Chapter 815: The Seven Hidden Experts!

Chapter 815: The Seven Hidden Experts!

“That’s right. There are seven other Soul Altar experts in the Ruined Lands who are as powerful as the Soul Altar experts of the nine great Silver rank forces. However, since they do not belong to any force and thus rarely interfere in other people’s business, not many people know about them. They are very difficult to track.”

Hong Bowen added with a solemn look on his face, “The Duan Qianjie you know is one of the seven hidden experts, you know!”

“Senior Duan?” Qin Lie’s interest was immediately piqued. He asked, “Who else?”

“In descending order of strength, they are: Seine, Tang Beidou, Duan Qianjie, Li Xuan, Pan Juhua, Lin Xuanxuan and Qing Lidai.” When he mentioned these seven names, Hong Bowen looked serious and respectful.

“Senior Duan Qianjie is only third?” Qin Lie looked startled.

“This is the old ranking. At the time, Duan Qianjie hasn’t constructed his third Soul Altar level yet, while Seine and Tang Beidou were already three-level Soul Altar experts, so naturally they were ahead of him,” Hong Bowen explained. “Now that Duan Qianjie has created his three-level Soul Altar and became a late stage Imperishable Realm expert, this ranking may yet differ.”

“How do the two strongest of the seven hidden experts, Seine and Tang Beidou, compare to Forefather Terminator?” Qin Lie asked excitedly.

Hong Bowen shook his head. “Both Seine and Tang Beidou have challenged Forefather Terminator before.”

“What is the result?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

“Naturally, they lost.” Hong Bowen laughed dryly. “If that wasn’t the case, Old Monster Nan wouldn’t have been called the number one cultivator in the Land of Chaos, and Terminator Sect wouldn’t have stood for so long either.”

Qin Lie felt respect growing from the bottom of his heart.

Forefather Terminator Nan Zhengtian only had average talent when he was young. He was largely incomparable to Xu Ran.

However, he was obsessive and could forget to eat or sleep when he was cultivating. His concentration was so great that he could forget the passage of time.

He was a man who carved out his power and status almost fully on tenacity and hard work alone. He was so powerful that he was respected by countless people.

“Although Seine and Tang Beidou were defeated, they did survive the battle. This alone proves how strong they are.” Hong Bowen continued, “There are very, very few people in the Land of Chaos who dare challenge Old Monster Nan and survive the encounter. Back then, when Jiang An fought a fierce battle against Old Monster Nan, he suffered severe injuries and wasn’t able to recover even after dozens of years. Therefore, Seine and Tang Beidou are probably equal to Jiang An, but they didn’t have an endless amount of subordinates or great storage of resources. Therefore, overally speaking, they are inferior to Jiang An.”

“Tang Beidou, Tang Beidou… I think I heard of him before.” Qin Lie looked like he caught onto something.

“Tang Beidou cultivates a fire spirit art, and everyone calls him the ‘Flame Demon’. It is said that he often cultivates in seclusion at the Eastern Fire Hell, hoping that he can ascend to the Void Realm. The Eastern Fire Hell is an extremely hot land at the eastern side of the eastern barbarians’ territory. Fire spirits aside, almost no life can possibly exist in that place. Even martial practitioners who cultivate fire spirit arts cannot enter that place unless they’ve reached the Nirvana Realm.” Hong Bowen explained.

“Tang Beidou, I think I heard this name from Senior Sister Tang before.” Qin Lie slowly remembered.

Back then, Tang Siqi had insisted on coming to the Land of Chaos because she wanted to find a senior of the Tang Family. If he remembered correctly, the person’s name was called Tang Beidou.

“Could it be the same person?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“Duan Qianjie is the only one out of the seven hidden experts who has some connections with you, but I don’t know about the rest.” Hong Bowen wasn’t sure what Qin Lie was muttering, so he continued, “If you can invite any one of them to join you as a foreign delegate, then Flaming Sun Island’s strength will instantly evolve!”

“How much do you know about Seine, Li Xuan, Pan Juhua, Lin Xuanxuan and Qing Lidai?” Qin Lie asked again.

This time Hong Bowen shook his head. “Blood Fiend Sect has hidden itself for far too long, so we are unsure about many of the secrets out there. I only know a little about Duan Qianjie and Flame Demon Tang Beidou. As for the rest, we can’t be sure.”

“What about the three ghoul races?” Qin Lie nodded and switched to another topic. “I want to know about the other Silver rank forces too. Have anything big happened recently?”

“The Heaven Ghoul clansmen at Prism Continent haven’t moved for a month. They didn’t take even a step out of Prism Continent. However, the Blue Ghoul Race on the Heavenly Slaughter Continent and Earth Ghoul Race on the Heavenly Calamity Continent kept attacking the Illusory Demon Sect and the three great families. They’re gathering more and more power. Terminator Sect has already sent out a message to all parties saying that they will regather their forces and attack Prism Continent once more after Forefather Terminator ends his seclusion. They will fight a do or die battle against the three ghoul races main forces there.”

“Right now, the Silver rank forces are enduring the three ghoul races’ pressure, honing their strength for the big push, and recovering themselves.”

“I heard that several peak Nirvana realm martial practitioners of Black Voodoo Cult, Celestial Artifact Sect, and Ten Thousand Beast Mountain have been preparing to build a Soul Altar. Since the great change of the Land of Chaos’s general situation, even the Silver rank forces are feeling pressured. Those plans that should’ve happened tens or even hundreds of years later are all brought forward.”

“What about the Ruined Lands?” Qin Lie asked.

“Jiang Zhuzhe is currently entrenched in White Bone Island and doing god knows what. He has done nothing so far. Besides that, the Ruined Lands haven’t changed much at all. One time, White Bone Demon Monarch went to provoke Evil Infant Boy, but was repelled,” Hong Bowen explained carefully.

Later on, Qin Lie asked Hong Bowen a couple more things, which the latter explained without hiding anything.

“Alright, you should take the rest of your questions to Miss Song. As the general manager of your Flaming Sun Island, her news sources are no weaker than ours.” Hong Bowen smiled. “I’m still in a hurry to pass over these spirit materials I bought from the Ruined Lands to Big Brother Mo, you know.”

Hong Bowen didn’t linger after saying this. He flew away from Qin Lie.

Without moving from his spot, Qin Lie sat down on the platform and pondered with a frown.

“The seven hidden experts, this temporary peace, the hidden threat presented by the three ghoul races, and a Jiang Zhuzhe who is scheming god knows what…”

Right now, according to outsiders’ eyes, Flaming Sun Island was improving by the day Also, Illusory Demon Sect couldn’t possibly reorganize their strength and attack the Setting Sun Islands once more.

Moreover, the Eclipse Sun Island, Heavenly Snake Valley, Scarlet Cloud Island, and other powerful forces around Flaming Sun Island had secretly signed an agreement to watch each other’s backs. This would make Illusory Demon Sect think twice before attacking.

Flaming Sun Island should be safe for the time being.

He wasn’t worried about Gray Island at all thanks to Tang Siqi and Mo Hai’s presence. Song Tingyu had also proven herself to be capable of handling the many matters of Flaming Sun Island. As for the Blood Spear, Lang Xie had already ventured straight into the Ruined Lands with his Blood Guards...

It would seem that he didn’t need to worry about Flaming Sun Island anymore.

A while later, he beckoned Song Xiaoyu and instructed, “If your aunt asks for me, tell her that I’ve gone to the Ruined Lands. If she wants to tell me anything, tell her to send someone to contact me at the Ruined Lands.”

“Understood,” Song Xiaoyu answered respectfully.


At the Ruined Lands.

Qin Lie appeared at Evil Infant Island’s spatial teleportation formation.

“Island master!”

“Hello, island master!”

“Well met, island master!”

Before he even walked out of the formation, he could already hear many respectful greetings that were directed at him.

When he concentrated, he noticed that many new palaces had been built around the spatial teleportation formation. Many Blood Spear martial practitioners and Gray Island artificers were walking in and out of the place.

He even saw a smiling Yi Yuan.

“Why are you guys here?” He asked in surprise.

“Senior Evil Infant Boy had told us that he wished for us to protect what belongs to us, like that teleportation formation. Since he doesn’t mind us building these palaces around the formation, well… we did just that.” Yi Yuan smiled gently. “During the time you were in seclusion, we moved some of our people over to Evil Infant Island and Dark Wind Island. From hereon, our connection with the Ruined Lands will only grow tighter with time, so building these bases beforehand makes the transport of resources more convenient.”

“Where is Senior Evil Infant?”

“He is right at Dark Wind Island.”

“We’ll talk right after I head to Dark Wind Island, Yi Yuan.”

He drove his crystalline war chariot out of Evil Infant Island and towards Dark Wind Island.

However, just as the crystalline war chariot approached White Bone Island, Jiang Zhuzhe’s gentle and cultured voice suddenly rang, “Is it Qin Lie?”

Before Qin Lie could react, a scarlet hurricane wrapped around him and his crystalline war chariot, pulling him forcefully into White Bone Island.

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