Chapter 820: Celestial Ice Crystal Mine

Chapter 820: Celestial Ice Crystal Mine

"Moon Worshipping Cult, Moon Demon, Moon Crown..." Qin Lie thought for a while. He looked at Lu Yi with a frown. "What does this have to do with me?"

I received news that the branch of Moon Worshipping Cult of Turin Cave wants to destroy the Moon Crown seal and release the Moon Demon."

Lu Yi had a terrified expression. "That Moon Demon is terrifying. If he breaks free of the seal, he might be more terrifying alone than the three races added together! According to my knowledge, Senior La Pu... is a sacrificial item that Turin Cave is preparing to open the Moon Crown seal."

"Sacrificial item?" Qin Lie's expression darkened.

"Yes, the opening of the Moon Crown requires many offerings, beings with potent energy and blood, all kinds of of evil fiends and phantoms, many rare spirit materials." Lu Yi's expression was solemn. "I asked Forefather Dark Wind to bring me here in the hopes that you will come with me to Turin Cave and help save La Pu, preventing them from opening the Moon Crown seal."

"Does Turin Cave have any Imperishable Realm experts?" Qin Lie asked.

Lu Yi shook his head. "They should not."

Qin Lie started to ponder.

According to his knowledge, Lu Yi was in the late stage of the Nirvana Realm, and was one of the strongest among the Blood Fiend Ten Elders.

Unless they encountered Imperishable Realm experts, Lu Yi had enough strength to deal with anyone else.

Over in the Ruined Lands, Forefather Dark Wind could help him some, but that was only because of Li Mu. He didn't want to trouble Forefather Dark Wind for every matter.

He and the Evil Infant Boy only had a business relationship.

As for the evil dragons led by Gilbert, because they were so large, they would attract too much attention, thus were not suitable to the task at hand.

Lang Xie and Blood Spear were not strong enough at the moment. If they really fought openly against a Copper rank faction like Turin Cave, they would most likely lose.

When he thought of it, if he wanted to go to Turin Cave and save La Pu, he really needed to rely on Lu Yi's help.

However, he did not feel secure with just Lu Yi alone.

After thinking for a while, he thought of someone else he could use. He prepared to invite her on the trip to Turin Cave.

"Alright. We will go together to Turin Cave in three days," Qin Lie said.

"I will wait on Evil Infant Island for you," Lu Yi responded.

"No problem."

After bidding farewell to Lu Yi, he notified Gilbert and then drove the crystalline war chariot, accompanied by Forefather Dark Wind, towards Frost Island.

"You are preparing to go to Turin Cave?" Forefather Dark Wind asked.

Qin Lie nodded.

"Turin Cave should not have any Imperishable Realm martial practitioners. With your strength, and that Lu Yi, there shouldn't be any problems." Forefather Dark Wind said. "I cannot leave the Ruined Lands. Otherwise, Gu Tuo, Chi Yan, Soul Summoning Ghost Mother, and the others would attack Dark Wind Island. If I am not present, my subordinates will not be able to stop them. Dark Wind Island might fall. I hope you can understand my difficulties."

"I understand." Qin Lie smiled.

As they talked, they appeared near Frost Island.

"I have a matter to attend to and will come back to Dark Wind Island later. You can return first, I will be careful," Qin Lie said.

"Mn." Forefather Dark Wind immediately turned around and left.

Putting away the crystalline war chariot, Qin Lie walked alone to Frost Island and walked between the ice mountains.

He spread out his soul consciousness.

Waves of cold soul auras came from inside those ice mountains. Many martial practitioners were hidden among them as they cultivated using the frost spirit energy of Frost Island.

He easily made his way to the depths of Frost Island.

A white figure appeared at the mouth of the cavern midway up the mountain. "Qin Lie, have you come to find Lin Liang'er?" Bai Li asked softly.

Qin Lie smiled faintly and said, "Sister Bai's cultivation has grown quickly."

He could feel the souls that cultivated frost power around him, and could generally measure their actual cultivation and strength as well as the strength of their souls.

Bai Li's soul in the past didn't have a strong frost aura. She seemed to lack a deep harmony with frost power.

But the moment he saw Bai Li again, if he closed his eyes and probed with his soul, he would find that Bai Li was a large snowball.

He felt faintly that the extreme arctic energy released from the snowball was similar to the Frost Arts he cultivated.

He pondered for a bit and smiled, he guessed right.

As expected, Bai Li immediately answered, "It is all due to Miss Lin's guidance."

Qin Lie nodded to show his understanding. Then, under her lead, he passed through a long ice passageway to reach the frost kingdom at the bottom of Frost Island.

Inside the frost palace, the Ice Phoenix, which seemed to be carved out of ice crystal, stood at a bone-chilling cavern like a sculpture.

That cavern led to the level underneath the palace. It constantly released arctic flows of energy.

When the Ice Phoenix returned to this place, her soul had recovered, and her cultivation had also risen. Her cultivation began to require the deepest and coldest frost power.

There was a Celestial Ice Crystal mine at the deepest level. These Celestial Ice Crystals were priceless treasures to beings that cultivated frost power.

The reason that Frost Island was forever shrouded in cold energy was because of the Celestial Ice Crystal mine at the bottom of Frost Island.

The Celestial Ice Crystals were a valuable frost-type Heaven Grade Five spirit material. Each piece was of great value, so the martial practitioners that cultivated frost spirit arts would directly absorb the power inside the Celestial Ice Crystals to increase their power.

When Ice Emperor found this place in the past, he completely warded off the Celestial Ice Crystal mine, used secret arts to disguise it, and then created the frost palace on top of the Celestial Ice Crystal mine.

Chi Yan and Gu Tuo came into this palace after forcingthe Ice Phoenix back a year ago because they wanted to find the cause of Frost Island's strange cold shroud of mist.

However, they did not have the inheritance of Ice Emperor. They couldn’t break the seal that Ice Emperor had personally applied.

Only when Lin Liang’er had recovered her strength and advanced in her cultivation a bit did she actually break the seal and open the cave. She used the Celestial Ice Crystals to temper her body.

The Ice Phoenix spread her wings, icy light swirling around her body to form an enormous ball of ice. After the ice ball exploded, icy lights exploded and she manifested back into human shape.

"The Celestial Ice Crystal mine is inside that cavern. For people that cultivate frost spirit arts, that place is a treasure ground to increase their cultivations." Lin Liang'er beckoned at Qin Lie. "According to the agreement, a portion of the Celestial Ice Crystals underneath Frost Island belongs to you. Also, since you’ve received the inheritance of Ice Emperor, you can also cultivate here Why don't you try and taste what it is like cultivating with the help of Celestial Ice Crystals?

"What? Is the feeling wondrous?" Qin Lie laughed and said.

"Won't you know after trying?" Lin Liang'er raised an eyebrow and said provocatively, "Do you not dare?"

"I'll try." Qin Lie was also extremely curious. Under her gaze, he slowly walked towards the mouth of the cavern filled with cruel cold energy.

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