and moved cold power through his meridians.

The cold energy from inside the Celestial Ice Crystal mine suddenly increased. As he channeled the Frost Arts, thousands upon millions of arctic flows seemed to enter his body through his pores.

At the same time, his bloodline power was still boiling. Blaze divine characters still occasionally jumped out.

He suddenly felt that his body was burning hot, while his tendons and flesh were bone-chillingly cold. He felt trapped between two extremes. The extreme hot and cold powers continued to barrage his limbs, and organs in a terrifying manner.

The fiery burning power of his bloodline and the extreme cold power that rolled in from the Celestial Ice Crystals caused a great battle to start with his body as the battlefield.

In this moment, he was in such pain he wanted to die.

Even when cultivating the Heavenly Thunder Eradication in the past, and absorbing thunder and lightning to purify his body, it had not been so painful.

The two powers of extreme cold and extreme heat collided and clashed inside his body. As they permeated his tendons, blood, flesh, bones, and organs, he started to howl in anger.


He gave off tragic roars, as if he was an ancient beast facing extinction, howling at the unfairness of the heavens.

"Snap snap crack!"

His meridians released bolts of lightning. The snakes of electricity wrapped around him and caused his body to glitter with light.

At the mouth of the cavern, Lin Liang'er’s mouth gaped at Qin Lie's transformation, shock on her face.

She had not predicted such a scene.

At this time, Qin Lie's body was clearly doing something unusual. However, she did not know how to resolve this situation, so she didn’t dare rashly approach him lest she disturb the energies enveloping Qin Lie.

She could only look on helplessly from the side.


Qin Lie's heart-wrenching cries continued. The wild powers of his body collided and fought repeatedly inside his body.

Great amounts of frost energy were released from the Celestial Ice Crystal and flowed into Qin Lie's body. This energy fought against blaze divine characters in a battle of annihilation. They created countless energy sparks that were branded onto Qin Lie's tendons, bones, blood and organs.

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