Chapter 819: Son of the Moon God

Chapter 819: Son of the Moon God

Seven Eye Island.

The dazzling shapes of lightning rippled on the island while unleashing huge amount of turbulent energy.

The eight Thunderblitz wood slabs were drawing lightning and heavenly thunder from the sky, releasing incessant loud rumbles.

The fourteen evil dragons had also lifted their heads up from their resting spot to observe at the phenomenon happening above their head and its terrific energy.

The earthshaking scene lasted for a very, very long time before it gradually subsided. Blue lightning bolts entered Qin Lie’s body one after another.

“Heavenly Thunder Eradication truly is inexplicably wondrous.”

Opening his eyes, Qin Lie muttered to himself while probing his own body with his soul consciousness.

Right now, a tremendous amount of thunder energy was stored inside his pores. He had refined this energy and guided them into his own body.

The ability to store thunder and lightning inside one’s pores was the direction of Heavenly Thunder Sacred Body’s cultivation. These thunder and lightning could temper his body, make it stronger and enable him to unleash incredible power.

Heavenly Thunder Eradication was a cultivation art that could temper both the soul and the body. In Qin Lie’s eyes, it was incredibly precious.

“The Thunder Emperor’s inheritance…”

According to Tong Zhenzhen, the Heavenly Thunder Eradication he cultivated originated from the Thunder Emperor of the Three Emperors. The Thunder Emperor, Ice Emperor and Flame Emperor were all terrific experts that won the reverence of all living beings of their times.

Qin Lie thought that he should probably find some time to accompany Tong Zhenzhen and head to the Three Mausoleums after the major conflicts of the Land of Chaos had ended. He would like to see if they could find more secrets left behind by the Thunder Emperor, Ice Emperor, and Flame Emperor.

Balls of green flames suddenly flew in from outside, and when they gathered as one and landed on the ground they transformed into Forefather Dark Wind.

“Qin Lie, I’ve heard something about La Pu.” After descending, Forefather Dark Wind spoke of his intentions directly without beating around the bush, “La Pu seems to have run into some trouble. I heard that he was imprisoned by a Copper rank force southeast of here called Turin Cave. Although Turin Cave looks to be an independent force, it is said that they had close connections with Black Voodoo Cult and that they’ve been secretly supplying Black Voodoo Cult with the food for voodoo insects for a long time.”

Qin Lie’s expression grew heavy the moment he heard this.

La Pu didn’t treat him badly. After he came to the Ruined Lands, he had stayed for a long time on Seven Eye Island. La Pu taught him how to activate his bloodline power, and fed him with the flesh of spirit beasts with powerful bloodlines hunted by La Pu himself.

Later on, La Pu was targeted by Chi Yan and Gu Tuo because of him. After he was forced to leave Seven Eye Island, he had to find another place with suitable environment to grow his eighth eye.

He had been very grateful for what La Pu did for him all this time.

“La Pu had seven eyes, and he was comparable to a late stage Nirvana Realm expert. The reason he left was to grow his eighth eye. How can someone like him be trapped by a Copper rank force?” Qin Lie frowned. “Even the more powerful Copper rank forces would have a few Nirvana Realm experts at most, and it’s almost impossible for them to possess Imperishable Realm experts. If they don’t have any Imperishable Realm experts, then how on earth did they manage to trap La Pu?”

“Perhaps something happened while he was growing his eighth eye.” Forefather Dark Wind ventured a guess.

Qin Lie’s expression changed slightly.

He knew that Forefather Dark Wind’s guess was right. Normally speaking, a powerful foreign race clansman like La Pu would experience a lot of unpredictable events before and after a breakthrough.

These events might decrease his strength sharply.

“Southeast, Turin Cave, near Black Voodoo Cult…” Qin Lie muttered before saying, “I have to go there and find out what’s going on. I’ll think of a way to rescue La Pu.”

“Are you going to Turin Cave?” An odd gleam flashed through Forefather Dark Wind’s eyes.

Qin Lie nodded, “I must go.”

“You currently have a few visitors outside, and they’d insisted on following me to this place after hearing about La Pu and Turin Cave. Do you wish to talk to them?” Forefather asked.

“Who are they?”

“You’ll know when you see them.”


“I’ll bring them in right now.”

Forefather Dark Wind flew away after saying this. A while later, a group of four was led by him onto Seven Eye Island.

“Lu Yi, Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji. Why have you come?” Qin Lie looked full of astonishment when he saw who it was that Forefather Dark Wind had brought over.

Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji were the three female priestesses responsible for making offerings to the Moon God back at Moon Worshipping Cult on Prism Continent. Meanwhile, Lu Yi was a Blood Fiend Ten Elder who was extremely loyal to Mo Lingye and had almost never left her side.

He didn’t imagine that the four of them would come together as a group.

“When I was at Evil Infant Island, Forefather Dark Wind and Evil Infant Boy’s conversation fell into my ears. I requested to come after they spoke of Turin Cave,” Lu Yi explained of his own accord. “Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji share a bit of ties with me. After Moon Worshipping Cult was gone, they were unable to get along with their palace master. However, they were worried of the threat of the three ghoul races, so they decided to rush to this place… I happened to run into them along the way.”

Lu Yi’s explanation was extremely vague. It was obvious that he was hiding something.

Previously during the battle against Illusory Demon Sect, Lu Yi was the one who forcefully awakened him from his cultivation. He heard later from Song Tingyu that Lu Yi might be a Moon God Guard of Moon Worshipping Cult in the past. It was a very special identity.

When he thought up to this point, Qin Lie figured that the reason Yue Ji, Shui Ji, and Ye Ji came to the Ruined Lands was probably because of Lu Yi. In fact, Lu Yi might even be the one who summoned them.

“I’m heading to Turin Cave, but what… does this have to do with all of you?” Qin Lie looked astonished.

Lu Yi fell silent for a moment. He suddenly cast a glance at Forefather Dark Wind.

Forefather Dark Wind immediately laughed. “I’ll go talk with Gilbert for a little.” After that, he took to the air and flew away from the place.

“What’s going on, Elder Lu?” It was only now that Qin Lie asked with a frown.

“Qin Lie, he is the ‘Son of the Moon God’ of our Moon Worshipping Cult. If Moon Worshipping Cult hasn’t fallen apart yet, then the Son of the Moon God would’ve been the next cult master of Moon Worshipping Cult!” Yue Ji suddenly said with a solemn expression.

Both Shui Ji and Ye Ji were also looking at Lu Yi with great respect in their eyes. It was a kind of zealousness that existed only among religious people.

“My grandfather is Moon Worshipping Cult’s last cult master. When he was younger, he determined that I am the Son of the Moon God through a secret art of my former sect. It isn’t something that’s determined by blood,” Lu Yi spoke indifferently as if it was a chat over a meal.

Qin Lie looked incredibly astonished.

“Why don’t I start by explaining why Moon Worshipping Cult had suddenly declined until having fallen into obscurity.” Lu Yi changed the subject

Qin Lie and the three women paid close attention to his words. Even they didn’t seem to know that Moon Worshipping Cult used to have a past like this.

Once upon a time, Moon Worshipping Cult was a force that ruled the Land of Chaos for many years and was respected by all forces. However, one day they suddenly fell into obscurity, eventually breaking apart and losing all of their experts. It was one of the biggest mysteries of the Land of Chaos.

To this day, no one knew why Moon Worshipping Cult had experienced a sudden decline.

“Back when my grandfather was still around, Moon Worshipping Cult was the strongest force in the Land of Chaos. Even if you put the current Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain together, I doubt that they would be a match for Moon Worshipping Cult of that time.”

“Moon Worshipping Cult worshipped the Moon God, and could attract the essence of moonlight to cultivate their soul and body. Their spirit arts and secret arts were incredibly powerful, and at our peak we had over twenty Soul Altar experts, with eight of them possessing three-level Soul Altars!”

“At the time, Moon Worshipping Cult was just one step away from transforming into a Gold rank force.”

Pride naturally rose onto Lu Yi’s face when he spoke of Moon Worshipping Cult’s glorious past.

The three women also straightened their backs and felt incredibly honored by this.

On the other hand, Qin Lie was shocked beyond words.

A force that possessed over twenty Soul Altar experts, with eight of them being three-level Soul Altar experts was so powerful that it was almost beyond his imagination.

Lu Yi was actually being humble when he said that Moon Worshipping Cult at the time was the equivalent of Terminator Sect, Black Voodoo Cult, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain put together.

As far as he knew, the total amount of Soul Altar experts these three Silver rank forces possessed didn’t even reach twenty, not to mention eight three-level Soul Altar experts.

“At the time, my grandfather, a peak Imperishable Realm expert was building the fourth level of his Soul Altar and was close to breaking through to the Void Realm. However, when he was drawing in the power of moon essence one time, he suddenly heard the Moon God’s soul voice from the moon...”

“The Moon God instructed him to prepare the offerings, and that He was going to descend on Spirit Realm and grant them infinite wisdom and power.”

“My grandfather was overjoyed. He and a few elders within the sect immediately began making preparations for the Moon God’s arrival. First, they found a cold place where the evil dragons were buried. Then, they offered the soul and body of every evil dragon and the offerings they’d accumulated to the Moon God through the secret art He taught them.”

“Still, the Moon God claimed that the offerings were just a tad insufficient despite everything.”

“Later on, they went to the Absolute Yin Graveyard and attempted to sacrifice Gilbert, the rest of the evil dragons, and a few more offerings to the Moon God.”

“But this time, the Moon God descended in the middle of the ceremony.”

“It was an unbelievably powerful soul.”

“The Moon God had not granted Moon Worshipping Cult infinite wisdom and power as promised. Instead, he began absorbing the moon essence inside every Moon Worshipping Cult member present within the area. He wanted all of their soul and the moon powers.”

“Everyone thought that his descent would bring forth Moon Worshipping Cult’s greatest golden age. It was a secret meeting where all of the Soul Altar experts on the Land of Chaos had rushed over to attend and witness.”

“However, what was the supposed to be the best golden age was turned into a blood feast.”

“Many Soul Altar experts were sucked dry of their moon essences and powers and died because of it. When my grandfather noticed that things were spiralling out of control, he led the remaining experts and fought against Him.”

“I didn’t know how the battle went. I only know that most of the Soul Altar experts in Moon Worshipping Cult had perished during that battle, including my grandfather.”

“The terrifying life form that was renamed a ‘Moon Demon’ by Moon Worshipping Cult seemed to have been severely injured and on its last gasp. But even then, we weren’t strong enough to destroy and refine its soul. Therefore, we sealed it inside Moon Worshipping Cult’s Heaven Grade spirit artifact, the Moon Crown. However, the Moon Crown was stolen not long after the incident, and because Moon Worshipping Cult had lost almost all of their Soul Altar experts to the Moon Demon, Moon Worshipping Cult fell apart after that.”‘

“I’ve made many inquiries, and I am sure that the group of Moon Worshipping Cult members at Turin Cave right now are the thieves who stole the Moon Crown.”

Lu Yi took his time narrating.

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